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Last Updated: March 15, 2023

For VOL: What’s New for Vermont Online Library from Gale (Public Libraries)

Tune into this recorded webinar to discover the latest offerings from Vermont Online Library! We're excited to announce the addition of two new resources, Gale Presents: Udemy and Gale LegalForms, which will expand the range of resources available to your patrons.

  • Gale Presents: Udemy provides access to over 19,000 online courses across a variety of subjects, including business, technology, and personal development.
  • Gale LegalForms offers a wide range of legal documents and templates for use in personal and business legal dealings.
  • Two new periodical collections: Gale OneFile: Contemporary Women’s Issues and Gale OneFile: Leadership & Management

We also provided a refresher on all VOL resources from Gale, including content and feature updates so you can get the most out of this essential content and user-friendly technology.

Duration: 60 Minutes
So good afternoon. Everybody. Thanks for joining me. I'm Stacy Knibloe from Gale

Your trainer, and we want to talk about what's new for the Vermont Online Library.

And we are in luck today. April Shaw, from the Department of Libraries, is able to join us. April, do you want to say Hello?

Sure. Hi, everyone! I'm really excited to see everyone register and come learn about what is new from the Vermont Online Library.

Thanks April! We'll all be keeping an eye on the chat in the so feel free to ask questions anytime as we go through.

We have a lot to look at but we've given ourselves a good amount of time to look at it so to give an idea of how our session will go.

I have a very simple agenda. We're going to give a recap of what's available.

You have some outstanding resources, and, of course, some new additions and those are the ones we're going to dive into and show off today.

But we'll also cover some other things that are new.

From Yale, so new content in the resources, new features, maybe some you've looked at them last, and then, as always, we'll wrap up with Gale support.

So where can you go to find training materials to find marketing materials?

I've got questions listed there, but really you can ask anytime as soon as it comes to feel free to jump into the chat or the, and we're happy to answer those questions or course.

Take any feedback you have for us we'd love to hear that.

How these resources are working for you in the in the library, and we'll be able to pass that up to our product team, and wherever they need to go.

So please feel free to share feedback as well. Not just questions.

If you see something on the screen, you want to know more about again.

Just jump in don't hold your questions until the end.

So pardon me a bit of a frog in my throat today, so hopefully that won't interfere with us too much.

But let's go ahead and dive in the first thing I will ask though, if there's anything you want to let me know of ahead of time.

Are there things you have questions about, anything in particular you want to see, feel free to share that right now, and then I can adjust our session.

Accordingly so chat, or whichever you prefer, the chats all come to all of us as hosts, and we'll be able to keep an eye on those.

And then the Q. And a. Normally. What I do is you submit them there and then I answer them verbally, but feel free to share questions there as well.

All right. So recap of what's available. You have a great collection in Vermont of resources available through the Vermont Online Library.

It is really a collection that provide something for everybody.

So, finding your next great resource was something like Gale.

Books and authors, getting some homework, help with the Gale and Context Collection.

You have current periodicals keeping up with what's happening in the world today through all the gal, one file resources you got automotive repair DIY tools with children, library and some content to help your business owners in Vermont as well so again, lots of great content but there's

Vincent great additions to the collection this year.

We're going to focus on those in just a minute, but just wanted to give you a kind of a quick, overview reminder of everything that's there.

So, Yale. Health and well, this is a great consumer.

Health, resource as you can imagine, these resources are updated daily, staying very up to date.

So that's a resource that was getting a lot of content pushed in during to the pandemic, and continues to, you have lots of feelings.

Contact pages that are new. We're going to talk about some of those a lot has come from just what we're seeing people search for in the resource.

But then also customer request, we've got some great new content in the one file resources some fun, new popular magazines.

So Children library got a great update to its interface this year.

So I think even more on Tuesday than it was before.

So lots of good stuff happening in these resources. And we're going to take a closer look.

But probably to get to the things you might be most curious about.

First we're going to start with the new Vermont online library resources that have just recently launched.

So of those Gale present you to me is where we're going to get started.

And this may be a resource that you maybe were tangentially aware of.

Gale has partnered with you to me to provide this resource and live.

Webinar tool for adult learning. There are over 19,000 courses available in this collection.

And again talk about something for everybody. There is a huge variety of the courses, so folks can go in there and teach themselves.

Java. They can go in there and teach themselves Java. They can go in there and teach themselves a new language.

There is just a huge collection of content in this resource, and folks do it all at their own pace.

It's all video based learning depending on the course.

There may be some additional resources offered, but it's all through video.

You have closed captioning. You've got multiple languages available in a lot of cases.

It's just a huge resource available for books and quite a savings.

The Udemy on its own, the personal base subscription is quite expensive, so, being able to offer this to all the citizens of Vermont is just to huge plus, and folks can go in there.

Maybe make themselves more employable, just kind of fulfill their own personal learning.

Goals, things like that. It's really a lot of great content.

And talk about a little bit more, you know. Of course, you can pick up new skills.

To yourself something new, maybe to add to the resume or just for self improvement you can work towards. Maybe.

A promotion, or honing your skills in particular areas, and for folks who maybe want to pivot to a new career, a new hobby, something like that.

You have really a lot of ways to have this resource appeal to your end-users.

So we're going to get in there and have a look around.

This is a resource that is available through the public library.

So one of the things we did in planning the sessions was dedicate.

Our sessions to public libraries, and then we're going to have a separate session for K 12 and academic institutions to talk about how they access it through the public library.

So for all of you, I'm guessing, looking at the registration.

It was operating pretty much public libraries. But this is something, of course, that your other libraries will be kind of becoming to you, for as well.

So. Oh, you know what I'm going to save the mobile version for when we've seen it in, it's regular form.

So I’ll come back to this option. But it is mobile responses.

So there's a little preview. But let me pop out to the resource, and here is Gale presents you to me.

And actually, before I jump into it a little bit, I’ll just, you know you've also, course, that access right through the Vermont Online Library Page.

Udemy is actually featured. Resource right now.

But of course you get to all of these great resources from here, or if you'd rather link directly from your own library website, you can always visit Gale support site to make sure you've got the URLs for the new resources as well as the ones who have been around and we'll take a look at

that site. When we talk about support.

All right. So you to me is a resource that is going to.

Oh, actually, you know what! Let me show you this from another place.

You can see the login procedure. So what's unique about this resource is again, it's on demand learning for individuals.

So bear with me just a second. I want to show you what the sign is.

Screen looks like. So ignore the gale menu here.

So when users are accessing you to me, they are typically not taking an 18 hour course in one sitting right?

So this is something they're coming back to, and they enroll in courses.

Of course there's no cost involved, but they enroll in the course, and then you can keep track of where you are in the course you can make bookmarks within the videos, just for things you want to come back to.

You can make notes. So we need to be able to tie that to a user account.

So unlike most of the other gale research, these are going to require users to log in.

Basically, you do have to be 13 years or older, or have a parent or guardian create your account.

If you are under 13, and we have a couple of sign-in options.

We have kind of a.

Universal type, Login, where you could use an already existing Google or Microsoft accounts.

So say, if you've got a Gmail account Hotmail account something like that, you know.

Here at Gale we use Microsoft, so I could use that.

My work email address to sign up and kind of using already known entity.

Not everybody likes to do that, though. They want to create a login for the specific tool they're using.

And in that case we have a general gale log on.

You can take advantage of. So head I already created that I could use.

Of course, this upper option, but if you don't have an account just down below at the bottom there, you can sign up, so let me clear these circles so I can do that.

Show you what's there. We keep it really simple. Just an email at a password.

And your first and last name. This information is not shared anywhere.

It is strictly to create your account you don't all of a sudden get marketing from Gale, or anything like that, is straightforward for you to use you to me.

We require your email address. So if you lose your password, we can reset it, and you can.

Well, you kind of do that yourself right through the automated tool.

But we need an email address to verify. If you need to reset your password so again, keeping it very simple, and the information doesn't go anywhere.

Hi! So those are the steps to look. Create your account. You have unlimited us, of this resource, and feel free to create an account just to play around with, if you like, and you know to.

If you're going to be training people on it, or something like this, you can again create as many user accounts as you need to.

So once you've logged in now we'll pop back and go to the Udemy homepage.

This is what you'll find on your first pass. You won't have these options to kind of.

Jump back into courses. You started as I do, since this is not my first rodeo, but the homepage is really built to kind of show you the breadth of what's here.

And then, as you start to take courses, it will start to recommend courses based on things you've taken, so your homepage will change almost every time you log in.

As you use the resource based on the things that you're interested in.

But you can see at the top here, we've got a lot of great tech related courses.

So for anybody who is interested in going into it or picking up those skills, you can see just from a couple of the suggested searches here at the top of the page.

There are a lot of courses around this, and then, as you scroll again, my homepage is targeted to me, based on other courses.

I've taken, so I've got some business courses.

I have some tech courses, programming languages recommended for me it also will point out things that are new to the resource or things that have been popular.

This resource has, being updated constantly, courses go up.

Really, almost as soon as you start hearing about something. So Chat Gpt has become, you know, very well known.

Quick search on Chat Gpt, and you'll see we've got a variety of courses on how you can put this AI to work for you.

So things happen really quickly. The instructors here are excellent.

You can actually see the ratings for each course so you can kind of help.

Better decide if it's for you. There's usually an extractor, or I should say, usually there's an instructor. Bio.

You can view as well and the ratings come from people who are using this resource.

So they've taken the course themselves. So lots of great stuff here, I thought to start, though we might examine something that would be interesting for folks who work in libraries, because this is a great tool just internally as well for professional development.

So let's say you are applying for grants, and have to do some grant writing with like some pointers, and that if it's maybe your first time around, or even your time around always good to pick up new skills so quick search on grant writing, and we find several courses again, the quick results here give

me a quick look at the review of the class.

How long it takes. So this is a great one, just an hour and a half.

They're 17 separate lectures. If we, it's aimed at beginners, you can see that level here listed as well.

All of these things are also available as filters. If you look over on the left-hand side, these are the ways you can narrow down your results.

So there are over 468 courses, the most relevant ones are pushing to the top of their results.

But we may want to narrow this down a bit. So again.

Say, looking for beginners. I can choose over here on the left beginner, and just narrow down quickly and it will isolate.

So we brought our result down by quite a bit. There you also have options for other those features like the video duration so if we're looking for a quick course, pick up some scales again, that's a popular one. The ratings, too.

I will say, you generally do see pretty high ratings here, because one of the things that you to me does is evaluate the courses.

So not only are we bringing a new, but they're updating what they have and kind of refreshing the content.

So if there's a course, it's maybe not as well received, they may remove it and replace it with another.

So the ratings play a pretty big role in what is available in the resource.

Oh, April, we've got a question for you in the chat.

If you want to take a look. Hmm! You've also got the option in this resource of multiple languages available for a variety of courses.

So we'll take a look at a little bit later.

But you have quite a few to pick from now, if we choose from the filter here to limit my language, and then the course itself.

The videos themselves are in that language. Some courses may be offered in English, but offer foreign language subtitles.

So that's actually a separate filter. You can apply over here on the left as well.

So lots of good stuff to narrow down, and really find the right course for you.

I'm going to go ahead and grab this first one grant writing for nonprofits and freelance writers.

You get a lot of info about the course before you enroll, and again, there's you can enroll, as in many courses, issue like there's no limits here, but I like the fact that you can find out a lot about it, and see if it's along for you then we'll compare it

to another one, and pick what works you think will work best.

So, brief description. Here at the top again, with the ratings, we can see how many people have taken it to the instructor is the last time it was updated, and then a quick kind of what you'll learn.

The requirements. So if you, there's any special software you might need, or something like that, and then a thorough description of the course who it's for, and then you can actually kind of see what I will call the syllabus right?

If I was in college. That's what I'm looking at here.

The course content syllabus, so you can give a little preview from each of these any of those that are hyperlinked.

There, and here we can again find out more about our instructor.

Read some of the reviews. So it's a really thorough way to see what is available.

Hmm! And.

Okay. Oh, good. Look like we got that question answered in the chat.

But universal class. Thank you. Alrighty. So to enroll in a class that purple button enroll now, and you are immediately taking the course.

So let's go ahead and do that.

And it is again all video based learning, although some courses will come with some additional tools.

So handouts things like that links may be out to recommended sites.

Things along those lines, but once you're in the course, then the syllabus moves over to the right hand side.

You can take these in whatever order you like. If you want to jump ahead.

If you want to repeat something again, this is all at on demand. Learning.

So you move through. Looks like this. One does have some resources in the syllabus.

So some files looks like to download the videos themselves.

Welcome to Grant Smith's Grant Writing training program.

It will probably remind you of a Youtube video. You can speed things up.

That's a thing I think a lot of people are doing now, listening to podcasts and videos.

At times speed to move through them quicker. That's something I can do myself.

I like to take my time, but we can move through the video.

Of course we've got a transcript, and caption is available for each we can move into a full screen and have it kind of take over, especially nice if you're doing any sort of tech learning and want to get a closer look at what they're sharing.

But lots of tools here. So let me go ahead and jump back.

I'm going to go into one of the courses that I have taken before.

So I can show you some neat things you can do with the courses.

So I'm going to jump into this iPhone photography.

Course I took now the one thing folks let me know something that's happening on zooms.

There is a way for to kind of avoid people doing screen recordings of this content and then reusing it.

Some of the videos you aren't able to see on the other end of the zoom. So let me know if that's happening.

If you're seeing just a black screen here, you should be.

I haven't started the video. But there's a guy sitting at a desk.

So. And you're just seeing a black screen there, feel free to let me know in the chat that's happening.

But as I move my mouse over the progress bar there in the video, you can see there are these little yellow stops here along the way.

I can add basically notes to these points of the video. So you can see what I've done in here at point 33 s.

They're talking about camera rotation. I've made a little note to myself.

There. So this just marks a place in the video, and all you need to do to have that happen is if you'll notice right you'll need the video you've got links to some of the things we've seen before.

Like the overview of the course, but also we can see a Q&A.

So for people who submitted questions and then gotten their response from the instructor.

You can see those here. But there's that notes feature so you can see all the notes I've added so far all you need to do is when you're viewing the video you'll notice there's a create a new note at 0 4.

5 here, so where I am in the video I can add a new note to myself about that section so it's a great way to keep track of things.

You want to keep track of right be able to come back and review them so very handy.

Some instructors share announcements about the course. Looks like this.

One does not. Again, we can get to the reviews, and then some learning tools as well available.

So the course content again also populates over here on the rest, on the on the right hand side, and again you can watch this content in any order if folks are looking for a certificate after they've finished the course again, we're using this to maybe move up in our job or want to add some things to

our resume, and you want proof. You've taken this course.

You do have to watch all of the videos complete. All of the videos.

Some folks again when it there's that need. That's what they do for me.

This photography course. I probably won't watch every single video.

I’ll jump around in it so it's really up to the person taking the course and how they want to perform that learning.

So. But just tip that folks are looking for that kind of certified, attended, or not attended. But viewing, of course, they will need to watch all of the videos attached to that court.

So let's explore the content a little further. So let's say we've got someone who is a writer maybe they're looking to self public.

There are courses on how to do that. Hi, publishing your book on Amazon, or whatever you may be publishing.

Your novel, your reference work, whatever it may be, you've got articles on how to do this, or sorry, not articles.

I'm sorry used to our other databases. You got courses on how to how to do this, and can explore what's here, just with a quick search the other thing I always like to show off those you can get a sense of the breadth of what's here, especially since

the target or the homepage starts to target. You know, things you've been interested in.

If you want to expand your scope, we do offer just to the left of the search for a categories browse so you can just explore everything that's here.

So as you move through, these will just kind of or as I moved down through these, you'll see just over to the right they start narrowing down so built little like subject headings, and as you move through, you can just explore, and if you select something maybe I want to you know do a little more around

whoops, sorry personal finance. I can kind of look for something that applies to that.

My old financial plan. Oh, sorry I selected finance courses, so it just pulls them all up.

That's fine, too. It will when you come in by this browse tool.

It will recommend a few courses here at the top. Most popular new trending, and then some that are being featured, and then allow you to start narrowing down into those subtopic areas.

But again, this is where the filters can come in handy to, so I especially love that level, just being able to choose beginner right off the bat, particularly.

That's finance. That's what I'm going to need.

Again, the language tools can be really handy, and then the features I like as well.

If the course our little knowledge checks in the form of quizzes or practice test things like that.

Folks like to text their knowledge. The features can give you some interesting options.

So I would encourage you to kind of get in here and look around, and I think the categories browse is a great way to do that.

If we pop down here to personal development, let's say, if you're the library host may be a yoga hour or something like that, stress management programming, you've got a lot of content.

Folks can take advantage of that, maybe. Aren't, you know, venturing out that much?

Want to do some things from home. You have a lot of tools here under personal development that can support things you're doing in the library and let books kind of do the same thing at home.

So we're looking for, say, meditation, just jump right in and see what's available.

So there again. It's just a huge variety of courses available in this collection.

So it is, I think, really worth a few minutes to take a look at that categories for us.

The other one I want to mention is there's a lot of kind of test prep type help in the resource.

If folks are looking for it, app it certifications like becoming a, you know, Google certified trainer.

Things like that or getting, you know, certified in Microsoft, and stuff like that.

Those courses are expensive, online, and just applying for them.

You know, in often cost money. So these are great tools. Folks can do it at their own pace.

It doesn't cost them anything, and you can build your Microsoft certifications so you can add those to your resume.

And you know again build up those skills and again save folks.

Some money along the way, so it is a really great collection.

We're so thrilled, you know, to be able to offer this in Vermont, it is a really excellent resource.

We get a lot of great comments about you know, present you to me so alrighty.

Let me just check the chat in the see if we've got anything here.

Hmm! So I am going to have to take that question to our team at Gale.

I'm not sure if there's an API for you and me.

And you know, sorry. And I'm going to quickly check your the other part of your question about Mark records. Let let's just do a quick.

We'll look at this now rather than later. So we've got a question that applies so I'm going to share this URL. Later.

Actually, I’ll put it in the chat right now, too, we offer a support site that can get you a lot of good info for your Vermont resources.

So when you come to the support page, the first thing I want you to do is choose your library.

I'm going to skip that step, though. I want to kind of do this quickly.

I'm going to jump to the products list and click on you to me and see if we have mark records.

But what's nice about selecting your libraries? Then it just customizes the support page to your institution.

So you just get support for that. Not gales, you know, 103 other products.

So let me just say, looks like we do have mark records.

I apologize. I had to double check this. I've got some different mark records questions that I didn't want to give an answer to a different product.

So looks like we do have mark records for you to me at the category and subcategory level.

So again back in the resource. That's when you're looking at the categories.

And then the subcategories, so bring them to these home pages.

Basically for those categories. And we publish up date only records.

So that when the mark records are, if you've already loaded the big file of mark records and then looks like me.

I wonder if maybe we do it every other month, or something.

I'd have to look at the schedule on this.

But most do it monthly. But you may not need them as many, but you can move just what's new for January.

Or again, whatever month we continue to publish here. So there we do have mark records I’ll look into the API, though, and I’ll share that answer with everybody.

So good question. All right. Let me just double check. Good to go.

All right. I'm going to pop it to the PowerPoint for a minute, and we will give you a quick look at what this looks like on your mobile device.

So, logging in through the library or through the Vermont Online library, through your phone, just on your browser, from your phone, will give you a mobile, friendly version of the resource.

It will know how you're holding your phones will flip to a landscape view if you want, which is especially nice for the, of course, the video content.

But you can, of course, keep track of your work right from your mobile device.

We also offer. Sorry folks have in trouble. Hello, good! A app to let you take content offline.

You can actually download content and watch it offline as well.

So what you'll want to do is you go into the Google play store or the Apples app store and search for you.

To me there are probably going to be 2 results. One is, going to be you to me business, and one is, going to be you to be online video, you want to choose the you to me, business version.

That gives you the whole thing of what's available through Gale.

Present you to me. The other version is a very limited and it's scope.

So you want to choose you to be business, to install.

Oh, there's so thumbs up for giving me business thumbs down for you to be online video.

And then open the app, and it is going to be a slightly different login process than it is on your when you click a link from Vermont on the library, from your web page.

It's going to ask you to give basically the kind of the URL that you to me. So you insert Yale there.

And I'm going to share these slides later, as a handouts, you can reference it. We also have a tip sheet on how to do this, and then it will.

You'll look for your institution from the list and then need to use your library bar code to authenticate and make sure you're your user of that library.

And then you log into your Google or Microsoft account, or your Gale created account.

Sorry we need to update this slide. But then you're in and whoops. Sorry.

It looks like it really does in the browser, too.

So either path works. But the benefit to the app is that you can download content for offline use.

Alrighty onto our next new resource. Gale. Legal forms another really fun one and very popular at public libraries.

Actually, I shouldn't say legal issues aren't always fun, but it is.

There is some fun stuff in here that I’ll share too.

But Gale legal forms is very well named. It provides you State-specific and multi-state customizable legal forms.

So folks can create their own lease if they say they're selling their car, they can, you know, create their own legal document for that.

There's content here for all different stages of life.

So premarital agreements, divorce, you know, wills and trust and power return.

All of those things there's also content to kind of support all of that.

So sample letters, checklist things along those lines, court samples.

So you can kind of see what it looks. Things look like.

And in an actual court case it also support in the form of legal definitions.

There is a law encyclopedia here that helps kind of translate legal language into everyday language as well as a legal Q&A.

This is another partner product for us. At gales we partner with us legal forms.

They have again a personal subscription resource out there.

This is, of course, again, no cost to your end. Users.

It's been, you know, picked up for a month online library.

So again, unlimited use can find as much as you need here, and download as much as you need, and some recent updates in the last few months they have added quite a few Spanish language legal forms.

They're noted within asterisk. We updated the law digest with the most recent addition of the Gale encyclopedia of American Law and we have added mark records for the collection also based on category so easy phone can easily find these from other places in your library

so let's take a look at this one.

Bear with me. So this is kind of back to our traditional gale.

Login feature. There's no, you know, user account.

I have to setup or anything. I just log right in.

Yeah, I'm going to make things a little bigger for you on the other end of the zoom.

The gale, legal forms, resources actually set up a little similar to similarly to you. To me you can start right out with a search or use the category, browse down the home page.

Here. I like the browse. I always like a browse, I should say.

I think it's maybe the library, and I like seeing groups of contact, you know, with their like content, but also because I discover things that I didn't even think to look for.

So we'll take a look at the browse, to how our end users do tend to go for a search bar right?

That's what they look for so kind of coming back to our self publisher.

You know, if I'm publishing a book I probably want to copyright it.

So boom, quick! Search on copyright, and your results are going to come back with all the forms, or sample letters, or sample letters or checklists, or everything that's available that matches up with your search and for the Spanish language forms.

You'll have a little asterisk next to these.

But each of these are going to provide a form. So if I jump into one of these.

What I like about this resource is, you know, legal language is tough.

The form is going to be in legal ease, right? But I'm a regular person.

So it gives you, a good overview of what you're looking at, depending on the form.

This could be a couple of paragraphs long explaining it, and you can always preview it.

But again you have unlimited downloads, but sometimes it's nice just to get eyes on what you're looking at.

Here. So we have multiple forms available in word or rich text, and sometimes you'll see Pdf, as well.

But really, you just open it up and download it to folks around their own device.

They can, of course, put this wherever they need it. If they're using a library computer, they're probably going to want to put it on a flash drive or something like that.

Oh, yeah, that's okay. Oh, sorry. Folks. I'm going to have to drag them.

I can. Over there we go. It is now my document to edit and fill in right.

So I can start that.

Just start filling it in and editing. If I need help, that's where a lot of this continent over here on the left is going to come in handy.

If I'm reading the form, I don't understand a word. There.

I've got the legal definitions tool here, so I can quickly look up.

Actually, let's look up copyright.

And we find several definitions. You know, depending on what we're looking for.

But if we go ahead and jump in, say relating poppies often comes up, you know, making papers at the library.

Get a quick definition. The log digest is more of an encyclopedia like tool.

It's going to give you more of an almost an essay.

So we just kind of randomly select that there are overviews here for certain types of laws, different acts of government.

Even, you know Supreme Court justice biographies. It is a really extensive encyclopedia source, and we can kind of jump in sense of what's available.

There the other good place to help folks get started are the legal life article, so you may notice down the left hand side the most popular searches in this region.

The Legal life articles kind of focus on those. So if you are getting married, here are some things you may want to think about from a legal point of view, owning a business estate planning all of these things kind of give you up.

Here's where to get started, because I do remember when I was at the records folks would come in.

And they were basically looking for legal advice and that was, you know, not something.

I was qualified to provide, but this is a tool. I could have turned them to right.

So you can dive right in nice something to look out for, too.

Let's say, maybe I'm going to lease out an apartment or something.

Quick search on lease, and they're almost a 1,000 forms with the lease, either in the title of them or in the category need.

So it's a pretty extensive search. You can give it more search terms to narrow things down to.

So let's say, I want to lease a condo hi and throw that in and see if it gets me anything more specific. Right?

So it is. I searched on condo but it's going to find condominium.

The other thing I want to point out, though, let me actually bring back that large, least resolve.

Okay. The forms are all assigned a control number over here on the left, and you know, if you find something, you want to, you know, let us know about a particular format it's handy for the bribe that for us.

But it isn't tied to anything. It's not like an LCCN. Or anything. Nobody else is.

Going to recognize it. However, the one thing you want to look out for in these control numbers is if they start with a Vt, then that was a form that was created for use in Vermont, and those will always float to the top.

All of the Vermont results are going to float to the top of your results, and then you'll see later in the results.

Let me jump far ahead. Here when they start with us. Those are the multi-state forms.

So great for use in it. Any state. So your Vermont forms will float to the top, which I think is important, because, of course, you know, State lock and vary.

So it's handy to have those options.

So, keeping an eye on the clock. Here, couple more things.

I want to show you here, and then we will move on the legal life articles again is a good getting started.

Place for some of the common legal issues, that folks may be looking for help with when things start to get more specific.

I like to point out the legal. So these are questions that folks have submitted to us legal forms and received answers back.

So they're broken down by these large categories of laws, and as you select them.

It will show you the question and the state it came from, and then you can click to view the answer.

So folks can find me a similar situation to theirs. They can get a little bit of hint as to what they may need to do in that situation, so it gets really niche.

This is an interesting area. If you know what kind of want to dive down an Internet whole for a little while the legal could definitely do that for you.

So lot of support here, which I think is my favorite thing about this resource.

Hi! But the last thing I want to show you here before we move on and talk about some of your other 2 new resources as well.

Some other options, is again that category, browse.

I like this because I don't know what I don't know right.

So when I'm particularly with legal issues that you know you can feel very out of your depth on them right?

So with the browse by main categories. What you get for example, if we go into something like partnerships, maybe I'm opening a business with, you know, a friend you've got this very nicely again, kind of built like subject headings where we're drilling down into specifics

so partnerships. Are we looking for a agreements?

Are we looking to add new partners? We've got all of these kind of paths to go down, and then, as you select them, so grabs in general.

Here we get LED right to a much more targeted result. Right?

It's pulling everything from that category. It's not just a search on partnerships and bringing back everything we have you get something that's much more targeted.

Another neat thing you'll find in this resource are packages of forms.

So here's a whole packet of things you might need.

If you're starting a general partnership agreement.

So we get a few different things, you know, if you're starting a partnership, you want to think, too, about how that partnership may end.

So for dissolution like how you'll do that right.

So you've got a couple versions a similar in a more complex partnership agreement, and you can take a look at each of these and then decide what one is right for you again, that's why I like the preview.

We don't have to download the whole thing. We can just kind of get a quick look at it.

So it is really a thoughtful approach to putting this content together for a patron right?

Rather than a lawyer. So lots of good stuff here in this collection, and I will leave you with the suggestion to Sue.

Search for Tooth Fairy in this collection, because we have a sample letter from a child to the Tooth fairy is trying to negotiate for future team, and then a letter from the Tooth fairy. So there's some fun stuff in this resource too which is nice because you know, not

all legal issues are fine, so something to look for when you're in there.

All right, so let's pop back and we'll talk about your 2 new remaining resources.

Oh, sorry. I have some slide animations here, but we were in the resource, so we can get them.

So you added 2 to Gale. One file collection. So whenever you hear Gale, one file, you want to think periodical.

So Gale academic, one file is a huge collection of scholarly periodicals, scale general, one file is general interest, periodicals.

The gale. One file collections are smaller subject based resources.

So you were able to add Gale, one file contemporary women's issues.

Looking at issues, facing women throughout history as well as today from a global perspective.

And then Gale one file leadership and management, which is periodic, was top per year per year.

Periodicals targeted towards folks who are in leadership positions are hoping to become leaders in maybe an organization wasted, you know, build on your professional development and build those people skills maybe for managing people and things like that.

So these are both periodical collection that look for publications that are going to serve those audience as well.

So I'm go ahead and let me know if you want me to pop into those.

But I do want to get to some of the updates around the other periodical collection, so they all share the same interface.

Some of the new tools. I'm about to mention will apply to those as well.

All right. So what's new content and features? So these apply to your legacy resources that have been available as well as to some of the new ones, have some slides here.

And we'll pop in and out of the resources as needed.

So one thing I wanted to make sure, everybody is aware of.

Certainly we are facing a lot more content challenges in our libraries now than we were maybe a few years ago.

So wanted to kind of give you some tools in your toolbox.

Should those come up in your library so if folks are asking about the databases, Gale does have a content, curation practices page on our website, this is the URL.

I’ll share this in my follow-up email as well.

But basically, how do we build these databases? What's going in, you know, to them?

How do we choose? Because certainly gales are publisher. So we have our content.

There, but we also work with third-party publisher. So how do we do that and bring in third party content?

And what are we doing around Dei initiatives and things like that?

So this page is really extensive. You can always reach out when you have more questions.

I'm going to share how to get into touch with your gale team at the end as well.

But this can give you a good base of knowledge. When should a challenge come up or maybe you just want to know more about how we put the resources together.

It's a really valuable page to learn about that, too.

So again. I’ll share this but one to make sure everybody's aware of it, and that you've got it.

If you needed another good way to stay up to date with what's happening with Gale databases is to subscribe to our blog you'll hear lots of success stories from other libraries about things that they're doing it also those a good way to stay informed about what's

happening so you know, new topic pages that we've created. You know, things like that.

So it is a good place to stay informed, and we don't over pop populated.

It's, you know, maybe a post a week or so.

It's not something you're constantly going to be getting updates from. So.

And of course we want to reach every learner. So we have accessibility tools built into the databases, and we have one that's newer than some of the others.

Translate has always been something that's available in the databases, 40 plus languages for a translation of the tab we've got a fine size tool, so you can enlarge the top in large the font of the article it doesn't kind of mess.

With the rest of the page. It just works for the article display options is a new one, and I have another slide that we're going to look at that all more closely.

And then, of course, our listen tool is very popular. We can hear the text right aloud.

It's different than a screen, reader. It doesn't try to read everything on the screen.

It starts with a title, and then goes into the article.

You can download that for offline use, and it offers enhanced text visibility, tool so as it's reading, it highlights the words.

But you can also make some adjustments to those settings and have it do even more for you.

So listen is a really great feature. Again, we want to reach every user.

The display. Options are handy for kind of making the most comfortable or needed reading.

Experience, display options is going to give you the option to change the background color of the page.

My I have a nephew who has a processing issue, and he really needs text to be on a green or blue background to see it correctly.

So that's one of the options I can also go for myself if I don't like the stark white.

I want more of a CPU tone. I can make that we have different font options, open dyslexic was a big request, but other folks like to have serifs on their tax.

It makes it a, you know, better reading experience for them. So we have, Garamond and then you can change spacing between lines, letters, and words to really get the best, a reading experience.

Or again, the most needed reading, experience. And here's the Oh, sorry.

I forgot I had this kind of zoomed in view. So there are options, and then here's something with the green background turned down.

That's the display font there, and I did some just the spacing as well.

So what's nice is when you do that it sets a cookie.

So the next article I go to it's going to remember those settings and display the article same way.

I don't have to redo it every time I jump into a new article, and if I'm on my own device, and it sets that cookie unless I clear out my bookies that will remember it for my next session so very handy same thing, for any of the settings you change in the list and

option as well. We're adding some new content to Gale general.

One file a lot of it is already in there, but it will be fully loaded in April 2023.

But some really great new popular titles. So I love to cook.

So I'm excited about cooks. Illustrated.

We have rolling stone, which has been a popular request that we've got from folks.

So team black girls, magazine. This old house, field and stream.

These are a lot of great publications that you know, folks might be paying money for a subscription or, you know, picking up at the at the grocery store what I wanted to pop into the resource and share.

Is, there is a way to find this content quickly, and then basically subscribe to it.

So I'm going to pop into Gale, general, one file here, and from the homepage of the resource, you know.

Of course most folks are using our quick, basic search and diving in, but we offer other search paths down below the basic search.

And one of those is publication Search. And this is Grace.

If you want to quickly check, if we have a publication, or see what our coverage is to say.

For example, book list. I can see. Oh, yeah, looks like we do have it.

And we have it going back to full tax for until 1993, you can get into issues we do have a 14 day embargo that the publishers imposed just to give a little time between their subscription and their newsstand content before it lands in the database.

But I could basically pull up that entire march first issue and read the whole thing right.

So one of the other features, though, let's go ahead and do this with rolling stone as well.

Whoops, not polling stone, rolling stone, that'd be a very different magazine.

Now, one thing to keep an eye out. The more we have had content before, where we had a limited scope.

Maybe a closed file had it for a few years, for the new ones that we've added this agreement that we've added this bulk of new publications is was, so you want to look for them as the publisher Hi, and there, you can see, this is rolling stone is one

we've already been able to load. So we're going back to January 2022 again, I could click on an issue.

But if I want to basically subscribe to Rolling stone through general one file, just look up above for the create journal button, great journal, alert button and what this is, going to let me do is sign up via, email, or Rss feeds.

So if you use an Rss aggregator like feedly, or something like that, you just take the URL we give you, and it will update there.

Or I like the email it lands right in my inbox.

You just give it your email address. Choose how often you want it to check for the new issue.

I tend to leave that set to daily, so I can get it as quickly as possible.

The format that we send it to you, and then you do have to be 18 years or older, because again, you're kind of turning over your email address here.

So you have to provide your birth year again. We're not going to do anything with your email address.

Aside from send you the alerts. But again, privacy is important.

So we just want to verify that our signing up this are 18 and older. So Boom!

Give it my birth year, create the alert. I’ll get a confirmation message that is set up, and that will send me the new issue as they come in.

So the journal alerts are really handy. Very good way to kind of stay up to date on your favorite publications.

We have the same version for searches. So if I'm interested in Adele, I probably have to play around this to make sure I get the Adele I’m thinking of, but we'll leave it at it. But there's the search alert in the upper right hand.

Corner I could set up an alert for a day, so I already see him.

2 other one here for the results on the screen. But to play around with that a little more, maybe use a subject limited to 0 in. But the search alert works the same way, but it just lets you know, and there's new articles that match your search term so something you can do in all of the

Gale and file resources.

Already. So Gale, in contact, you guys have quite a few resources from that product. Family.

So this is a list of new or updated, heavily updated portals or topics that have been added to kind of the 3 base scaling context resources.

So elementary mode school and high school. You might have students coming in looking for homework, help writing papers.

These are good, those general interest databases, you know, as an adult, I’ll pop into gale and Context high school to learn more about cloud at open or dread Scott versus Sanford.

Like it is a good Jim, or reference tool, like a ready reference type tool to send folks into.

I want to know more about a country I want to know more about.

You know levers, whatever it may be, I can pop into these resources and get that knowledge for myself.

So of course there are great fit for homework out but they're good general interest resources as well.

So there are our content. Teams have been working 10 days they tend to focus on a particular area.

This last year. So we've been doing a lot for native American content.

Focusing on Dei issues. One. Things were adding to the resource a lot of things.

I'm personal finance. So lots of good things coming to in this, in these 3 resources.

So we also don't have your specialized scale and context resources.

So the biography database of posing viewpoints, science in us.

History. All have gotten some great updates as well. So these are either again, topic pages that we've created like the disinformation and Misinformation page and gale and context, to posing viewpoints, or it is heavily updated content so you know, certainly something like Vladimir Zalenskyy

we're going in pretty frequently and updating that bio.

So it is, you know, the content and the resources has always been updated.

But these are just some highlights that I pulled out to call out some of the new content in the resources, so I’ll again.

These are good resources for adults to again quick reference, content.

Of course, they also have periodicals. They've got multimedia.

So they're really engaging places. So really, they're not just for homework out there, a good place for folks to take advantage of.

Yeah, learning about a topic that you know they're not that familiar with.

Hmm! All right. So moving on into Gale support unless there are questions about any of your other resources let me go ahead and pull that list of your databases up here again, just to kind of refresh your memory about what's available any questions about some of these we didn't you know kind of call out some of them.

But always good info I can share. If you have any specific questions.

Give you a minute we can jump ahead to support.

So the support page we visited briefly to check and see if we have mark records for you to me, and good news we did.

But the is going to give you access to a lot of great content, no need to recreate the wheel.

We've got a lot of great marketing materials for you.

We have a lot of great tech support and a lot of great tech training support. There.

So you can get all of the access you are URLs, and let's actually go ahead and do this.

So if you're looking for and it, of course I'm sure this one out, you know, regarding the new resources, but just a little refresher about how the page works.

When you come to the support page again, it's going to ask for your institution, and then we just, you know, 0 in.

And I’ll just grab Hi, Rory, and target the support page to the material or to the collections that you know you have access to so it's going to work for a minute and what it will give.

You are the Us. For each of the individual resources. So again, set these up on your web pages on live guides wherever you want them.

The great thing about your access in Vermont is it's all it can be based on.

Geo authentication, so that if folks let their location be known and they're in Vermont, they just get into the resources.

Not everybody likes to do that. Those, of course, for public libraries.

You often use your library card number to get in and instead, or there are other options we can consider.

But the Geo. Is really a great way to authenticate just cuts down and clicks and opens up access so there are the links for all of your resources, and grab that new gale.

Legal forms. You know you to me, and the like. We've also developed a lot of great marketing materials so you can kind of draw folks to the library whether it's in person or virtually we have lots of good marketing materials for your resources.

So say, you know, during I think we have 2 national car care months.

You could promote children, library and drive folks into that diy tool.

We offer, offer our training page, you know, just focusing on different monthly holidays and things like that, and find materials so always paying attention.

Those types of things, one of the neat things we recently created for some of the gale and context. Databases are escape rooms on the training side of things.

But what I love about the marketing material is, you know, not need to recreate the wheel.

We have social media posts ready to go banners you could use on your website bookmarks.

You could print out, yeah, these are customizable. So you can put your library's website on them.

Your logo, you know, and it's ready for you to print and share with your patrons.

So the marketing materials are a great way to spread the word.

So take advantage of that again, lots of great training materials.

We have tip sheets, tutorials, training decks.

If you're going to go out and demo these anywhere ready to go.

And then again, the marketing materials that we discussed.

That's a great on demand help when you want. Oh, sorry.

There are some of the new features of the new tools I already talked about but when you want to talk to a person when you want to get some guidance on these resources, you can feel free to reach out to your gale team again, I'm Stacy, I'm your train consultant, you can go free to shoot me

an email, or to me call, you'll be getting a follow-up email for me with the presentation as well as some other handy links.

You can also take advantage of your Gale customer, success manager.

These are folks who are there to help you be successful with the resource.

So if you want questions about loading, mark records, you got questions about your access.

URL, you want to know about your library's usage.

The CSMs are there to help you, and what's great is they line up with library type.

So if you're a public library, the person you're talking to is working with public libraries all the time, and they specialize by locations.

So they're going to know the Vermont Online Library.

They're going to know you have access to that already and know how that you know resources is maintain.

So, good person to get to know. So we encourage you to get to follow our blog and any social media, seeing kind of stay up to date with your gale resources, and then, when you leave the session today, this should automatically open this training session survey I’ll put that my

follow up email to you. But we love to hear feedback on these sessions.

And what you thought of them, so feel free to share your thoughts.

Be honest. Your name is not required, so we want to hear what you think.

So April. Anything else to add before we wrap up.

Sorry to call you out there. Oh, looks like April may have had a step off, so we will.

Can share any questions that may come up, but with that I think we are kind of covered.

Everything on my list again. Do let me know in the chat, if, or the queue, if you have any questions.

But this is what we wanted to share today. Hopefully, it was helpful.

And you picked up some new tricks as well as learning about the new resources.

So we were glad to have you today. You can eye out for that follow-up email that should come out today or tomorrow and we'll get you this.

All these good links, and info, as well as the link to the recording.

So alright. Thanks everybody for tuning in. Do you feel free to stick around and ask questions on, to keep things open and interactive for another minute or 2?

But if you're all set over a sign off and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, thanks, everybody.
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