EZ-Proxy Configurations

Last Updated: 2018-11-21

An example of what an ezproxy.cfg file should contain is displayed below.  In this example, replace Location_ID with your actual identifier.  If you need help locating your identifier or have any questions regarding your set up of EZ-Proxy with your Gale subscriptions, please contact Technical Support.  Detailed information regarding EZ-Proxy database definitions can be found on this Website.

Are you looking to configure for HTTPS?  The support team at OCLC can work with you to make the appropriate configuration changes.

For Gale Interactive Science you only need to add: HJ api.cyber-anatomy.com to your EZProxy Config File

Title Gale/Infotrac/PowerSearch Databases

URL http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/Location ID
Host link.galegroup.com
Host search.rdsinc.com
DJ galegroup.com
DJ nelnetsolutions.com
HJ api.cyber-anatomy.com
# NeverProxy apis.google.com
# NeverProxy library.demographicsnow.com
# NeverProxy terc.nelnetsolutions.com

If you are still having issues accessing content it may be due to certificate errors . To address this you can uncomment the last 2 lines of the stanza by removing the # character. Save your changes then restart the proxy server.