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Last Updated: July 12, 2023

When You Need a Research Topic

This tutorial highlights some quick techniques for developing a research topic with the help of your Gale In Context resources.

When you're having trouble choosing a research topic,

Gale In Context resources provide paths

to get you started.

Start by clicking, browse topics,

where you can generate ideas and choose from

a list of frequently studied subjects.

Read the overview on a topic page for a

quick introduction to key themes.

To continue building thorough background knowledge,

check out the reference section.

These articles are pulled directly from

trusted encyclopedias.

If you want to expand your search

or change your research direction,

look at related subjects.

You can also access Topic Finder,

which provides a graphic organization of results

related to your search.

Use it to refine your research, discover

connections between topics, and find

sources that fit your needs.

Navigate to topics that interest you and

start putting together the sources you need

for quality research.

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