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Explore Enhancements to Gale Presents: Miss Humblebee’s Academy

Gale Presents: Miss Humblebee’s Academy has received platform enhancements and added both video and Spanish content to better support learners. New instructor- led lessons support engagement beyond activities and expand learning to include more focus on letters, shapes, numbers, science, emotional intelligence, and fitness. Join this session to explore the new enhancements and content found within this valuable resource.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Welcome to our session today.

We're going to be exploring the new enhancements

to Gale Presents: Miss Humblebee's Academy.

My name is Amber Winters and I am

a senior training consultant here at Gale and

I'll be walking you through the resource today.

So a brief agenda, of course, first,

we're going to talk about those new enhancements

where you can find them, what they're going to do

and then we're going to walk through the resource so you can

see those in action to make sure

you really get the full view of what

we've done to enhance this resource

at the very end of the session. There should be plenty

of time for any questions that I haven't been able

to answer as we move along today.

but feel free to pop the questions into the Q

and A. Whenever you think of them throughout the session,

I should be able to answer them kind of as we walk

through and I will have some wrap

up information as well as some context for

you at the very end of the session as well.

So let's go ahead and dive right in. So if you're

new to Miss Humble Bee's Academy, I want to just give

you three points to kind of orient you

before we talk about our enhancement. So first

off, this is designed to support kindergarten

readiness. So this is designed specifically

for kids age 3 to 6 and

we do align it to both preschool

and elementary standards. So it is pre

aligned for your users. The content

is cross curricular, everything from

excuse me, language, letters

numbers, social studies,

social, emotional learning, as well

as health. We have some really great exercise videos

in here and this platform does

allow for either guided or customizable

learning pathways. So it's

pre designed to guide learners,

both Children and their parents through

this platform going through each of the different lessons

and activities. But your users

do have the capability to kind of navigate how

they want to as well.

So that's Miss Humble Bee's Academy

in a nutshell, but we are focused

specifically on enhancements today. So let's

go ahead and start talking about those.

So our first enhancement is going to be an

improved navigation bar on the bottom

of the page. You'll see. I've pulled it forward here

for you. Previously, this navigation

bar was broken into different subjects. So

you'll find math and science literacy,

social emotional learning. We've decided

to change that up and now it's broken into

the different content types. So instead

of seeing

math, they're going to see videos.

If they want to take a look at a video. If they wanted to

read an ebook, we've pulled those out. We've

pulled out a teach me section as well.

So we've decided to organize it in a different manner

so users can make sure they're finding all

of the information they need all of the, the

specific content types.

We've added quite a few new on demand

lessons here as well. You see, I've pulled forward

just a few

and all of these are going to be teacher led. They're

still generally very, very short. Some

a lot are less than a minute. Even

you'll see some are just focused on circles

or triangles. So we've pulled all

of those forward into the teach me tab now.

So young kids who are coming

in taking a look at this, they'll be able to see

an actual individual, you know, writing out letters

or running through a, a quick science experiment.

They'll be able to take a look at that right here on this platform.

And our third enhancement that I'll mention today

is going to be our new Spanish content and

this is actually still a, a work

in progress. But right now, we've created

Span Spanish language principles.

So the principles that have always been on this platform,

we've added in some Spanish version,

some Spanish translations to those. So

your students, I'm sorry, your learners and

their parents can download print that content

right off the platform, just like they would the

English version

and we currently have Spanish

video captions and Spanish ebooks

on their way. So we're currently working on those.

They haven't made it into this launch, but they

are in process and will be out here as well.

So those will add to the Spanish language

content that we have found here within this resource.

Now, I really want to show you how these enhancements

function and how your users are going to be able to navigate

through them. I will ask as I'm switching

over here any questions before we just

dive right into the platform.

OK? I don't see any. So

I'm going to just start off here on the main sign

in page at Miss Humble Academy. You'll

notice this hasn't changed at all.

They'll still be able to either create their

own account or use guest accounts, whichever

they prefer. I will just briefly mention,

I always suggest having your users,

your parents, your kids create

their own account that way it will save their progress

and they'll be able to save their rewards and things

like that. I already have an account. So

let me sign in really quickly here.

Again, nothing's changed on this front. This is still

the same. You'll be able to choose your student. If

you have parents coming in with more than one child,

they'll be able to choose whichever. So we'll go ahead and click

into Blair today.

I'm going to skip this

and I'm going to start here. Actually, at the beginning,

you'll see it kind of drop me off where I ended

within my learning pathway. But let's start at the beginning.

So we can see, Miss Humble be here. So,

just like before you'll see, I still have my

stepping stones that are going to tell me what lessons

I should complete. I can click into any

of those at any time.

Once they're completed, they turn red.

You'll see there's quite a few. If they're not completed

here, you'll see. This is the last one I ended at. So this

is what I need to start with.

But that process stays the same

again down below. This is the biggest

change in this resource here, our toolbar.

So we still have this my learning. I don't have

any customized learning set up. So I'm not going

to click into that. We do still have that here.

Our choose a lesson now is going to house

every content type that these

kids have access to. So if I click

into choose a lesson here, this

is a pretty substantial page with

a lot of content. So sometimes it takes just a second

to load. But when I click into that here,

it's going to show me every lesson I have

and we break it up based on content types.

You'll see ebooks here and

then our ebooks are broken into those subjects.

Underneath are those teach me videos? Again,

those are teacher led, instructor led,

you'll see they are broken down into things like letters

and letter sounds, numbers listed here as

well. And then underneath

that, we have our music and videos. So

these are specifically, of

course music and um

excuse me instrumental. So these aren't going to

be, those teach me videos, these aren't going to be

instructor led. These are going to be

more um

just pre creative videos and

music videos and things

like that underneath

that scroll down here, we have

all of our steam content. And previously, this

was only found in the dashboard. You actually

had to exit out of the classroom to take a look

at this and this is our offline curriculum

here. So your kiddos can take

a look at this. Now, instead of having to have parents

go into the dashboard to find them. So

they can take a look and see. Wow, this Spider

Counter Graft is really cool. Mom and dad can we

print this off and do this at home?

We've put that right here. So the

kids can access it now so they can kind of continue

to navigate even off the platform.

And then at the very bottom here

that, that we've included our principles as

well. So again, these principles were

initially just found on the dashboard where parents

could access them or whatever adult is handling

this m Humble Be's account.

They're now here for kids to look at again

as well, so they can take a look at these whenever they want

to. So

again, this choose a lesson section is

really broad and contains

every bit of content that kids can choose

to click into. So this is really

great if maybe they don't know what they want to take

a look at or maybe parents just kind of want to see

overall what sort of content we have in

this resource. This choose a lesson is a good

way to go because they can really just browse through everything

next to choose a lesson. We do still have

the About me section and this is where

your kiddos can customize their avatar.

You'll see here, we can choose clothing

color, all that great stuff here.

This is also where progress reports are found.

So if they want to see where they are within their lessons,

they can take a look at that.

Rewards are still found here as well. Remember

as students complete different lessons

and different activities, they'll be rewarded

with a few different types of rewards. So

we do still list them under the about me section

here. And

now moving on from this, about me, you'll see, I have

four different options here

and each of these four options were

outlined under my choose a lesson.

So they're all listed under choose a lesson and

now they're broken out here as well.

So if kids know they want to read a book,

we do have our ebooks pulled out separately.

You'll see, just like with that, choose a lesson

section. It is broken down by subjects

you'll see here, career exploration, friend,

friendship, and social skills,

history, and civics, all that good stuff. So they'll

still be able to click into any of these and

just read through them on their own. Lots of times

they do have kind of comprehension questions

and reading questions to make

sure we're still challenging those kids

as they're reading through these ebooks. And again,

they are found right here in their own separate


next to ebooks. We now have a teach me section

and I, I didn't mention this but these four are replacing

the subject, options on the previous

navigation. So they're replacing

the math button, social emotional

learning. So, next to ebooks,

we have teach me

and this is going to be again, those

instructor led videos

and still they're broken up, you'll see letters,

numbers, colors, all that good stuff.

Even though these ones you'll see are images and

they're not quite like these ones where you can see

the instructor,

all of these are instructor led as

well. I'll click on one. You won't be able to hear

it. He's

not sharing my audio with you. But you'll see,

we do still have the instructor here. So this individual

is going to help them um I forgot what

I clicked into. It looks like the color red. It's going

to help them learn about the color red.

So each of these are instructor led and they're different

to instructors for each different option

here. So students will see a variety of educators

as they're clicking through this.

This is where your users are going to be

able to find these social emotional

learning videos that we added a little

bit ago.

They'll be able to find those here and they'll also find

these great befit videos. And again,

these did have their own tab previously,

but we pulled them together under this. Teach me,

they're really nice to get ST to get

users engaged again off the platform.

They're usually just one quick little

exercise. Sometimes it's a stretch. Sometimes

it's an exercise that parents can do

with their kids or parents can have their kids do just

to get them up and moving and away

from the computer for a bit. You'll see soccer

kick apple picking. It's really a nice fun

section here.

Now, moving on from this, teach me you'll

see next to that. I have music and videos.

And again, these videos that I'm clicking into are

different because they are not the instructor led

videos. All of the instructor

led are going to be found under teach me other

videos that don't have instructors touched

will be found under music and videos

again, broken up here.

You'll see. We have another social oops,

scroll down too far, another social emotional

learning section. And again, these ones

are not instructor led, which is why we've pulled them

out separately.

But kids can easily click through these to take

a look.

Scrolling down here. I do also want to point

out these songs about animals are really, really

popular. You've pulled them off forward here.

So I always recommend sharing those with

your users. They are great,

but again, broken up by subject and really simple

to find under this music and video section.

And the last tab we have available is this

steam option here.

And this again is going to be pulling forward

the offline activities that were previously

just listed in the dashboard for

parents to see.

So again,

there real kids can navigate through and

find something interesting

maybe Groundhog Day and we'll

get all of this information listed here for them.

There we go.

And at the very bottom there are print options.

So if they do bring this to their parents or again,

whatever adult is working with them through this platform

and they say I'm very interested in this. Can

we maybe print it out? We do include

it right here on this page. They can click into it and

choose what they want to print out.

Nice and simple

and again underneath that.

Oh, I'm sorry.

No. We have special interest

here and those are all included under this steam


Now, are there any questions about this new navigation

at all before we move on to finding

some additional Spanish content?

OK. I don't see any questions. So let's

go ahead and move forward then. So now

I'm going to navigate out of my classroom

here. I'm going to go to my dashboard. So

same as before to do that, I click into this little

hamburger icon in the top, right.

And I just hit exit classroom

and we haven't changed the look of this at all.

It is still the same. So we still have

our managing student section

if you need to change the number of students you

have or the names of students or whatever

you need to do.

But I want to point out here, I'm going to click into

my principal practice worksheets,

which is

not easy to say principal practice worksheets.

So when I click into that here, it's going

to pull this forward and this is where we'll find

our Spanish version of these different worksheets

as well. So I click into letters

here. Let's click into that first

and I scroll down. You'll see you get both

the English version and the Spanish version.

And if it is a Spanish version, we've labeled

it as Spanish.

So they can easily see that as they're scrolling

through to make sure they get that Spanish version

of the content.

We've also got numbers here. You'll see. We

have our numbers in Spanish. Another

great one I want to point out to you are the color

practice sheets. We have those in Spanish as


You just click into one so you can kind of get a feel what these

look like.

So you see, we do have them built out in Spanish

and now users can print them, download them

whatever they want to do. They can even open it on their

desktop right from here.

So we'll be able to have this content

in addition to the spa or excuse me, in

addition to the English version, they have both.

So this is a really nice option for

individuals who are trying to help kids

as they learn English. Maybe they

are native Spanish speakers to have both

versions of this document listed for them

is oftentimes helpful for them to kind of understand

and connect to the different languages together.

So we do have both versions here. You'll see sitting

next to each other and they can both be downloaded

and printed and taken wherever,

wherever kids want them to go.

And same as before I will also mention

under curriculum. You'll see we have all

of our curriculum list information listed

here. Oops

and under resources. We'll still find all

of that great content here.

So let me just return to my classroom here.

So go back to the student view

and now I will ask do we have any questions

we've been quiet today and we have quite a bit

of time to make sure everything gets answered.

So please put your your questions

in the Q and A so I can make sure I get those answered.

But those are the main enhancements

that we have created for Miss

Humble Bee's Academy. Again, as I mentioned,

we have some additional Spanish content that's

going to be pulled into the platform

soon it's currently being worked on.

So you will see that

in the near future,

we don't have any questions. So let me provide

you with some wrap up information before we leave

for the day.

So if you want some additional information

about Gale Presents: Miss Humblebee's Academy,

or maybe you want to talk about usage or something like that,

you have access to a customer success manager

who can work you through that. If you don't

know who they are, just send an email to [email protected]


and we can forward you to the correct individual

and they can even walk you through the platform again. If

you need maybe another quick 30 minutes walk

through just to take a look at all of the features

if you don't have access to this resource right

now, but you want to talk to someone about it, you can reach

out to your sales consultant. If you don't

know who that is, you can just go to



And we do already have some premade support

and training tools available for you as

well as some patron facing content.

So if you want to get this information out to your patrons,

we do have some material ready

for them. We even have activities for Miss Humble Bee's

Academy. We have a nice

brief tutorial for patrons letting them

know what Miss Humblbee's Academy is about

to find all of that content. You can just go to our support

site and that's

You'll be able to click directly into Gale Presents: Miss Humblebee's Academy,

and you'll find

all of the training materials related to

that resource right there.

And I do have a session survey here if you

all have time to take it today, um

It will pop up in your browser once we're done with

the session. So you can certainly take it that way or

I have just a simple QR code here

that you can scan.

And again, I haven't seen any questions pop

up, so I'll go ahead and end our session

for the day. I appreciate everyone for being on

the line and hopefully we'll see you in

future sessions.
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