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Welcome to Gale Presents: Miss Humblebee's Academy!

Gale Presents: Miss Humblebee's Academy

is an interactive learning program designed

to prepare kids aged 3 to 6

for both preschool and elementary school.

Individual user accounts guide children

through prebuilt daily lessons

in language and literacy, art and music,

fitness, emotional intelligence,

math, science and social studies.

As students complete lessons and activities,

they will earn rewards including stickers, puzzle

pieces and coins to encourage them to continue

their learning.

Students can independently explore ebooks,

teach me videos, music videos

and offline activities. A simple

dashboard designed for parents allows you to

customize learning, view assessment

and lesson results and access offline

content like projects, flashcards and

practice worksheets

to get your child ready for school or to

promote continued learning over the summer.

Access Gale Presents: Miss Humblebee's Academy.

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