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Last Updated: June 11, 2021

Welcome to Gale! Discover Washington's New Gale Resources to Support K12 Schools

Your new collection of Gale resources available through the Washington State Library* provides you with cross-curricular content to support all students from elementary to high school. In addition to the reputable and reliable content, Gale has created integrated research tools to aid in organized discovery, including Google/Microsoft Integrations, LMS integration, Highlights and Notes and Citations.rnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnGale has also developed a large support system to help you master the resources, get the word out to your faculty and staff, and pull usage. Customer Success Managers and pre-developed written and recorded training materials are available to support you at all stages of learning.rnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnJoin this session, designed for K12 librarians, library support staff and teachers, to gain an understanding of the content, tools and support available to ensure your students achieve success.

*Available to participating Washington libraries

Duration: 45 Minutes
Amber Winters: OK so again welcome everyone and welcome to gail today we're going to be talking about washington's new IT K 12 Gil resources.

Amber Winters: My name is amber when tears i'm your main presenter for today, I am a training consultant miss gail just so you know, monitoring the Q amp a you also have tammy van buren who is another gail sales sorry gail training consultant social be answering questions kind of as we progress forward.

Amber Winters: let's go ahead and get started here, because a lot of great stuff I want to get covered today so just a quick.

Amber Winters: agenda here for you first we'll Have a nice just introduction, so what resources, you should be using one will take a look at all of the resources available to you.

Amber Winters: we're going to walk through one of the resources today, so you can kind of get a feel of the workflow your your students will be experiencing as lots of teachers.

Amber Winters: we're going to talk about all the great support tools we have created for you, we have some amazing on demand, support for you.

Amber Winters: As well as customer success managers and your sales consultants who will be able to help you as you start integrating this resource into your school and your learning environments will take a look at those.

Amber Winters: Your sales representatives are on the line today as well, so a little bit later they will introduce themselves Just to give you a little background about what they do and how they can help you in this process with your new resources.

Amber Winters: And again feel free to ask questions kind of as we move through the session I will stop periodically to see if there any questions tammy would like for me to answer.

Amber Winters: On mine so everyone can hear otherwise she'll be typing and answers to the Q amp a feature.

Amber Winters: And we will have a quick closure, at the very end of the session just with some additional follow up information.

Amber Winters: Specifically i'm going to give you some information on how you're going to gain access to these resources come July 1 so we'll have all of that.

Amber Winters: wound up into this session today so we're going to get started here, I will ask quickly tammy, are there any questions in the chat or in the Q amp a before we even get going, that we should address first.

Tammi VanBuren: nope we're all set.

Amber Winters: Okay perfect.

Amber Winters: So these are the new galleries here's the.

Amber Winters: resources that are going to come in that Washington package, you will get access to all of these resources so some are more targeted.

Amber Winters: At an academic levels and maybe used more in a public library setting, but you will have access to all of them, so you can click into any of that you want to take a look at.

Amber Winters: Today, what i'm going to focus on are the ones that are more specifically tailored to that K 12 environment so educators reference complete, which is going to be.

Amber Winters: For i'm sure you can imagine, by the name you educators and your professional development.

Amber Winters: Guild ebooks which are full text ebooks gillan contexts global issues galen context high school given context middle school and finally gail and context elementary.

Amber Winters: So I am just focusing on these resources to you'll notice these other ones are again available and then maybe helpful for some more specific student needs so maybe not.

Amber Winters: As frequently, but I do just want to mention academic one file will be great for students who may be an ap or accelerated courses if they're looking for a more academic content they'll have access to that.

Amber Winters: I also want to mention business insights global for your business students who may be working on your industry or company specific products business insights global is a really great way for them to get.

Amber Winters: Specific numbers and stats for different businesses and industries, so I want to point those two items kind of bonuses for you to take a look at, but again we're going to take a look at these six here today.

Amber Winters: Okay, so when we're talking about what to use one, the first the resources, I always like to point out because they're kind of the.

Amber Winters: The core in context resources that students can really get started on those are the elementary middle school and high school resources galen context.

Amber Winters: So they are cross curricular they include reference material periodical works lots of multimedia so i'm talking videos images.

Amber Winters: podcasts audio files statistics you know really anything you could think about, we also have some great primary sources and biographies in here.

Amber Winters: So we're going to this cross curricular you're going to have that science information, support for English social studies we have quite a bit of information on current events, cultures, you know national issues and things like that you're going to find all of that rolled into these resources.

Amber Winters: And what's really amazing, is it really is kind of a continuum with these three resources so as students are becoming comfortable with galen context elementary and they get ready to go into middle school.

Amber Winters: they're already fairly familiar with the gail platform, so instead of having to kind of relearn how to research they're just dig into that deeper content level they're not having to worry about kind of reinventing the wheel and learning again.

Amber Winters: And same deal when they jump from that middle school resource to the high school they know the platform they understand how the Gill resource works, they have that familiar familiarity with gail in general.

Amber Winters: So when they're in the high school resource all they're worried about is just finding the content they're not struggling you know to to walk through it, or anything like that.

Amber Winters: And it is so that I mentioned, you do have access to educators reference complete, so this is going to be really great for you as educators as you're working either in your school for professional development.

Amber Winters: You know if you're starting a small program you want everyone to find a reference work or secure radical content related to a specific topic that you're kind of starting to study.

Amber Winters: You have this available for you it's also great if anyone in your school is working to get their masters or their PhD they have access to this through your school they'll be able to find the exact content that they need to continue that professional development.

Amber Winters: You also again have Gill ebooks So these are full text ebooks they are age appropriate, so we have ebooks that are going to be appropriate, again K through 12.

Amber Winters: So you'll find quite a few different options and offerings within your gail ebooks again they are cross curricular so you'll find things on science social sciences.

Amber Winters: Social emotional learning, you have a nice collection of that bear your social sciences you'll have information again and cultures on religion.

Amber Winters: All that good stuff all rolled up into your gail ebooks and I will mention i've had some questions, even before the session started.

Amber Winters: About schools or districts, who purchase their own Gill ebooks wanting to make sure they'll be able to see both their own ebooks as well as this new Washington ebooks collection together.

Amber Winters: And it is possible for you to have your access created that way, so if any of you are thinking of that question, you will be able to access all of the ebooks you have access through either direct purchase or through this Washington resource together.

Amber Winters: And finally, I do want to mention galen context global issues, because this is a really unique resource.

Amber Winters: It is a secondary focused resource so upper level middle schoolers may find information here, but really your high schoolers are going to thrive using this this resource and, just as the name.

Amber Winters: suggests it's focused specifically on global issues so we're talking things like viewpoint essays.

Amber Winters: Country information, so we have great topic pages on different countries what's going on with them statistics about the countries.

Amber Winters: As well as cultures and just really the social issues that are going on in the world, but I love about this resource is that it comes out all these issues from a global perspective, as opposed to many resources that do kind of retain that.

Amber Winters: US centric feel this is really kind of coming at it from what's going on in the world how individuals out in the world are viewing and are dealing with these different topics going on, so you have access to that resource as well.

Amber Winters: Another great feature for these resources is the ability to integrate them into your learning management systems.

Amber Winters: So, have just a couple screenshots here today i've pulled out canvas and school edgy because we do have deep integrations with both of these LM s is.

Amber Winters: So you can add your resources directly into your classroom and you'll be able to link to different articles videos whatever it may be.

Amber Winters: and pull them right into your discussion board posts if you're putting a discussion board if you're putting an assignment together.

Amber Winters: You can get this nice looking kind of iframe so instead of just posting a link.

Amber Winters: URL to a specific page and a resource, you can really embed that right here so students aren't trying to you know click through to difference browser windows, are trying to click back and forth.

Amber Winters: between different resources it's really simple to integrate it right here, and you can simply click into the resource to gain access.

Amber Winters: You notice here I mentioned, I did include a couple screenshots of videos that you could embed in your your canvas in school G as well, so if you want to embed some videos.

Amber Winters: And really get that more kind of engaging content for your students and your activities, this is a great way to do that, to include your gail resources in your LM s.

Amber Winters: And we're not going to go over exactly how you can integrate these resources today, because of course it does take quite a bit of.

Amber Winters: of time that I want to spend actually looking at your email resources, but if you do want to do this, once you get these.

Amber Winters: Databases up and running, your customer success manager is really going to be there to give you the information you need and help you succeed with that.

Amber Winters: will have their information at the very end of the session so if you are interested in LM s integration you'll want to get that information.

Amber Winters: And there'll be able to help you out with that a little bit deeper, but just so you're aware, we do work with all of us systems, we are lci certified so blackboard things like that we'll all have integrations into.

Amber Winters: And before we do just jump right into one of our resources, today I want to mention that, while i'm only going to be looking specifically within gail and context high school.

Amber Winters: All of the resources have a consistent platform tools and features so again, even though i'm just looking at the one.

Amber Winters: Once you see how good on context high school functions you're going to other understand how galen context middle school functions how.

Amber Winters: You know one file resources function how your ebooks excuse me, are going to function so you're really kind of going to get a feel.

Amber Winters: I will mention if you do decide to use business insights global for a business class who's coming on using industry information.

Amber Winters: that one is on a separate platform, so that one specifically does look a little bit different it's going to begin transitioning to this consistent platform in October of this year.

Amber Winters: But right now, that is the one that does look a little bit different so just so you're aware, if you click into that one you'll see something that's a little bit different than what you're going to see today.

Amber Winters: And I do also like to mention really the one difference you're going to find within these resources it's going to be on the homepage so when we take a look on the homepage.

Amber Winters: Of course galen contacts elementary is going to be much more kid friendly and kid focus some of the tools, the layout is going to be, of course, established for that K five feel.

Amber Winters: While your middle school high school global issues are going to look a little bit more adults.

Amber Winters: will take a look at all of the different browse topics options, but that's really going to be the main difference searching features filtering features, as well as the document tools.

Amber Winters: are all going to be the same so again once we take a look at one we're going to understand how all of the others work.

Amber Winters: And what's great is that transfers under students as well, so once they get that feel for one it's really easy for them to hop into another one, you know.

Amber Winters: it's easy on you, you won't have to explain multiple resources and it's easy on them, they won't get frustrated trying to figure out how everything works.

Amber Winters: Now tammy do we have any questions I should answer before I happen to the resource.

Tammi VanBuren: nope i'm just typing the last it's a was a discovery question that i'm covering right now so.

Tammi VanBuren: we're good.

Amber Winters: Perfect so let's just go ahead and spend some time in the resource, I personally think our time is better spent there so.

Amber Winters: let's go ahead and click in.

Amber Winters: Okay, so we're going to i've chosen take a look at galen context high school today.

Amber Winters: If you work at the middle school level if you work at the elementary school level, please stay with me anyways, even though the content we're going to be looking at will, of course, be a bit too advanced for those grades.

Amber Winters: The tools and the features we're going to look at our so going to be applicable for you.

Amber Winters: So this is the homepage with great every single resource you're going to have, at the very top, is going to tell you the name of the resource here and to make sure you're in the right place.

Amber Winters: And then your search bar is always going to be up here in this nice visual banner so it's always going to be at the very top for students that won't need to go searching for it.

Amber Winters: scrolling down here you'll see we generally pull out topics of interest they usually change monthly so kind of depending on what's going on that month will change this up a bit.

Amber Winters: So students can click right and maybe if they weren't sure what they were looking for, to begin with one of these topics may spark their interest and they can just click directly in.

Amber Winters: scrolling down underneath you'll see this option to browse topics, so all of these topics are actually topic pages that we've created a topic page.

Amber Winters: Is kind of a one stop shop for all of the information you're going to need for a specific topic we provided a nice summary at the top of the page.

Amber Winters: And then we organize all of the search results, based on the content type to make it really easy for students to narrow down to exactly what they're looking for.

Amber Winters: So you'll see, they have the option to click into any of these you'll see it's broken up, we have world cultures listed here, science and health business and economics again it's very cross curricular so we'll be able to click into any of these or we can browse all of our topics.

Amber Winters: As you can imagine it's a pretty long list so oftentimes this may be helpful for you as an educator if you're just trying to get a feel of what's available, maybe just a little bit overwhelming for students, so we do suggest they click into you know.

Amber Winters: One category or another you'll see you can click into any of the categories listed here as well.

Amber Winters: But today i'm going to run a search, because you know that's just what most students do they don't take the time to browse I just run their search so i'm going to just jump back to the homepage to have a nice landing point.

Amber Winters: And let's say i'm going to start taking a look at pollution.

Amber Winters: So you notice when I start typing in pollution, some of my results will sit here in my predictive text or bolden some of them are not.

Amber Winters: Anything that's bolted, is a topic page that I mentioned before, so it's that Nice organized kind of clean page for students to land on so these have a pages are in themselves searchable so let's go into the pollution topic page, so we can take a look at what that looks like.

Amber Winters: And again, this is how the topic page is going to look for guillen context middle school, as well as well as Gil and contacts global issues it's a bit more kid friendly, of course, gelling that's elementary so won't look quite like this, but the overall feel will be the same.

Amber Winters: So, as I mentioned at the very top here is our overview, we could read more to get kind of a full background about pollution.

Amber Winters: scrolling down, we have this Nice on this page bar here, which is going to show all of the different content types, we have available.

Amber Winters: So, as I mentioned, we do have reference works you'll see, we have a large selection of academic journals for your students who may be kind of at the higher level ready to jump into the academic work.

Amber Winters: And what's great is we do have these academic journals, but we have the backup of having some more simple reference works, so if you do have a student who maybe takes a chance and jumps into the academic journals.

Amber Winters: gets a little bit overwhelmed they can stay in this resource click into reference and then then we're back in their comfort zone so it's a great way to get them to kind of push their boundaries, a little bit, but still have that safety net of having that easier level of content.

Amber Winters: you'll see here audio files and case overviews related to pollution again primary sources, of course, we see a lot more when we're talking about.

Amber Winters: historical events so for pollution right now we just have the two but you'll find a lot more for historical events things like that you'll find news, here we oftentimes will link to important websites that are helpful.

Amber Winters: Any website, we linked to I do want to mention is external sources outside of gail, but we do have websites listed here as well.

Amber Winters: scrolling down you'll see we've pulled apart these different content buckets again to make it really simple for students so just shown.

Amber Winters: The first three or so entries and our reference works I featured content that we've pulled out.

Amber Winters: All of that if we scroll down to the very bottom, I want to point out, we also have a related topics section.

Amber Winters: So if students are ready to move forward with the research, maybe they're just a little bit stuck you know they don't know exactly where to go.

Amber Winters: Maybe they need some additional ideas for topics related topics is a great place for them, they can click into any of these midwinter be taken to that specific topic page so it'll look like just what we're on right now about for whatever topic they've clicked into.

Amber Winters: And i'm going to click here into my references.

Amber Winters: To show you what a search results page is going to look like so, even though I clicked all the way through, as opposed to running up basic search.

Amber Winters: If I were to have run a basic search, this is what this would look like.

Amber Winters: So you'll see here, I have my entries all of my filters are here on this right hand side, we have some great filter options, so we can filter based on subject.

Amber Winters: And document types so you'll see we have some tables and overview brief article, we have some experimental activity, so if we have any science teachers on the line.

Amber Winters: or anyone who works with science teachers, we have pre built experimental activities in here that you can use with your classes essays geographical reviews culture overviews so we can really narrow it down there.

Amber Winters: We do have lexile measures within galen contacts elementary galen context middle school and galen context high school, so if you're using black styling you can narrow it down here.

Amber Winters: In addition to those legs House we do include a gale content level.

Amber Winters: kind of outline or chart here you'll see we have all the way from Level one to level five Level one being that elementary content level five being.

Amber Winters: Your high school going into adult education so since we're in galen context high school most likely we're going to see majority's fours and fives we may see some lower level three articles, but we can narrow that down if we want to again with those content levels.

Amber Winters: Another great feature, we have you'll see this option for level documents here.

Amber Winters: A level document means we have the same documents and two different levels so two different MACs our ranges so I can filter here, using this.

Amber Winters: Or, I can look through you see, I have all these nice little flags under each of my entries.

Amber Winters: If you find an article that says leveled here level is one of the flags that's going to be a two level article so let's just go ahead and click into that today, so we can take a look at how these documents function.

Amber Winters: And tammy before I get ahead of myself, let me just ask one more time any questions that I should address before we take a look at this document.

Tammi VanBuren: we're getting some questions on and actually you may be going getting ready to go towards these tools anyway, so one was.

Tammi VanBuren: On the translate feature for.

Tammi VanBuren: What what we have for El L and esl students and also their parents, so those two things and then.

Tammi VanBuren: dyslexia came up and I was just typing a bit back about the enhanced texts visibility and how that similar to the overlays that are used a lot with younger students or with students.

Tammi VanBuren: So you may I don't know if you want to show that listen feature and the the enhanced text visibility to support those two areas.

Amber Winters: yeah perfect, I am going to go into all of those tools to me, you are.

Tammi VanBuren: Perfect so.

Amber Winters: I love that everyone is guaranteed.

Amber Winters: Like ready to go, though those are some great tools everybody take a look at the translate in the listen.

Amber Winters: yeah before I do that, I just want everyone to know kind of the outline of a document so you're all comfortable with how the tools function, where they are on the page.

Amber Winters: So all documents are going to look like this at the very top of the page here you have this toolbar that actually follows you along as you scroll down so you're always going to have access to these main tools.

Amber Winters: So we have citations for everything within our resources, including the you know videos the images the audio files so whatever students are using.

Amber Winters: within their presentations or their poster boards, or whatever, maybe they can pull the citation easily using our citation tool.

Amber Winters: We also have the option to get this information out of the Platform using the send to button.

Amber Winters: So students or teachers or Librarians or whoever needs information can send this document over to their Google drive their onedrive or they can email it to themselves.

Amber Winters: We have a download feature that's going to download to the desktop printing feature that's going to do exactly what you would expect it's going to print out this document for you.

Amber Winters: And we also have an integration with Google classroom so if you're using Google classroom often you'll notice there's this little Google classroom chalkboard at the very top of the page here.

Amber Winters: So we can easily send information to students using this Google classroom i'm already signed in, which is why it popped me up if you are on time and on the browser you know just prompt you to sign in and you're good to go, but you can click in.

Amber Winters: And, just like the native Google classroom environment you'll choose what you want to do let's say I want to ask a question.

Amber Winters: i'll fill all of this out i'm not going to fill it out, right now, because that would just take too much of our time, but fill all this out you'll see it's going to have this link right here.

Amber Winters: So it's going to attach to this question that i'm going to ask students can quickly click into it once I hit ask it's live in Google class or Google classroom I can close out and i'll still be here within the resource if I want to continue on finding some additional content.

Amber Winters: panel to I want to point out of top here is the scat link.

Amber Winters: So this is going to provide a persistent URL to this page So if you find something that you want using a project, maybe you want to put into a syllabus for students, you know they're going to need to access it.

Amber Winters: use that get link you'll pull up this full URL you copy and paste it and it's good to go, we do always suggest using get link, as opposed to copying and pasting out of the address bar.

Amber Winters: Because, for one thing, the address bar URL is way longer, and for two if we decide to upgrade this database at all, or you know make even the slightest change sometimes this address bar URL will break the get link won't its persistence you'll always have access to that.

Amber Winters: Now, moving forward from there, as I mentioned this document was leveled so I have two different levels of this document, I could take a look at as I need to to change that option you'll see under the title here on my lexile measure, I have a drop down.

Amber Winters: And I can just toggle back and forth, so this is a level five version hopes that doesn't want to load, for some reason.

Amber Winters: And the level four version so you'll be able to click back and forth, if you want to send the one you have a more difficult version to certain students and maybe the other version to some students who are struggling readers you'll easily again be able to tackle back and forth.

Amber Winters: We do also include an explorer panel here on this right hand side so we'll have some more like this that's going to be specifically more that's similar to this article.

Amber Winters: The article contents and then here, we included related subjects as well, so again if students are a little bit stuck you know they read this article they're interested, but they don't know where to go from here, we slip provide those related subjects options for them right here.

Amber Winters: At the very bottom of the page I do also like to point out the citation is listed here if I decided to send this article over.

Amber Winters: To my Google drive to my one drive the citation does follow, along with the article as well, so they don't need to worry about setting the citation separately it's going to follow, along with the article.

Amber Winters: And now let's get into those tools that were mentioned in the Q amp a already so let me start off with the translate feature.

Amber Winters: So you'll see the translate options, instead of right here kind of under the title clicking into this will see, I have two options, I can translate the article which is going to do just that is translating the physical text of the article, and I can also set the interface language.

Amber Winters: And I personally think this is a really helpful feature, so if I choose Spanish here.

Amber Winters: Here we go you'll see it's changing all of my tools now into that language and this follows students or their parents along throughout the entire session.

Amber Winters: So they will need to translate each of the articles kind of as they move forward, but they will always have that navigation and that native language that they need so it's a really nice way for them to kind of navigate through and click through contents and then there'll be.

Amber Winters: ready to just click in and choose that article language.

Amber Winters: let's change this back to English, though.

Amber Winters: So the next feature feature I do want to point out, we have the option to increase the font size here.

Amber Winters: So if you have students who may be struggling visually impaired me that increased font size, they can increase the font size right there.

Amber Winters: And tammy mentioned mentioned on our lesson feature which is listed right next to those I increase font size, we do have what's called an enhanced text visibility so i'm going to play this and pause it right away because you won't hear it they'll just come through my headphones.

Amber Winters: But hitting play with read through this entire article for students.

Amber Winters: And we have developed i'm sorry I should have pointed out, where I just clicked in this little gear box listed right here.

Amber Winters: We give some different options when we're talking about our.

Amber Winters: Excuse me, our listing tool and tabby mentioned.

Amber Winters: Our enhanced text visibility, which is listed right here it defaults to off so i'm going to turn that on, so we can take a look see what that looks like.

Amber Winters: So you'll see at the bottom of the screen.

Amber Winters: Again i'm sure you didn't hear that because it just comes through my headphones, but it was starting to read the sentence and you'll see it actually pulls that out that here, at the very bottom at a really large.

Amber Winters: font size and it reads through each individual word and highlights it for students so again, this is another way to really help them kind of understand what they're looking at.

Amber Winters: If just listening to what maybe they're just getting lost because they can't really follow along on the screen.

Amber Winters: is enhanced text visibility is a real game changer because they'll have not only that ability to listen, but they'll say each individual sentence and the individual words being read and highlighted at the same time.

Amber Winters: And it does read Let me close this off here and whatever language, the article is translated to So if I translated this to Spanish and then hit my listen tool it's going to read this to me in Spanish.

Amber Winters: Now those are the tools we're going to take a look at today there are more in the resource and I do recommend taking a look at our trial site digging into see more, but those are the main tools.

Amber Winters: I just want you to be aware of, as you do start to kind of dig in on your own now i'm going to jump back here to my presentation to go over some support materials with you, while i'm doing that again tammy any questions that I should address.

Tammi VanBuren: Power search came up again in the section so just something to search through all databases at once, and then.

Tammi VanBuren: How would you this is one that I always struggle with answer.

Tammi VanBuren: is asking if the reading the voice reader selection is computer generated voice or person I kind of feel like it's a combination, would you agree with that's kind of how I talk about it, but do you agree with me on that one I it's not that like you talking but.

Tammi VanBuren: yeah I like to think of it almost as.

Amber Winters: like an alexa.

Amber Winters: that's a good way to put it in like.

Tammi VanBuren: That is.

Amber Winters: A bit computerized but it's not a computer.

Amber Winters: That makes sense.

Amber Winters: And yes, you do you all do have access, if you are looking for cross search power search is our cross search platform I won't click into it today.

Amber Winters: But you do have access to across search that's your support team will help show you where to find if you're interested in that if you want students to be able to search through everything at once.

Amber Winters: Okay, so let's talk about some of your support materials, because what we went over today, I know, was probably kind of fast and a lot of information to get all at once, so don't worry.

Amber Winters: We have more resources for you so support that

Amber Winters: you'll get this link don't worry i'll get it in the email and sending out tomorrow again so don't worry about writing it down.

Amber Winters: But support that is our main support site we're going to find training materials marketing materials, as well as things like technical documents.

Amber Winters: This is also where you're going to be able to pull usage, for your school your districts, if you ever want to take a look at your usage support that is where you're going to want to go.

Amber Winters: But first I want to mention our recorded webinars and tutorials so again, this was a pretty brief overview of your resource.

Amber Winters: If you want to dig deeper into galen context high school or maybe you want to look again and context middle school.

Amber Winters: We already have a recorded webinar for you they're generally about 30 minutes, sometimes it may be a little bit longer.

Amber Winters: But they're going to really walk through the resource to give you best practices for using them.

Amber Winters: We also have shorter tutorials that are generally focused on one specific topic or tool.

Amber Winters: So we have a tutorial about our highlights and notes feature which I didn't take a look at today, but if you're interested in we have internal available for you.

Amber Winters: Also, a Google classroom integration, those are generally under under two minutes usually around one sometimes less than one so it's really kind of targeted just giving you that brief bit of information so both of those are found under our training Center on our support site.

Amber Winters: We also include printable tools so once you get everything up and running, after July one and you're ready to get the information out to your learning community we have principal posters resource guides.

Amber Winters: Even activities kind of for in person support of students, so you can get that print it out, put it wherever you want it, we don't want you to have to reinvent the wheel and build all of these posters on your own we have them readily available for you.

Amber Winters: We also have electronic tools so web banners if you need icons for your different resources you'll find those here pre made social media posts emails.

Amber Winters: Even for some of our resources have pre made PowerPoint slides so if you're going to be making a presentation say to your teaching staff after this.

Amber Winters: we're working to get more on the support side, but we do already have some available so they're pre made for you, you can you know enter in your school's information.

Amber Winters: And it's really easy way for you to get that info out without having to build a full presentation.

Amber Winters: So again, all of this great stuff as well as your usage dashboard, which is where you pull your usage and your technical documents which are going to help you with things like discovery or LM s integration are all going to be found on support that Guild COM.

Amber Winters: In addition to that support which is on demand always available for you, you have access to a customer success manager we actually have to customer success managers in Washington.

Amber Winters: lauren mathewson and TIM hamlin so one of them are working with your district with your school, you may have already been in contact with them.

Amber Winters: But as the name suggests, they're really here to support you, as you start with the resources so onboarding making sure you have the access, you need.

Amber Winters: You know the promotional tools, you need they're here to help you with that they're here to help you with LM s integration, they can give you.

Amber Winters: The information you're going to need to do that if you want to talk about a single sign on options, they can help you with that.

Amber Winters: Talking about usage best practices for increasing it they work with i'm sure you can imagine a huge amount of schools.

Amber Winters: So they have some best practices and working with user to getting your usage increased.

Amber Winters: And they're also here to provide highlights for any product updates so as things are updated, you may receive information from your customer success managers letting you know, maybe explaining what's changed in the resource.

Amber Winters: If you don't know your customer success manager is at the very end of the session, I have a general inbox.

Amber Winters: Address for you that you can send questions and you'll be forwarded to the correct individual so again either lauren or TIM, will be able to help you.

Amber Winters: And finally, we have two lovely ladies on the line, who are going to introduce themselves as well.

Amber Winters: Again, we have to educational consultants for the state of Washington, we have kaitlin bird and Lindsey Smith so caitlin and Lindsay would you like to introduce yourself since you're on the line and give everyone a little bit of information on what you do.

Caitlin Bird: yeah sure i'll start hi I see so many familiar names I here I wish I could come say hello and see your faces it's strange you can't do that, but if I we haven't met yet i'm your REP for most of Western i'll actually we're not really Eastern Western but i'm.

Caitlin Bird: My name I am a former elementary school teacher and I work out of Olympia Washington so i'm your local field REP here.

Caitlin Bird: But for all my elementary Librarians out there, make sure you go check out galen context elementary it's amazing the ebooks.

Caitlin Bird: package that is included in elementary is really, really phenomenal so make sure to check that out there, unlimited simultaneous use so that.

Caitlin Bird: Your teachers can put them on the smart board and kids can use them at the same time, so i'm a big fan of that package, but yeah I just want to say hello and.

Caitlin Bird: You know ever went over a ton of information it's really, really a lot, so if.

Caitlin Bird: You have questions, and when you, you will just send me or Lindsey email, we will get you if it's a question for your customer success manager.

Caitlin Bird: We will totally get you to the right place we're here to make this transition as seamless as possible and make sure these great resources get out for students to use that's why we're here so really nice to meet you and see you see those of you who I have already met.

Amber Winters: You Kate wouldn't look to you on the line.

Lindsay Smith: Yes, i'm here hi everyone its Lindsay i'm to seeing a bunch of familiar names and.

Lindsay Smith: I have been with gail for 13 years now, so super excited for you all to get be able to have access to the Gal resources.

Lindsay Smith: And, just like caitlin said definitely check out for all the elementary what tech out how you can get access the ebooks in galen context elementary and then of course reach out if there's anything we can do we are always happy to help.

Amber Winters: Perfect okay.

Amber Winters: Thank you Lindsay so I have caitlin and lindsay's information listed here on the screen.

Amber Winters: Again you'll get a recording of this session so don't worry about you.

Amber Winters: Know jotting down their email super fast you'll get it tomorrow, so if you do need their emails you'll have them.

Amber Winters: But they are two great individuals to work with, so they will definitely be here to support you with this transition so just a little more information before I let you all go for the day and before I make sure I have all questions answered.

Amber Winters: Access to these resources i'm sure, a lot of you are wondering how in the world you're actually going to get these.

Amber Winters: So the Washington state library is actually going to send you an intent to participate form, as well as a gale access for.

Amber Winters: So the girl access form looks like this here on this right hand side you put in your schools information, as well as your information if you're going to be the main contact.

Amber Winters: Your authentication preference all that good stuff and we create the access for you so Washington state will send you that.

Amber Winters: You, as an institution fill it out.

Caitlin Bird: And then sorry Amor really quickly, I just want to clarify a point yeah.

Caitlin Bird: Your ESP will be sending you an intent to participate form.

Caitlin Bird: To kind of filter through the state library it'll be coming from your ESP contact and you'll return the form your.

Amber Winters: perfect, thank you for the.

Amber Winters: That that's an extra bit of information.


Amber Winters: you'll get it filter down a little bit, but it will come to you so once you do fill it out in return it's.

Amber Winters: That, at that point we take over, we develop your access using those preferences, of course, if your preference changes your access can change as well, so this isn't you know.

Amber Winters: set in stone, you decide, you only want a password and nothing else, and that's all you have for the rest of your access we can change it as needed, but this is how we're going to get that access going kind of the starting point for you all.

Amber Winters: oops and I have the incorrect customer success manager information here, so we can ignore that i'm sorry guys, I must not have saved when I transitioned over from.

Amber Winters: A different customer success manager, if you need access to your customer success manager though their email it for the general customer success inbox is gail that customer success at cengage COM.

Amber Winters: me if you wouldn't mind throwing that to the chat for everyone, since it didn't save up here on the screen again it's gail customer success it's engaged calm.

Amber Winters: will do.

Tammi VanBuren: Thank you tammy.

Amber Winters: i've also included the support site here, so if you want to jump back into that you can again you'll have this recording tomorrow, so this will be available for you.

Amber Winters: And there is a training session survey that actually popped up in your window as soon as you've clicked into our our session today.

Amber Winters: So if you have the time to take that I would love to hear your feedback, either on the resources or on the session itself what we can help you with moving forward.

Amber Winters: Because, of course, as we move forward as you get access to these great resources will have more training, support don't you worry about that will make sure that you get.

Amber Winters: kind of those deeper dives into the different resources and the content available to you so feel free to put any suggestions or recommendations, you have for future trainings we of course want to see that, to make sure you're getting all of the information that you really need.

Amber Winters: And tammy I will ask you now do we have some questions that are waiting to be answered.

Tammi VanBuren: A lot of questions about the form, and so the and we clarified that the form is going it's coming Okay, so the sd will fill out the form, yes.

Amber Winters: Okay, so the form is going to go sorry the form is.

Amber Winters: going to the St.

Amber Winters: yep and now than ever before it along to the contact for school or the district.

Caitlin Bird: So the ESC contact each gst has a different person coordinating.

Tammi VanBuren: Right.

Caitlin Bird: Right they'll be sending the intense to participate form out to their schools and districts.

Caitlin Bird: So if.

Caitlin Bird: The one of the questions is that many like what if our district doesn't participate, or do we do it at the school at the district.

Caitlin Bird: The first step would be definitely to let your ESP know that you are interested in opting in they've definitely need to know that.

Caitlin Bird: And then, if, for some reason, your district doesn't opt in the next step would then be to reach out to the State library Lindsay and I can help you do this and we will help get access for your school if your district does not.

Tammi VanBuren: It gets a little confusing there when you're.

Tammi VanBuren: The we the SDS make perfect sense, but the you know, sometimes we as trainers say we.

Tammi VanBuren: Because we include ourselves with the at the state level like because we're partners so I apologize for that it does get.

Tammi VanBuren: A little bit confusing, but the it just understanding that that as as caitlyn clarified that yesterday is going to send out that information and will be your contact on that and when it comes to that for.

Tammi VanBuren: i'm so excited so many people are asking about that that that means they must be excited about the resources.

Tammi VanBuren: But that's I think we covered that one came up a lot so um you covered that about the access form and then.

Amber Winters: And when in doubt, of course, you can always contact you know caitlyn or Lindsay or your ESP directly, if you are from are familiar with that contact you can feel free to reach out to them to i'm sure they've all been briefed and are ready for your questions.

Tammi VanBuren: Okay, and I have a link to share in the chat that just came through from will, so let me push that out.

Tammi VanBuren: Okay.

Tammi VanBuren: And then.

Tammi VanBuren: Think that's it angie did ask a question, we can follow up with you or connect you, with your state library about that that question angie, thank you for asking.

Tammi VanBuren: And then somebody did ask about the ebooks and in elementary and I don't know if you want to like wrap up and then show that.

Tammi VanBuren: Because that came through a couple times.

Amber Winters: yeah just how it looks in the.

Tammi VanBuren: Elementary yeah.

Amber Winters: yeah I could pull that up so it's going to it will just mentioned to everyone i'm on my own personal account.

Amber Winters: So the books are going to see are not going to be the exact ebooks you'll have access to, but I can show you what it's going to look like, so let me just click into Gil and context elementary here.

Amber Winters: Okay, and if anyone needs to leave I think we're pastor on, we still have two minutes so we're good, yes, yes, he works here, so I clicked directly into gallon contacts elementary you'll see, I have a few different options of top here that I could click into.

When I click into books.

Amber Winters: It post for it all of the ebooks that I have access to now again remember i'm in my personal account, so these ebooks are going to be a little bit different than what you have, but we have them all listed here, I can click into any of them.

Amber Winters: it's going to take just a second to load here.

Amber Winters: There we go and I can read through just like a normal book.

Amber Winters: So again, these are the books that are found on your gail ebooks platform, this is just a new integration that we've.

Amber Winters: Established recently, so all of the the ebooks that are labeled and are leveled for K five students will be found under that books tab on the homepage of galen contacts elementary.

Amber Winters: And we do have a text few here as well, I will point that out if that's more your speed there's not a lot of texts on the specific books you'll see on the getting a little bit here, but you can easily click back and forth between the book and the text view.

Amber Winters: Okay, so does that ever answer everyone's questions tammy are we getting any more in the.

Tammi VanBuren: I think so that just more back to the St real quick just will clarify that, even if the school district does not subscribe individual schools will still sign up via there yesterday, so that that did come through a couple times, but just wanted to really be clear about that.

Tammi VanBuren: let's see what else we have.

Tammi VanBuren: I did share a document amber created talking about gail resources and how they correlate to culture grams, so that is in the chat if you'd like to grab that link she created this great document that might be really helpful to you all.

Amber Winters: That will be on our follow up email as well, so if you don't have time to grab it that's completely fine.

Amber Winters: And I actually just popped in the Q amp a as well, so we have a question approximately how many books per level, so I don't have a number, but you do have access to the trial site where you'll be able to pull up all of the books and take a look that way.

Amber Winters: So, to me, I don't know if that trial site is already in the chat or not.

Tammi VanBuren: No i'll put it in right.

Amber Winters: So Julie and you'll be able to take a look at that and see exactly what you books you're going to have access to.

Tammi VanBuren: And then someone asked, is it possible to request individual titles to be added as ebooks you definitely if you have your own collection already started Emily absolutely those those will be added, and you can add any titles, for your individual site that you're interested in yeah.

Amber Winters: So Emily if you are interested in ebooks that are not a part of this Washington package caitlin or Lindsay will be able to help you with that to kind of go over exactly what you're looking for.

Tammi VanBuren: And then stephanie are the E book collections updated the that really that you that's a purchase that is being made by the state, right now, so if you're talking down the road.

Tammi VanBuren: I really can't answer that question, and neither can amber but if all of your resources your databases you're dealing context amber covered are updated every day throughout the day so maybe that helps answer that a little bit, but the E book ebooks are separate than your databases.

Tammi VanBuren: Okay, so Hillary answered 26 titles for K five two per topic, one pre K second grade and another second through fifth grade.

Tammi VanBuren: So that helped a little bit with the elementary titles there perfect.

Thank you, Hillary.

Amber Winters: Okay, it looks like we're not getting any more questions and then.

Amber Winters: From what I can tell so i'll go ahead and close off the session for everyone if you do think of questions once we're done you'll have my email address and that follow up email you get tomorrow.

Amber Winters: You also have access to kaitlyn and lizzie and, of course, your ESP contact, will be able to help you as well.

Amber Winters: So feel free to reach out if you do think of questions, once the session is done I do really appreciate everyone being here and bringing those questions i'm sure.

Amber Winters: you're not the only one who had the question so i'm definitely thankful that you are all able to ask those and again, let us know if you have any questions, otherwise, please enjoy the rest of your day.
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