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Last Updated: May 13, 2024

Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School Onboarding Part One- Program Manager Dashboard

Duration: 30 Minutes
Welcome to today's onboarding on

the Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School

program manager dashboard. My

name is Allie Everett and I'm your senior customer

success manager here at Gale. First

off, we are so excited that you have decided

to offer this life changing opportunity

at your library. This program provides

such incredible outcomes. A chance

for adults to go back and get their high school

diploma cost free 100%

online through the library.

Let's dive into today's training.

The program manager dashboard is the central

hub for managing the Excel Adult

High School program also sometimes

called the admin dashboard.

This is where you'll be able to see applicants

manage students pull reports,

view student information, track

student progress and much more

for all staff who need access to the

program manager. Dashboard, we first

need to set everyone up with an admin account.

So please make sure that we have this information

on our end

from there. All staff will receive

an email confirmation that their account

has been set up and this will

come from [email protected].

Please be sure to check your email

and we also recommend checking your spam

folder just in case

once you're ready to log in, you'll

go to

We recommend bookmarking this site since

you'll be using it frequently.

And the first time you log in you'll need to do a

two factor authentication.

So first you'll enter in your account

ID, which is exceled,

all one word, all lower case.

Then on the next screen, you'll enter

your user name which follows

a first name dot last name


and click, forgot password,

check your email for the password reset

email and make sure to check your spam

folder as well. Just in case

once you receive the password reset, email,

click the link provided and reset your


then log in with your user name

and new password.

After you log in, you will be prompted

to enter a multi factor authentication

or MFA code.

Check your email again for the code

and then enter it in the box and click


You can also check the box that says, remember

this browser for the next 60 days.

If you do not want to do this step regularly,

which we recommend since it makes logging in a lot


Once you are logged in, you'll see

your dashboard. And on this page, you have a couple

of different places. You can go

several quick links are available.

But we recommend that you navigate to the account

management tab. On the left hand side

here is where you'll be able to see the four

phases of the process from top to bottom.

Step one applications,

step two prereqs, step

three scholarships and step

four enrollments and graduates.

The number next to each one of these sections

will change depending on how many applicants

or students you currently have in each area.

So for example, in this screenshot here,

I have zero applications, zero

students in the prereq course, one

student waiting for a seat, five

students actively enrolled and

three graduates,

these numbers will change in real time.

And if I click on the number, it will take

me to a list of those specific applicants

or students within that phase of the process.

I'll dive into each one of these areas and

what they mean a little later on

the process works as a funnel system.

So when you're thinking about reaching potential


you really want to cast a wide net.

Each phase of the process naturally

weeds out candidates that might not

make it all the way to graduation.

Here's an example on this slide.

So let's say that you've purchased five scholarships

or seats. We use these terms interchangeably,

you do a press release, promote excel

in a blog post and have posted

marketing materials throughout your locations

and a total of 30 people apply

of those 30. Let's say you accept

25 applications. So

maybe five don't fit the initial requirements

and we'll talk a little bit more about that later. On

25. Move on to the prereq

life Skills course.

Now, the life skills course is an abbreviated

version of one of the courses taken through

Excel and it consists of two

chapters and two quizzes

all in all. It only takes about an hour to

complete. So not a huge time commitment,

but it is an additional step for applicants

to have to complete before being considered. For

the program.

Applicants have two weeks to complete

the course with a 70% or higher

and they have three attempts at each quiz.

Typically, we see less than 50%

of applicants complete the Prereq course.

So let's say for example, that of the 25

students you've accepted into the prereq

10 pass it and 15

either fail or don't complete it

from there. The next step is the interview

which we'll talk more about later,

you interview 10 candidates and

from this group, you choose five

to assign your scholarships to,

let's say the other five you've deemed unfit

for the program,

then five students move on to

be enrolled for up to two years as they work

toward obtaining their diploma,

then of the five students, four graduate.

So this illustrates how it took 30

initial applicants to yield

four graduates.

Ultimately, all of these steps are in place

to help you make the most out of your investment.

And to ensure that candidates that are serious

about graduating are the ones

who enroll in the first place.

So let's talk about applications. Step

one, if someone has submitted

an initial application,

that means that they've found your Excel

re recruitment site and

through that site, they have created

an account and submitted an application.

The number next to application decision

will change depending on how many applications

are waiting to be either accepted

or denied.

There's no expiration for these applications

and they will sit in this phase until you

make a decision regarding their application.

As a best practice, we recommend that you

log in at least a few times per week

to process any new applications that

you have come in

so that applicants aren't waiting too long

for a decision.

Any applications you deny will

appear in denied applications

and you'll have full access to them.

Once you click on application decision,

you'll be able to view all pending applications

waiting for your decision.

When considering an applicant click,

go next to their name,

click program details

and here you'll be able to see the answers

to their application questions.

The questions will be customized depending

on the information you initially submitted

to us at Gale. And if you need

to make any changes or add any questions,

feel free to reach out to us,

the questions will read. Are you a resident

of whatever your service area

is? Are you blank

years of age or older? Usually

18 or 21.

What's the last grade of formal education

you successfully completed?

And do you have a library card in good standing?

If not, are you willing to get one

given this information, you're going to make

a decision about whether to proceed with

their application

and move them on to the prereq course

or whether you'd like to deny their application.

Now, every library is different.

We know some libraries that are flexible

in terms of their service area whereas

other libraries really want all applicants

to live within their service area.

Some libraries want to accept patrons

only, whereas others don't mind

opening it up to non patrons as well.

So it's really up to you to do

what you want with this information. But

just know that these are the questions the applicant

will be required to answer.

If you have any additional questions for the

applicant, you'll also have their phone

number and email so you can reach out directly

to them. Many libraries

take this as an opportunity to grow their patron


If you decide to proceed with non patrons,

once you've decided on the applicant, you'll

change their status in the top right hand

corner, your options at this point are

either prerequisite which would

be moving them forward and assigning them the

prerequisite life skills course or

canceled which will deny their application.

All applicants will receive an automatic

email confirmation regarding

your decision either way

and you'll be blind, copied on that email

as well

to learn more about the emails deployed

throughout the program. Please see the

video on automatic emails

on the gale support site.

After you change an applicant status

to prereq, then their name will automatically

be moved from applications

to prereqs in progress. Step

two on the console.

They will have 14 days to complete

the life skills course with a 70%

or higher. But like I mentioned earlier,

the course only takes about an hour.

Applicants who fail the course or

who don't complete it altogether

will automatically appear and failed.

There's really nothing you need to do while the

applicant is in this phase,

it's up to them to log in and complete

the course to prove that they are serious about

the program.

If you'd like to track their progress, you

can navigate to the courses tab in

the student's profile, which is the same

place you'll go to track students enrolled

in courses later on too.

At this point, the only course listed

will be the prereq course

pending means that the student has not

yet accepted the course while

in progress means that they have started on

it. On the right hand

side, you'll be able to dive into their quiz grades.

All courses operate the same

way as

a best practice. We recommend not

reaching out to applicants during the prereq

phase unless they request help.

Typically, we find that applicants who need

several reminders or some hand holding

during this process are not successful

in the program. And we really want this

prereq to showcase the applicant's self


every night. Around midnight, students

who have passed the prereq are automatically

moved to the next part of the process. Part

three scholarships,

applicants will receive an email confirming

that they've completed the prereq and

you'll be blind, copied on it as well.

Step three is the interview

we've heard from many program managers

that they really enjoy the interview process.

It gives you a chance to get to know people

in your community hear about their past

their motivation moving forward and oftentimes

their stories are very compelling,

properly, vetting applicants during

this interview process is vital.

Consider some of the questions here.

Do they sound excited about this opportunity?

Do they sound nervous or apprehensive?

Does it sound like they'll have the time to commit to

the program

as the best practice, we recommend students commit

8 to 10 hours per week once enrolled,

which is about 3 to 5 quizzes per

week. On average,

everyone is busy jobs, kids

life, but you do want to make sure

that the candidate will be able to carve out

time to chip away on their coursework.

The self paced aspect makes this convenient

for the student.

It could look like two hours per night after

their kids go to bed or it could look like

eight hours on a Saturday if they're busy

Monday through Friday,

some libraries even have candidates fill

out a time management chart during the interview

or write a short essay on why they'd like

to enroll.

Technology is often a hurdle for some

learners. So you'll want to ask how

comfortable they are with technology.

Do they have a plan for when times get


Two years is a long time and a lot

can happen. Do they have child care?

What happens if they quit their job? If

they get sick,

you'll want to make sure that they are set

on graduating

and that they have a support system in place.

And finally, what are their goals? Do they want

to obtain their diploma to get a promotion,

a higher paying job? Do they want to

go to college or further their education

after high school?

We have some retired students

who have always had it on their bucket list.

So ask about those details what they're

hoping to achieve with their high school diploma

in hand

for a list of sample interview questions

and an optional commitment pledge. Please

visit the gale support site

and then finally, step four is

enrolling a student or assigning a seat.

You'll view the student's profile, change

their status to enrolled and that's it.

They now have a scholarship.

They'll receive an automatic welcome email

with next steps on how to access their coursework.

If you decide that an applicant will not

be given a scholarship at this point, please

change their status to locked.

This will help keep your dashboard clean.

And if you decide at a later date that you'd like

to grant them a seat, you will still be able

to access their account.

Once you assign a student a scholarship,

they can get started on their classes as

early as that same day

during the 1st 30 days of their enrollment,

students are in their probationary period.

Students can be dropped within

the probationary period and the scholarship

will be granted back to you automatically

for you to use for another student.

After 30 days that scholarship

belongs to the student and it's


We recommend closely monitoring students

progress during this time. Consider

having a standard students have to complete

and make sure to tell them about your expectations

during the interview.

We recommend one full course.

It's easy to track on the back end under


The student will receive an email five

days prior to their probationary

period deadline.

If you choose to drop a student, you can

change their status to dropped

after you assign a scholarship to a student.

They'll receive a welcome email with video tutorials

on program tips along with the login

guide. They'll also be prompted

to transfer in their transcript

as the best practice. We recommend

that students log in and get started on

their courses. ASAP, no

need to wait on their transcript to transfer.

In the

first six courses are environmental

science, health and fitness, math

models and applications, media,

arts, public speaking and us,


and they're all automatically loaded to

the students dashboard,

regardless of the number of transferred

credits, a student is able to transfer

in from their previous high school experience.

All students must complete a minimum

of 5.5 credits

in the following subject areas.

One English, one math, one science,

one social studies and two electives.

Once a student has made it past

their 1st 30 days, their scholarship

is consumed and is unable to be credited

back to your dashboard.

All students have two years to complete

their coursework and graduate from the date

you assign them a scholarship

within the dashboard. There are a few places

you can go to track student progress

during their enrollment.

First off enrollment details

will show you their two year deadline

if they've transferred a transcript in

and you can actually download the transcript

as well.

Excel accepts transcripts from high

schools task high set

or past sections of the GED.

Students are able to transfer in

a maximum of 16 credits

and applying previous credits to their Excel

coursework shortens the path to graduation

and it's also a great motivator

as well.

LDA stands for last date

of activity.

This will show you the last date that the student

logged in. So if it was yesterday, great,

three weeks ago, and that's a red

flag on the courses tab,

you can dive into their current upcoming

and completed courses, GPA

program progress and quiz

and test grades as well as

a best practice. We recommend setting a calendar

reminder to check in with students at least

once a month to see how everything is going

and to help, provide assistance or

motivation if they need it.

Excel offers a wide array of elective

courses and they continue to update

and add new elective courses each year.

If a student would like to cater their curriculum

to fit their interests or perhaps their

future education and career plans,

they can contact an Excel success

coach to help swap out elective


The typical format for an Excel course

is a chapter or module followed

by a quiz

as the best practice for your students. We recommend

completing 3 to 5 quizzes per week

to stay on track to graduate on time.

Students can access correct and

incorrect answers immediately after

submitting their exam.

They also have three attempts for quizzes

and two attempts for midterms and finals.

All quizzes, midterms and finals

are multiple choice

study guides are provided and students are

allowed to use notes for all quizzes

and exams

to receive credit. Students must score

60% or higher on

everything quizzes. Finals and their

overall course grade

Excel is a program created for adults

and it's designed to be completely self paced

because of this. During the interview, you'll

want to ensure that the students enrolling

are self motivated and have the drive

to complete the program.

They have up to two years to graduate.

But we have seen students graduate in as little

as a few months depending on their pacing

and the number of credits they can transfer

in which really shortens the path to


The average time to graduate is about seven


Jody Alama and Nancy Hoff are the success

coaches at Excel that work directly with students

and also with library staff. So feel

free to reach out directly to them with any questions

regarding students and also feel

free to share their phone number with your students who

are welcome to call or text them directly

as well.

Excel offers a number of built

in support pieces and these are available

for students free of cost but

might be especially helpful for your neurodivergent

students, English language learners

and perhaps students who had IEPs in high

school. The first is train

the brain tutoring a 24 7

online tutoring service.

Students can register and sign up

for tutoring directly from their canvas account.

No need to fail a quiz or

a course to qualify Excel

takes the proactive approach and

allows up to three free sessions

per week.

Students can select their tutors based

on pre-recorded sessions and

they can record their tutoring session to refer

back on in the future.

Immersive reader is the language translation

tool available with an Excel coursework.

It reads course material aloud

and translates text into over 100

and 40 different languages.

Students can also use immersive reader

during quizzes and exams

that being said students will need

to complete several essays in English.

In order to pass their English courses.

The writing lab is available via their

campus account. This is where students can

submit an essay to receive feedback

on their writing samples.

Students can always email their instructors

directly through their canvas account

and the turnaround time is usually about

24 to 48 hours depending on the


and finally, excel success coaches

are there for support. They're there

to motivate students along the way to cheer

them on answer any questions.

Accommodate special case scenarios

and much more.

Please encourage your students to take advantage

of some of the free support pieces offered

by Excel

graduation. This is the fun part.

Once a student has fulfilled all of

their course requirements, they will receive a confirmation

email from Excel, then their

diploma and a leather bound cover will be shipped

directly to their address on file and

shipping info will be included in an email

so they can track the arrival of their diploma.

If a student doesn't have housing, we recommend

that they use the library's address.

Just keep in mind that once they graduate,

you'll be receiving that diploma at your


Once you have a few graduates, feel

free to celebrate your graduates by hosting

a graduation ceremony. What

better way to celebrate this monumental milestone

perhaps invite the foundation, friends

of the library, library board,

staff, city officials, the

state librarian and of course friends

and family of your graduates serve

refreshments, take photos, designate

a keynote speaker and most importantly


many libraries also take this opportunity

to promote Excel and to grow their program.

So perhaps consider doing a graduation

press release, including it in a newsletter

or blog, having media coverage.

For more ideas on graduation

based specifics. Please see our graduation

ceremony checklist on the gale

support site.

I won't read these graduate testimonies, word

for word, but I did want to show a few of the quotes

from Excel graduates. As you can see,

graduates are not only proud of themselves

once they have reached the finish line as they

should be,

but they also credit the Excel success

coaches but easy to navigate coursework

and overall, they rave about the program.

They've worked hard, they've graduated and

now all of their hard work will pay off for

the rest of their life in countless ways.

We hope that your students

and eventually graduates also

have equally positive experiences

with Excel

library program managers call Excel

well designed one of the most

impactful resources and

an incredible investment

in 2023 and 2024. Excel

won the platinum level Modern Library


on this slide. You can read a few testimonies

from program managers and we hope that

you also find that the Gale Presents: Excel

Adult High School program is easy to

manage rewarding and ultimately

a program that removes barriers and provides

tangible outcomes

know that you are not alone as you launch

Excel, we are here to help support

you. I'm Allie Everett, your

senior customer success manager. There's

my phone number and email. Kim Martin

is our senior marketing manager and she

creates all of the press release templates,

email templates, blog posts, social

media campaigns and more all available

on our gale support site.

Her job is to provide you with all

of the ready made resources. You need to

help spread the word

Casey Anderson is our product manager

and she works behind the scenes to make sure that

the Excel platform is running smoothly

and that all of the features and functions available

in the interface are working properly.

Please feel free to reach out to any of us at

any time with any questions at all.


is where you'll find all of our training and marketing

materials for Excel. This is our gale

support site.

So please explore this site

and utilize anything that looks helpful to you.

Thank you for watching this onboarding and

please tune into part two of our training

session which includes marketing and program


Again. We thank you for making this investment

and for all of the work you're doing to help

improve the lives of individuals

in your community.
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