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Last Updated: June 07, 2023

Gale Products and HTTPS Support

Gale strives to protect the right to privacy for library users. We have updated our products to require HTTPS. As a result, patron traffic is now encrypted, ensuring that the transfer of data between a patron's browser and Gale's products cannot be comprised.

You do not need to update any of your existing URLs. All existing URLs you have in place will automatically redirect to the new location. (HTTPS / *

Does your library use EZ-Proxy? If your library hosts proxy server locally, then you will be required to update your Gale configuration stanza to reflect the changes. The updated configuration can be found here. If your library uses a hosted version of EZ-Proxy from OCLC, then you do not need to take any action as OCLC will update the Gale stanza automatically for you.

Does your library use Innovative WAM proxy? Please contact the support team at Innovative (800-878-6600 or [email protected]) for assistance with configuring your Gale resources. Similarly, libraries using other proxy servers should work directly with the proxy providers for advice and support to ensure continued product access.

Does your library use a Firewall White list? Occasionally libraries prefer to configure firewalls so that users are only allowed to access approved websites on the Internet. The firewall is then configured to only allow access to designated websites by domain name (ex. * Libraries must allow for the new HTTPS protocol and * domain name to be allowed through their firewall in order to successfully access product. If your firewall white list is configured to use IP addresses instead of domain names please note: Starting this summer and throughout the next several months Gale will be making various improvements related to hosting, security, and performance. These changes will result in our services being delivered from a much larger range of IP addresses. Therefore, we will no longer be able to provide a list of the IP addresses used by our servers. For a complete list of host names can be found here.

If you are taking advantage of any linking features within Gale product (ex OpenURL, Links to Holdings, or Interlibrary Loan) you will need to ensure that you are pointing to the HTTPS versions of these features. You can access/modify these settings in Gale Admin under Discovery Services. Contact Gale Customer Success if you need assistance with your Gale Admin settings or for assistance generating HTTPS-compatible URLs.

The American Library Association provides additional resources to help your library improve privacy.

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