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Last Updated: March 03, 2022

Support Your Staff with Gale Professional Development eBooks

Gale provides professional development eBooks for all staff in your learning community, including teachers, librarians, paraprofessionals, and administrators with unlimited use and downloads. Many eBooks fit nicely into the Danielson Framework, while others support specific topics like our NSTA collection. Browse and Search capabilities allow for basic or targeted research and built in collaboration tools allow users to share content to better develop your learning community. In this session we will explore the content of a variety of professional development eBooks and collections, as well as the tools to get the content where it needs to go.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Amber Winters: let's go ahead and get started, so making sure everyone is in the right place today we're going to be talking about.

Amber Winters: Supporting your staff with gail professional development ebooks my name is you ever went her, and I am a Guild trading consultants, going to be your training consulting for the day.

Amber Winters: Have a nice quick agenda for everyone, since we are here for the 30 minutes first, and when I talk just a little bit about what gail ebooks is and the different types of content you're going to find related to professional development.

Amber Winters: I will spend the majority of the time actually walking through the resource, though, just to get a feel of some of the workflows you might see as well as some of the Platform layouts you may have in your current account.

Amber Winters: And I will save time at the end for any questions you have, but I do recommend just going ahead and asking them, you know as you think of them, you can pop them into the Q amp a and i'll be able to see those.

Amber Winters: But, of course, if you don't want to wait till the end of the session we will have time and I do have a bit of closure information for you as well, so if you need more information or you need some additional support I have who you need to talk to at that very end of the session today.

Amber Winters: So let's talk about gail you books just in general, now I do want to mention gail ebooks as both professional development and adult learning, as well as kind of that K 12 learning.

Amber Winters: So you might see your ebooks are all student focused that's completely fine, but today we're focused on the professional development ebooks only.

Amber Winters: And what's great about this platform is you can actually search through the specific topics, or you can browse the different titles and just you know read an e book that interests you you'll be able to read that full ebook.

Amber Winters: You won't have to you know click through to get to the different chapters or anything like that you can read it, just like you would.

Amber Winters: An E book reader and we do include both an advanced search in a topic Finder that are really going to help you kind of narrow down to exactly what you're looking for.

Amber Winters: So if you don't want that browse you know exactly what you need maybe you're an administrator.

Amber Winters: who's working with a new teacher who has some great content that they want afford a lot of kind of help that teacher mature and develop.

Amber Winters: You can run your advanced search to pull that content up directly so you're not trying to click through anything that you need to click through.

Amber Winters: We also include some great highlights and notes that we're going to take a look at today so again if you're an admin or even another teacher who's kind of mentoring, a young teacher.

Amber Winters: or who's working with you know other teachers their department, you can highlight any specific parts of the text that you think are really interesting or helpful.

Amber Winters: And you can afford those lucky or Google drive for your onedrive whichever you're using and you can just share out with your fellow teachers or whoever it may be.

Amber Winters: And, as I did mention Google, Microsoft drive integrations makes it really easy to save your information, we don't have the ability to save costs that you find.

Amber Winters: On our platform so anything you find them what to say for later we always suggest using those integrations they are really simple to use.

Amber Winters: But of course we have a few other ways, you can get the content, out of the resource will take a look at that a little bit later once we're actually walking through.

Amber Winters: So let's talk specifically some content that you're going to see here, so our PD ebooks have kind of a really broad kind of.

Amber Winters: section of different content types so we're talking specifically for empowering teachers.

Amber Winters: We have things like grade subject and topic specific titles, so you might find things you know related to recess, you see balance literacy here social emotional learning.

Amber Winters: And I think this is a really great way to tackle professional development, especially when you think you know you're not going to.

Amber Winters: Teach math the same way you teach social studies or teach English, the same way you're going to teach science, you know.

Amber Winters: A lot of times you need to come at things just from different angles, so these ebooks are really going to help with that your teachers can really narrow down to the.

Amber Winters: specific content they need for their class, we also have some great classroom management tools we have a full section for new teachers, so if you do have.

Amber Winters: You know a lot of new teachers coming in, of course, i'm sure, a lot of your districts are struggling.

Amber Winters: With staffing So if you do start start to see those new teachers funneling in there are a lot of great ebooks that are going to help them kind of integrate into your learning community.

Amber Winters: And we also have some really nice self care ebooks and those are focused, you know self care, specifically for educators and for you know K 12 staff.

Amber Winters: So they're a bit more specific to what your teachers are kind of going through and are a great way for you to get that information out to them.

Amber Winters: Especially if everyone is still working virtually as opposed to trying to get you know physical text to your teachers who may be working from home.

Amber Winters: You can forward this information along directly to them, you know they'll just be able to click and read they won't need to worry about driving up to get a physical book or anything like that.

Amber Winters: I didn't mention earlier but gaily books is completely unlimited access, so if you want, you know all of your teachers to take a look at this.

Amber Winters: 180 days of self care, you can forward it along to every teacher in your district, if you want to they can be on at the same exact time and there will be no.

Amber Winters: No drop offs they won't be you know denied entry or anything like that they have complete access, no matter how many people are trying to access that you book.

Amber Winters: Which again, I think, is a really nice benefits, especially when you're thinking physical texts, it is a lot to get a you know, a new physical text to every individual you don't need to worry about that, with these ebooks.

Amber Winters: Moving forward, we can also support admin so if we're talking specifically administration to leadership we have information for principals for assistant principals.

Amber Winters: Even for superintendents we have professional development, so if you are working in the library i'm sure have a few library library assistance on the line today.

Amber Winters: And you have these ebooks it's great to kind of mesh that to your admin they can see what you're doing, they can see these great library resources.

Amber Winters: That can use them themselves and it's going to help integrate back into your learning Community because they can bend forward to, not the teachers to other admin so it's a great way to kind of get the learning moving within your staff.

Amber Winters: We also have great information on coaching and mentoring, so this will be good, of course, not only for admin but also for teachers who may be mentoring younger teachers.

Amber Winters: who may be working with different individuals in the department be at a pair of pro or something like that it's a great way to kind of understand how to support individuals and their own learning so really help kind of move that professional development forward in your learning community.

Amber Winters: And finally, we have a lot of information that's kind of designed to help you build healthy and happy schools and learning communities.

Amber Winters: I like to mention these specifically for counselors you know, sometimes we don't.

Amber Winters: Think about sending gail ebooks to counselors, but a lot of times we have some really great content for them, so I always suggest taking a look at your collection.

Amber Winters: And if there is information that can help those individuals just send the Info over to them, you know it's not going to hurt if they don't want to look they don't want to look.

Amber Winters: But it can definitely support them and support as they're constantly students, because of course with our current environment, some people being hybrid some people being in person, some people being virtual only.

Amber Winters: it's a lot to do with mentally so this can kind of help students out a bet you'll see.

Amber Winters: We can deal with parents so maybe we're struggling with parents who are angry troubled or afraid you know if they're coming up to counselors frustrated with what's going on.

Amber Winters: This can kind of support that attack over the teenage brain is when I always like to point out, just because it's such a unique title but.

Amber Winters: just trying to understand how teenagers process things and how they kind of.

Amber Winters: function in the Community is really important for a counselor because they don't function like adults just yet, you know they're on their own.

Amber Winters: Also, building Community connections, is a really great title just take a look at, of course, we don't want our schools to live in a bubble.

Amber Winters: We want to be able to reach out to our Community kind of as a whole, you know, to reach out to business owners to come in reach out to other prominence public officials things like that, so this is a great way to do that take a look at this ebook as well.

Amber Winters: So we have a lot of different ebook offerings and yours might look different than what mine looks like when we're going to walk.

Amber Winters: walk through it today, so I always recommend once we're done with the session kind of dig in and take a look at what ebooks you actually have of course i'm sure.

Amber Winters: No one library has every single professional development, E book that we offer so, even though I went through those titles kind of dig into see what titles really grabbed your attention.

Amber Winters: Now let's go ahead and dive right in does anyone have any questions as i'm kind of moving forward here.

Amber Winters: Okay, I don't see any no problem so let's go ahead now we're on Gil ebooks now, I decided to click into my account that's actually aligned to the danielson framework.

Amber Winters: Some of you may be using the Daniel son framework, some of you may be using another framework, but I just want to show you here how we can kind of curate that information.

Amber Winters: And kind of organize your ebooks here so you'll see we have all of our different dimensions and we have those ebooks aligned with those.

Amber Winters: So this is something you're interested in I do always recommend speaking with your sales representative or your customer success manager and they can kind of walk you through that looks like we have a quick question here.

Amber Winters: So we have a question, do you have to buy these ebooks as individuals are there access, or is there access with this specific price and that gets you and all that collection.

Amber Winters: So job we have different collections available, so I definitely recommend speaking with your sales representative, they can walk through some of those difference.

Amber Winters: collections with you, and they will be kind of set prices, depending on your school in your school district you don't need to buy every single ebook individually.

Amber Winters: So, at the very end of the session i'm going to give information on how you can contact your sales representative as well and reach out to them, and they can give you all that information on how you can purchase these these ebooks.

Amber Winters: Okay, so let's kind of dig in a little bit here so you'll see we have all the books listed now.

Amber Winters: And what's great is if we decide we don't want to you know search for something specific I just I don't know what I need but let's say you know i'm going to start teaching fractions you'll see we have our unpacking fractions here, I can click right into my ebook title.

Amber Winters: and always pose me to the table of contents first to see kind of see what's going on, you get a brief overview about to this ebook here if you ever need publication information we have that as well.

Amber Winters: I like to mention that for anyone, you know getting their masters or getting their PhD you know if you need to have this content, you know it's here for you, so if you need it for your education, you have it available as well.

Amber Winters: let's go ahead and just click into one piece of text here you'll see it does break it down.

Amber Winters: However, the book was broken down previously before was electronic so if it's broken up by chapters by sections, however they've broken it out it's going to appear like baths within our resources as well, so you see, I have my table of contents up top here.

Amber Winters: And I can choose whatever section I want here as well.

Amber Winters: If I don't want to choose a section I can just start clicking through you'll see you have one to 287 So this is the full ebook, even though I just clicked into that one section I can go all the way forward and all the way back and really read through the whole text if I want to.

Amber Winters: Another great way to access the content is to run a search so just so we have a landing point i'm just going to jump back to home, before I run my search.

Amber Winters: But they're just going to be up top here so let's say I want to learn a bit about classroom management.


Amber Winters: I can spell that would be great right.

Amber Winters: So instead of browsing through specific top specific ebooks themselves I go to run a search and what's great as you're going to see the E book itself, so what this article isn't.

Amber Winters: But instead of just pulling you to the main you know ebook page it's going to pull you to that specific article within that ebook that relates to your search.

Amber Winters: So you're getting kind of two levels you're still seeing the full ebook so you know what you're actually clicked into but you're being pulled to that direct spot that you need to be.

Amber Winters: So we'll just click on this first one here today.

Amber Winters: So we could take a look at some of the tools, I have so you'll see it looks exactly like if you were to just click into an e book title, but with this it's going to start on the specific page that you clicked into.

Amber Winters: And right here on this kind of ebook reader what you expect in electronic reading to kind of take up.

Amber Winters: To look like you'll see, we have a few different options, you can make this two pages, instead of one there goes loading So if you want to read it like this, you have that capability, you can make it full screen.

Amber Winters: And while you have it here full screen I like to point out, you have the option to fit to width or fit the height so depending on what.

Amber Winters: Technology what device you're using the screen might fit to lead a little bit better to with or the height, so if you ever noticed as you're reading maybe on your iPad or something like that.

Amber Winters: You know a little bit of the article is being cut off double check these most likely you just need to change fit to with their appetite.

Amber Winters: And I can also just click out of this to make it the not full screen again to start little text here.

Amber Winters: Now, if I change this to my text view which is going to be kind of that html format, as opposed to this ebook reader you'll see, I have that option, right up top here, where it says text view.

Amber Winters: i'm going to have a few other options for my reading kind of as i'm going through so if i'm reading through this maybe, for you know, an upcoming PD day maybe we're all presenting on a specific book that we took a look at you know minus specifically about classroom management.

Amber Winters: I found this article I found really interesting, I want to highlight some of the key points here to make sure I bring those to the attention of you know, the attendees to my session.

Amber Winters: I could click and highlight over anything important, so this paragraph, you know it's going to be really important for what i'm talking about I can choose a color let's do blue today if I want to add some notes, but you know for myself.

Amber Winters: I can do that, right here.

Amber Winters: And I can highlight as much as I want.

Amber Winters: And I can highlight for myself or if I want to if i'm going to be forwarding this information along.

Amber Winters: To my colleagues, I can highlight for them as well you know I read through the full article I highlighted through the specific points I think you're going to find helpful so go ahead and take a look at those.

Amber Winters: Now to get this content out of the resource here, there was actually going to be two different places, you can go to you'll see, I have a Center option of top here with this little paper airplane.

Amber Winters: And when I click into that i'll have the option to send to Google drive send to onedrive board just to shoot an email to myself.

Amber Winters: I always like to recommend using your school email, so if it's Google or Microsoft whichever I would suggest using that.

Amber Winters: You can put it over to your drives and once it's over in your drive it's really yours to edit so it's going to keep the highlights that you took.

Amber Winters: And you'll also be able to share it out on your drive to any of individuals that you want, so if you have you know, a group folder that you all use together, you can put this in that group folder and everyone will be able to see it edit it if they want to, or just read through it.

Amber Winters: And that's also found down here, so if you, you know forget that we have the send to button up top here you'll see, we also have the Google drive and the one drive emblems right here, so you can easily easily click into those.

Amber Winters: you're not a fan of the drives, if you prefer, you know some written tax to send an email anything like that you'll see, we have a download option that will download to your desktop as a PDF.

Amber Winters: We have a print option that will do exactly what you expect it's going to print out the text of the article, we also have this great gut link feature so i'm going to click on this today.

Amber Winters: So this is a persistent URL so maybe you have.

Amber Winters: You know if your admin and you're evaluating a new teacher and you find this article that you think would be really helpful for them, maybe they are struggling with their classroom management.

Amber Winters: As you fill out your evaluation form, you can find this link, if you think it's going to be really helpful copy and paste that into your evaluation and once you do your.

Amber Winters: Your new teacher clicks into it they'll be pulled right to this article and they'll be able to get all of that great content.

Amber Winters: This is also excellent if you have a meeting agenda you know let's say all of our science teachers all of our department is meeting together.

Amber Winters: Maybe you find information and put it on the agenda again just copy the link paste it on your agenda and everyone will be able to click into it, to read that information.

Amber Winters: Just so you know, sometimes we get questions on this, if you do get this link and individuals click and twit they won't require a password.

Amber Winters: But if they try to click anywhere else within the resource at that point they'll be asked to authenticate however they authenticate.

Amber Winters: Through your account so your password if they use single sign on whatever it may be so, everyone will have access to this one article itself without you having to worry about distributing passwords but if they try to move forward at all, then, at that point that decided.

Amber Winters: look like, we have a quick question here.

Amber Winters: So do you have the option to send the E book to a kindle or is it just available on a device, such as a laptop desktop computer iPad phone.

Amber Winters: So your ebooks do stay on the gail ebooks platform so.

Amber Winters: I don't have a kindle so I don't know for sure how it works getting ebooks on to a kindle, but they do stay on this platform, you can't get them off of the gail ebooks platform, so if you can access.

Amber Winters: The website on your kindle, then you can do it that way, otherwise it will be able to go on to any other device, and it is mobile friendly so we keep the same formatting if you're using your phone.

Amber Winters: So, before I move on from this page, I want to point out our explorer panel here on the right hand side so as we move forward, we have some more like this options you'll see effective homework practices.

Amber Winters: swings that make over lesson plan so you do see we have full lesson plans created here and related subjects, so if we want to move forward beyond classroom management.

Amber Winters: Maybe we need to specifically talk about how teachers and students relates again maybe your new teacher is struggling to kind of.

Amber Winters: relate to her students to kind of get them engaged in the resources, this may be a good place for her to go she can just click right into this.

Amber Winters: and have all of this great information related to teacher student relationship she can also filter her results you'll see we have specific subjects that are kind of like sub categories.

Amber Winters: So we have teacher student relations and then to narrow it down even further, maybe wants to talk about how that relates to academic achievement or collaborative learning.

Amber Winters: will be able to narrow it down even further, so we can kind of pull it down, you see, right now, we have 629 results, which is a little bit overwhelming, so these filters are going to be great to help you kind of narrow down to the exact content you're looking for.

Amber Winters: And I do want to mention a couple more things i'm going to say of topic Finder for last because it's my favorite tool.

Amber Winters: But you saw I took some highlights and notes on my article so you'll see, I have this highlighted notes button up top here this kind of follows along throughout the full resource you're always going to see this guy so i'm going to click in here.

Amber Winters: And now I can see all of the highlights I took for the session and all of our heads and notes are session based so once you sign off for the day.

Amber Winters: All of that content is lost, so you really want to make sure you get this sent out to wherever you want it send it over to your drive.

Amber Winters: printed out email it whatever you want to do just make sure you get all of that content out of the Platform.

Amber Winters: Especially if you're going to walk away and come back you know you don't want to be signed out dude inactivity and kind of lose everything you've done.

Amber Winters: But when I click into this highlights and notes section here, this is just for pulling all of the highlights, it took for the session you'll see, I have the article that I took them in.

Amber Winters: So if I were to start highlighting and multiple articles, they would all start to appear here we'll see all of these if I took notes they'll appear here, I can edit my notes.

Amber Winters: And we have a running bibliography as well, so if you do need those citations they will be here at the bottom.

Amber Winters: And what's great is, if you do just want to pull out these little these little pieces of text out of articles, you know, maybe you don't.

Amber Winters: need your whole department to read the entire classroom management article, you can highlight the important parts click into this highlights and notes option here.

Amber Winters: And then, just like the actual articles themselves, you can send this over to your drives you can download as PDF or you can print it.

Amber Winters: So a really nice way to kind of pick exactly what you want individuals to see and that overwhelm them with a full article or you know just having them sent to an e book and kind of figure out where within the book the content, you want them to see it it's.

Amber Winters: Are there any questions on anything I went through so far, I have one more tool, I want to look at, but I want to make sure that I answer anything you need answered.

Amber Winters: Questions or feedback, of course, I do love to hear your feedback as well.

Amber Winters: Okay, oh okay here.

Amber Winters: So we have a question when you send the link does it keep the highlights, it does not keep the highlights, because when you send the link and someone clicks into it that's actually a new session.

Amber Winters: So if you do want to keep highlights and notes, you want to send them over to drives or prints them or email them or.

Amber Winters: download your computer yeah they get linked does generate a new session so we won't be able to see that it's the same person.

Amber Winters: Okay, I don't see anything else so let's go ahead, I want to take a look at our topic Finder one of my favorite tools and I think it's really great again for.

Amber Winters: New staff who may not know the exact terms they need to search, you know they may not know what classroom management means so we can click under our advanced search here.

Amber Winters: Will click into topic Finder which is right up top if our van advanced search and this is a really kind of Nice visual way to see search results and kind of narrow down to exactly what we're looking for so maybe today, we want to take a look at differentiation.

Amber Winters: Just type it into my search here.

Amber Winters: And then you'll see you get this nice interactive visual so the bigger the title of the darker the color the more content we have related to that kind of Sub category.

Amber Winters: So we see here again we're looking at differentiation and we can start to narrow it down so maybe you want to talk about classroom techniques related to differentiation, I can click here, and then we can even go one step further, maybe wants to talk about student student engagement.

Amber Winters: look like in all of our topics are here on the right hand side so you'll see we've managed narrowed down to five articles related to differentiation.

Amber Winters: What it tells me to click through it forgot differentiation let's reset this here you'll see right underneath us, we were differentiation to their your classroom technique.

Amber Winters: And then we went to student engagement it's not a terrible I completely lost what process we're going through.

Amber Winters: But, so we can easily narrow down, now we have nine different options as opposed to the hundreds that you're going to find you can click into any of them, and it will pull right forward for you.

Amber Winters: And then you have a text that you can read we're gonna hit my back button here.

Amber Winters: Because I do want to show you, we have a second visualization So this is the tiles, this is what I prefer it's kind of fun to click through.

Amber Winters: But we also have a real view so if you have more of the kind of organized mind I like to say, you need that Nice simple organization.

Amber Winters: With your categories and then your subcategories listed right there on the same page, this may be the visualization he wants to take a look at again I prefer the titles I think they're fun.

Amber Winters: So I recommend taking a look at the top of Finder just seeing the different connections, you can make within your content, because sometimes.

Amber Winters: You know you'll see a connection that we've made a topic, I know that you might not have thought about you know that you can kind of dig into to to really allow you to kind of critically think about how you're running your classroom.

Amber Winters: And it looks like we have about three minutes left now so if anyone has any questions or feedback go ahead and pop those into the chat for me right now.

Amber Winters: As you're doing that i'm going to pull us back to my slides here because I do have some contact information that I have mentioned earlier in the session.

Amber Winters: So if you need some more information, so if you have your own PDF collection already, but you need some support kind of working through it, maybe organizing it discussing.

Amber Winters: Promoting it best practices things like that you have access to a wonderful customer success manager.

Amber Winters: If you don't already know who that individual is you can send an email to gail that customer success at cengage calm and that's going to force you to the correct individual for your school.

Amber Winters: With greatness day there really helpful for kind of everything you need post sale they're here to help you succeed.

Amber Winters: They are capable of building full success plans that kind of help you figure out exactly what you're looking for out of the resources and help you work through step by step to hire going to get there.

Amber Winters: If you want to talk about the PD collections, I do we had one question earlier about that maybe you have PD books, right now, but wants to see what else is available, and maybe don't have them yet.

Amber Winters: Your sales consultant is always available if you don't know who that is you'll send a quick email i'm sorry you'll click into support that forward slash REP Finder.

Amber Winters: Put in a little bit of information and it's going to tell you, who you need to contact to be able to reach right out.

Amber Winters: I do have a session server that I was like to put at the end of the session, if you have a couple minutes if you don't that's completely fine, but I would love to hear any feedback that you have it's bit that Lee forward slash gail training survey.

Amber Winters: And I don't see anyone typing in any questions, so I do think everyone for being here today, if you think of any questions.

Amber Winters: That you didn't ask them a session feel free to reach out to me my email is amber that winters at cengage calm.

Amber Winters: And you will get a copy of this recording via email tomorrow so you'll have my email address there as well, so please everyone enjoy the rest of your day I hope we'll see you on future webinars and goodbye for now.
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