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Browsing Titles

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Customization Portal

This video shows library staff how to use GVRL's customization portal to customize the library's GVRL homepage and create unique groupings of titles b ...

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Subcollection Manager

This tutorial shows library staff how to create use the GVRL Subcollection Manager to create subcollections, which group GVRL titles into pages with t ...

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Searching for Information

This tutorial will show you how to use GVRL search features to pinpoint relevant entries in GVRL eBooks. ...

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Recorded Webinars

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GVRL provides unlimited 24/7 access to nonfiction eBooks. Libraries determine the specific titles they would like to own, so the titles shown in this ...

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Webinar Customization Portal

Gale Virtual Reference Library provides nonfiction eBooks with ultimate access and usage flexibility, and is customizable to your library's preference ...

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 Webinar  Dave Burgess Collection Thumbnail

Webinar Dave Burgess Collection

The Dave Burgess Collection on Gale Virtual Reference Library provides instructors with innovative ideas and practical teaching techniques. This half ...

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 Webinar  ASCD Collection Thumbnail

Webinar ASCD Collection

The ASCD professional development collection on Gale Virtual Reference Library provides practical teaching techniques and innovative ideas for educato ...

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 Webinar  Cameron's Collection Thumbnail

Webinar Cameron's Collection

Camerons Collection on GVRL provides titles to help nurture and protect students' mental health and wellness, and includes ideas for creating a peacef ...

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Webinar Travel Guides

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) is an online resource of electronic encyclopedias and specialized reference sources, also known as eBooks, for m ...

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