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Last Updated: April 26, 2018

Gale Virtual Reference Library Webinar - ASCD Collection

The ASCD professional development collection on Gale Virtual Reference Library provides practical teaching techniques and innovative ideas for educators. This webinar covers how to explore the ASCD titles and utilize GVRL tools, and also covers best practices that teachers and schools are utilizing to provide world-class education services and activities to foster educational equality for all students.
Duration: Under 15 Minutes
hello and thank you for joining

me today my name is Tammy

Van Buren and I am your K-12

training specialist.

I am the k12 trainer here

at Gale and I'm going to talk

to you about your ASCD

collection into Bureau and how to

use that collection your ebook

collection within GVRL

we're going to get started right away. we only have

30 minutes so I want to make sure that we

get everything in that we need to cover and

also if you could take a moment

and just introduce yourself in the chat box I

would appreciate it. I would like to know where you're coming from

so I can make sure that I cater the session

directly towards your needs so

today's focus is going to be on

the ASCD collection and Gale Virtual Reference Library

I will start with a quick overview

of the collection I pulled out just

a few, or I should

say quotes from some of the

titles that are trending most

popular right now.

I'm going to share that with you and then we're going to jump

right into the product

for search tips and

More Like This, which are great ways to

find additional articles.

Then we will touch on Google Drive

and Microsoft OneDrive

and then I will share with you

those of you who are not using Google Classroom

we offer the bookmark tool, which

creates a persistent URL that will

take you back to that spot within the database

ASCD is the largest professional development Organization

for educators of right now

the most recently added we do add

them in bundles in the most recent was

added in December and it's Rupp to

bundle 11 right now so

if you are interested in adding more to your

collection I know you're still at work would be

happy to talk to you more about that but

what you're going to find time

to talk about the entire collection today

is a different way to discover

and use Visual and tactile models

to teach fractions fractions always

difficult to keep losing

ways to teach fractions of

Master new techniques to

engage K-12 students

major issues I was an educator and

basically since I graduated from

from college I've worked

in education field in some capacity so


devoured my professional development books

so that I could figure out okay what tool

can I use next what can I put into my tool

kit and you're going to find some great titles

within the SCD collection and some great

tool for your teachers and staff


you will always

something that were looking to help with

not only do we have to consider all

different angles and their unique but those gifts so

you want to make sure that they're staying engaged and

practical techniques to

look at certain teaching methods and techniques today

I'm project-based learning and then

of course 21st century skills

so all those titles that you

have access to a more or

maybe you'd like to build on in your

collection you will find these

teaching techniques within their teaching message within

their administrator she want

to make sure that there's

some great ebooks in this collection

that you'll find down to leadership right

here I can see at the bottom right is one of them

to engage your

teachers and what

I'm going to show you now is

content from the seller

so I actually

have a list of the top 25

that have been sold

in the last 90 days for the best sellers

from the last 90 days and


really are focused on

the hundreds of learning teaching and

Leadership titles that will inspire you

so they're looking for you to

expand your knowledge and help develop the

skills to support students it's fast

but we are all in the field

to do right is is support

Student Success and

understanding by Design the second edition so

both the first and second edition are still

trending and very popular I love

this quote I pulled it out from one of

the second edition features

are diners in essential Act

of our profession is the crafting of

curriculum and learning experiences

to meet specified purposes

we have a purpose and we

are focusing and pulling from extra key

lime we are technically designing

that learning experience

for our students so thought

it was a great way to put it into perspective and

not just teaching designing

that information for them to and

then another title is building

teachers talk

about this was a talked about TLC time

you're at their professional learning community at those

of you aren't using it yet and looking for

ways to maybe add that into

your day or maybe your department heads

are looking for ways to how do

we have a TLC

time that really

gets what we need and get what we need done

how can we focus on that this is a great

title to look at not just guilty

time but other different ways to have

that collaboration amongst your staff

so another great

title that we also

that I also pulled out it's in that top 25

is in this is something that

is really I

think we're focusing on it more now

which is fantastic but teaching

with poverty in mind what being poor

does to kids brains and what schools can do

about it you have students that

they're not learning worried about

what they're going to learn that day they may be worried

about where their next

meal that come from or maybe they're you

know the high school level they're dealing with teenage pregnancy

or other

adult problems that they're dealing with and how can

we help them how can we make sure that Natalie I'm

better I love it thank you have a

chapter is called instructional Light

& Magic it

will happen and I love that I guess you

know collecting data planning

making personal preparations for the

teacher what do you have to do you change your

focus and what you're looking at 2 so

those are some of the titles from this

fabulous collection that you have access

to and a little

bit about from

the STD collection there

are special

development in your building with your staff

or with your colleagues there

is no check-in and check-out and

also unlimited download every


I'm on the same chapter all

at once if you want and they can be translated

and there's just the

information do

your ebooks and works really with

these great title

also which Eevee are out this is

what the platform looks like so you have all

these great covers right on the front

page as soon as you log in and

we have some great tools you can see Google

Microsoft store at the top that have been

integrated into our platforms

I will talk to you about all the tools of basic

search is quite powerful advanced

search bookmarks for

a PD for RTD

ebook because that's the

focusrite is all the library

for your students

or for your faculty that

way then you would have multiple collection

subject collection

when you do a basic search I'm

looking for a specialist in the search every

article from every title is pulled

back so imagine you're searching through

and they were

over 2020

400 results articles

now a little overwhelming

but we have and

I'll show you how to do that plus recently

added into the advanced search which again

is a great way to drill down that

information and

I believe we are ready to get started

at the very end I will show you my contact

information again and then you

do have a couple other people that

I'd like to introduce you that are really

there to help you out and find success and get

you that return on your investment so

let's get started all

of our deal customers have access to

a complimentary guilty

so you can build

out quite

a bit I did pull out the for

the training today but I did want to show you this real

quick there's a lot that you can do there's boxes

that you can add on the right hand side like I

said I built my own a lot so I have

different cages for the

show different ways that schools can

sign people focus so different


their own buildings and I have

a person if you're interested in them

cars that can help you build the

sound customize it on your customer

success manager is there a great great

help and support looking

at the platform of gvrl at

the very top again there's those links that

I talked about we have Google Classroom

I'm already signed into my Google Drive

and since I'm an educator it automatically

puts me into my Google Classroom to and

then I can sign in with Microsoft OneDrive recently

we added the ability to change

the language on the platform itself

so you're done and

you're on tool box on the right hand side

will all be changed to the 223

languages so if you should decide to change

it to Spanish it would change all

of the navigation and then the toolbox on

the right hand side but you also have the ability

to translate each individual

article so that's an option

too we

have the basic Source part which is quite

powerful definitely

suggest unless you're looking for a specific title

but even then you can do a publication

search and search for specific play

powerful magic searching through all

sorts of books an entire collection over

300 titles and looking for one

subject category and second so

instead of looking through each individual table

contents are in. Here

we do that for you are


different options I briefly mentioned I'm

just going to open it real quick for you here this

is a great way to find content

quite quickly and really

drill down because there are quite a few title

and you do have some options here below

your collection is going to be just education

on target audience is

going to be professional so these aren't

a lot that you use in with

this ebook collection because

it is professional development and

it would be used more for your general

gvrl collection that you would use in your

student Library

subject guide search or public library and

this really does help you find what you're looking for

differentiation and you want to find the

specific subject and then

topic finder is that visual representation

of your search results and I will show you this

to you today

and those are all under dance search you

also have the bookmark tool which you can

create a persistent URL that

will take wherever you are at

in the database itself and you share that

link it'll take whoever clicks into that

link back to that same spot within the database

and another the more button I just

want to show you real quick you do

have that

if you're really struggling or want to go back and review

some information that I've gone over I'm

going to your help button in your database itself

the dictionary is there

your Titleist so you can see all the

titles that you have access to a new Kindle

hyperlinks you can actually click on that title

name and go directly to that

you booked your search history anything

you search for here now this discussion day

so if I close out that he will

go back to having nothing in

it and I like to know to my folder

these are also show you how

these both are used

okay so let's start with a basic


popular I

do have a cyst

that popped up which is very helpful so

sweet kind of shirt start by

and I'm at relevant that's what if the faulted

you but I could choose document title

publication date of publication title or content

level they're

all going to be a dance but again

if you're using gvrl with your

non fiction reference collection

for your school or your public library or

you could use those content level

and looking here

we have / 341 different

titles different articles

related to come and

what we see when we first look at the first

title if you do have a cover by click on

this cover it will take me to the table of contents I

can put right into that article so

instead of going through the cover and going

to the table of contents and then just trying to find

this article this takes me directly into the

article I

have a brief summary I

can go into just viewing the e-book

itself because it will take you

if you cook in the article it take you to the cats

can you have some great tools

in the toolbox or I can save this

in my folder and I'm going to save a couple of these

titles because I want to come back and show you

how to use that hopefully

you can either article again

and again because these these

books are focused on this

subject so

you're at 341 title that's quite a

bit I'm old and majority of them are topic overview

to do you look at document type but

you can quickly go to just the teacher

tools if

I want to take that out I just closed it right

here at

set me back to that 341


question technique 341

articles to three

very quick very easy

to do not from here if I wanted to share

with my

colleagues I can create

a bookmark and copy

this bookmark that you are

also always be here whenever I swear

I sure it'll take everyone back to the same

spot or I could pull the sweet

I can't send it to Google Drive I have to be at the article

level you'll see that two on the right hand side with

the larger shirt I'm

going to take these bills out because

I like that first title

and I do want to show you when you click into

the cupboard what it looks like you

do have about this applications as default it

to table contents we had a lot of feedback that

that would be more relevant

to students and teachers so

that's why we changed it we do take the

book index is a great way to to find

information and it shows you the pages

that you're going to find it on or you

can quickly jumped using Bells but

at the top which

is really quite great if you

are an educator and you're looking for a specific

I know there was some information


was in that title

I go to view ebook

it gets me that ebooks feel

so right now I'm going to

drink it down to fit into my browser

but I can make it double page if I want

every time I reset this if I had

to have to shrink it to my browser again I

can turn the page

just I clicking here I also have the

option up here in the upper left but now and

these are mobile responsive so you can use

it on your tablet on your iPad and

a mobile or e-reader

if I make it full-screen

this is what I get I

can also zoom in further and

just click and drag and move exactly where

I would like it to be so I can do my Quick

Escape to go back or in

the upper right hand corner it'll

minimize my screen again and take me back to

the screen I

want to go back to view tax because it's toolbox

now I have citation tools I am

able to download so you could download and

read this later if you're looking at them on your on

your tablet or your iPad you can download each

individual chapter if you want I can print

an email them but I go

back to the attack I have a variety of different tools

you're on the right hand side so

here's my citations although the citations will

be at the bottom of every single article I

have I like to note to self tell you of

course it's not hyperlink out yet I

can send this to my Google Drive or OneDrive I

can print this information off if I want

to share it with my colleagues

Garrett at a faculty meeting if there's

a specific article that I found quite interesting

or instead of printing it I

could pull it in and

all of my teachers are so that's

always an option too and that's a creative way

to really pull your group together and

follow through on a variety of different cats

use Google Classroom as an administrator

and have everybody prepared

and ready when they're coming to that faculty meeting

and Son 10 minutes talking about whatever

it is you're focusing on that school year

just an idea how some of the other schools are

using this information I

print email download and

save to my phone so

I could share it right to Twitter and then everybody

could access the link that way too so

if let's say I'm following you on here in Michigan

on following you on Twitter and

I feel about some

I click into it I can read the article but that's

as far as I can go I can't work within your

other titles or within your database itself unless

I have your password so we

don't keep any of this information staying with your Google

Drive and Microsoft on when you

sign in once you sign out that are

close the program itself that

form then you will keep that information

for your safety you can listen

to the Articles you like so

if you want to read to you you can listen to it it

does start out

really loud and then you have the ability

to turn on

text enhance enhance text

visibility so if you

turn that on Wednesday what that looks like

you have this at the bottom

an app that pulls

out that count as it's being read to you to

put your reading glasses on like I read

that text as it's being read to you you

can follow along real quick be

on your drive into work you have an hour commute download

it as an MP3 and listen to

it on your Drive-In

I had a librarian share that

with me and she loves to listen to professional development

that way and I thought what a great idea

I had

to show you this early but you could

turn off the text highlighting and just

listen to it being read to you you

can also slow it down that's

where all the settings are

When I close is back it also closes

all the highlighting by translate

the article

not only does it translate the entire

article but it also translates

to listen option so when it's

being read to me it will be read in Spanish since I

just posted

we are up to 40 languages that's

the recent Edition

and quick fantastic to be honest

with you the more they added I just

love it I think it's great also what you can do

if it's

going to ask me I'm on my own computer so it knows

the accounts I use the most

okay and then it will show up

right in my Google Drive and

what happens if is

it creates

what deal does it

will create a folder called

Gale virtual reference library because we

were in here

are my articles so I have a few that

I stayed cheers my son article

right here Canal

becomes a workable document

another feature I want to show you so I

downloaded that article I didn't do anything to it

but if I were reading along and

I really quite interesting I really

want to share this with my colleagues

I'm going to drag and

I can highlight the text I

could add some notes if I want

maybe I like a different area

learning to do teaching and learning and

stem okay like

this whole paragraph different

color okay

so I just waited

two different area now

and I've added some notes couple

things different that can happen I send it to my

Google Drive the article

will also go into my Google Drive

but also happen

is I

like to notes will transfer to

so there's the check that highlighted and

then at the very bottom of the article and then scroll

down real quick there's a text like highlighted

in the notes I've taken

what also happens if you have the options

we have highlights and notes Here If

I click on a typer link out I

can view all notes from this area


under the more button

by clicking highlights and notes

they're here too so I could

edit my notes and then from here I can send

just the information that I've highlighted in

the text I pulled out to my Google

Drive or OneDrive ask

you throughout your sessions so if

you're pulling information different

different quotes that you want to use

from or different ideas

from all sorts of different articles

or different ebooks within your collection

it'll continuously build out as long

as you're in the session as soon as you log

out or closed out of the session all this

information will be gone so if you're

working through a couple documents be

sure to go to the more button and

do something with your highlighted article

section either send it to your Google drive

or OneDrive you can print email

download all the citations are great

because there's your bibliography I'm only one

article now

I can export that I'm

just ride a different ways I can even

change the format

and that's going to be anywhere where you see

citation tools at article level right

now we're in the highlights in the bibliography

is always going to go with this

section of these and I can't get

into your Google Drive once or one try

and also the titles

are hyperlink out so you can be in

your OneDrive click on the title and it'll take

you back into the platform opening

up a new browser my great

ways to use that information

go back here II

so that's how I like to

know if you have print

email download we went through

all of this information I can search within this publication

we looked at the ebook to the table of contents

is here too so I could

jump to another


I could go back to my search

results by

clicking the back button here

actually so

I'm taking you back to you

everything I apologize article

on if I just wanted to go into the

Titleist self remember you just click

on the title and it'll take you to

this because I'm in you

ebook it's taking me to the first page in

the e-book if I wanted

to do a publication search

let me show you that real quick I

love this feature

look up one of our


understanding by Design

the one of the hot titles that

I'm a CD is looking

at so understanding and

we're looking at action

into my Google classroom or create a bookmark

I can do that

if I wanted to so

that was by publication so this

will take me to all the articles in that publication

Oregon I can click into that that

title I'm cover here from

this from this point I do

want to show you a couple more quick thing under

advanced search is I want to really show you that

topic finder

so if we're looking at the Traffic

Finder I just went to advanced

search We

Go Again I went really quickly. I went to Advanced

Search and I clicked on traffic

signs and I'll remember this

and what happens is we

get this straight

child you so

this is great that helps you think of maybe some key

words you had thought of before or

when you click into a tile

itself you can see how you can quickly

chill down to find information

on differentiation because

it does pull back quite a few titles you

can go to specific areas

of contents so

we're looking at just curriculum or School

Improvement classroom techniques always

really popular article

planning with a purpose instructional

practice so you can look

into that article

and there you go so real quick

if you found some valuable information


differentiation and I went right

into my lesson plans and I'm looking at a

chapter about planning with purpose

now I did want to point out too if

there happens to be more information on

the subject related to

this article you're going to see more

like this fun and if you click on

it it's going to take you to the bottom of the screen and

here are some articles that are related

want to go back up to the top of the screen I

have that option you might see

information of interlinked out and

I click on student it's going to show

me different articles and different books that

are available so

I can find even more content so you're


like this really think so all

great ideas are great

ways to use these ebook in

your building and we talked about

using Google get

that bookmark tool you can bookmark Bookmark

at a variety of different levels tram at the article

and I can copy that you are all in spirit or

I can send this right into my Google Drive

but I saved a few items in my folder

6 different articles

again that's under the more button we

have the items that are session-based search

history highlights and notes in my folder

when I click into my folder

so remember I don't do

something with the Highlight notes in my folder

before I pulled out of the session that information

will be lost but your I am in

my folder so

if you don't have a lot of time together quick

content that you want to review later you

can pull them all into your my folder and just

hold on there and then from

that window you can decide

what you want to keep what you want to get rid of you can remove

them or you can send them all

to your Google Drive one drive

you can print them all off you can email

them to yourself if you email they will show up one

of 620-6326

I'll show up in your email so you can download

them all at once

are the citations are here too so

here's your bibliography

and you can export that

now you can do the noodle

tools I know alphabetize it for you Google Drive

one drive you would have to alphabetize it yourself

you can also change that format

so the citation anyway she said she

was going to do that same function

black again under my folder

I'm that you have that information so

we paid we took a look at everything we went

through it all very quickly I

believe I showed you everything I wanted

to show you today if there's any questions please

be sure to use that cat

box and I'd be happy to answer

your questions I'm

going to stay on the line a few minutes here but I

do want to show you before we are done I

want to show you the last couple slides

and share with you contact

information and wait wait to find more training

material so the support site is a great

tool for you support. webinars

recorded webinar recorded webinar

will be up on that site shortly so you

can do it you can share that with

your colleagues if you have anyone else you like to share

this information with and also

you'll find some great resource

guide how to use video tutorials

on TV am

I contact information again I might need to give me damn

Buren I'm your K-12 Market

specialist on the training team here

at Gail I


travel a lot and the support

site here it is right here on the right hand side this

is what it looks like now you're going to find out

of your support site if you're

not sure what it is to find your location is

right here and you can find your

location less is more with that so put

in some information but not

specific and it will pull

back a list and you'll be able to find your

location ID that way otherwise you're a

great resource for you they

are there to help and support you love

to talk to customers and they can

help you with that guilty or talk to you about

different ways to implement your resources

maybe you wanted direct link

maybe you want to pull out your mark records and

put them into

your collection or into your LMS

that way so definitely all the

things that they can help with and so much more and

then here if you need

to contact them but

again if there's anything else I can help you with please feel

free to contact me directly I

really thank you for your time today I

will stay on the line a couple more minutes to answer

any questions that you may have
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