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Last Updated: January 13, 2023

Create Custom Collections in Gale eBooks

Customizing your eBook collections to suit the needs of your students, teachers, faculty, and patrons is a simple process. In this session, you will learn how to create a custom collection to support topics of study, user interest, or course work and projects. View this session to discover how easy it is for library admins to customize their Gale eBook collections.
Duration: 30 Minutes
Hello, everyone, and thank you for joining this training session.

Create custom collections and Gale ebooks. my name is Tammi Van Buren and i'm your gale trainer.

Any questions throughout the session. please feel free to use the Q.

And a box I have that live and open and we'll be monitoring it throughout the session.

Our focus for today's session will be on how to customize your ebook collection within the gale ebooks resource, and we will talk about why you would want to do this Maybe you're looking to align

titles to curriculum or projects, programming or coursework.

These are all very helpful for users i'm searching for documents. So, finding ebook, your ebook collection that supports a project or a program in your library can really support their learning and their research.

Just a brief agenda. We will start with an overview of Gale ebooks, so that we're all on the same page.

And then we are going to spend our time creating custom collections, and I will share with you where you can go to find your credentials, because you do need Gale admin credentials to log in and make the changes within your gale

ebooks, platform, of course, questions, training, materials, and contact information.

I encourage you to ask questions throughout, but I will stay on that line at the end.

If there's any additional questions, and I will share with you where you can go to find additional training materials, and who you can contact for one-on-one support.

So i'll share that at the end of the Session. also, those links will be included in the follow-up email directly to our training materials and also our folks to contact at Gale.

So let's first talk about Gale ebooks the platform itself.

So you understand that it is 24, over 7, content. You can access the content anywhere.

You have access to the Internet users have unlimited simultaneous access.

So you could be accessing one title all at the same time.

No holds or Returns because there's no checkouts So there's no holds or returns, and it is mobile responsive.

So Gale ebooks is mobile responsive it'll automatically adjust the screen to any device that you are on, or your users are on unlimited downloads.

So if you wanted to download a chapter or more chapters, or you wanted to go cover to cover and download everything.

Chapter wise within a ebook title. you can do that very intuitive search and browse features.

I absolutely love the basic search within this resource because it is powerful.

If view. Imagine having all of these print titles in front of you and doing a search, it would be very challenging where here you can do a basic search for a term and pull back all of the content that you have within your ebook

collection. There also is a great search option called topic finder Topic Finder is a visualization visual representation of your search results, and it is interactive.

And this is a great tool within the resource I just want to make you aware of.

Also you can translate the text into over 40 languages, and also turn this text into speech.

If you have users that want to download that text to speech and listen to it later, they can do that and download it as an Mp.

3 Gale ebooks is also has the Google and Microsoft integration within the platform, and is integrated with learning management systems such as canvas and schoology.

So now that we've got an idea of what Gale ebooks is, let's talk about custom collections.

So custom collections You are automatically when you Have purchased, and this is going to be the collections you have in your library are unique to your library.

Whatever your library's, purchase whatever Gale ebooks your library has purchased you'll find here in this platform in this resource.

So my collection is going to look slightly different than yours.

But the beauty is the tools to create a custom collection are the same across the board.

So here i've grabbed a screenshot of my collection.

You can see, I have quite a list of collections over here.

On the left-hand side some custom some are gale generated.

So when you've purchased gale ebooks and you look at your gale ebooks platform, you will see some collections already created for you.

Now what i'm going to share with you is how to take it one step further and customize those collections just to zoom in a little bit.

So you can see some of the collections. So, for example, Gale generated.

One would be general reference history, because I have some history books, those types of more general.

The collections are generated by Gale, the to log in right below the list of collections.

You have this library, login, and you do have to have your admin credentials.

So if you are the administrator, at your library you have received, those admin credentials where you have your userite admin user, Id and password, if you don't remember what they are that's Okay, i'm gonna share

with you where you can go to find that information, and you can go to our gale technical support team.

You here's their email address I will include it in the follow-up email.

And also I will add it to the chat right now. So you have it.

Those that are attending the live session if you're the administrator at your library, and forgot those credentials simply reach out to the gale.

Technical support team, and they will help you all right so with that let's jump into the resource and start customizing.

So here we are in my gale ebooks platform.

You can see, just like the screenshot and the Powerpoint.

I have all of these collections on the left-hand side.

Now, as I mentioned Gale automatically generates some of of these collections, so you'll see more of a general information.

You might see a science, or in history as I mentioned you law is another one.

So you'll see some general collections already. there. for you what this gives you. The creating custom collections takes it one step further and lets you really customize what you have here.

You make it unique to what your library needs, to what your users need.

Students, teachers, faculty members. You can do all of that and have complete control over what titles land, in what collection.

Now, can a title land in multiple collections absolutely that's another beauty of this resources be having that option to place a title in multiple areas within your collection.

But it does as you can see. it gives your users a little bit more of a byte-sized piece.

So here's an example. ancient civilizations here is my collection.

Now I can click into any of the titles, but I also have the option to just search within this collection by using that search box.

Looking at the titles here. I have added these to this custom collection.

I selected them and added them in and created this brand new custom collection.

And again, if my users just want to search within this collection, then they do have to click into the collection.

First ancient civilizations is the one I selected and then the search within will be just within that collection.

If i'm on the home page and I do a search this is going to search through all of my titles at once.

So basic search is going to search through all of my titles to access just a certain collection.

Then I would select that collection name or from the left-hand side.

Navigation here. I can also access it, and then I can search within. All right.

So where is the library login? It actually lives down here at the bottom? My user, Id and password my computer remembered them.

So i'm just gonna click sign in and now it takes me to this screen.

This is where I can start customizing, so I can select a collection to customize.

I can disable and enable collections, I can start a brand new collection.

Those are all my options here. I can also change the order of these.

So if I wanted to change those collections where they land, I can do that.

And I can even change the order of my ebooks within a collection.

So there's a lot of control you have here, when you jump into the manage.

Your gale ebooks, collections. Now I am going to click into art.

Now this is a collection that is a gale-generated collection.

So I wouldn't want to delete this collection, and in fact, I don't have that option, too, but I can hide it.

So it is currently disabled when I enable it and reset There we go a reset order.

It'll add it to back into my collection and let me go back to my gale ebooks and show you refresh my screen, and there it is.

Arts right where it landed when I saw it in my previous screen.

Okay, it's that quick. Let me go back in to manage collections.

All right, so I enabled it to disable it.

Same idea. I just have to talk. Change that toggle or click on that toggle, and it will remove that collection if I want to reorder the collection.

I can click on the titles and drag them over, and it will move the titles around.

I would want to change the order of these collections. Maybe I want animals to live below arts.

I can do that by just clicking and dragging that title down.

Now, how do I create a collection? Well, I can select new collection.

It is automatically going to enable it i'm going to do animals again.

Here. That is my name of my collection. It can be oh, it already exists.

So let me actually, this is a teachable moment so let's click into the animals collection.

The difference is with this collection is, I wanted to disable it.

I can still do that. But since this is a custom collection that I created, see its custom, collection, it's not a gale-generated collection.

I do have the ability to delete that collection.

So I am going to actually do that. Let me copy this for to keep it a little quicker here for us.

I'm going to delete the collection it's gonna ask me, are you sure you wish to delete it?

Yes, I do. Okay. Now, if I wanted to add it back in, let me show you that process.

So new collection animals here's my description and i'm going to save that.

Now I can add titles. So you see, once I save it, I still have that ability to delete the collection.

I can also disable it. Why would you want to disable a custom collection?

Maybe there's a project that is only in the spring and you want to hide that collection until that project happens.

Or maybe you're working with a certain program within your your public library, and this program launches at a certain time of year.

But then that collection you want hidden or you're working with a teacher in a school library, and you know that teacher.

Maybe you've created a custom collection just for that teacher's class.

How fantastic would that be to work closely with your teachers?

Just an idea. Same with faculty members at the college level.

So using and creating those collections. but maybe it's something that they don't want up all the time.

They just want it for part of the year that's just an idea of why you might want to enable and disable.

But just keep that in mind. it's completely up to you what you select to do so.

I can. When I click, add title I can search by subject title Isbn or description.

I'm going to type in animals and click done let me try just animal.

Okay, So heading the S. did not pull back what I wanted it's.

I was 2 pages of information was pulled back for me.

If I want to select the titles, I just click on the box.

It gives me this little or i'm sorry I click on the cover of the book, and it gives me this checkmark.

So if I want let's go animals here i'm going to click done!

Well, actually let me go to the next page 2 and see if we have any content.

There, so it's you can see it's pulling in different because of the title dog is in there.

That's great information to have and know. what it does pull back, Get the most accurate would be an isbn you may have to do, and this is my suggestion.

You may have to do a couple different searches. If you want all animals like you know, you have a collection on snakes.

You your library. Then I would do a search on snakes just to make sure you get everything, because sometimes that subject it's going to going to look for that term.

But you might want to be more specific more specific in what type of like I'm searching for animals or animal.

I want to be more specific about the animals like if there's anything on frogs.

I want to make sure that's in there too so because you might not. An animal might not be a term used in the frog book.

It could be, you know, reptile right or amphibian right amphibian.

I was thinking of snakes to easily remove the titles.

You just click on the x next to them, and it will remove them from that collection.

I want to click save. I always want to click, save to make sure everything is saved there in my collection, and then I am going to see animals.

I have 8 titles available again. If I wanted to add more titles this time.

Let's look up anything frog in the title and it doesn't look like I have any of those. Let me try another term and search.

So we do have something on Snake. Let me try Frog again.

Thought I had some. Nope. No results found on frog, and we have some with dog.

So yeah, Caesar, let me select some of these, and again you just click and select and click done, and it continues to add them to my collection.

I wanted to maybe put the enhanced books together. I can move those up here so I can move this around.

However, I want, and again make sure I click save, and it now adds all of those titles to my collection.

So that is how you make a new collection I showed you how to delete collection, how to save it and let's go back to the homepage and see where it lands.

So there it is, It's the first one if again if I wanted to change that order.

I do have to go into, manage collections first, and then drag that title wherever I would like it to land.

But if I wanted to search within just my animals collection, I click into animals search with, Let's try dogs, and I just clicked.

Enter, and it takes me to anything. looking at keywords that basic those basic search terms, i'm searching within that collection looking for the term of dogs.

It is going to look at the at the title it's going to look at the first 100 words and look at the description.

So it's going to look at that higher level information to find that term for me within the collection.

Then I have the complete collection. Just my search was just through that, and just looking for dogs.

So at this point I can click into a title. This happens to be a fifteen-page biography, but click into lessons from dogs, and then it takes me into that document where I have all my great document tools. tools to support accessibility.

My workflow tools, and here at the top I have the table of contents, Book View site.

And here are my send options again. Google Microsoft email download.

Print. I can grab a link back to this exact spot if I wanted to, and then i'll create a persistent Url back to this exact article.

I'm going to show where you book view today for this session.

It's going to be our last item before we wrap up the end of our session before I do I did want to mention.

Remember I had mentioned download having the ability to download.

This is where you find that option to download the Pdf.

Of this book clicking into book view is slightly different. and you, those tools to support accessibility, are no longer here, because this is a actual Pdf of the title or of the book itself of the ebook.

So very similar to what you would find in print. It is just digital, with unlimited access, the ability to share content, the ability to translate content.

So you do have that No check-in checkout available 24, over 7.

With these titles. Okay, i'm going to go out of book view back to text view.

And then that's when all these tools come back. translate increase or decrease the font size. I have some display options like the open dyslexic font is here. I can change the background color behind my text and

Here's my Listen: Feature That text a speech. I had mentioned in our opening of our session today.

Okay, so It's really quite simple again from the homepage just a quick review, You log in to manage collections.

If you're not familiar don't know your gale admin credentials, you can contact Gale technical support. And again, I will put that in the follow-up.

Email so manage collections. And this is when you can get to work and change any of those collections just as a reminder.

If it is a gale-generated collection it's not something you can delete, but you can disable it from your page.

Okay, So if you're missing that delete button over here, that's why.

But your own collections that you've created like the one I did for animals.

I do have the ability to delete that collection.

If I want to, or also just hide it I don't have to delete it.

If I've done the work putting it together, I might just want to hide it.

One other area you can go to to look at. All of your titles is on the home page.

You have title lists, and those titles are actually hyperlinked out.

You also have the option to download them, or, as you know, Excel or Csv.

Or Kbart file. but here they are hyperlinked out too, and you also the Isbn numbers are included.

So if you're searching for a title you're just you know.

Want to see everything that you do have. or maybe you want to pull a spreadsheet together with all these titles and go through and select them and put them into collections.

You can do that, too. So it's the it's really unlimited.

It's whatever you can imagine. you can do with this you can The nice thing is to is once you've created it like, Say you are using a gale page resource site that is, you and you use a gale page resource site What happens

is your ebook collections, your custom collections are also updated.

Your site here. 9 is working a little slow today, but you have those custom collections here, and they also are linked to your gale.

Page. All right, so let me go back to the Powerpoint and share with you where you can go for additional support and training.

If there are any questions, let me know to access product information like the Urls for your gale ebooks or title lists, mark records, database, icons, widgets, or contact someone at Gale, including technical

support or your customer success managers, which again are that one-on-one support.

You can go to the support site at support Gale com the training center.

You're going to find tip sheets tutorials recorded webinars, training decks, projects scavenger hunts, and more.

I'm going to share with you a document that you can use as a tool for creating custom collections and then marketing materials, books, posters.

I'm sorry bookmarks, posters, digital assets such as email T.

Templates, social media posts, communication templates blog posts, that type of information you're going to find.

We also have this document in the training Center. I will include this in your follow-up email.

But it is custom collection. So if you are in the training center and your browsing materials looking for training documents, If you look at Gale ebooks, this document will be linked to the gale ebooks.

So any training materials for guilty books. This will also pop up and be available.

But this is more of a step by step. If you want that print document just as a refresher, it is available for you all to use with that that actually wraps our session.

If there are any questions i'll stay on the line your Gale. customers, success, managers for that one-on-one support are listed here, and that will be in your follow-up.

Email. but for those watching the recording. I wanted to make sure you have that email address.

Again. the support site is support, dot gale, com and a training survey should pop up when you're done with this session.

Love to get your feedback on the session and in the comments area. If there's any other additional training you're looking for in your library on your Gale resources, let us know we're always looking to add new sessions and

want to make sure you get the most out of your gale resources.

So thank you for your time today. I hope you join us again, and the future for future sessions, and that wraps our session.
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