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Last Updated: January 17, 2023

Welcome to Vermont Online Library

Get to know Vermont Online Library with this brief tutorial!
Welcome to Get To Know Vermont Online

Library! Vermont Online Library

access is provided by the Vermont Department

of Libraries.

This project was made possible in part

by the Institute of Museum and Library


What is the Vermont Online Library?

The Vermont Online Library covers a wide

array of online databases

made up of sources you typically find

in public, school, and university


These resources cover a variety of

topics geared to all Vermont citizens.

You may use these resources for homework

and research needs for learners of all ages.

DIY car repair and maintenance,

adult learning, supporting small

businesses, keeping up with

and researching current news, hobbies

and interests and much more.

The Vermont Online Library is available

24 hours a day wherever Internet

access is available.

The information in these resources is produced

by known and trusted Publishers, Gale,

a Cengage company, and their partners

Let's talk a little more about access before

we introduce the resources.

Students, parents, teachers,

and all citizens of Vermont will find

access to Vermont Online Library





Simply select the resource, group

of resources, or enter a search

to find magazine, journal, and news articles.

If you are in Vermont this is all you need to

do – easy!

If you're outside the state or don't share

your location, you'll be prompted to authenticate

into the resources using your public

library card or to enable location

sharing on your device for this site.

If you are a librarian in Vermont and need

more information to access the Vermont Online

Library, please visit the URL

provided on screen.

Now on to the resources.

Your Vermont Online Library offers a wide

array of resources from car repair

and maintenance to homework help

to professional development to building

a small business. We'll break these

down by subject area. Next

for homework help and general reference,

you have several Gale In Context resources

to take advantage of.

These resources are put together with

a variety of sources including reference

books, multimedia, magazines,

Journals, and news sources.

Three of the sources are titled by their

appropriate grade levels and the others

are aimed at particular subject areas

and are appropriate for students starting

with middle school up to adult learners.

Let's take a look at a few!

Up first Gale In Context: Elementary

for our younger learners.

Gale In Context: Elementary gives children

a safe place to find answers to their questions,

practice research skills, and

explore interests inside and outside

of the classroom.

It also gives teachers access to digital

resources that can supplement

and enhance in person and online


Gale In Context: Elementary provides

reading level appropriate content

in a visually engaging interface for

geography, history, government,

cultures and religion, literature and

the arts, science and health,

sports and social issues, allowing

students to create connections between subject


Kids will find nonfiction book chapters,

kids’ magazines, news articles,

videos, images, and more to

grow their knowledge and help complete school


Moving up with our learners Gale In Context:

Middle School meets the needs of students in grades

six through eight.

This middle school database provides engaging

nonfiction text, periodical,

and multimedia content supporting national

and state curriculum standards in

language arts, social studies and


Aging up our interface to suit an older


Gale In Context: Middle School delivers a highly

visual design and navigation as

well as the authoritative content

and user focused tool set needed to

support middle school assignments and class

work. Gale

In Context: High School takes the same idea

for high school students with a more

sophisticated interface and content

aligned to grades nine through twelve, including

AP courses.

This resource, offering a slightly more

sophisticated interface, provides

cross curricular content and reinforces

the development of skills such as critical

thinking, problem solving, communication,

collaboration, creativity

and innovation.

Explore topics within business and

economics, geography,

government, history, literature,

science and health, social issues

and more.

The subject focused Gale In Context resources

are a great fit for learners as well.

For high school students and adults, you

can explore current social issues and

controversial topics with confidence

in Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints.

Users will find a vast array of resources

for helping to understand differing viewpoints

and forming their own opinions and

for research supporting classroom work, including

debates, discussions, papers,

Projects, and presentations.

This resource bolsters the development

of critical thinking, problem solving

and effective communication skills

by providing critical thinking, questions,

viewpoints, critical essays,

current news related topics,

statistics and more.

Informed differing views help users

draw their own conclusions.

Gale In Context: Biography contains

biographical and contextual information

on notable people throughout history

and today.

Timely reference content joins science

based articles, news experiments

and more in Gale In Context: Science

Gale In Context: U.S. history

contains academic articles,

In-depth reference, primary documents,

and more on topics in U.S. history.

Gale OneFile resources provide what

21st century researchers expect:

instant access to complete, up

to date content.

Think of an entire newsstand or magazine

shelf at your fingertips -

that's Gale OneFile resources.

These collections are made up of mostly

magazines, academic journals, and news

sources that are updated daily

and have deep back files. Let's take

a look at one!

Vermont Online Library's largest

general interest periodical resource,

General OneFile,

contains thousands of sources and

allows researchers to find the information

they want quickly with intuitive

searching that mirrors internet searches.

Users can easily tap into sources

that are guaranteed for quality.

gale. Academic OneFile contains thousands

of academic and scholarly publications,

perfect for academic library users.

Gale Academic OneFile Select is a smaller

collection and is a great fit for

upper-level high school course support.

Gale OneFile: News provides hundreds of

newspapers and newswires from

across the country and around the world.

Gale OneFile: Business provides coverage of

business disciplines through leading business

and trade publications.

Gale OneFile: Educators Reference Complete

provides sources on multiple levels

of education;

Perfect for teachers, librarians and

school administrators.

Gale OneFile: Health and Medicine

provides content designed for nursing

and allied health students as well

as other medical professions.

Gale OneFile Collections is a group of 20+

individual databases

with small collections dedicated to a variety

of subject areas like gardening,

culinary arts, hospitality,

criminal justice and more.

Vermont Online Library also offers

a collection of resources focused on targeted

topics or tasks.

With these tools, you can find help for starting

your own business, find your next great

read, research health and wellness topics,

change the oil in your car, find

legal forms, kick off any

research topic with a collection of encyclopedia

like sources and pick up new skills.

Looking for your next great read? Match

your interests with Gale Books and Authors.

This resource shows you read-a-likes,

offers browsing by genre, award

winners, and librarian favorites, and

searches by story elements to recommend

fiction and nonfiction books for

children, young adults, and adults.

Need to research a new medication? Looking

for more details on a diagnosis?

Want to read up on nutrition?

Gale Health and Wellness is a comprehensive

consumer health resource that provides

authoritative information on the a

range of health-related issues from

current diseases and disorder information

to in-depth coverage of alternative

medical practices.

Chilton has been providing reliable automotive

help for more than 100 years.

ChiltonLibrary offers step-by-step

service and repair procedures, wiring

diagrams, maintenance schedules,

Troubleshooting, and more in an easy to

use interface.

Gale LegalForms offers a wide selection

of essential state specific and multi-

state legal forms that may be customized

for the most common legal procedures.

These forms are used by attorneys and

law firms covering forms for

real estate transactions, wills,

premarital agreements, bankruptcy,

divorce, landlord - tenant issues,

Entrepreneurship, and many more

The resource also offers support for

form use with helpful features

like legal definitions, a law

digest and legal Q and A to

help build understanding of key areas

of law.

Gale Business: Insights provides an extensive

collection of business intelligence, combining

Gale reference content with respected business

sources and full-text periodicals

to help researchers understand today's global

business environment.

Gale Business: Entrepreneurship is a comprehensive

database that covers all aspects

of starting and operating a business,

including accounting, finance,

human resources management,

marketing, taxes and more.

Gale eBooks offers a hassle free experience

for over 70 reference books

that usually never leave the library.

This is a great starting point for any research

project - just like checking an encyclopedia.

Lastly Gale Presents: Udemy

offers thousands of high-quality

on-demand video courses taught

by world class instructors across

75 categories.

Patrons can build skills in business and

technology to build and grow their career

prospects as well as achieve

personal success with courses on health

and well-being, the arts, language

Learning, and more.

Courses are replaced monthly with new material

addressing emerging topics.

This resource is only available

through public libraries in Vermont.

Now let's examine some of the tools available

in Vermont Online Library resources.

Items within the resources provide a

number of options to export or share

the content for later use.

Get Link creates a persistent

URL that will bring users directly

to the content you want to share.

Share To Classroom allows teachers to

pull content into Google Classroom courses

as assignments, announcements, and more

Send To gives you the ability to push

content directly to Google Drive

or Microsoft OneDrive for cloud

storage and access of the content.

You can also Download content for upload

or storage elsewhere.

Further, to support the varied needs of

users, every result includes

simple point (or tap) and click tools.

Machine translate text into over

40 languages.

A font size option to enlarge

or shrink the text to suit the reader.

Display Options to improve readability,

and Listen to have text read aloud.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Vermont

Online Library!
© 2023 Gale, part of Cengage Group