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Gale 101- Gale Presents: Peterson's Test Prep

Gale Presents: Peterson's Test Prep is a comprehensive online resource designed to help users excel in their test preparation journey. Whether they’re studying for college entrance exams like the SAT or ACT, starting a new vocation, or preparing for professional exams such as the GMAT or LSAT, Gale Presents: Peterson's Test Prep offers a wide range of study materials, practice tests, and expert guidance to boost their confidence and performance. 

In this webinar we walk you through the features and benefits of this powerful tool, providing valuable insights on how to make the most of it. 

Duration: 30 Minutes
Hello, everyone. Thank you for joining our gale

101 session today, we're going to be talking

about Gale Presents: Peterson's Test Prep

My name is Amber Winters

and I am your senior training consultant for the

day. So I have a brief

agenda here for everyone. First, we're going to

run through a quick overview of the resource.

So we'll talk about what you're going to find within the resource

where you're going to find it and things like that.

Then we'll spend the majority of the time actually walking

through the platform. So you can get a feel of the different

workflows that are available for your users.

And at the end of the session, we will have time for any

questions you have and I do have some wrap

up contact information for you as well.

Ok. So let's go ahead and get started here. So

Gale Presents: Peterson's Test Prep is of course

designed to help improve the scores

of your users from high school all the way up

to graduate students

as well as adult learners.

And as you would expect, kind of the key

section of this resource is going to be the prep

for an exam section that's going to

link your users to A P

testing, standardized testing, like the AC

TSAT, as well as other

college prep courses and things of that nature.

We also have a separate section specifically

for vocational tests. So if you have

adult learners who are trying to

move forward in their careers and maybe change careers,

we've pulled out vocational tests into a whole

separate section, So they'll be able to browse through those

as needed.

In addition to those test prep sections, though, we

also have some additional supports

materials to help your learners kind of move

forward. The first is going to be a school.

And so school and scholarship

search that's going to let them kind of find

where they want to go, they're going to see,

maybe if they have a specific school of mind,

they can look at the demographics of that school, maybe

some background information about it or they

can just search based on their interests, you know, if

they have taken the exam,

you know, and they're planning going to school, they

can kind of dig in to see what they can find.

And we also have the explore career options

section which is going to allow

your users to kind of dig into different

careers. It has a nice resume builder and it also

provides career advice for anyone who's

either looking to start a new career or just move

forward in their current career.

So let's dive in a little bit more into

our exam prep features. So the main

part of these exam prep kind of

units are going to be the practice

test. And some of the most popular tests include

the SAT and the PSAT the

AC T. We've got a huge collection of A P

tests, but we also have things like grad

prep, grad school prep. So like

the GRE the LS A, all

that information is going to be on this platform.

We do also have a test prep for

the US citizenship test and that is

kind of frequently asked for

especially in the public library realm.

So we do include that on this platform here as well

and all of our practice tests are timed.

So they can kind of get an understanding of

how they're managing their time, you know, if they're blowing

past the time allotted, then they know they may need

to kind of change their testing method.

But what's great is users will be able to take

as much time as they need. So even

though in the real world, the SAT has a time

limit when they're practicing it, they can

take the time that they need and it's going to let them know

how much time they took as well.

And these tests are automatically graded,

excluding any essay responses.

The essay responses once submitted

the your users are going to see a sample

of a high scoring essay.

So they'll still get the practice writing the essay,

but it won't be directly scored.

And many of our tests have more than one testing

option. So you'll see here,

we have these listed with this

is practice test one. So we may go back

and take practice test two for the SAT.

So we're getting some different questions. We're not running

through the same questions over and over

again. So

other exam prep features include

full ebooks that are going to be related

to whatever test they're taking and they

are downloadable. So if your users want to take

them offline with them, they can do that

flash cards are also included for

quite a few of our different different

tests. So like the AC TS AC

A lot of the A P tests will have

really simple interactive flash cards so they

can just click into them and you say they can


and see the definition. So literally just a virtual

flash card available for them.

We also include some different supplemental articles.

A lot of these are going to include test,

taking strategies specific for different tests

as well as some basic test information. So

your users know what to expect the day of the test.

Finally, we do include links to quite a

few different test websites as well. So

after they're done with their prep, they

may want to just go in and actually register

for the test. They can oftentimes click directly

into that test websites

and you'll be able, they'll be able to

register for that test.

You know, again, as I mentioned, our vocational test

prep is pulled out separately.

What's great though is the the platform

looks very, very similar. I will say some of the

vocational tests actually

link out to um different websites

and different kind of um

groups that run these test preps.

So they, some of them look a little bit different,

but some of the most popular vocational

test preps include the firefighter

and law enforcement, cosmetology,

military plumber and

electrician, as well as a lot of different medical

options, things like medical assistance and

dental assistance.

So users will be able to access all of those in one

place under our vocational test prep


And I'll just to move forward again, our school and scholarship

features, we do have a searcher

browse and a filter option for all of our


our schools and our scholarships. So

you will be able to kind of search through whatever

they want to search by. They can maybe search by

school type um or if they're

searching for a scholarship, maybe an award

type or a certain program, they'll be able to

find that here on our platform.

And when they click into an entry, we give a nice overview

for them. So they're going to know, you'll

see, we have a little bit about the population

of the school, um how

much it costs a year where it's

found kind of the settings. So

they were able to go through and take a look and we do the same

thing for scholarships as well. They're going to get

a background of the scholarship, the

organization who's providing the scholarship,

the requirements and things like that.

And also within this section, we have a financial

aid quiz. So if your users

are kind of planning college, but maybe are not

super comfortable yet with how financial

aid is going to work for them. We do have

a fully developed quiz in here and it's going to

help them kind of better navigate,

borrowing money to go to school

in our career tools section. We

do have our full resume builder

where users will be able to either upload a resume.

They currently have to kind of tweak it or add new

information or they can start one from

scratch or using a template so they can build

it out. You'll see, I have a few different

templates listed here.

So they'll be able to build out and really make it nice

and visual and interactive. So as

they're applying for jobs, they kind of have the leg

up and having these nice organized


We also have a full career advice section.

So that's going to give them a self

assessment, as well as some different tutorials

and things like salary negotiations

or networking.

Some of the different kind of soft

skills that they're going to need to know in their career

that they may not have picked on picked up on


And we also include a job search here.

And our job search actually runs through both

government and non government


and your users will be able to kind of click through.

You'll see they can search by location,

they can just run their basic search and they'll pull forward

these different bits of information where they

can save it to their account if they want to look

later or they can hit, learn more to

learn a bit, a little bit more about the job itself

and kind of be pushed forward to the application.

Now, I wanna go ahead and jump into

the platform here so we can take a look,

give me one quick second while we do

that. OK?

So here we are on the home page. So this

is going to be the very starting point

for Gail presents Peterson's test prep

and I will point out to you here. I haven't signed

in yet. So there are two sign

ins to get into this resource first. It's just

to sign into your library's instance of

the platform

and then your users will need to so to

log in or sign up to their own personal


And you'll notice while I'm on the home page, I can

still see everything that

I have access to.

But this is not going to let me do anything until

I sign in. So users can kind of

click and navigate and explore around

before they decide to make an account.

But they won't be able to take any tests or,

you know, build a resume or anything like that until

they are logged in or signed up.

So let's go ahead and do that here.

I already have an account created, so I'm just going to

use mine.

So now I'm signed in. So you'll see this button

here, switches from a log in, sign up button to

a my resources button.

And the my resources section is

kind of a collection of everything I've saved.

When I'm walking through this platform, we'll kind

of take a look so you can see how that works. But

I do have a full my resources section that's

going to hold on to everything that I've chosen

to save.

Now, let's go ahead and scroll down a little bit. We can take

a look at some of the different work throws, we workflows

we have available here. So at the very


you, we've broken down into these different sections

here. So prepare for an exam,

find a school or scholarship, our vocational

test section, our foundational skills,

which are going to be more basic skills

that your users may need to kind of brush

up on. So it's going to give

them middle school and high school

level science and el A and

things like that also computer skills. So

if you have maybe older

patrons coming into your library who are maybe

struggling with computer skills, need

to develop them for their career. This

brush up on foundational skills section is a really

nice place for them. But we also have

our explore career options listed here

and we've pulled out our US citizenship

section right here as well. So

we're trying to keep that really kind of at the forefront

for your users who are looking for it. So

right here at the top of the page, they'll be able

to click in to see that

scrolling down. It gets a little bit more detailed

about what's in each section. So we have

our improve your test score section and

you'll see, I can actually click into any of these,

either these main categories like high school

tests or college prep or

I can click directly into the test themselves.

So like AP

A P testing here

or our international tests here

scrolling down further. We have our vocational

test prep. Again, I can click directly into

any of these that I might be interested in to

kind of move forward.

Our career tools are listed here. That's where we'll find

our resume builder as well as our career

advice and job search And

then finally at the very bottom here, we have

our school or scholarship search.

So we'll have that listed here. You'll see,

we have pulled forward the financial aid quiz and

listed it under this section. So

if your users do need access to that again, it's

right here on this home page. So they won't need to kind

of search or browse through it all.

If they do want to search it, they can't quite see

what they're looking for. We do have a search at

the very top here and they'll be able to run through

a search and they can see some of the popular

searches that are run throughout this session throughout

this platform as well.

But let's go ahead and click into

one of our test options

here. So I'll go to advanced placement,

high school test so we can get a look at this here.

When I click into this, you'll see now it's pulling

forward all of the different A P

tests that I have available. So you'll see here.

Environmental science, biology, calculus.

You'll see, we have quite a few here

and I actually have some of these already saved

over to my resources. You see,

it gives me the little alert

that this has added to my resources.

So if I'm planning on coming back

to take another environmental science

practice test, I can go directly

to the my resources section

instead of having to click and navigate

through the resource here and your users

don't have to use this add to my resources

option. If they just want to take the test, they

can just click right into it

and they'll be launched into the test. So

let's go ahead and take a look. I am in fact

going to just click on this first one. So environmental


now when I click into this here, it might take just

a quick second to load.

You'll see this is almost like a little learning

module kind of you'll see when I scroll

down, it gives me an introduction,

but it also gives me these nice instructional

videos. As I mentioned, we have flash cards

and other study materials. So even

before we get into the actual

practice test, we're providing information that's

going to help your users as they prepare

for these tests.

But let's do it. Let's jump directly into a practice

test here.

And you'll see, I've already done a couple of these here

on this left hand side, but

I can actually click back into them and I'm going to run

through this again.

Oh, this one looks like I have not submitted.

So I'm gonna just continue quiz

and you'll see it shows me on the left hand side of this

page here. What questions

I need to answer and how many I have left.

Let's just answer a few of these. So we can see what

this looks like you'll see as I answer, it

automatically saves for me. So if

I do need to, you know, head out, but

I ran out of time or something, it will save this here

for me.

Let's go ahead and just do a couple more

so we can see what this looks like. Hopefully

I'll get some right. So you guys can see what a correct

answer looks like. We'll see.

So, and you'll see, it will go on to the next

page. It just shows 10 questions

at a time. But on this left hand side here, you'll

see that there are actually 100 questions. So

this is actually a 10 page long

quiz. I'm not going

to do the next page. Of course, I'm just going to hit

submit quiz right here.

It's going to warn me that I didn't answer 93

questions. And what's great is your

students or your users may not realize that

they missed a question. You know, they could have just skipped it because

they weren't sure and didn't realize it. What's

nice is before they submit, we're going to tell

them that and they can click right back into whatever question

they missed.

And at the very least guess, you know,

see if they can get their guess

right? But once they go through

that they make sure all the questions are answered.

We'll hit submit quiz again down here at the bottom

here, we go and now we'll see my score.

So it looks like I did get two, right. So,

you know, pretty impressive for just pointing,

clicking, right.

But now that we've submitted

this, it's going to show us what we got wrong with this

little red ax and then it's going to point

to the correct answer. And what I love

is underneath that it's giving the question

feedback as well. So it's explaining why the

answer is what it is. So if you got

it incorrect, you're going to get this nice feedback

here for any of them that

you got correctly. You'll see, it gives a little check

and it does still give the explanation

as well. So if maybe this question was

a guess and I still got it right.

It's still going to tell me why I got it right,

which is a nice feature, I'll be able to kind of understand

even though it was a guess why it was correct.

Now, you see, we also have our free responses

pulled out separately.

This would be the same for your standardized

tests that have free response answers

here. I can hit continue because I already started this.

But you'll see, it gives me a question and this is set up

just like they're going to see it on the A P test

and they have just a free

text box here and they'll be able to type in their answers

and they'll hit submit just like they did before.

I'm not going to submit this today, but

you will see the option there.

Now, I wanna go ahead and move forward to our vocational

test prep. Um But before I do,

are there any questions about anything? We just went

over? Ok.

I don't see any. So this actually opened up in a new

tab. So I'm gonna close that new tab

and I'm going to click back to the home page

here. Just so we have a landing

spot for us.

Now, scrolling down here is where we'll find our vocational

test prep and you'll see, I can click into

any of these individually to take a look.

Or if I scroll back up on the home page

and your users might do this, they may just

see prep for vocational te tests

and click here without scrolling down. That's completely

fine. Let's go ahead and click that

when I do that, it's stepping me down to different categories

here. So again, we have things like

medical and nursing, postal, social

work, real estate. each

are pulled out in their own separate sections. Let's

click into medical nursing here.

And now it's pulling me forward to the different tests

we have available here. Again, I have the option

to add these to my resources if I want to save

them for, save them for later or

I can just click directly into them and run

through the test.

I'm not going to click into the test today because I do

want to keep moving us forward. But our vocational

test prep section has been pulled out and

you'll see it's, it looks slightly different.

So if I continue down on this page here, pass

the vocational test prep, you'll see. We

have our career tools listed and we have

three different career tools, the career advice,

online, resume builder and job search.

So clicking into the career advice, this

looks similar to that practice test

field where it's almost like a little

unit on its own where you have different lessons

available. So you'll see things like

a self assessment job search,

learning about writing, cover letters,

scrolling down here, some different fa Qs.

One that I think

is really important here is the transit transitioning

out of the military. I like to point this one out.

So if you have users who are trying to

transition out of the military, you may want to direct

them here and they can kind of click through these different

topics to understand what the process

might be like and to get the support, they need

to make that transition,

we can click into any of these

to kind of get a feel you'll see on this left hand side,

it's kind of our table of contents and we can just

click into any of these

and some of them will have videos some of them

are going to be text based. You'll see these ones are

mostly text based.

it's going to give you information about whatever

your topic is.

And again, this open in the new window. So I need

to go ahead and close that off to get back to my

home page.

Our online resume resume builder is pretty

substantial as well. Here, I won't go through

it all today, but just to take a look when I click into

it here, you

see, I have a few different options. I can build a resume.

I could build a cover letter or I could build a website

as well.

So I have these three options here and I can create a new


when I click that it gives me the option to use something

I have existing so I can upload it onto the

platform and add some designing

to it. change the content.

I'll be able to do that here.

I can use some example content that are

prewritten for different careers and

different jobs or I could just completely

start from scratch, which is going to let me choose

a template and then just fill in all

of my information.

And the third option here is going to be our job

search. I won't go through it today, but it

works as a standard job search here. Users will be

able to click it and kind of explore different

careers that are available to them.

Then at the very end of this page

is going to be our school or scholarship

section. And again, as I mentioned, we have

both a school and a scholarship search.

They are pulled out separate here so your users can

click directly into what they need.

We also have that financial aid quiz.

And again, that is listed here in the same formatting.

I can click into the practice test,

my continue quiz because I did already start this.

And you'll see it has that same kind of formatting

here. So this one is 21

questions. So it's not a long quiz, but

it is pretty comprehensive

and they're really going to be able to explore what

taking out student loans is going to do

for them in the future.

But let's click now into our school

search tool here.

So when I click into this, you'll see, I have a few

different options to run my search or to browse.

So the very top is just our standard

search bar.

And you'll see, I'm filtering right now to only show

undergraduates schools.

I can change that on this left hand side here.

So if I wanna see graduate schools, I can do

that, you'll see at the very top.

I clicked into the school search.

But if I accidentally if I meant

to click into the scholarship, I can change

it right here on this page. I don't need to jump back

to the home page

done underneath is where you're going to find all of our different

filters. So if I want to narrow down

to distance learning, if I'm not planning

on going on campus, I have

the option to, to, to toggle that on and

off and then going further, I

can choose a location by running a search here.

I can base it off of an area of study

program length admission difficulty.

This one is really beneficial for, you

know, students who may have struggled through high school

and they maybe don't have the grades to get them

into an extremely competitive

school. Right now. They may want to

click into these, you know, minimal, minimally

difficult options to kind of get

a feel of what they may be able

to access.

You see, we have other, a few other filters

like school size. They can also enter

in their GPA or their SAT and AC

T score, to kind of see

again where they fall with these colleges.

Even if they're interested in the college, will they be able

to be accepted with

their AC T or SAT scores or with their GPA?

They'll be able to find those here on this page

and they can click into any of these

and they can save to my schools which is going

to save under the my resources section

or they can just click directly in

scrolling down here. You'll see again, it gives

us this nice bit of information about

how much it costs a year, about how many

students there are. You'll see, it's a small town


Scrolling down. It even gives like a nice little

map showing where it's found within Michigan,

the majors and degrees that are going to be

available here. Of course, this

could be pretty extensive depending on the school,

tuition and fees, student

body, all that good stuff. So it's really giving them

a nice overview of the school even

before they get started. So before they start

applying, they can use this process

here to make sure that school they're applying for

is actually going to fit their

needs and is actually what they're looking for.

Ok. Now, that's what I have for you today about

Peterson's test prep. Since this is a one on one

session, it's really a pretty basic

bit of information just to get you

started with the resource and to get your users

started. Now, I'm going to go ahead

and jump back to my slides because I do have some wrap

up information for you that I want to

get out before our session is over


So if you have any questions about this webinar

or about other training webinars on our support

site, you can reach out to me. My name is

Amber Winters. My email is just

[email protected]

You also have access to a customer success

manager who can help you out. So if you wanna

talk a little bit more on how this is going to work

specifically with your learning community,

you can reach out to them their email.

the email is in

sorry, the email is

[email protected]

Or if you already know

who your customer success manager is, just

send them an email directly

if you don't have this resource right now,

but you want to talk about accessing it. You can reach

out to your sales consultant. If you don't

know who that is, just go ahead and go to


If you're looking for additional support materials,

things like tip sheets or flyers

or maybe something to train your library

staff, we our support site is

going to include all of that information for you

and at

And finally, if you have any technical

questions, you can always feel free to reach

out to our technical support

at [email protected]


No, I haven't seen any questions come in.

So I'm going to go ahead and end our session for

the day and I appreciate everyone for being

on the line and hopefully we'll see you in future

sessions. Bye bye now.
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