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Upcoming Webinars

1:00 PM (ET)
30 Min

In addition to searching Gale Primary Sources documents, it’s possible to upload plain text files and add them to a new or an existing Content Set for cleaning and analysis. In this session, learn how to upload documents into Gale Digital Scholar Lab and add metadata for enhanced analysis results. We’ll also discuss when to use this feature, and how to manually 'edit' OCR text. ...

2:00 PM (ET)
45 Min

Gale Admin provides tools to configure your Gale resource preferences including authentication, LMS integration, and individual resource functionality. In addition to these tools, you can also view usage reports, including COUNTER 5. Join us to explore the features and workflows of this valuable resource. This session is intended for those who administer or manage their library resources. ...

2:00 PM (ET)
45 Min

Students learning about black history will find a wealth of information in your library’s Gale resources, and in this session we’ll explore a wide variety of resources. Primary source documents in Archives Unbound show history as it happened. Secondary source articles reveal views and interpretations of historical events and social justice movements. In Context resources include reference overviews that help grou ...

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