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Gale electronic product usage reports provide an accurate count of how your Gale subscriptions are being used by patrons both inside your library and remotely via the Internet. Gale strives to meet all usage standard requirements as defined by COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources). Currently Gale is a compliant vendor under the COUNTER Code of Practice, Release 4.  A complete list of COUNTER4 supported reports can be referenced at   

Gale makes SUSHI usage reporting is availible for the many Gale resources that that support COUNTER usage reports.

Gale Standard Usage Reports

Gale electronic product usage reports provide an accurate count of how products are used by patrons. Gale Standard usage data is displayed in Gale's standard format.

Standard reports include the following:

Gale - EBook Retrievals: Number of retrievals from individual EBook titles for a specific timeframe

Gale - Journal Retrievals: Number of retrievals from individual Journal titles for a specific timeframe

Gale - Usage by Database: Usage by database for a specified timeframe

Gale - Usage by Location, Date, and Time: Pinpoint specific time users are accessing resources

Gale - Usage by Session Time: Session count based on day and time

Gale - Usage Summary: All Gale Usage from a specific timeframe rolled up into one number for searches, sessions, retrievals and full text retrievals.

Location Details: Use this if you are an institution with more than one location and would like a breakdown of location usage.

Third Party Databases Usage Reports & Retrieval Instructions

Reports for these databases are not included in the Gale Standard Report:

To obtain scheduled usage reports for these third party databases, please send an email to:

COUNTER Reports:

The COUNTER Reports follow usage reporting standards and formatting developed by COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources).

Gale COUNTER 4 Report options include:

Database Report 1
Total Searches, Result Clicks, and Record Views by Month and Database

Database Report 2
Access Denied by Month, Database, and Category

Journal Report 1
Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Month and Journal

Book Report 2
Number of Successful Section Requests by Month, Title, and Category

Sign up for monthly

Allows you to specify report types, options, and allows you to enter email addresses that will receive monthly reports.   Please see this short video for instructions on how to sign up for monthly usage reporting.

Glossary Terms


  1. How does authentication affect my usage statistics?
  2. When are reports sent out and how?
    Once statistics are generated, they are compiled and sent to customers. This process may take several days. The reports are typically e-mailed by the 15th of each month.
  3. Why am I not seeing any usage?
    The database could be linking out to a State, Consortia, or other link, causing the usage to be tracked on that account instead. Please check the URL being used to access the databases to ensure the location id at the end of the link matches the location id on the usage reports.
  4. Can multiple people at the library get reports?
    Yes. To have multiple people added, please email: with a list of email addresses. Or login to Gale Admin to sign up for reports and enter in multiple email addresses.
  5. How do federated search engines affect usage stats?
    Gale counts usage regardless of the search method, i.e. Federated Search, PowerSearch, etc. Each search submitted through a federated search engine is counted as a session and a search on every Gale database included in the federated search set.
  6. How do I access Gale electronic product usage reports?
    There are multiple ways to obtain usage reports. Listed below are some options:

Additional Questions:

Please contact Technical Support 1-800-877-4253 Option 4, available 24/7 or email: