Why use your library's Gale resources?

This video highlights some of the reasons students should use the library and Gale resources.

Why do you use your library resources?

The Internet has so much stuff in it, and you

don't really know where much of it is coming from.

When I used library resources, I know

I'm going to find the kind of information that

my teacher wants me to use, and that means

I can finish my work and still have time

to hang out with my friends.

There are tons of tools to make it simple to find

what I need, no matter where I am, even

if something is due tomorrow.

I can even get a head start on my Works Cited,

so I don't have to worry about it after my paper is finished.

They make group projects a breeze.

We can each search on part of the assignment

and then send our sources to Google or Microsoft

and share them with each other.

It makes it super easy to stay organized

and share ideas.

Find trusted sources that will impress

and tools that will make you look like a research

rockstar with your library and Gale resources.

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