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Gale eBooks: Professional Learning

This tutorial shows educators how to navigate their Gale eBooks: Professional Learning titles to quickly enhance their instructional skills.
Quickly discover advice and resources for any classroom

situation with Gale eBooks!

From the homepage, search for a subject

to quickstart your professional learning.

You'll find a selection of individual chapters

from your collection of eBooks targeted to your needs.

Once in a chapter, you can link to

additional entries to expand your

learning on the topic!

Chapters are available in standard web

format in text view,

as well as their original book view.

Choose the experience that works best for you.

You can even print, send to Google Drive

or Microsoft OneDrive, or download chapters

to read whenever you want on any device,

even once you go offline!

Take your teaching to the next level with Gale eBooks!

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