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Last Updated: March 26, 2024

Gale Tools - Google Classroom Integration

This tutorial shows you how to integrate materials from library resources directly into your Google Classroom site to share with students.

Using Gale library resources,

teachers can take advantage of a seamless integration

with their Google classroom accounts,

and easily share content with students.

When you find a result you want to share with your students,

click the green Share to Classroom icon.

Choose your class and action,

and then follow the same steps you normally do

when creating a post.

Once you've finished,

you'll have the chance to view your post.

You can also share search results and topic pages

by going through the same steps.

If you want to share any highlights and notes you've

made on an article,

first, send the document to your Google Drive account.

Then, make a post on Google Classroom

and click the Google Drive icon.

You'll find the article you saved in a folder

named after the Gale resource you were using.

Use these tools to enhance your lessons

and empower your students' learning.
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