Product Updates

Analytics On Demand Becomes Gale Analytics


Regular users of Analytics On Demand will notice minor name changes in the Collections section of the Analytics Gallery and title pages of reports. These names have been simplified to better reflect the specific outputs of our analytics solutions. Moving forward, Analytics On Demand will be known as Gale Analytics.

The “app” names will change to what is indicated below as we transition from using the word “app” to “report.” These are more accurate representations of what the product provides.

  • Analytics On Demand: Patron Profiles = Gale Analytics: Patron Segmentation
  • Analytics On Demand: Marketing Action–Patrons = Gale Analytics: Patron Export
  • Analytics On Demand: Marketing Action–Non-Patrons = Gale Analytics: Non-Patron Export
  • Analytics On Demand: eBooks and Audiobook Insights = Gale Analytics: Digital Collections
  • Analytics On Demand: Collection Intelligence = Gale Analytics: Physical Collections
  • Analytics On Demand: Branch Insights = Gale Analytics: Branches
  • Analytics On Demand: Patron Voter Analysis = Gale Analytics: Voters
  • Analytics On Demand: Dashboard = Gale Analytics: Dashboard 

Also, users may notice the icons in the Analytics Gallery were updated as well. 

Gale Analytics Gallery Collections page with updated icons and current Gale logo. 

Gale Analytics Collections page BEFORE updates.

We hope this does not interrupt your workflow. Gale strives to be your trusted technology and information partner. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your customer success manager

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