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Last Updated: December 16, 2022

Gale Tools – Link and Embed Sources In Schoology LMS

This tutorial shows you how to direct students to premium Gale sources by embedding content directly into assignments, discussions, quizzes, and more directly from your Schoology LMS.
Direct Students to premium Gale sources with Schoology LMS!

After Gale apps are installed in your course...

Create an assignment, discussion, quiz, etc. ...

... and open the Gale app of your choice.

Search or browse for topics related to instruction...

... Then access materials to enhance learning.

"Embed Document" to place a full source in a Schoology post.

"Link to Document" to give students clickable

access to an item or list of materials.

Use these options to supplement lessons

with unique, up-to-date sources...

... And craft activities that develop research

and critical thinking skills.

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