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Feb. 22

2:00pm - 2:30pm

Gale Admin Tool

The Gale Admin Tool is the tool used to configure your Gale resources. This tool will provide library administrators a web-based set of tools to support Gale subscription-based products. During this session you will get acquainted with the ...

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Feb. 27

1:00pm - 1:30pm


Now with a NEWLY ENHANCED interface and dynamic functionality, Gale Virtual Reference Library is an online resources electronic encyclopedias and specialized reference sources, also known as eBooks, for multidisciplinary research. These re ...

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Recorded Webinars

Biography In Context Webinar Thumbnail

Biography In Context Webinar

Biography In Context is the first source to turn to for biographical research with periodicals, reference, multimedia, and more covering hundreds of thousands of individuals from all time periods, regions, and professions. This webinar covers basic search and browse navigation, and explores helpful tools for using available content.

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Books & Authors Webinar Thumbnail

Books & Authors Webinar

Books & Authors offers countless ways to explore authors, titles, genres, and literary topics so that you can discover books that you won't be able to put down. This webinar covers navigation to specific works and writers of interest, and demonstrates how to use features to browse and serendipitously discover titles of interest.

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DemographicsNow: Business & People Webinar Thumbnail

DemographicsNow: Business & People Webinar

DemographicsNow: Business & People is a comprehensive business tool that provides up-to-date and easy access to an array of geographically aligned demographic data perfect for obtaining insights to develop business plans, marketing strategies, empower decision making, and even grant applications. This webinar covers navigation of available data and features, including Google and Microsoft integration.

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GREENR Webinar Thumbnail

GREENR Webinar

GREENR offers authoritative content on the environment, sustainability, natural resources, and emerging green technology with videos, news, and primary sources covering topics ranging from food safety to the impact of economic development on international relations. This webinar covers search and navigation, as well as helpful document tools available within GREENR.

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Gale Admin Webinar Thumbnail

Gale Admin Webinar

Gale Admin provides library administrators a web-based set of tools to support and configure Gale resources. This webinar shows library administrators with Gale Admin access credentials how to manage authentication methods, customize product preferences, set up third-party links, and more.

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Gale LegalForms Webinar Thumbnail

Gale LegalForms Webinar

Gale LegalForms provides professionally written, national and state-specific attorney forms to help you participate in your legal affairs and common legal procedures with confidence. This webinar covers form navigation and format, so that you can find and customize documents of interest.

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Gale Literary Sources Webinar Thumbnail

Gale Literary Sources Webinar

Gale Literary Sources is a cross-search of the Gale Literature products that allows you to discover literary criticism, analyses of particular works, and author biographies alongside primary sources such as poems, short stories, plays and speeches. This webinar shows you how to create and refine searches, and utilize helpful document tools to take literary research to the next level.

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Gale Researcher Webinar Thumbnail

Gale Researcher Webinar

Gale Researcher provides a simple path to scholarly research materials aligned to the scope and sequence of introductory college courses. This webinar covers available sources and navigation options that allow you to build research and critical thinking skills crucial to undergraduate success.

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Gale Small Business Builder Webinar Thumbnail

Gale Small Business Builder Webinar

Gale Small Business Builder is a step-by-step online planning tool for starting, managing and optimizing a business or nonprofit. This webinar covers the five main areas Gale Small Business Builder walks users through in order to develop a business plan focused on long-term success.

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Gale Usage Portal Webinar Thumbnail

Gale Usage Portal Webinar

The Gale Usage Portal provides fast, flexible access to Gale database usage statistics, and includes the ability to create and save custom reports. This webinar shows libraries what reports are available, and explores how to pull usage statistics immediately, as well as how to schedule and manage recurring reports.

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Gale Virtual Reference Library - Customization Portal Webinar Thumbnail

Gale Virtual Reference Library - Customization Portal Webinar

Gale Virtual Reference Library provides nonfiction eBooks with ultimate access and usage flexibility, and is customizable to your library's preferences. This webinar shows libraries how to use the GVRL Customization Portal to customize their GVRL homepage, and organize GVRL titles into groups that match users' needs.

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Gale Virtual Reference Library - Dave Burgess Collection Webinar Thumbnail

Gale Virtual Reference Library - Dave Burgess Collection Webinar

The Dave Burgess Collection on Gale Virtual Reference Library provides instructors with innovative ideas and practical teaching techniques. This half hour webinar explores titles in the collection while demonstrating helpful navigation and document tools, and also covers best practices that districts and schools have utilized to implement the titles in this unique collection.

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Gale Virtual Reference Library Webinar Thumbnail

Gale Virtual Reference Library Webinar

GVRL provides unlimited 24/7 access to nonfiction eBooks. Libraries determine the specific titles they would like to own, so the titles shown in this webinar may vary from the eBooks in your collection. This webinar covers the basics of GVRL, including browsing eBooks, searching within eBooks/subjects/collections, and managing html and PDF entries with features like citations, highlights and notes, and Gale to Google/Microsoft integration.

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Health & Wellness Resource Center Webinar Thumbnail

Health & Wellness Resource Center Webinar

Health & Wellness Resource Center is a comprehensive, consumer health resource providing authoritative information on health-related issues from current disease and disorder information to in-depth coverage of alternative medical practices. This webinar covers topic group navigation, search options, document tools, and best practices for sharing.

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Kids InfoBits Webinar Thumbnail

Kids InfoBits Webinar

Kids InfoBits is an exciting resource designed especially for students in kindergarten through grade five that includes engaging videos and images, premier reference content, and the best magazines for elementary students. This webinar covers navigation and tools to support the way kids learn and research.

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Opposing Viewpoints In Context Chrome Extension Webinar Thumbnail

Opposing Viewpoints In Context Chrome Extension Webinar

Opposing Viewpoints In Context's Chrome Extension allows users to view your library's results from Opposing Viewpoints In Context alongside Google search results. This webinar covers how to find and setup the extension, as well as how the extension works alongside Google search results.

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Opposing Viewpoints In Context Webinar Thumbnail

Opposing Viewpoints In Context Webinar

Opposing Viewpoints in Context delivers credible facts and current insight into today’s most debated political and social issues with viewpoints, reference articles, videos, infographics, and more. This webinar covers search and navigation strategies, document tools, and more!

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Research In Context Webinar Thumbnail

Research In Context Webinar

Research In Context supports middle school students with videos, reference, periodicals, primary sources, and more covering the most frequently studied and researched topics within core subjects like science, social studies, literature, and history. This webinar covers search and browse navigation, document tools, and classroom-relevant features for teachers and students.

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Science In Context Webinar Thumbnail

Science In Context Webinar

Science In Context provides authoritative articles, videos, images, science experiments, and more aligned to key concepts and topics in all areas of science, including Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Technology. This webinar explores available sources, and covers navigation features and document tools that support science curriculum and research.

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Student Resources In Context Webinar Thumbnail

Student Resources In Context Webinar

Student Resources In Context provides coverage of core curriculum and resources to support research in science, social studies, histrory, and literature through original reference material, a massive archive of primary source documents and periodicals and newspapers that are updated daily. This webinar covers navigation of available information, and document tools to support research and collaboration.

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Testing & Education Reference Center Webinar Thumbnail

Testing & Education Reference Center Webinar

Testing & Education Reference Center provides tools to achieve educational and professional success, including practice exams, financial aid information, school and scholarship searches, and career tools. This webinar covers searching for undergraduate and graduate school programs, locating resources to help pay for college, career exploration tools (career profiles, career assessment and the resume builder), preparatory tests, and eBooks.

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U.S. and World History In Context Webinar Thumbnail

U.S. and World History In Context Webinar

U.S. and World History In Context provide multimedia, reference, periodicals, and primary sources covering key figures and events in national and global history, respectively. This webinar covers available content within the resources, and explores navigation and document management tools.

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