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Explore Gale Presents: Peterson's Test and Career Prep

From the high school or community college student seeking an internship to the white-collar professional thinking about switching careers, Peterson's test prep and career resources are essential tools to help people make the most of the opportunities out there in both the academic and business world. In this session, we will explore the exciting updates and new features that have been introduced to this comprehensive online resource. Discover how to navigate the updated interface, access new tools to help users set testing and career goals, reach more patrons with new Spanish navigation, and plenty of new video content. By the end of this training, you will be equipped with the knowledge and strategies to leverage the enhanced Gale Presents: Peterson's Test and Career Prep resource to support your students' and patrons’ test preparation and career exploration needs.

Duration: 30 Minutes
All right. Well, hello everyone. Uh My

name is Lindsay Barfield. I am

gonna be your training consultant today for our session

on exploring the enhancements to Gale Presents:

Peterson's test and career prep. Uh

You might have noticed that this past Monday, Peterson's

got a pretty good update. So we are gonna

take a look at that today at some of uh those changes

that they made and also just do

kind of a full walkthrough. So that way

if you are a brand new Peterson's

user or an experienced one, we're

gonna have a little something for everybody.

All right. So let's take a look quick on our agenda

here for today.

I have a couple of slides to share with

you on just you know, an overview of

what Peterson's is and then also a few

of those enhancements that we did make, but we're

gonna spend most of our time in the actual resource

walkthrough section there. That second, uh

we're gonna take a look at all the tools and features

and new user experience that we have.

And then at the end of the session, I'm gonna save some time

for questions and support materials but I

do encourage you as we're going along. If

you have questions, please answer them.

I do have the Q and A open here. So I

am, I am happy to answer them as they come

up. All right. But with that, let's

go ahead and take a look at what

Peterson's test and career prep


All right. So if you're unfamiliar, Peterson's

test in career prep is really a comprehensive

tool uh to meet your patrons

where they're at on their educational

or career journey. So, you know, whether

they're a high school student who's looking to prepare

for, you know, the AC T or SAT

and then maybe continue on from there into their career

or someone who's been in the workforce for a while and they're

just looking for a change, you know, whether that means

they want to go back to school and get their masters

or they want to take a specialized exam or

just change the field that they're in.

Peterson's has tools inside to help

guide them and find success along

that journey. So talking a little bit more

about what some of those tools are. Uh the

first one I want to focus on is how they can prepare for

a test. So your patrons are going to find

online courses, practice tests

and PDF books that otherwise

would be pretty expensive for them to source

on their own. Um to prep for some of those well

known tests like the AC TSAT,

even A P exams for your high school student

and some vocational exams as well, uh,

to really get them ready before they go

into it.

Uh, some of those vocational exams also include

like specialized tests for different,

uh, majors or different areas of study in college.

You know, I am a former teacher and I had

to take a series of practice, practice

exams that were very expensive

to find, uh uh you know, practice materials

for. And we've got a whole series of them

within Peterson. So a lot of

great test prep materials inside.

We also have a tool to help your patrons

find the school that works for them. So if

they are preparing to go to school, you know, to

get their um undergrad or graduate,

they can search for a school based

on different filters like the location

cost size, even

the setting that it's in. And then from

there use a similar searching tool to find

scholarships that might help them as

they are paying for that school they're going back to.

All right. Next, we have the explore career

tool so people can take online

quizzes uh to help find the career

that match their interests and goals.

And then from there, they can use the resume

builder, career advice, job search

tools to help prepare for that big interview.

Once they do find that career they want to go

for. All

right. So now talking a little bit about those enhancements

that we've made.

Um If you're familiar with Peterson's, you might notice from the

screen already. The most notable

enhancement has been the brand new

interface that you're now going to see once we get

inside here.

Uh So all the enhancements, I'm about to talk about

come directly from user and librarian

feedback. So, one of the biggest

piece of feedback that we're getting is that

uh you know, people want to find the content a little more

easily, they want to have it in one place. They can just kind

of scroll through and look at it and that

is now done on the home page.

So they can browse content on a brand

new, easy to use interface.

All they have to do is scroll through the home page.

They can see all the different sections that are available

and have options now for quicker access,

they're also gonna find calls to action.

So if they're coming in to prepare for an exam,

they're gonna see that prepare for an exam button

click in and it's gonna navigate through all

the different options and filters that we have to find

the exact exam they wanna prepare for.

And then we also have added a higher contrast

in color just so it's a little bit easier on

the eyes and an easier reading experience.

All right, some other enhancements that you might notice.

We now have a Spanish translation feature

on the home page.

So you can easily toggle between

Spanish and English language. Uh

This will be especially useful if you're working with

any Spanish patron or Spanish speaking patrons.

Uh and you want to work alongside them, you can have it pulled

up in English, they can have it open in Spanish

and all the navigation, all of the buttons,

all the features are going to work the exact same way.

We also have a new goal setting feature.

So you might remember in the previous iteration of Peterson's

uh that your patrons could favorite courses

and exams that they were preparing for. What

we've done now is kind of taken that tool a step

further and they can actually add

those, those courses and exams to goals

that they're working towards and they can even now

save their schools scholarships

and jobs they're applying for. So everything's

easily accessible and organized

in that my resources tab

and then of course, we are continuing to add

more and more content. So we do

update the resource quarterly and add in,

you know, new content like these flash cards or students

love uh you know, practice tests

and and so on. But we also have added a lot

of new uh video content.

So we've updated 26 of our topics

with video content since we know our users

love to watch those and it supports

a variety of learning styles.

OK? So with that, let's go ahead

and explore the resource now let

me change my screen here

quickly. All

right. So this is your new home page.

And what I want to point out here before we get

too far into it is that the home page

is going to look the same whether you have

an account or don't. Uh, which is

nice because if your patrons are kind of looking

through and deciding if they want to create a new account,

they want to sign up for this resource,

they can just scroll through and browse the

content before they sign up and see

just how much we have available here.

Uh Of course, once they actually click in to begin

a course or practice, test, it is gonna prompt them

to create that account. But until then

they can just kind of go through and browse,

all right, pointing out again, that Spanish translation

feature right here. I can easily

just with the click toggle over to Spanish.

And now all of my navigation here is translated

for me and this

feature does uh carry over

once you log in or create that account. So

right here, if you recall, this is where I could click

to log in or sign up. When

I click here, all of my sign up instructions

remain in Spanish and once I actually enter

the resource signed in, it will carry over there as

well. All

right, but I'm gonna toggle back to English for now

and let's go ahead and do that and log in or sign up.

So again, I can do that right down here with this blue button

or up at the top, you'll have the prompts there.

We have our first question. So someone asked

if the school already has an

account for Peterson's test prep, do students need

to individually make their own accounts? So,

yes. So your students would need to make their

own account to come in and save their progress

as they're working on it. Even if your school has access,

they would each need to make their own account.

All right. And so to make those accounts, it's kind of work seamlessly

with what I'm talking about right now.

Uh, they would just sign up right here

if they don't have one already.

And the information that we need here is just gonna

be first name, last name.

Uh, email address is optional, but it

does give you this nice little dis disclaimer here

that, uh, it's never gonna be used

for promotional material or to contact

them in any way except to

recover their password. So, if they're

kind of hesitant about using their email address

or email address, they can rest assured that it's only

gonna be for Peterson's. But if they wanna

sign up without, they always can do that just by

toggling here.

But it's still gonna give you that little disclaimer that

if you're not using your email address, if

you lose your info, your account will not be retrievable

anymore. So we do recommend using that email

address here.

All right, then they just can pick their password at the bottom

and register,

but I already have an account. So I'm gonna log

in. All

right. And now I'm back on my new home page. But

again, the only thing that's changed is that I am now logged in at

the top. I can see my little, my letter L

that I have in the resource but everything

else is gonna work the same.

All right. So with Peterson's, you now have a couple

of different options to browse our content.

And the very first one as you scroll down is

gonna be this call to action here. Do

I wanna prep for an exam? Find a school

or scholarship uh prep test educational

schools? Which path do I want to take?

So once I select one like prep for an exam,

it's gonna have me choose a category, you know, which

kind of exam would I wanna prep for?

We'll do college test, prep

and then which of those exams am I preparing

for? And we'll just go with the AC

T for now.

All right, after you've narrowed it down, it's kind of guided

you along to find the perfect materials for you.

It's gonna show you what we have available. So for the AC

T, we have an online course and

then we also have practice tests

along with this actual course. And test

here. We have supporting materials like those books

that I was talking about. Nice PDF

version of the AC T prep guide ebook,

some articles that they can view. So tips

and strategies for the AC T and

this actually links directly out to the AC T


if they need some more information about testing

and then you get your little about section so about this

test and because both of these

are related to the AC T, they are the same, the materials

that go along with it.

All right, now, I'll click into one if you're unfamiliar, Peterson's

just to show you how these are set up. But both the online

course and practice tests are kind of built into modules.

So your students or patrons,

they can kind of pick and choose which pieces

they want to do

if I'm preparing for the AC T. And I

know I'm really great at English.

I've got this part down pat, but I need some

help with math. I can pick the

specific modules that I want to use to prepare

for that part of the test.

All right, you're gonna have course materials, of course,

like this intro to AC T mass math.

You can see I already started it,

which is, is a good time to point out if you had an existing

Peterson's account before the update, anything

you did before Monday still carries over.

So you don't lose any of that progress. Everything should still

look the same in terms of your coursework.

All right. But even within this, this module on my

intro to math, I can still from

here pick and choose which parts

of the course that I wanna take.

And it's even showing me some example questions that are built

in here. Now with the course,

if you notice, let me come back here

within these courses, you might also get practice

tests. So right here, I've got a post assessment on

just mathematics that I can take.

And this is gonna be in addition to

the practice test that I have here. So a lot

of great course material and practice tests available

uh for your, your, your exams.

Now, once I've seen something and I know that

I want to favorite it or add it to my resources

so I can get back to it easily later. All

I have to do is click this button right over here. So

I'm gonna add the online course,

give it a second to load like a confirmation

that it's there.

And I'm gonna add my practice test too.

All right, once it's in my resources, you can just click

in and

it'll show you my goals. So now I have

a goal clearly of taking the AC T if I

was favoring that material. Right? So here's

all the content related to the AC T

that I need to study.

If I decide that I want to add a new goal

or search for a new goal. I can do that

right here

and it's going to bring me to that exact same experience

that I just had on the home page.

So maybe now I'm preparing for a vocational

test. I can

go in

select any of these vocations, which

I'm gonna go into medical and nursing here.

And it's going to break down all the different

tests that we have, which you can see for medical nursing.

We've got quite a few. If I kept scrolling here,

it goes on for a little while.

But I'm just gonna pick this

NCLEX course

and here we can click in so you can view it.

We close up these tabs. Here we go.

Just to show the format might look a little different. I mean,

the course names you can see they're broken down by the different

areas of the nclex, but it still works

the same way where you can pick and choose what you'd like to do.

All right, let me add this to my resources.

And if I go back now,

I have a new goal, I've got AC T

selected. So it's just showing me that material.

But if I went over to medical and nursing, it's

just gonna show me what I selected there. So it keeps

it easily organized. So it's not too overwhelming

when they click in and say, oh my gosh, I have five courses

added. Well, no, let me pick which goal I'm

working on today and I can go into

that course, that practice test and start working on

it. All

right. So that was our first way to browse was just by

clicking into one of these calls to action here on the

home page

the next way. And the one that I mentioned uh

in our slides before is that now

you can just scroll through the home page and see all

this content and all the tools that we have. So

we were looking before at the, the test that we had

to improve for or prepare for,

you know, a college level test. Well, I also

have foundational skills, high school

grad school international

and you can see that all these are hyperlinked. It's gonna suggest

a couple popular ones. But if you click

into et cetera or click on the name itself, it'll show you all

of them. Same

for vocational schools is all linked out.

And then career tools you can see

here, we've got four different career tools to look at.

Uh the first one being career advice.

This is going to bring you to that kind of career cruiser

quiz that I mentioned again in our slides before.

Oh, sorry. No, that's gonna be the next one. This is going to be

uh modules that you can use to prepare for

your career. So uh whether you are

just starting out in your job search, getting

into your resume basics or

even some of these are really specific and interesting.

Like if you are making a career change

or the benefits of temping or transitioning

out of the military, we've got some really great advice here

that you can click into. We'll go to salary negotiations

and let's walk you through, maybe how to navigate through

that specific scenario or that situation that you're

in. All

right. Find a career is what I was thinking. I clicked

on before

this is going to bring you to the quiz,

which you can see I've already taken.

Uh, there's four quizzes total that you can take,

but only two of them are required and they assess

your interests and values. But

if you want to really narrow down your, your results even

further, you can assess based on personality and

workplace preference as well.

Um But these are different kinds of questions where you kind of

rank these things based on importance

or, you know, things that maybe aren't important to you.

And it's going to start suggesting careers

that maybe match your interests. If

you want to explore those, you can click right up

here, explore career matches

and it's going to suggest them based on strength.

So you can see at the top, my strongest

area is in education, which I've already said I'm a former

educator. So that works perfectly for me.

Uh I've also got human services though,

arts media communication. If I was

ever thinking about changing careers

I can view specific careers within each by

clicking in

and it's going to show you them based on strength.

So if I think, ok, well, you know,

I taught middle school, maybe I wanna be a preschool

teacher. Let's see what it says here about that position.

It's going to give me a really nice overview

of this career. So a description,

some titles I may want to look for when I'm applying

uh on the job things that I would be doing.

And then I can even go over to programs. I would wanna




and skills.

And then over on the right here, it's gonna give you a nice video

to give an overview, your average

salary job outlook.

And then I can go in and actually find jobs

related to this.

This is just a tool where I can type in my

zip code,

the career that I'm looking for. So we'll just keep it pretty

broad here and say education.

There we go.

Give it just a second to load.

All right. And now not only is it showing me

uh jobs related to education

in my area, but it's also sort

of them based on that relevance. So my very strong

match up here uh integrated physical

science instructor or instructor in general

education, a mathematics instructor.

Uh and these are always impress the heck out of me because

I was a math and science teacher. So the fact these are my

first two recommendations are pretty, pretty

cool, but I can scroll through here and see all

the openings in my area. I put in the

zip code for an area, a nearby area

here in Cincinnati,

uh and see what's available.

And if you go in and click on these,

it'll bring you to the actual application site

where I can apply for this position if I'm interested.

All right. Next, we have our online resume builder.

This is everyone's favorite.

This is one of the coolest tools I think we have in here,

especially speaking as someone who had to beef up my resume

recently. And it's challenging, you know, whether

you've, you've got one already existing or you're kind of starting

from scratch. It can be a lot to, to take

on at once. So we've got this builder

where you can create your resume cover

letter website or career journal,

but they're all set up to work the same way.

So when you click in to create new,

you can either upload an existing resume,

use some example content that we have

or start from scratch.

I always like using some example content

here. It helps a lot with maybe figuring

out some of that verbiage on how you wanna phrase your

daily tasks or your responsibilities.

But I can search either for the position I currently

have or maybe the one I'm applying for. So I can

look at, you know, maybe some things I wanna include.

So we'll say I'm looking for something with, as an executive


Ok, there

we go. And

it's gonna give me some recommended uh, resumes

here to look at.

Now, I can preview it first.

Get an idea of what this person has done some

information there. But once I select it,

it's gonna open up the resume builder and it's gonna import

any information that I already have. So it's

gonna give you my name, location,

the email address that I used when I created my account

here at Peterson's. But then it's gonna keep

all of that work somebody else already did.

Uh So that way I have this as example, content

and once I get in here, I can really change this

however I'd like. So it's

using one of our templates which you can

see right over here. We've got a couple of really nice templates

to choose from.

Let's say I like this Gallant one better I can


and it's gonna change the format but all the content

stays. So I can use one of our premade

templates as is or I can

come in and change it up on my own. So if I wanna pick

a different font,

let's do these two.

It changes everything. For me, the font size,

I can change the colors, you know, maybe I'm not

a fan of orange, I'd rather it be

uh let's say green or oh, that's a little too bright.

We will try this one

and drag it down.

There we go and I screen there, I can

change it up however I'd like. And if I realize,

OK, I got a little too far from where I want. I can

always reset the styling and go right back to

that, that temple that I was using before.

All right, you can also change your page layout and

just kind of change your margins there.

Look at more examples. So if I realize that this

is not the one I want to use, I can do that search again

and find a different example content.

Or if I realize I had a resume and I wanna import

it, I can go ahead and, and import that one

there. But the resume builder has a lot

of different tools and capabilities. And even

here, you know, if I decide that I wanna do

a different order,

I can click things, move around and

totally change up my resume

on the screen here pretty quick and easily.

All right. And then the last tool that we have within

career tools in the home page here is the job search,

but that works pretty much the same way. It doesn't find

a career. So you know how we just search for

uh careers in Cincinnati, I can do the same thing

right here. OK.

Another way that you can browse content, of course,

I could keep scrolling down to look for a school or scholarship

but I also have this browse menu option.

That kind of follows me as I'm moving around.

When I click in here, it breaks down all

those sections that we have in the home page. So we've already

looked at these, but let's go to find a school.

And here are my tools that I have the school search,

scholarship, search and financial aid quiz.

We'll go to our school search first.

All right. This is also received an update with the

uh interface change, but it works the same way

as it did previously,

you can toggle now between school

and scholarship searching right here at the top.

Pretty quickly,

you also can toggle between undergrad

and graduate level.

We have a toggle now also for distance learning

only. So if I know I want to do online learning, I can turn

this on

and it's gonna change all my schools for me.

But all your filters down below should be the same as

before. So you can filter by location.

So I'm located in Kentucky, but maybe I want to get

away from home for school and I wanna go to New York or California.

But I don't know what schools there are. I can filter and it's

gonna give me a full list of those schools,

the size,

studying tuition amount, of course,

very important. So you can really narrow down

and see what's gonna be within the range of possibilities

for you. But I chose

one from the home page,

Temple University in Philadelphia.

We'll click in there

because no matter which of the schools that you get or

that you select, it should have pretty similar information

on the home page or on the, the page for it.

So you're gonna have an overview at the top, just giving

you some background information on the university itself,

the location and contact information,

the majors and degrees being offered, which you

can scroll through. But there are quite a few here at this

university. So I know it's pretty big,

the student body population

gallery of images if we have them

and even these social links here at the bottom, which are

nice, you can see their social media accounts. But

then also the school links where if I want

to visit or if I want to apply, they're

linked right here. So rather than having to go to the actual

school homepage and kind of click around and

find all this information in the different places, it's

just a little one sheet on that school.

Now, if I've gone through this and I like it and

I wanna save it for later,

I can just save to my schools here

and it's gonna be located in my resources when

I go there in just a few minutes. But before I go

in, I wanna add a scholarship.

So let's go back

to our search tool

and now let's find a scholarship that I can use there.

Ok. So I was looking at an undergrad school

so I'll, I'll toggle over to undergrad

and it was in Pennsylvania.

So I wanna change my state of study now

to Pennsylvania.

All right, here are the undergrad scholarships

that I have for Pennsylvania that I can apply

for. If I click on any of


I'm gonna get that overview page again, but for

this specific scholarship, so a description,

maybe the background information on it, who, who

started it,

uh the amount details

eligibility requirements

and then how to apply. So you can get an address

here and some contact information.

But just like with schools, if I wanna save this

to apply for it later,

I can save to my scholarships

and now it's gonna be added in my resources.

So let's go back here and see how that looks now.

So I've still got my goals here for AC T

and for nursing. But now under schools,

there's Temple University

and my scholarship. So you can see how a student could

really build this out with all the schools they're applying

to and looking at all the scholarships they

wanna apply to and look for. They can save

them all here and keep it pretty neatly organized.

Are you also noticed that I have my jobs?

If you see any jobs you wanna apply for, you

can also save those here. You can see I saved one for

a training instructor that's remote.

Oh, someone said, that's a very good question. They said are

the schools included in the school search limited to schools

in the US or does it include international schools?

I believe it is only in the US,

but I can check and get a definite answer for you.

I'll include that in our follow up email tomorrow. Let

me write that down. So don't forget,

but I would guess it would just be US schools.

Ok. Let me go back to our home page here

and our very last browsing

option. So we've got our calls to action

the home page browse menu. We

still have our basic search here. So you can always do

a basic search if you come in and you know what

you're looking for. You can type in those terms

and our search assist is gonna pop up. So

if I'm looking for financial aid information,

I can see, oh, I've got a financial aid quiz that I can

take and learn a little bit more about that.

So the basic search,

we'll just recommend some searches for you, but you'll see that

if you clear it, we're also giving you popular

searches within the resource. So people are looking

at those schools and sat online

and then trending terms as well.

All right.

So that is Peterson's, that's our update and

our full walk through.

Um, before we head back to our slides, I did

wanna show you

because Peterson's just updated on

Monday. We are getting our support materials together

and update on the support site if you've

never been, uh,

has a wealth of information, not just for Peterson's,

but for any of our products. So

if you go in

and browse products here,

I'm gonna type in Peterson, thats what I am looking for.

We'll go to test and career prep. We

have our resource guide. So if you are needing

to train people on this at your library or

school, if you scroll down

right here, you'll see. It's been updated, the resource guide,

this really walks you through every

part of the resource that we just looked at today. Doesn't

just focus on the updates, it focuses on, you know, the

resource as a whole. So what is it,

how you get started, find your contents.

This is a really great tool to use if you need to do

training quickly. Um But I would suspect

that we're gonna have the rest of the materials updated shortly

as well. Ok. But the resource

guide is a good place to head to for now.

All right, let me go back

to my slides here

and we will wrap up.

Ok. So after today,

if you'd like to connect with us, uh you do

have a customer success manager. You can email

at [email protected].

They're really great if you've got any questions about your

resources or Peterson's, you

also, if you don't have Peterson's yet you have a sales

consultant that you can access. Uh

will help you figure out who that is. And

then just as I showed you the support site,

um has great information. Uh and

you can check any upcoming webinars that we may have

and then, and then check back to see what tools that we've updated

on the Peterson's page. But I do also

have a training session survey for you to take.

Let me know how I did any feedback on

the resources that we looked at. But I do

believe I have the session set up that, that after

we um wrap up here, it should open

on your desktop automatically.

Oh, ok. We have a question here.

So if someone asks, is there a way to track usage statistics

on topics completed within the course content?

I've only been able to do sessions and card

click count. So clicking on something,

Sarah, let me see,

Sarah. I would have to check with our product team and get

back to you on that because I'm not sure I see what you're saying about

tracking the specific usage.

You wanna know, like which of the course

contents they're using.

I'm not certain that you can, but I can definitely check

with our product team and get back to you. Let me write

that one down as well.

And then someone else asked uh we are long

time subscribers to test and or to test prep

and career prep. How do we convert?

You don't have to, it converted for you. So when we update

it on Monday, everybody's resources


updated with it. So it should already have the updated

platform for you.

OK. Any other questions?

All right. Well, I wanna thank you guys for

your time today. Check out our webinars

that way you can uh see what's coming up. Uh

I'm, I'm gonna hang on the line for a few minutes,

but otherwise I will see you

at our next session. All right. Thank you so much. Bye.
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