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Last Updated: March 01, 2024

Using LibGuides to Organize and Promote Your University's Resources - For Higher Ed Users

Discover how you can leverage LibGuides to drive usage of your Gale resources on campus. Library A to Z lists are a powerful discovery tool to organize and promote your institution’s resources to the end user. Gale has worked closely with Springshare to be able to provide customized A-to-Z import files to our library partners, making the import of your Gale resources into you’re A-to-Z list seamless. In addition to A-to-Z list support, Gale also makes custom LibGuides for our library partners to align and promote Gale resources by subject, topic, course, and even faculty research areas. Join us to learn more about how you can utilize Gale’s Academic Outreach & Engagement team’s LibGuide support to bolster usage and awareness of your Gale resources. 

Duration: 60 Minutes
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