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Prepare for Spring Testing with Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test and Career Prep

Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test and Career Prep provides your learning community with unlimited access to practices tests, flashcards, study tips, and eBooks focused on key High School and College Prep tests including the ACT, SAT, PSAT, and AP. View this session to better understand how to access and leverage these valuable materials to support your learners this spring.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Today, we're going to talk about how you can prepare

your users for spring testing with

Gale Presents: Peterson's Test and Career Prep

My name is Amber Winters and

I am your training consultant for the day.

So our agenda first, I just wanna go over the very

basics of Gale presents Peterson's

test and career prep. So if you're not

familiar with it, I just wanna give you a basic

background before we really dive in. But after

that background, we'll take a look at the features

you're going to find in our test prep.

So just a few different things your

users will be able to click through to really kind

of capture everyone in whatever learning

style they prefer.

We'll spend the majority of the time actually walking

through our tests though. So we'll see what tests

are available where they're found how

our users can access them. And we'll also walk

through a test. So you can see what that platform looks

like as well.

And again, if you have questions, you can put them in the

Q and A at any time and I'll be able to answer them

as we move forward or feel

free to wait until the end of the session

if you prefer and we'll have time at the very

end for any questions as well as some wrap

up information.

Let's go ahead and get started here. So Gale Presents:

Peterson's test and career prep

does. As you would expect. first,

it prepares your users for exams.

So they're going to find practice tests,

full courses related to different tests,

ebooks and flash cards. They're going

to help really all of your learners,

whatever level they are. If they're at the secondary

school level, if they're at the graduate level,

if this is specifically for a vocational

test, so they're adult learners, they'll find

their prep within this resource.

We also include a great foundational skills

section. So if you have users coming

in who are preparing for an exam but

are maybe not quite there yet and need that

more beginner information,

they'll find some great foundational skills

learning that we'll take a look at today.

And those are focused in math and science, computer

skills, which are great for older individuals

who may be getting back in the workforce who may not be

familiar with computers or

just trying to pick up some new skills. And we

also have information related to reading

and writing within the resource as well.

We're not going to go into this very

closely today since we're talking about exam prep.

But I definitely want to point out we do have a school

and scholarship search in this platform

and we have career tools available as

well. So a career advice, our online resume

builder, as well as different job searching


So again, we're talking about spring testing today.

So we're really going to be focused on exam

prep as our subject. So let's take a closer

look at that and see what features we have

with our exam prep. So of course, the first

one as you would expect is going to be our practice

tests and these tests are

timed. Your users won't

be stopped when time runs out. Some of them

are time to show the remaining

time. Some of them, they just give you an estimate

of how long it took you to take the test. So

they won't ever be paused. But

users will be able to see how long

it took them to take whatever tests. And if they know how

long they have, they can kind of fine tune

to either maybe take longer

if they sped through it or maybe try to speed up

a little bit if they took a long time

and this information will be saved to user accounts.

Remember Gale Presents: Peterson's

resources do have named user accounts.

So once the user starts a test,

they'll be able to go back to it whenever they want

to. Once they're submitted, they are

automatically graded excluding essay

responses. Um Those won't receive

a grade, but they'll be able to see samples

and examples of what's

high quality responses are going to look like

and they'll be able to compare their response to that.

And many of our tests have more than one

practice option available. So they

are unlimited use. Users can

take the same practice test, you know, 10 times

if they feel like they need to take it 10 times.

But oftentimes they'll find you know, two

different versions of practice tests for the same

test. So they'll get those different questions

and be able to kind of shake it up a little bit.

In addition to those practice tests, a lot

of our tests, you have full ebooks that are

downloadable. So they'll download to the desktop

for your users. So they won't need to have access

to the internet to use those. So they'll be able to take

them offline.

And what's great is they come in an actual kind

of ebook design. So they're not just

getting this long, you know, html

text page that they're supposed to read through. if

there are images or graphics or graphs

or statistics or whatever it is

within that ebook, it's going

to download it like that for them. So they'll still

get engaging content and they'll have that off

the platform whenever they need it.

We also have great flash cards for a lot of

our tests here as well. These are really

nice and quick. So I love these for users

who are coming in, you know, saying I have like an hour

and I just want to get some quick studying in. What

should I do

take a look at these flash cards? Just kind of click

through these and you can go through as many as you like.

If you only have a short amount of time,

we're also going to include some different supplemental

articles you could see for,

I've pulled forward here, tips

and strategies for the AC T. So

these supplemental articles are

going to be a lot of like strategies and things like

that, but they'll also find basic test information.

So, if they're taking the A

P biology test coming up and they have absolutely

no idea what it's gonna look like, what to

expect what they should do. They

can take a look at these supplemental articles to kind of

get a better understanding. So they're not as

overwhelmed, they're kind of ready to go in that

sense. And

finally, we also include links to testing

websites here as well. So, if

this is not something they're doing through school, maybe

they need to register on their own.

We can link them all over to those websites for

this. You'll see, we have the GRE testing websites,

and they can click in as a test taker and

kind of move forward from there. If they need more

information than what we provide or if

they want to register for a test, they can do

that. Right through Peterson's, we'll direct them

to where they need to go.

Now, I wanna just dive right into the resource

so we can see all of the different tests we have,

see how it's going to function for your users.

Before I do, I haven't seen any questions

in the Q and A but do we have any questions

before we dive right in?

Ok. I don't see any. We've got a quiet crowd

crowd today, no problem. So

this is the home page here of Gail presents Peterson's

test and career prep and I do just want to

pause here.

If you have access to Gale

presents Peterson's test prep,

it's going to look a little bit different than this. You won't have

those career tools. And if

you have access to Gale presents Peterson's

career prep, it will look a little

bit different as well. So we have three different resources.

We have test and career, we have career

and we have tests. So if you're

following along and you notice yours is a little bit different

than mine, that's most likely why you'll still find

great features. It'll just function a little

bit differently than what I'm gonna show you today.

So first I want to log in, you'll see, I can

kind of scroll through and see what's going

on in this resource without signing in.

But for users to take any tests or

use any of the features, they are going to need to have

their account.

We've got a question here. Are the tests updated to look

like the digital SAT starting in 2024.

I can check with my product manager. I know

we do update frequently. I know there

is an SI T update coming. I don't know exactly

what it is. The person that you

asked that anonymously, if you don't mind sending

me an email after the session, I'll get

with my product manager and I can give you an exact

answer. So go ahead and

either ask this non anonymously if you don't

mind or send me a direct email once

the session ends and I can give the exact answer

for you. Ok?

So let's go ahead and hit log in

or sign up and

this blue button here. I've already got an account.

So I'm going to use that. I can sign up if I need

to. So if this is the first time your users are

clicking in,

I recommend having them sign up immediately.

Don't even scroll through the platform yet. Just

sign up first. So they don't need to kind

of stop their learning to sign in.

There we go. But I already have my account set up here.

Now, there are quite a few different ways that we

can access our test prep,

sections here. So the first one is

going to be using the browse menu, which is

found either in the Spanner here or

at the very top of our page.

Clicking into this, you'll see here, this gives

kind of a um

what your goal is as the first step. So

they're going to click in, they want to improve a test

score since we're talking about test prep and

then you'll see we have some different categories here.

So for today, the two kind of major

categories we're most likely going to be looking

at are going to be high school where they're going to find

things like A P testing.

If you have someone coming in taking the GED,

they'll find that content by clicking into high school

and they get kind of this next step here.

And I will mention if I have anyone on the line from

Texas or Florida, we do have

specific sections for

some assessments that you take at the state level

if you need to for your users

to those.

And college prep is also listed here. This

is where you're going to find the AC T,

the PSAT the SAT, all that good stuff,

grad school, we have listed here as well.

So if we have individuals coming in, planning

on taking the MC A T, they can find their information

here as well.

So in addition to using that browse menu, they can also

scroll down

and in the middle of the page, this gives them kind

of more of an interactive feel

and it's really helping them have kind of actionable

steps. So they know they need to prepare

for an exam. That's the step they need to take, they can

click into, prepare for an exam.

And just like previously, they just have to narrow

it down here. So if they want high school prep

again, we have the same kind of bits of information.

Maybe they want to take a look at A P testing,

theyll be pulled forward there

and we have one final way to access the content.

And that's if I go back to home and

scroll down one more time,

We kind of have this expanded

look of these different sections. So I like

this because it gives a quick view of what they

can expect in each section. So previously,

they had to click through high school then to see

what comes in the high school section. But here

you'll see, I've got a high school listed and it's telling

me quickly, I'll find some A P, I'll

find some different stem tests that I may be taking.

If I'm taking an equivalency exam,

I can click in here. Same for college

prep. It's telling me the different things we're going to find

here. I

will mention we also have a full Us citizenship

test won't go into it too much, but that's found

under international. And there is another

big one that users are often looking for

scrolling under that we have our vocational test

prep pulled out separately here. So if they need

something related to vocations, they can find that

here as opposed to this, improve

your test score section

and then scrolling down. We're going to get into the career tools

that we're not going to look at today, but you

do have those down here at the home page as well.

So let's go ahead and click in first. We'll take

a look at A P. We have a lot of students

needing some support with A P testing. So

I'm going to click directly here into where it says

high school.

Now, when you do that, you see it really kind of

opens up a huge list of what we

can take here. So we'll have all of our different

options listed with these little tiles that kind

of organize them for us.

I will also mention here, we do have GED

test prep in Spanish. We have practice

tests. So if you have native Spanish speakers

coming and looking for support and they're

looking to get their GED, we have

that listed in this platform,

but let's click at advanced placement here

and let's just view all of these to see what we have

available. As you can imagine. We have a lot

because there are a lot of different advanced placement


but you'll see here when I have these

options, it's going to first give me just

the course that I can click into.

But next to that I have articles here,

this one is specifically related to the college

board and things like that.

And then we've got an about section here as well.

So notice that changes based on the test

here, sometimes you'll see books

listed, like for a P calculus. It looks like

we have a book related to A P calculus.

Just depending on what we have for each of the tests,

it does vary based on what's published for each


But your users can go through and find whatever they need

and you'll see, I have the option to add to my resources

here. What this is going to do, this

is going to save it as you would expect to the

my resources section which is found in the

toolbar, toolbar up top here.

So it's kind of like a quick link to get back

to this. So if they're going to be taking, let's say the

advanced placement biology practice test

frequently, you know, if they're coming back

through the next few weeks to make sure they're ready for

their test, they may want to hit add

to my resources. So then they don't need to

kind of click through and find it again. They can just go

right to my resources

if they don't add it to my resources that's

fine. They'll still be able to take the test.

It'll still save their results

to their

their account name.

It just won't be under my resources. But

let's click into a P biology here so we can

take a look at how this is all organized for


And I will mention this does open in a separate

tab. You'll see a top here. It opened in a different one.

So if they're planning on studying for

maybe more than one assessment

or maybe they want to have um some

test prep pulled up on one, maybe some different

strategies on another or some foundational

skills videos on another

tab, they'll be able to do that and they'll open

the the browser for them.

But this is what all of the different exam

preps are going to look like. So they get on this

main page and the content available

again is going to change based on the test

for our A P exams.

The majority of them, you're going to find flashcards

and study materials, an introduction that gives

just kind of the background about the exam,

what to expect things like that.

It does oftentimes include instructional

videos and then we have our practice tests here

as well.

So we can click into any of these. Lets just look at flash

cards here

and you'll see on this left hand side, it's showing us

what flash cards we have available.

I can click into any of these here,

we'll see if anyone remembers their biology.

So it's just give me the word and it's

really simple, exactly what you would expect

for flash cards. So, again, a really

simple way

to kind of go through and just get

that very brief understanding of

A P biology.

Once I'm done with this here, I can hit my back

button in the top left corner and that's going

to pull me back to this main prep page.

Now, let's go ahead and look at a practice test. So you'll see

this one. I've actually already started here. So I've

got a few different topics. I've already

completed. I know that because I saved

it to my account.

So I'll click back in here so we can take a look.


we'll do one that I haven't touched yet. So

you'll see, I have a check on this first multiple choice

because I actually already ran through that and

submitted it.

So let's go to the second one that I haven't done yet.

So it gives me some quick instructions.

You have 100 and 20 minutes to complete

the exam before you submit your quiz.

You want to go back and check to make sure you didn't miss anything.

This is going to auto save so they won't need to hit

save. So if they do just do a couple

questions and then hop off, they

didn't lose that content it's going to automatically save

for them.

And then when I'm ready to go, it's going to tell

them to hit start quiz.

Once they finish an attempt, they're

going to get the grade for that attempt. If they want

to start over, they'll just hit start quiz

again and they'll get it'll list it as another

attempt for them. So they'll be able to take it as

many times as they want to.

So, let's start with the quiz here.

So, on the left side here, they're going to see how

many questions they're going to have to answer

and then they're just gonna go through and check them.

We'll see if I get any right by quick clicking.

But you'll see sometimes here they're going to have graphs

and things. So we're trying to keep this as close to

the actual tests as we possibly can

and they can answer all of them. They can answer

none if they really want to answer none.

it's up to them, they can answer as many as they want

to at the top here. This is showing

how much time has elapsed. So I've been here

for 30 seconds.

So again, it's not going to cut me off,

you know, once I hit, I think 100 and 20 minutes

is how long they have for this section. it

won't cut me off at that time, but it's going to tell me,

you know, if I went past that time. Then I need to figure

out um, how I can speed it up a little

bit because on this, the actual test, I'm gonna run

out of time. but

let's go. So we answered some of those. Let's just call

it a day. Let's say this is all I want to answer.

I can hit submit quiz here. You'll see. It's telling

me that I've only answered eight of 60.

That's ok. I'm just gonna sub submit

it anyways.

It gives me another warning. I haven't answered

these questions. My sense is I can

actually click right back here. So if I didn't

know that I didn't finish question 17,

I can click right to it from this page, but

I'm not gonna, we're gonna say this is good.

So again, I have to say submit quiz again. So

we really want to try to make sure they know if

they didn't answer all the questions, but we'll

submit our quiz here. It's gonna take

a quick second to process the results. Of course,

if they did finish

the entire quiz, it might take a little bit longer

to finish that because they're going to have to look

through all of those questions. Let's

see here.

It looks like I actually got a couple right. So you'll see it's going

to tell them their score.

It's going to tell them the overall grade,

which is the highest attempt as well. So if they have

attempted this four times. it's going

to show them which one they did the, the

best on. Of course, I've only taken this once

and I got three out of 60 so I got 50%.

It's going to show them what the correct answer is and

what they chose

and then it's giving them feedback here as well. So

this, I personally think is really important

as your users are taking these if they don't know

why they got a question wrong or if they just

guessed and they don't know why they got it right.

This supplemental information is going

to be really handy for them and it's going to pop

up on everything. If they got it right or

wrong, you'll see here if they got it wrong,

they get this little X and it does show them

the correct answer. And again, we've got

our feedback listed here.

They can go all the way through once they're done, they'll just

hit done.

And now from here they're going to see all of their attempts

with this nice little graphic here.

Again, I've only taken it once, but I'll

be able to kind of pull that forward here to see all

of those different grades.

And when I'm ready I can click into, let's say I

want to take a look at the free response

again, free responses aren't going to be

graded automatically because we don't, you

know, have individuals who are going through and reading these

responses, but we can hit star

quiz here.

No. And you see, it's gonna look the same here.

So they'll be able to type this out

if they're at using

um, like a P calculus or some other math

tests. They have some math tools available for

them, but

theyll be able to go through and type out their answers


and just the same, they're going to submit just like

with those multiple choice and then they'll get

they'll see sample responses to see

you know how their stacks up. If they had some of

the same responses, if they had kind of the same

layout or formatting, they'll be able

to, to take a look at that.

Now, I want to jump back here because I want to show you what

an ebook is going to look like in this resource.

And we don't have

any book attached to a P biology.

So I want to jump into a different test. But

before I do, does anyone have questions just

about the formatting of how

these tests work? What students

should expect anything like that?

Ok. I don't see any. So let's

go ahead and jump back. I'm just gonna close out of this tab. Remember

the test open in a different tab?

Just wanted to pull me back here.

If I ever want to get back to home. You'll see.

I've got a breadcrumb trail up top here.

Or I can just hit the Petersons testing career

prep banner up top

and it'll pull me forward here.

Now, let's scroll down again and let's look

at a college prep. So we took a look at a high school

test. Let's look at our college prep here.

You'll see, we have it laid out the same to

try to make it as easy as possible for this. You'll

find the AC tpsatsat,

all that great stuff here.

Let's click into AC T

I am gonna hit my view all first because I wanna show you,

you see for a lot of our standardized tests, we not

only have the AC T practice test

section, but we also have a full

online course. So this is really starting

them from the very beginning.

They can click into this and it's going to look familiar

in the layouts, but it's going to be a little

more comprehensive here.

You'll see it's going down, going

through like basic and advanced grammar,

how to write,

how to

the intro to math, all that good stuff. You'll see,

there's, there's a lot for the AC T as you could imagine.

But this is a full course that they can click

through it. So instead of just getting those

practice tests, they can really dig

in and start from the, the ground level all

the way up.

But I do want to show you up top here. So you'll see now

I have my books section listed

here. And for this, I've got a Peterson's

AC T prep guide ebook

and they'll be able to download this ebook.

Here we go. And of course it downloads in the browser.

They can save it to their desktop or wherever they want

to save it to. And again, it is a complete

ebook here. You'll see this one's 1000 pages.

So it's a, it's a big hefty ebook, but they

can go through

whatever section they need to access

to learn about that section here.

And again, they can choose to download it, save

it wherever they want it to go. It's

ready to go for them.

We can also add these ebooks to my

resources as well.

Maybe just add a few things so you can see what that looks

like. So if they know

they want to take a look at this HCT stuff

and they don't have time right now. Add

to my resources, we can click in at any

point of top here.

I've got a few other things saved here

as well.

But you'll see, I've got my ac T saved

right here. I previously

saved a different biology prep

exam prep

and I can click back into any of these whenever

I need to. You'll see, I can also save

schools, scholarships and jobs.

But the my resources section, that's where

they're going to find any testing that they've saved.

We've got about five minutes and I've not

seen any questions come in. We've got a very

quiet group today, but I'd love for

you to type your questions in the Q and A for me.

I've got some wrap up information.

Looks like we have a quick question.

Um, about the ebooks. Can they highlight

sections, paragraphs, et cetera? And the ebook is there

in any interactivity?

Um, unfortunately, there's not, it does download

as a PDF. So if

they can edit PDF S, um they can certainly

highlight it that way using like a, you

know, their Adobe products or anything like that. But

um we don't include like any tools you find

in other gale resources or anything like that in the

download because it does download as a, a standard

PDF file.

Lets go ahead and take a jump back here.

So just as a wrap up, if you have more questions

about gale persons, Peterson's test in

queer prep, or if you maybe want to talk

about how you can best utilize it in your learning learning

community because of course everyone's is different.

You all have different users. If you want

to be a little more specific to talk about it,

related to your learning community,

reach out to your customer success manager.

If you haven't talked to them yet, feel free to email

[email protected]

we'll forward you to the correct individual

and then you can talk specifics about the resource

about how you can promote it to your learning

community, maybe how you could train your staff,

whatever you need to talk about.

If right now, you don't have access to this

resource and you want to talk about that, you can reach

out to your sales consultant. If you don't know who

that is, you can just go to


We'll forward you to correct individual

there. You'll put in your information and we'll give you that

contacts name

and we also have some premade training

and support materials ready to go for you. So

if you want to promote this to your library

staff or maybe to your learning community

as a whole, we've got things like flyers,

short tutorials, bookmarks,

tip sheets, resource guides. The

list goes on and on. So I would suggest

if you are planning on getting this out and you want

to give your learning community

some information, take a look

at We have quite

a bit there for you

and I do have a session survey if you have

the time to take it, got about four minutes

left. So hopefully you wouldn't mind taking it

with those four minutes. Just

let us know that we're covering everything you need.

And if we're not, we would love to have suggestions

to make sure these sessions

are valuable for your time. I appreciate

everyone for being on the line. If you have additional

questions like Megan that you need answered.

Feel free to send me an email after

the session and I'll be able to answer those for you

again. Thanks for being here everyone. Hopefully

we'll see you all on future sessions.
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