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Small Business Week 2023: Support Effective Entrepreneurial Research

April 30th to May 6th 2023 is National Small Business week, designed to promote and support local businesses and entrepreneurs. As the starting point for many businesses, your library plays a major role in bringing vetted content to your learning community. Gale is here to make the researching process even easier! Utilizing Gale Business: Entrepreneurship and Gale Business: Insights, we have created simple tips sheets and graphic organizers to help small businesses get on their feet.

Featured Resources

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Printable Tools

Resource Guides Gale Business: Entrepreneurship Resource Guide
Resource Guides Gale Business: Insights Resource Guide
Tip Sheets Gale Business: Entrepreneurship Small Business Graphic Organizer
Tip Sheets Gale Business: Insights Industry Analysis Tip Sheet and Graphic Organizer

On-Demand Training

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