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Last Updated: November 15, 2022

For Find It VA: Get To Know Gale LegalForms

Want to know more about your new Find It Virginia resource, Gale's LegalForms? Then this session is for you! Gale LegalForms provides a comprehensive look at various types of legal documents. It offers the most robust collection of accessible legal information available. These forms are "attorney forms" -- officially approved forms actually used at a typical law firm. Many of the forms and documents are available in Word or Adobe format and can be edited and used with minor modifications to suit users’ needs by simply "filling in the blanks" with relevant and accurate information. Completed sample forms are also included. We'll explore how to search and browse the resource to find the forms you need as well as examine the additional tools that provide help for understanding legal terminology, concepts and more! Recorded 10-17-18

Duration: Under 15 Minutes
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