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Last Updated: September 25, 2023

Welcome to Gale from Customer Success!

Welcome to Gale, your new partner in learning.

Gale provides K 12 schools with a

wide range of resources and tools that support

student learning, research, and critical


within your resources. Students and educators

have access to a vast collection of digital

content including reference articles,

news reports, multimedia resources,

primary sources and more. This

content is curriculum aligned and covers a wide

range of subjects ensuring that students

can find information on virtually any topic

they are studying. Our goal is to make research

and learning easier and more efficient for students.

Our user friendly interface allows students to search

for information using keywords, browse

through topics using topic pages or

develop detailed searches through advanced


We understand that each student has a unique

learning style. That's why we've included a variety

of tools to support all learners

including translate, text manipulation,

listen, highlights and notes,

and Google and Microsoft integrations.

Gale doesn't just support students. We also

provide valuable resources for educators.

Teachers can access lesson plans, curriculum

support materials and professional development

resources. Through Gale these resources

help teachers incorporate digital content into

their lesson plans, making learning more

dynamic and impactful. With 24

7 access on any device. Anywhere

Gale is here to empower your learning community

to reach new heights.
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