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Last Updated: November 09, 2023

For MA: Make Education More Accessible: Discover Your New Online Learning Portal

Make learning more discoverable for your community members with the Gale Online Learning Portal, a new add-on feature available to Massachusetts libraries. This portal is a central hub for your Gale adult learning resources and can help your patrons find the resources that best meet their learning goals.

Through the portal, library patrons can use goal-orientated tools to explore and compare Gale Presents: Peterson’s Career Prep and Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test Prep. Exciting news—also available through the portal is Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School, the online high school completion program available to all Massachusetts residents 19 years and older through Boston Public Library.

In this webinar, you will:

  • See how to easily set up the Online Learning Portal on your library’s website
  • Hear about the recent updates to the Peterson’s resources
  • Learn more about the Excel Adult High School state-wide program from Boston Public Library

Webinar speakers:

  • Jenn Adams, Instruction Librarian, Boston Public Library
  • Jessica Elias, Manager of Community Learning, Boston Public Library
  • Stacey Knibloe, Lead Trainer, Gale
  • Amanda Winchel, Strategic Accounts Director, Gale

Tune into this recorded webinar to get a walk-through of the Online Learning Portal and discover how this new intuitive dashboard can guide patrons to the resources they need to meet their goals, including graduating from high school, advancing their careers, and prepping for their next milestone.


Duration: 45 Minutes
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