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Last Updated: November 29, 2023

Gale eBooks: Weed Your Collection

Weeding your Gale ebooks titles is

simple utilizing our support site:

once on the

support site sign in utilizing your location

ID. If you don't know your location,

ID, select find your location and

enter your information.

Navigate to product support in the toolbar

and select title lists.

Choose additional and select the file

download button next to Gale eBooks.

The file will be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

Highlight the title and 13 digit

ISBN for the ebooks you would like to remove,

please note any titles you choose to remove

will be permanently deleted from your collection.

Once you have highlighted all your selections,

email our electronic access team

at [email protected]

With your request,

be sure to include your account information,

a typed request for ebook removal

and attach the spreadsheet.
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