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Content Specific Training Materials

Bring Your Gale Products to Life. Uncover special themes created around unique topical events and special observances.


April is Arab American Heritage Month, and your Gale resources can help your students learn about and celebrate the history, people, and cultures found within this vast and diverse group. Utilize our Gale In Context: High School, Gale In Context: Middle School, or Gale In Context: Elementary activities to guide students through successful research and discovery.
Teach historical contextualization and author's point of view while harnessing the skill of analyzing Primary Sources using Gale In Context. These lesson plans provide examples of skill building activities while learning about key historical figures and events.
Whether you are brand new to Gale, or you have just expanded your product offerings to include Gale In Context: For Educators, you have come to the right place! We are excited to partner with you to help you empower your teachers and students with quality digital solutions.  Each of the Printable Tools below will help guide you through your Onboarding, Implementation, and continued support journey. For additional training and marketing information, please visit:
April is Second Chance Month, and Gale is here to help you support formerly incarcerated individuals within your community. Your Gale Peterson's products provide free and unlimited access to test prep, continued education, and career readiness content to encourage personal and professional growth. Explore this content to best leverage your resources to help this vulnerable demographic and support re-integration into careers and education. 
March is Women's History Month, and Gale is here to help researchers explore international women in politics, as well as political movements and legislation impacting women around the globe. Utilize the content below, as well as your Gale In Context: Global Issues or Gale In Context: World History resources to supplement or create your Women's History Month activities!
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