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Last Updated: November 03, 2021

Welcome to Gale! Discover Washington's New Gale Resources to Support Public Libraries

Your new collection of Gale resources available through the Washington State Library* provides you with cross-curricular content to support all patrons, from students to general researchers to the business community. In addition to the reputable and reliable content, Gale has created integrated research tools to aid in organized discovery, including Google/Microsoft Integrations, Highlights and Notes and translation tools.nnGale has also developed a large support system to help you master the resources, get the word out to your patrons, and pull usage. Customer Success Managers and pre-developed written and recorded training materials are available to support you at all stages of learning.nnView this session, designed for public librarians, and library support staff, to gain an understanding of the content, tools and support available to ensure your patrons achieve success.nn*Available to participating Washington libraries.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Amber Winters: OK so again welcome everyone today we're going to be talking about washington's new gail resources specifically those that are going to support public libraries.

Amber Winters: My name is amber winters and I am your training consultant for the day from gail.

Amber Winters: Again, you have tammy van buren on the line as well, who will be moderating the Q amp a so you will most likely see a lot of responses from parts your questions.

Amber Winters: And you do have your sales consultants, both on the mind we're going to talk to them a little bit later, but you may see them responding to some of your Q amp a questions as well.

Amber Winters: So let's go ahead and get rolling today.

Amber Winters: I cook agenda here for you all, we have quite a bit to go through, and really excited so we're going to first just introduce the resources, so you can see what you have available.

Amber Winters: And we're going to talk briefly about what you can use one, so you have a huge new collection of resources so i'm sure it's a bit overwhelming.

Amber Winters: To try to figure out where to get your patrons you know the correct information that they're looking for so we're going to go over that kind of as an introduction today.

Amber Winters: we're going to walk through two of our resources, so you can really get a feel of how they function what your patrons are going to see as they start to work through their own research.

Amber Winters: will go through all of the support resources, I think these are really going to be vital for you kind of moving forward we're going to lay down the.

Amber Winters: base for you to start learning, but those support resources are really going to help you progress and move forward to really get an understanding of how your resources function.

Amber Winters: But also hotel functions to help you succeed at the very end of the session

Amber Winters: will introduce you to your sales consultants who will hop on the line to introduce themselves and what they do a little bit.

Amber Winters: i'm sure most of you have already met them are aware of them, but we do have them on the line.

Amber Winters: And we'll also have time for any questions that haven't been answered as we walk through the session today.

Amber Winters: Again, you don't need to wait until the end of the session to ask questions I would love for you to ask them as soon as you think of them as soon as you pop in they pop into your head.

Amber Winters: So let's go ahead and get rolling so your new Guild resources as they mentioned, you have a really large collection and what's great.

Amber Winters: about being in a public library is you guys will most likely use all of these resources for different things.

Amber Winters: Some are generally more focused for other libraries, of course, things like the galen context high school middle school and elementary resources but they're also great for things like homework help.

Amber Winters: You also have a couple of great business resources that are going to help your business community.

Amber Winters: an academic collection ebook collection it's really a wide range of information that you're going to have available to your patrons today.

Amber Winters: Of course I won't have time to go over all of them, but I do want to point out a couple first being general one file.

Amber Winters: i'll talk about health and wellness business insights global gail business entrepreneurship guillen context global issues and then those three galen context high school middle school and elementary resources.

Amber Winters: So let's get rolling and talk about those so first those in context resources that I mentioned i've included here global issues as well they're going to be amazing for your homework help when you have students coming into your library.

Amber Winters: Looking for research materials looking for some support maybe they're learning a new topic and are just a little bit little bit lost, excuse me.

Amber Winters: These in context resources are going to be really amazing for them so they do include reference material periodical works.

Amber Winters: Really all types of multimedia so images videos audio files podcasts I could go on, but they do include really a broad reach of information, these are all cross curricular as well, so these will be applicable for students coming up a science question social sciences.

Amber Winters: Current events health sports biographies The list goes on, but there are all cross curricular and I do want to point out galen context global issues.

Amber Winters: While that is cross curricular it's more finally focused on current events that are happening around the globe.

Amber Winters: So if students are looking for kind of a current event platform to start their research that may be the way to go for them.

Amber Winters: Global issues is focused and more the high school level some middle schoolers may benefit from the resource, but it is really kind of a high school and up leveled resource.

Amber Winters: It doesn't include country information as well, so if they're doing a project on a country we have great topic pages, which are kind of hand curated pages.

Amber Winters: about different topics that include all of the search results, Nice and organized for students, so we do have those for quite a few different countries if they're looking for country information so those are going to be really your four core homework help resources.

Amber Winters: Moving on from there is your general reference resource which is gail general one file so that's going to include things like magazines newspapers reference works I, you may see a few academic journals, but it is.

Amber Winters: much later on the academic works as compared to some of your other resources but you'll find information on things like computers and technology self help careers.

Amber Winters: it's really kind of a cross curricular again tool but it's really great for just your general researchers so without researchers who are coming in.

Amber Winters: Maybe just want to learn something new, you know they're they heard something of the news I have no idea what it means, this is a great place for them to land they can research that topic, and this really nice and organized environment.

Amber Winters: A third patron group you're going to hit with our resources is the business community.

Amber Winters: So you do have a one file collection that's focused on business, but today and focus on your two large business collections, the first being Gill business entrepreneurship.

Amber Winters: And, just like the name suggests, this is going to be focused on topic specific to small businesses, it is going to contain your reference materials.

Amber Winters: Your full text works things like that also unveiled business entrepreneurship, we have an amazing.

Amber Winters: selection of real full text business plan so real world examples, so if you do have small business individuals coming in, entrepreneurs starting a new small business.

Amber Winters: This would be a great place to send them if they want to learn really all they're going to need to know to start that business.

Amber Winters: You also have access to business insights global this one is going to give some really great information about companies, as well as the industry is.

Amber Winters: from around the world, so a lot of times this is great for business students who may be coming into your library looking for some additional support.

Amber Winters: They could pull information on famous companies, you know think like apple Microsoft.

Amber Winters: there'll be able to pull their income some historical information and really compared to different companies within the industry so it's another great feature the reasons we're actually going to take a look at today.

Amber Winters: And finally, a fourth subset of patrons are going to be able to hit with this resource is individuals looking for consumer health information so easily.

Amber Winters: digestible information specifically made, for you know the everyday individual so not specifically for medical professionals or students, I really just individuals looking for some basic information on medical issues.

Amber Winters: Diseases treatments medications all that good stuff they'll find here and Gill, health and wellness.

Amber Winters: We do include some medical journals so if they feel comfortable getting into that higher level content.

Amber Winters: they'll still be able to find it within health and wellness, but they will find a lot of magazines reference works and multimedia content things like videos so I have all of that right here within gail health and wellness.

Amber Winters: And, before I move on tammy, are there any questions in the Q amp a that I should answer about these resources.

Tammi VanBuren: Just one came just came through a second ago is consumer reports included in general one file but besides that we're all caught up.

Amber Winters: Okay, yes, Tim if i'm remembering correctly, we do have consumer reports in general one file.

Amber Winters: I remembering correctly yep nope you remember.

Tammi VanBuren: Okay, I muted myself yes.

Amber Winters: Perfect so let's go ahead and keep rolling Ben.

Amber Winters: So I want to mention before I do cook into our resources for today, that all of our resources, except for business insights global.

Amber Winters: Have a consistent platform so they're going to have all of the same tools features and workflows so we're only going to look at one resource with this platform, but once you kind of get familiar with that one resource.

Amber Winters: you're going to know the rest, which is really a great feature of gail so we'll have the same home screen our search results at our filters will look very, very similar.

Amber Winters: The main difference will be like your resources, I give them context elementary and middle school.

Amber Winters: They are level down just a little bit, because of course we're trying to reach a younger audience, so they don't need that really adult looking resource feel.

Amber Winters: But they will all be nearly identical when you're clicking through business insights global is going to transition to this platform shortly.

Amber Winters: The transition is going to begin October 2021 I right now I don't have a date for you, but it will go completely live in this new platform.

Amber Winters: So you notice if you're on your trial site and look taking a look at all of these resources.

Amber Winters: Business insights global is going to be the one that kind of stands out a little bit because it does have a different platform so we're going to take a look at that today as well, so you can get a feel for that.

Amber Winters: let's go ahead and jump in to those resources, I think that's enough of me talking.

Amber Winters: So, today, the first resource, I want to point out is gail general one file just because this resource is so broad and is used so frequently in the public library setting because you do have those general researchers coming in.

Amber Winters: So this is the homepage of gail gen one file again it's on that consistent platform, so your other one file resources you're in context resources your health and wellness or ebooks.

Amber Winters: are all going to look very, very similar to this, I will say, well, one exception you're in context resources.

Amber Winters: down here at the bottom provide a little more information for browsing so they're going to have some popular topics and topic pages listed.

Amber Winters: On your one file resources it's just nice clean simple, you can browse by topic I love having this on the homepage.

Amber Winters: So your patrons can really get a quick understanding of the most popular topics that they're going to see in this resource and they can easily click into any of these as well, so if they want to take a look see what's going on in personal finance of Texas, they can do that.

Amber Winters: When I click into that it's going to pull forward some kind of Sub topics that they can click into to really narrow down the information they're looking for, so if they don't have a search term or maybe.

Amber Winters: They just kind of have a broad idea of what they're looking for, they can click and browse really easily using that feature right there on that homepage.

Amber Winters: i'm going to jump back to the homepage now just by clicking on the banner at the top here.

Amber Winters: So in addition to having this we do include a title list here.

Amber Winters: We recommend this for you, if you're trying to take a look at what topics are i'm sorry what titles, we have available, I like to point it out, it is available here on this homepage.

Amber Winters: But let's go ahead and run a search, so we took a quick look at how to browse but maybe I do have a search term you know.

Amber Winters: i'm coming in, and I want to learn more about bitcoin i've been hearing about it all over the place, I don't know what I should listen to what I shouldn't listen to will use guilt on our one file to get some clear information so let's run my search.

Amber Winters: And we do have predictive predictive text and all of our resources, so if you're not sure how to spell bitcoin or need some additional support with that we do have that predictive text, so we have bitcoins number one let's go ahead and click in here.

Here we go.

Amber Winters: Okay, now a few things I want to point out to you first we default to showing results in the magazines content buckets you'll see, we do have some academic journal information here.

Amber Winters: Books news images and video are also attached here so just so you're aware patrons will see magazines first they'll know that because it's underlined and orange and because of the very top of the screen is showing how many magazines.

Amber Winters: It also defaults here to full text so they are only seeing the full text options than this resource, they could turn that off by simply clicking this X button or by i'm checking full text on this right hand side under the filters.

Amber Winters: But this is going to be just our general search results page, so this is what you're going to see it all of those resources that I mentioned before.

Amber Winters: you're going to get the title of the article where it's from a bit of information, the dates, how long it is.

Amber Winters: A more specific bit of information about what type of article, it is so this is just the basic article you'll see here, we also have brief articles listed so generally those are going to be.

Amber Winters: You know, a couple paragraphs at the most they'll be able to go through and click exactly what they're looking for.

Amber Winters: you'll notice, they are leveled here, using lexile measures, so if you have educators who are coming in, maybe asking you information or something like that we do include that within gail general one file we won't go to that too much today.

Amber Winters: And this right hand side, we have some great filters i'm going to point out to you, so you can click the open any of these so for looking right now at bitcoins maybe we want to go a little bit deeper.

Amber Winters: hacking related to bitcoins ransomware related to bitcoin we can really start to narrow it down using these subjects so much greatest if I do decide to click into one of these let's say software industry here.

Amber Winters: And I filtered my result now you'll see the filter I click this right here, at the very top of the page So if I want to go back I don't like that filter that I added I don't need to go in, you know, to the tile and try to figure out where it is, I can just hit this X button.

Amber Winters: And we're out we're just back to all of our magazines now.

Amber Winters: you'll see that works with all of these different options here they're all dropped down it's very easy to kind of drop down to click to exactly what we're looking for.

Amber Winters: Before I click into an article I do also want to point out the topic Finder which will find here in this right hand page go ahead, go ahead and start it up here.

Amber Winters: It might take just a second to load there it goes.

Amber Winters: This is great for individuals who are trying to make connections between different topics again remember my original search was for bitcoin So if I want to kind of dig deeper and find a new topic related to bitcoin.

Amber Winters: I can click here, maybe I want to click into crypto currencies turn more not just about bitcoin but all of the cryptocurrencies available, and I can start to narrow down to exactly what i'm looking for maybe i've heard how Elon musk is.

Amber Winters: impacting bitcoin a little bit I can click here and now it's narrow down my results to 10 results related to bitcoin.

Amber Winters: cryptocurrency and Elon musk so again, this is a great way if your patrons are kind of stuck with their research they don't know where they need to go next to get the information they're looking for.

Amber Winters: They can simply pull up this topic Finder and it's going to show them the different things that are connected to their original search.

Amber Winters: i'm going to hit the back button to get back to our search results here and you'll notice I use the back button and the the.

Amber Winters: browser they're not going to lose any information if they do that that's just going to take them back the one page.

Amber Winters: Now, if I decided to click into one of these let's say i'm interested in this first one here we're going to take a look at what's the article level looks like so.

Amber Winters: here on this page again we're giving the information at the very top here so where it came from the document length things like that the dates is always going to be at the very top.

Amber Winters: On this right hand side we're always going to include an explorer panel, so we have both a more like this option and a related subjects option.

Amber Winters: So, of course, the more like this is still going to be specifically related to bitcoin.

Amber Winters: And it's going to be, you know that magazine format, maybe on a newspaper format so it's going to be very similar to what i'm looking at right now.

Amber Winters: related subjects are going to move me forward with my research, so instead of finding another another article specifically about bitcoin.

Amber Winters: I can click in and you'll see maybe I want to learn a bit more about volatility when we're talking about finances the stock market and things like that.

Amber Winters: will also mentioned at the very bottom of the page we include a more like this here as well, so if they don't see it on that right hand side and they're finished reading, they can click through to find more like this right here, at the very bottom of the screen.

Amber Winters: Now let's talk about some of the tools that we have right here on this document level, so I want to point out this toolbar at the very top of the page here.

Amber Winters: You may have noticed, as I was scrolling down that bar is following along so all of these tools are available to me, no matter where I am and the resource.

Amber Winters: The first one is a citation tool, so if your researcher is working on a class project, and they need that citation you'll see we have the option and Emily APA Chicago or Harvard.

Amber Winters: So they can click any of those they can send them over to noodles easy bed if you're using one of the drives so either Google or one drive they'll be able to pop it over into their drive and save it for later.

Amber Winters: or they just simply select it and that's going to copy it, they can paste it wherever they think it's important this is.

Amber Winters: Really, a great feature for students who may be coming in you'll also see this within the context resources so for students needing hamburger project help the citation is already built for them.

Amber Winters: Next to that citation tool as may send to option so that's going to instead of just sending the citation like cookie into the citation button, this is sending the full article with the citation attached.

Amber Winters: So you'll see, I have again the options for Google drive in one drive so whichever i'm using I can also send over to email if I want to email this to myself, or maybe to appear or a colleague that i'm working with i'll be able to send it really simply.

Amber Winters: And if they forgot to sign into their drives as they were getting into the browser what's great is if I were to click on this.

Amber Winters: It will just prompt me to sign in with my Google or Microsoft credentials and then it goes right over there for them to use whenever they need it.

Amber Winters: It does go over as a workable document as well, so if they want to, maybe take notes within their drive or or you know copy certain sections highlight certain sections within their drive they'll be able to do that.

Amber Winters: And this document really is there as once it's over there, so they don't need to worry about it.

Amber Winters: You know disappearing after a certain amount of time to always be able to get back to the specific document and they can also share it out, wherever they needed to go again through their drives as opposed to clicking back in the resource and finding the article again.

Amber Winters: that's that Center you'll see, I have downloaded print options those do exactly what you expect download download as a PDF just so you know it'll download to the desktop.

Amber Winters: and other great feature, I want to point out here is our get link button.

Amber Winters: I personally love this tool this got link is a permanent link that's not going to break so if we decide to you know upgrade the the database at all.

Amber Winters: The address and the address bar could potentially break you know, maybe we just.

Amber Winters: tweaked a little bit So if you copy it out of the address bar, you know, have a broken link and, of course, no one wants to look at a broken link.

Amber Winters: So whenever you want to pull a piece of content from the resource you're going to want to use this get link button and you may have noticed.

Amber Winters: This got link was found on the homepage of the resource, it was fun on our search results page.

Amber Winters: So wherever you see that get link, you can pull the content that's on that specific page.

Amber Winters: This is great if you're highlighting something in your library, maybe you have you know, a special excuse me a special event coming up, and you want to highlight it.

Amber Winters: You may find a great piece of text within the resource, you can put this link, you know copy paste it in your social media accounts.

Amber Winters: send it in a quick email whatever you want to do with that you'll easily be able to copy it and you won't need to worry if it's breaking or not your patrons will always have access to this as they're kind of clicking through whatever they're looking at.

Amber Winters: And the last one i'm going to point out up here is the highlights and notes tool, this is a really great feature.

Amber Winters: Especially for longer articles, you know they're just trying to pull specific content that's relevant for them if they find a paragraph or you know, a sentence that's specific that's interesting to them, they can just click and drag in our browser.

Amber Winters: They can highlight with a specific color.

Amber Winters: They can hopefully take a little better notes than me but they take notes I hit save.

Amber Winters: And they'll be able to highlight as much or as little as they want and the resource they don't have to add notes if they don't want to.

Amber Winters: But they can really go through and highlight as much as they need, so this is a great way for them to kind of organize themselves a little bit if they are going to be working through a lot of documents.

Amber Winters: And this is session based so everything i'm doing with my highlights and notes right now.

Amber Winters: If I decide to close out of my browser or if i'm signed out, you know due to an activity, maybe it's been sitting in my browser on touched for a while.

Amber Winters: All of this i've done has been lost, just because we don't recognize the same user twice we don't have named user accounts.

Amber Winters: So, if they do decide to highlight take notes, they want to make sure they get that information out of the Platform before they sign off so to do that.

Amber Winters: Just what I went over they can send to the Center is going to keep highlights notes downloading and printing will also keep any highlights and notes that they took.

Amber Winters: And we keep all of these highlights and notes under the highlights and notes button you'll see, I have a three listed here now where it used to be a zero.

Amber Winters: clicking into this here it's going to show me what i've highlighted on this page but i'm going to click into view all highlights and notes.

Amber Winters: So if i'm highlighting and taking notes, for you know a lot of difference articles they're all going to appear right here, Nice and organized for me.

Amber Winters: You see it's giving me the title of the article with the hyperlink and then showing what I highlighted and what color as well as any notes, I took.

Amber Winters: underneath i'll have a running bibliography as well, of course, i've only highlighted in one article so i'm only seeing this one citation but as i'm starting to highlight more and more in the session they'll appear there at the bottom of the screen.

Amber Winters: And this specific page can also you'll see, I have my option to send to So if I want to send this.

Amber Winters: To my Google drive or my onedrive I have that option, so if I don't want the full article I found the pieces that I need.

Amber Winters: I can send this over to my Google drive or my onedrive and just have the pieces of content that I need.

Amber Winters: It does keep the hyperlink to the article, so if I do decide, later on, that I want to jump back, I can simply do that by clicking in the hyperlink.

Amber Winters: But this is a really great way to just pull specific content and kind of not inundate yourself with a bunch of information, a bunch of different articles.

Amber Winters: let's jump back here now to my article though so i'll use my hyperlink.

Amber Winters: And you'll see my highlights of my notes are still attached, because I haven't closed out of the session so even though i've clicked away from this specific page, they still attached because i'm in the same session.

Amber Winters: I have a few more tools, I want to point out before we jump over to business insights global first on this right hand side.

Amber Winters: These tools are the same as which will find up here so send it over to Google drive Microsoft drive email download and print they do the exact same thing, but we've included a little bit of redundancy in the platform.

Amber Winters: So, if your patrons don't notice the tools up here, hopefully they'll notice them down here, and vice versa, so they do function, the exact same.

Amber Winters: And our text manipulation tools are found here on this left hand side, so we do have a translator feature that allows you to translate just the text in the article.

Amber Winters: Or you can send an interface language which is going to translate all of these little tools, all of the titles that you find here so they'll have the option just quickly.

Amber Winters: pull up the drop down choose whatever language they need, and it will translate for them not going to translate today, for the sake of time, they can also increase or decrease the font size.

Amber Winters: So, if they do have trouble with reading they need that enhanced visibility, they can easily just hit that right here and i'll make it as large as they need it to be.

Amber Winters: and friendly, we have a listen tool to secure as well i'm just going to click this to open it but posit because you won't hear it playing it just comes through my headphones.

Amber Winters: But they can click this listen and it's going to read through the entire our entire article, including the title for them.

Amber Winters: And what's great is whatever language they translated this article to so if they have this in Spanish it's going to read to them in Spanish that full article.

Amber Winters: Just an additional layer of accessibility they'll be able to listen to us at any point.

Amber Winters: They can also download this as an MP3 so maybe they don't really have time to listen to it, sitting in the library, if your library is currently open for in person visits.

Amber Winters: They can find it download it put it wherever they would like and listen to it later really simply they have the option here.

Amber Winters: And you'll notice this toolbar doesn't open until they actually hit this circular listen button, so they won't see that toolbar until they've initiated this year and then it's going to pop up and read automatically to them.

Amber Winters: Okay now tell me, are there any questions that I should answer specifically about Gil general one file before we take a look at our other resource for the day.

Tammi VanBuren: One more on the tool asking we're we receive this question a little bit earlier.

Tammi VanBuren: But this is slightly different so asking about the get linked feature and authentication.

Tammi VanBuren: The question is, when you click on a hyperlink to art to an article from an email if you're not currently in a session, do you have to log back in and that came up again about the get link feature and social media, so I didn't know if you wanted to address that real quick.

Amber Winters: yeah so.

Amber Winters: cooking incidentally your patrons will be able to click.

Amber Winters: into whatever link you post, even if they're not currently authenticated in.

Amber Winters: Once they decide to move forward and the resource so maybe they found that really interesting they want to look at other articles related to it.

Amber Winters: At they'll point that point they'll be prompted to authenticate However, your library has authentication setup so if you're doing it by you know IP range or.

Amber Winters: By password by bar code ever it is there'll be prompted that time but they'll be able to see that initial hyperlink that you pulled for them.

Amber Winters: Okay, so let's go ahead and keep moving, then I want to take you through business insights global because, again, this is the one resource that you all have.

Amber Winters: that's currently not on that standard platform, and it is a really great tool for your business community, so this is our homepage here.

Amber Winters: Hopefully it didn't sign me out due to an activity, since i've been a general one file for a while, but we're going to find out.

Amber Winters: But this is our homepage for business insights global and this homepage what's great is you can really get to anything you need from the homepage even without searching.

Amber Winters: So you notice here all of these orange options are hyperlinks.

Amber Winters: So we include full SWAT reports here, so if i'm looking for a spot report, I can click into this and then easily search within just the Swat reports.

Amber Winters: you'll see, I do have case studies, here we include scholarly work, so you will find some full text information within this resource as well.

Amber Winters: Specific news related to business as found here financial reports we do include punk get reports in here, so if you have patrons looking for those there'll be able to find them.

Amber Winters: So really the homepage it's kind of a one stop shop if they're not ready to learn how to search just yet.

Amber Winters: They also have a toolbar at the very top of the page, so if they're looking for companies industry is again, as I mentioned, we have those punky reports, we also have essays about individual industries.

Amber Winters: They can build out comparison charts which we're going to take a look at in a second we've pulled out case studies here and we've also included a glossary of business terms.

Amber Winters: So again, whenever they need, they can really start off without searching, but today I am going to search it's going to default me to searching for a specific company you'll see company listed here.

Amber Winters: If i'm not looking for a company, right now, maybe i'm more interested in a specific industry, I can narrow it down that way you'll see I can search by the industry code now.

Amber Winters: Or, I can just simply put in a keyword maybe i'm not looking for you know, a business or an industry at all, maybe i'm just looking for.

Amber Winters: You know, information about human resources or something to that effect and how it's related to business, I can narrow down using keyword here as well.

Amber Winters: But let's stick with company and i'm going to search a pretty obvious one that a lot of people search so i'm going to just search for at all.

Amber Winters: Or you notice it told me I could type in the name of the company or I could put in their ticker but i'm just going to put in.

Amber Winters: The name here it's going to pull up my search results, of course, since I just searched apple I didn't put in the actual symbol for apple.

Amber Winters: it's not only going to show me apple the company, but also other companies with the name apple in it.

Amber Winters: So I do like to suggest if they have something very specific in mind, they pull the ticker symbol and put that in as opposed to put into company name.

Amber Winters: But of course with apple it's going to be a top one here, this is apple so let's click into it, and this is going to show us our company profile.

Amber Winters: and industry profiles actually look the exact same as this, except for talking about industries so we're talking about apple here you'll see, we have a company hierarchy, we can act to the company.

Amber Winters: Company address if they have one, and then we give some Q statistics and information about the company, so their net revenue, how many employees, they have.

Amber Winters: Companies with similar revenue, the industries industries they're a part of course most companies fall into multiple industry options so we're going to show all of the all of them here.

Amber Winters: underneath we have a description of the business and really some kind of background about the business here.

Amber Winters: On the left hand side of the page right here, we also include some additional information so if we want to find you know, a case study.

Amber Winters: About apple we can click directly into that maybe we want see if we have a SWAT report about apple again click directly into that i'm really start to kind of narrow down to exactly what we're looking for.

Amber Winters: But, especially business students if they're coming into your your.

Amber Winters: library, a lot of times they are just looking for these key bits of information about companies, they need to know the net revenue, how many employees, they have it's really easy for them, just to click into apple and have that right here, at the very top of the page.

Amber Winters: And again industries are going to work, the same way, so they could have run a search for say the electronics computer manufacturing industry here, they would be able to find that information.

Amber Winters: And we also have great comparison charts in here so let's compare companies now so when I hover over comparison charts click into companies.

Amber Winters: what's really great as we let them know what they need to do, they need to get started so let's add two companies let's stick with that kind of computer thing and will search apple again.

Amber Winters: And you see it show me apples revenue let's click add again to compare so let's put Microsoft in here.


Amber Winters: There we go, so I like to type in the entirety of Microsoft, because of course you'll see there are different subsets you have Microsoft of Ireland you'll find Microsoft in different countries, so i'm going to click specifically on Microsoft Corporation.

Amber Winters: And now we're comparing and we can add and remove as many companies as we like so maybe in an industry, we have the top five companies say.

Amber Winters: We want to compare them, we can do that, right here you'll see it's already provided.

Amber Winters: The legend all that good stuff we can change our search metrics so it does default revenue, but maybe we want to see you know employees, over time, you want to see how this company has grown how each of these companies have grown, I will be able to see that.

Amber Winters: We can change it from a chart to a table, if you prefer that kind of view instead of that chart.

Amber Winters: And what's great is you can download these off of our platform here you'll see, I have my printer my download option if i'm back on my tables, I can download that table as an excel spreadsheet.

Amber Winters: So if I need to get this out, maybe attach it to you know, a presentation or a project that i'm going to show people it's really simple to get it out.

Amber Winters: So I can build up exactly what I need and the platform then choose where it goes right here.

Amber Winters: And it will mention just like our other resource we don't have named user accounts, so if they build up this chart they want to make sure they get it out of here.

Amber Winters: Before they close out of the session so again print it download it create an excel sheet for it just get it out of the Platform, because once they come on to a new session they won't be recognized as the same individual.

Amber Winters: So that's a very brief kind of walk through about business insights global, this is a half day resource.

Amber Winters: Those are some of the the main workflows that patrons use, but I definitely recommend just clicking into some of these other.

Amber Winters: hyperlinks here to kind of get a feel of what your patrons according to find because there's a wealth of information that they may not find just by searching for a company, so I do suggest kind of taking a look there.

Amber Winters: Now tammy before I talk about support materials any questions specifically about business insights global before I move on.

Tammi VanBuren: yeah i'm just a comment and and I think it's a good comment and and one that's good to trust to it's just that it looks like this tool is geared more for the investor than an entrepreneur and.

Tammi VanBuren: I well i'm gonna I don't want me a job, but you can go go ahead and answer amber.

Amber Winters: No, I definitely agree, I think.

Amber Winters: If you're working with entrepreneurs.

Amber Winters: Most likely they're going to find the content they need and Gill business entrepreneurship that's going to be kind of their initial go to resource.

Amber Winters: This one is going to be great if they do want to look at investments see you know company revenue over time.

Amber Winters: it's also again great for business students if they're looking for company information if they have a project going on.

Amber Winters: You know, related to companies specifically or to one specific industry, I definitely agree with that comment, if you as a librarian or having entrepreneurs come and trying to figure out, you know how to finance their company or you know how to.

Amber Winters: build a company in general, look for investors, for their company, I definitely recommend starting them off and Gill business entrepreneurship yeah that's definitely a great statement, so thank you for that.

Amber Winters: Alright, so let's jump back now.

Amber Winters: We took a look at a couple of the resources, I definitely recommend digging into some of the other ones that you may be interested in Of course I won't be able to cover all of them today, I think.

Amber Winters: That would probably blow all of our heads off that's a lot of content to review.

Amber Winters: So, moving forward from here now that you have kind of a basic understanding of the resources.

Amber Winters: We have some great on demand support tools that are always going to be available for you on our support site which is support that

Amber Winters: Now don't worry about writing that down because you get a copy of this recording tomorrow, so you can take a look back.

Amber Winters: But on the support site, we do include recorded webinars and tutorials So if you want to dive deeper into one of the resources we took a look at today.

Amber Winters: You can do that under the training Center you'll see find right here on the homepage.

Amber Winters: We also have recorded webinars for the other resources that we didn't go through today.

Amber Winters: So if you want to learn more about your gail ebooks or maybe let Finder is super interesting to you, we didn't really touch on that at all, and you just really want some additional information.

Amber Winters: Take a look at the support page we have recorded webinar for you that you can kind of view and get a feel of the resource.

Amber Winters: We also include shorter tutorials so the webinars are generally anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on what we're talking about.

Amber Winters: tutorials are usually one minute and I don't think i've seen any of that have gone over two minutes.

Amber Winters: But they're going to be covering either one specific topic or one specific tool within a resource so as an example.

Amber Winters: We have a tutorial about topic Finder So if you don't remember exactly how it happened, trying to works.

Amber Winters: And you don't want to watch a full recorded webinar about the resources, you can click into topic Finder tutorial to see that quick overview.

Amber Winters: what's great as the tutorials are really helpful for patrons as well, so if you're kind of trying to push this new resource you want patrons to get an understanding of how it works, maybe they won't have direct access to you for a while, for it on that tutorial and you know, an email.

Amber Winters: On your social media wherever you want to put it, and they'll be able to kind of learn on their own, a little bit.

Amber Winters: In addition to that, we have some great principle material so again, as you start to get ready for this rollout you know you're comfortable with gail resources, you need to make sure your patrons are too.

Amber Winters: We have things like posters resource guides even activities for in person support you'll find quite a bit of different information I didn't put it in here, but we also have things like bookmarks.

Amber Winters: So really easy to print post wherever you want, in your library to get the word out for patrons who are coming in, if they are able to come in.

Amber Winters: If you're still working remotely and you'll have patrons in person just yet.

Amber Winters: We have awesome electronic resources that are going to help you out with that so things like web banners if you have a great social media presence we have pre built social media posts.

Amber Winters: were all you're going to need to do is add your libraries contact information or maybe a direct link to a specific resource, you can just post that to your your social media account.

Amber Winters: We also have different email templates as well, so if you want to send out kind of a mass email to your list of patrons.

Amber Winters: A lot of the resources we have them pre created for you, we don't want you to have to reinvent the wheel on this, we already have it ready for you to go.

Amber Winters: So please whenever you're looking for something check out the support site, we might already have it for you, and hopefully it'll save you a fair amount of time, as you start to move forward with the resources.

Amber Winters: And I didn't listen here on the screen, but on the support site, this is also we're going to find our usage dashboard, which is where you're going to pull usage, for your specific institution, so if you want to see what resources are being used and.

Amber Winters: throughout your library, you can easily click into the usage dashboard and that will give you that information uses dashboard is found under the tool section you'll see that here on the homepage so you'll easily be able to access that at any point.

Amber Winters: Now, in addition to all that great on demand support we have you also have access to a customer success manager.

Amber Winters: So the customer success manager CSM i'm going to say CSM pronounce its customer success managers along name the CSM for Washington is Kevin Teller.

Amber Winters: i'm sure, a lot of you have already worked with him if you've worked with Gil in the past, but I do want to mention him here so he's kind of your your go to guy if you want to talk about onboarding with these new resources.

Amber Winters: Maybe you want to discuss some of the different ways, we have to authenticate into the resource and a password IP authentication things like that he can help you with that.

Amber Winters: If there are product updates, you can help walk you through those you get an understanding of what your what's new within the resources.

Amber Winters: As I mentioned, you do of course have on demand, access to the usage dashboard, but if you want some support kind of weeding through the usage trying to figure out what exactly it means Kevin can you that the usage review with you.

Amber Winters: So you can get a better feel of how your usage is trending he can also give you some best practices, if you do need to increase your usage.

Amber Winters: You know, if you want to focus on marketing or promoting the specific resource Kevin has some great best practices for you, of course, he works with Librarians and public libraries throughout the country.

Amber Winters: He also does create training tools so from time to time, you may have gotten emails from Kevin.

Amber Winters: With some specific information for you to make your life easier, with a gale resource, so they do work on that as well and we'll have kevin's information at the very end of this session for you, if you do want to reach out to him.

Amber Winters: Now we have two individuals who are on the line that I want to mention, for your sales consultants will Sydney Coleman and gina Jackson work.

Amber Winters: In Washington work with your public libraries, so I have both of them on the line i'll let them introduce themselves, and if they have anything they want to mention to you, while we're on the line today so Sydney do you know, whoever wants to unmute first feel free.

Gina Jackson: hey Sydney the.

Gina Jackson: yeah.

Gina Jackson: I was gonna say, do you mind if I jump in first um yes hi as amber mentioned my name is gina Jackson so i'm one of your gail education consultant.

Gina Jackson: i'm super excited about your resources for you all, and you know just feel free to reach out if you have any questions concerns, I mean, I know that this was a lot of information today but i'm happy to jump on a DEMO if you feel like you want, you know more of.

Gina Jackson: A personal sort of walk through on specific resources so just here to support.

Sidney Coleman: And just to kind of follow that up I second that as far as setting up any demos, that you all feel like will be necessary, I think I mentioned that to a fair amount of you all that I spoke with.

Sidney Coleman: i've gotten some emails during this during this call and i'm going to be following up with you all as well just sending a quick email.

Sidney Coleman: See if there's anything I can help with or if there are any further questions that you all have so like gina said i'm really excited about this, and looking forward to working with you all.

Amber Winters: Right great Thank you guys.

Amber Winters: And everyone could see their contact information on the screen again don't worry about hastily writing it down because you'll get the recording of this that you can.

Amber Winters: jump to the very end of if you don't want author credit again to get their contact information, but they are two great individuals who are really going to help support you.

Amber Winters: Even if you want to talk about you know supplementing the resources that you're going to get from the states of course they're here to help you with that as well.

Amber Winters: One final bit of information, I know we've gotten a lot of questions about this, I don't know tammy if you've gotten a lot in the Q amp a but we've gotten a lot before the session.

Amber Winters: So when we're talking about access the process we're going to have so the Washington state library will be sending you an attempt to participate in a Gill access for.

Amber Winters: On this right hand side here, this is the access for be going to see, so this is going to be really your institutions one main job okay you're going to follow this information.

Amber Winters: Give us your authentication preference, of course, this is not set in stone, so if you want to change it at a later time of course that's fine, this is just for your initial setup.

Amber Winters: So in that email from the Washington state library it's going to tell you where you need to send those forms so once this is filled out most your intend to participate is filled out.

Amber Winters: You were going to send it wherever it's telling you in that email and from there gail will develop the access using your preference okay so once you submit those forums.

Amber Winters: you're good to go you'll be hearing back you'll get your access information your URLs all that good stuff to kind of move you forward.

Amber Winters: Okay, so if anyone has questions on that that's kind of the simple process you just have one step to worry about within that process so just watch out for that email from the Washington state library giving you that information.

Amber Winters: And just some final information here for you, as I mentioned Kevin tell your customer success manager I included his email here Kevin Teller it's engaged calm.

Amber Winters: To support site that I mentioned earlier, support that gail calm and you may have noticed when you click into our zoom meeting for the day.

Amber Winters: Training session survey actually popped up in your browser So if you don't mind taking that once we're off the line today, it should take you I don't know probably two minutes at the very most.

Amber Winters: We would love to hear your feedback, especially as we move forward, of course, we're going to have some additional training.

Amber Winters: that's going to start to be more specific and target specific resources, how to use them, you know what patrons will benefit so we'd love to hear your ideas of what you think you could use more of so please take that survey, if you do have the time.

Amber Winters: And i'll tammy i'm going to open it back up for questions so if anyone is still typing in a question.

Amber Winters: we're going to stay on the line to make sure every question is answered if you don't have any questions feel free to go ahead and hop off we do appreciate you being here and hopefully we'll See you in future sessions so tammy right now how's the Q amp a look.

Tammi VanBuren: So one thing I need I need to clarify and I apologize, because I was not, I was looking at Q amp a and listening to you at the same time, we do have.

Tammi VanBuren: Consumer information and consumer reports, but not the publication consumer reports within the resources, so I apologize.

Tammi VanBuren: For that miscommunication and then we did have a question of comparing in context resources to one file resources and what the differences, they were looking specifically at environmental studies that galen context environmental studies and then the one file environmental studies.

Amber Winters: yeah so I like to safety and context.

Amber Winters: Resources are going to be more focused on.

Amber Winters: basic reference contents and multimedia content, so if you do have access to gail and content environmental science.

Amber Winters: you'll find a lot more recorded videos audio files podcasts things like that, while you're one file resources green and more heavily focused on periodical content.

Amber Winters: So it really depends on the patron what they're looking for they're looking for more periodical content or maybe general.

Amber Winters: Research content related to the environment than the one file resource, maybe the way to go, if they're looking for.

Amber Winters: More reference or more academic information or maybe there are a student coming in, for homework help, and they need that multimedia supports then you're in context might be the way to go, for that.

Tammi VanBuren: That was it.


Amber Winters: Great.

Amber Winters: Alright, so, then I will go ahead and hop off the line then If anyone thinks have a question after we leave you have your sales consultant information you have kevin's information.

Amber Winters: You can shoot him an email.

Amber Winters: you'll also get my information tomorrow, when I send out the link to this recording so you can certainly shoot me an email as well, so.

Amber Winters: You have lots of points of contact, if you think of anything was the session is complete, so thank you again to everyone who joined in on the session today and, again, hopefully we'll see you in the future, enjoy the rest of your day.
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