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Last Modified: November 03, 2021

Welcome to Gale! Discover Washington's New Gale Resources to Support Public Libraries

Your new collection of Gale resources available through the Washington State Library* provides you with cross-curricular content to support all patrons, from students to general researchers to the business community. In addition to the reputable and reliable content, Gale has created integrated research tools to aid in organized discovery, including Google/Microsoft Integrations, Highlights and Notes and translation tools. Gale has also developed a large support system to help you master the resources, get the word out to your patrons, and pull usage. Customer Success Managers and pre-developed written and recorded training materials are available to support you at all stages of learning. View this session, designed for public librarians, and library support staff, to gain an understanding of the content, tools and support available to ensure your patrons achieve success. *Available to participating Washington libraries.

Duration: 60 Minutes
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