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Direct URLs

Link directly to each of your Gale online resources to help users find answers

Subject Hub MARC records provide links directly to the high-level hub pages, such as ACT, SAT, LSAT, or Medical/Nursing. These descriptive records improve the discoverability of content by making the tests and ebooks searchable within the library’s catalog. When clicking on a record, users will be taken directly to the corresponding hub page so that they can easily find the appropriate test, as well as any related exams or ebooks.

Replace [LOCATIONID] with your Gale LocationID
Accountant/Auditor aa[LOCATION_ID]&hub=aa
Accuplacer accup[LOCATION_ID]&hub=accup
ACT act[LOCATION_ID]&hub=act
ACT WorkKeys actwk[LOCATION_ID]&hub=actwk
Advanced Placement (AP) ap[LOCATION_ID]&hub=ap
American Foreign Service Officer afso[LOCATION_ID]&hub=afso
ASSET Exam Prep aep[LOCATION_ID]&hub=aep
Aviation and Transportation avtr[LOCATION_ID]&hub=avtr
Career Tools careerParent[LOCATION_ID]&hub=careerParent
Catholic High School Entrance Exams cat[LOCATION_ID]&hub=cat
CLEP clep[LOCATION_ID]&hub=clep
Clerical cler[LOCATION_ID]&hub=cler
Computer Basic Skills cbs[LOCATION_ID]&hub=cbs
Cosmetology cosm[LOCATION_ID]&hub=cosm
DSST dsst[LOCATION_ID]&hub=dsst
English as a Foreign Language eafl[LOCATION_ID]&hub=eafl
Firefighter ff[LOCATION_ID]&hub=ff
Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) fsa[LOCATION_ID]&hub=fsa
GMAT gmat[LOCATION_ID]&hub=gmat
GRE gre[LOCATION_ID]&hub=gre
High School Equivalency Exams hse[LOCATION_ID]&hub=hse
High School Subject Tests sat_st[LOCATION_ID]&hub=sat_st
Independent/Specialized High School Entrance Exams isee[LOCATION_ID]&hub=isee
Information Technology (IT) it[LOCATION_ID]&hub=it
Journeyman Exam Prep jep[LOCATION_ID]&hub=jep
Law Enforcement Careers lec[LOCATION_ID]&hub=lec
LSAT lsat[LOCATION_ID]&hub=lsat
Math & Science Basic Skills msbs[LOCATION_ID]&hub=msbs
MCAT mcat[LOCATION_ID]&hub=mcat
Medical / Nursing mn[LOCATION_ID]&hub=mn
Military mil[LOCATION_ID]&hub=mil
Miller Analogies (MAT) mat[LOCATION_ID]&hub=mat
PCAT pcat[LOCATION_ID]&hub=pcat
PERT Exam Prep pep[LOCATION_ID]&hub=pep
Postal postal[LOCATION_ID]&hub=postal
PSAT psat[LOCATION_ID]&hub=psat
Reading & Writing Basic Skills rwbs[LOCATION_ID]&hub=rwbs
Real Estate re_est[LOCATION_ID]&hub=re_est
SAT sat[LOCATION_ID]&hub=sat
School and Scholarship Search sss[LOCATION_ID]&hub=sss
Social Work sw[LOCATION_ID]&hub=sw
State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) staar[LOCATION_ID]&hub=staar
STEM Resources stem[LOCATION_ID]&hub=stem
TABE Exam Prep tabe_exam_prep[LOCATION_ID]&hub=tabe_exam_prep
Teaching teacher[LOCATION_ID]&hub=teacher
Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2.0 (TSIA2) tsia[LOCATION_ID]&hub=tsia
THEA Exam Prep tep[LOCATION_ID]&hub=tep
U.S. Citizenship us_cit[LOCATION_ID]&hub=us_cit
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