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Last Updated: December 16, 2022

Dive Into Gale LegalForms

Gale LegalForms provides national and state-specific attorney forms to help users understand and actively participate in their legal affairs. Key coverage areas include wills and estates, landlord-tenant, and business law. Supplemental materials including legal definitions and law digest articles support a deeper understanding of complex legal topics. Join this session to explore the tools and features within Gale LegalForms.
Duration: 30 Minutes

thank you again for being here. So today

we're going to be diving into Gale legal

forms. My name is Amber Winters

and I am your Gale training consultant for the day.

So first today, I of course will talk

about just the background of a gale legal forms.

What it is, what you can find within the resource,

but I'll spend the majority of the time actually walking

through so you can see some of the different workflows

your patrons are going to be utilizing some

of the different content types, they're going to be accessing

able to kind of take a look at all of that today.

And then at the end of this session I will have

some kind of wrap up information for you,

some contact information for

you to move your learning forward and I hopefully

will have some time at the very end for any questions I wasn't

able to answer as I move through the session.

But again, if I'm not able to answer all of your

questions, send you an email with

the response. once the session is done for

the day. So

let's jump right in. Let's go ahead and talk about gay legal

forms. So this resource is going

to provide state specific as well

as national legal forms that your patrons

are going to be able to fill in and complete

to kind of forward on to wherever they need to go.

And some of the key areas include things like

adoption, divorce estate

planning, small business ownership

and small business operations, landlord tenant.

So it's a really broad resource

that's going to help a lot of your different patron types.

and we always like to say this is not legal

advice. This is legal information. So this is

a really great supplements, for

individuals who may be working with an attorney, they

can get some of this information maybe even before

they speak with their attorney. so they have

themselves kind of on the right path and ready

to go as they start the process.

This is also great for some little things that they

may be

We're working on like selling a car or something

like that. We provide really simple

legal forms that they could fill

out to make sure they're kind of

crossing their TSS and downing their I's with whatever

they're deciding to do.

And in addition to those legal forms, we also

have some supplemental material that's going to help

them really understand whatever process

or whatever topic they're going through. So we have

different things like leader articles as well.

Sorry, legal articles as well as dictionaries.

So if they come by a legal term that they're

not super familiar with, we

have definitions right here on the platform,

they can take a look at that and then get back to whatever

they were doing

We also have an attorney directory within this

resource. So if they are looking for someone, they

can certainly do that through here. And

we also have a Q and A. That's lists some

previously asked questions and

responses. So again, if they

just looking for a little bit of background

about whatever topic they're going to be exploring.

They can do that with some of the different supplemental

materials that we have available for them.

and on this platform, we have both browse and

search options. We're going to take a look at both of those

things., but it's really kind of extending

the accessibility to all different kinds of patrons.

So if they prefer to kind of just browse through the

different categories, we have to figure out what they need.

They can do that if they have something very specific

in mind then at that point they can use the search

and pull that specific bit of content.

So it's a nice kind of double

organization to make sure they can find the

information however, works best for them

And we've just recently added some new

Spanish language forms that I want to point out

for you. So we've just added 23,000

new Spanish language forms. So if you do

have a lot of patriots coming in looking for that Spanish

language, they'll find quite a bit here within the

resource and just like the English forms.

they are both. National and state

specific? So some of them will be specific

to your state while others are going to be applicable to

all 50 or maybea few

of the 50 states

and again, they are attorney drafted to make

sure they are accurate so they do come from

attorneys themselves to make

sure they're hitting all the legal information

they need to.

and the content is actually linked to the english

entry. We'll take a look at that in a second.

But what that means is, if they find

a particular

form they're interested in that they want to utilize.

Again, I'll stick with a car sale.

if they find that form they click into it,

they'll be able to download either the english version

or the spanish version or both.

So they'll be able to really decide which

bit of content they want to take a look at.

Now let's go ahead and dive right in and take a look. I haven't

seen any questions pop up in the Q and

A. But I will just pause here as I'm changing

my screen and ask does anyone have

any questions before we keep moving


I don't see anything. So let's go ahead and keep moving. So

here's our home page for gil legal forms.

And I just want to point out today, I'm using

the michigan legal forms version

because I am stationed here in michigan.

so whatever state you're in, you'll most likely

have access to those legal forms. So

if you're following along with me in your own instance,

it may look slightly different. some of

the categories, some of the foreign forms

might be labeled a little bit differently just depending

on whatever state you're in

so let's first kind of get a lay of the land

here on the home page, you'll see, we have our search

term at the very top here.

Yeah, Gretchen, the chat is disabled, go

ahead. Any questions you have put them into

the Q and a. Like you just did it makes

it a little bit easier for me to keep track of them to make

sure I'm not missing anything. So anyone

with questions go ahead and use the Q and A. As opposed to that

chat just so we can keep everything organized

and I don't miss anyone's question.

So again on the home page we have up top here our search

bar. But on this left hand side here, this

is where you're going to find all of the supplemental content

I mentioned here. So we have

our legal definitions section. So again,

if you have a patron who may be trying

to figure out a specific

term and what they're working on, they can click into any

of these here

let say maturity law. They can click in. It's

just giving them a very quick bit of information

and then they can easily jump back. So you'll see,

we do have a breadcrumb trail here

so I can jump back to all of my legal definitions

if I need to maybe click further or

I can click all the way back to my legal forms library,

which is pulling me here to that main home


under legal definitions. We also include tax

forms here on this platform. So we have state

specific tax forms and we have federal

tax forms as well. And I think these state

specific tax forms are really beneficial.

what's nice is no matter what states,

you currently have access to. So if you're in texas

and right now you only have the texas legal forms

as expected. you'll still have

all of, the different state tax forms.

So if you have patrons who are coming in, maybe

they work in two different states. They're going to need to

file for those e each of those individual

states, they'll have access to all of them here

in your instance. So they'll be able to do that.

And again our federal tax forms are listed

here as well and we do link right

to the IRS. So if they need a little bit more

information than what we have to offer them,

they can link right here, we have that set up for them.

Under those tax forms is the attorney Directory

that we mentioned.

and you'll see here, you can choose whichever state

you like and the attorneys

request to be listed here. We sometimes

forget that. How do we find our attorneys and list them?

they do request to be added to

our list. You'll see there is a request contact

form right here. So this is of course

not going to be an exhaustive list of

every attorney within your state

or within your city.

but it is a start, it's a good place for your patrons

to start. They can click through here and take a look at those

underneath our attorney directory, we have some

external links again. So if we need some

more precise information

than what we're getting here, we can click into

different organizations. Getting different

forms. Again, remember I'm in the

michigan instance, which is why you're seeing michigan

state tax forms here you'll

most likely see something different. If you're in a different

state, you may see more than this, you may see

a little bit less, just depends on your

state and what they have available

and under our our external links. Now we

have this really great law digest. Let me pull

this up here

and all of this content is being pulled forward

from the gale encyclopedia of american law

and we recently just updated this. So,

it's fully updated and ready for your patrons

to use and this is providing information

from the real world from reported

cases. So it's really giving them background

on whatever they're getting started in as

it's happening so they can click into again, they

can run their search here or they can click through

and browse, we'll just browse today

by clicking to see

we'll see what we have available. We have some different individuals

who um have been recently

highlighted in whatever topic

that they have been related to.

We can scroll down, we see different bits of information.

Maybe we're interested in software privacy,

I can click into this

And it's given me a nice background, a nice bit of

information about consumer

software safety,

So you'll scroll down here and it's a a pretty

substantial read but it's a nice way for

them to get started here and you'll

see there are further readings listed down here as

well. So if they need to move they're learning

forward about this legal topic,

they can do that here

underneath the log I address again. Is that legal

Q. And A. So these are questions that have

been asked and have been answered, by

us here. You'll see when I scroll down, we do have

it organized based on category

just to make sure that we get everything nice

and clear for everyone. So we can click into any

of these. let's click into vehicles.

and you'll see now I have these questions listed and now every

state's answers apply

in your resources. So you'll see when

I have my question, you'll see where this individual

asked the question. So this one asked it in florida

this one asked in Ohio and Utah

So just make sure your patrons are aware that

many times these answers are going to be

kind of universal throughout the United

States. Sometimes they may differ slightly,

Sometimes they may differ a lot. So this is a great

place for them to get started and

then to kind of find tune the tune, the answer

based on whatever state they're in. So this is a nice

again, starting point for them.

under the Q. And A. We have our legal life articles

which are kind of shorter articles than

our law digest. The law digest is going to

give some really specific topics

with kind of in depth information. We can see

our legal life articles here are more very

specific kind of broad cat stories.

So something like owning a business. I can

click into this

and it's given me the, the background information about

owning a business, but it's not a very

very specific topic here.

This is really that nice overview

before they kind of dig in using their own


and underneath all of this, you'll see, We also have

a most popular option here. So these

are the most popular searches

that are currently run within legal forms.

So this may be a good place for your patrons

to start as well. They don't know exactly what

they're looking for. They can take a look at this

and get going that way.

Now, I'm going to jump back to the home page and

I can either do that in my breadcrumb trail here

by clicking into legal forms or

I can do that by clicking into my,

my um

banner. Excuse me, my brain

is a little bit everywhere today. clicking in

my banner and the title here and that will pull me forward

to the home page as well.

So now that I'm here, I'll point out we do have some legal

forms that can be completed online,

which means they won't need to download the form

before they fill it out. They can fill it out right

here on the platform and then download it all ready to

go? And then your other

forms will need to be downloaded first

and then completed as a word document

that way. So we do have both. If they

only want to take a look at legal forms that

can be completed online, they don't want to have to worry

about downloading, they can click this here

Now. Let's go ahead and scroll down here and

on this home page, we do have some of the

main categories listed. So again,

if your patrons aren't exactly sure what they

need and they want to just browse a little

bit, we have all of this listed here.

I do want to point out a lot

of times we have small business owners

looking for. information, especially if they're

not as well versed

in the, the legalities surrounding owning

a business. We do have a full small

business section. So if you have those patrons

coming in looking for that content, this

is a really excellent place to send them.

It will get all of its kind of laid out for them.

But let's again, we'll stick with my, automobile

um, example from earlier. So,

I know I want to sell my car. I'm taking

a look look at this to browse and I see automobiles

listed. So I'm going to go ahead and click into this here

and this is bringing me forward to another step

here. So you'll see again my breadcrumb trail.

So I can take one step back if I want

to. And then underneath this

is just another kind of layer of organization.

So now that I'm in automobiles, I can click into these

subcategories and I know I want

to sell my car. So let's click into bill of

sale. and

now we have all of my different

forms related to bills

of sale for automobiles. So I

can now click into any of these and these are going

to pull forward here. The actual


So this gives the background here

You'll see this is one that's has

both spanish and english available.

So this can be downloaded as an english

word document or a spanish word document

and they'll be able to complete that underneath

those download options. It is telling me what this

is. So I can make sure this is what I'm looking

for before I even download it to my computer.

It's giving me a preview here so I'll

know what to expect. This is what I'm going to need to fill

out. This is the type of information I'm

going to need to know.

and then right next to that we have our related

definitions here.

So if I need more information about bill of sale,

I have this nice little definition right here

that's going to potentially move me

forward in whatever I need to pull out. So

I have that option right there

in the end. You'll see my

breadcrumb trail has lengthened

quite a bit as I've been clicking through.

So maybe I want to go back to automobiles and

that's not what I'm looking for. I can jump back

here And again,

I can click through and find whatever I think is most


And now I am going to jump back to the home page

one more time just so we can all kind of stay in

the same general area

here because I do want to run through a search

as well. Now today for my search, I'm not

going to run a search for a specific keyword

because I wanted to tell you about a nice feature. We have

within the legal forms and they're prebuilt

packets for different topics. So

instead of running a search for a specific topic,

I for package is going to pull

forward the different packages, we have pulled together

for different topics here. So you say as I scrolling

down, I'm scrolling down, we have one for

personal planning, so maybe

we want a packet, we want to draw up

our last will and testament, we can do that, we can

click in here.

scroll down here. We'll see the different package


And then we're giving some optional information here

as well. So these are some different forms

that are going to be related to the topic we're looking

at that aren't fully developed

package components, but we want to include

them here because they may be supplemental

information that needs to be included within

the packet here.

And for this package, it's showing us the

description here. So it's telling us

each of the different articles and what's

they're going to do here. It gives us a preview

again and again, we have our related


and you know what's great is I can choose here

to just download a specific

piece of the package.

So if I'm only in need of this first

worksheet here,

I can click into it just to take a

look at it on its own.

I could take a look at this preview

and then I can choose here if I want to download

it as a spanish or english

word document here

and I can go back

You'll see if I'm not interested in clicking into

this. I already know I want this. I can

just hit download here and I'll be able to download this

and many are downloaded as word documents.

You'll see some have the option to download as a Pdf.

There are quite a few different worksheets

that are built out as spreadsheets. Especially

if we're talking about um starting

or operating a small business. We do

have a lot of

worksheets for that sort of thing.

Maybe building up your accounting

practice, your bookkeeping, things like that.

They'll find information here

So let's go ahead and hit the back button here

and you see I can really start to kind of scroll down

Now, since we've got just a little bit of time, I will

jump into the small business section just

because again we do see a lot of patrons

looking for that small business loft

contents. Again I haven't seen

any questions pop up but if we have

some, go ahead and pop them into the Q. And A. For me.

it is a little bit quieter today than I thought it would

be. So we will certainly have time to get all of your questions


so I'm going to click into small business

here and to do that. I just jump back to the home

page by clicking on my banner

up top here,

and then we're gonna click into small business

and now you'll see our small business is broken


pretty detailed wise here,

do have a quick question How much does it cost

for the download of forms? It doesn't cost

anything erin they are they

are free to use, they have unlimited use

um As long as you have access to this resource,

you don't need to worry about paying for anything anyone can

download the content

But again, in our small business here, you'll see. We have all

of this available. We've got some great

checklists that I like to point out so

they can make sure they are ready to maybe

start their start their business

or move their business forward. We also have

Prede developped letters

and notices here so they don't need to reinvent

the wheel if they need to send a letter to someone,

maybe a cancellation, maybe

they need to send something to their bank.

We have these premade for them so they

can just you know add their customization.

So probably their business name, maybe their own name

and their contact information.

Print it out and then send it wherever it needs to go.

It's a really nice way for them to kind of

get that information out with having to build

it without having to build it, build it

all on their own.

And at the very bottom I will mention our worksheets

option here

so we can pull that forward and there's

quite a few different worksheets available

so they could take a self assessment if

they want to take a look at to see if

their business is something that's practical. They can

do that self assessment here. We also have the strengths

and weaknesses analysis. So

it's really helping them kind of move forward.

as needed here and it looks like we have

a quick question, how often are resources

is reviewed and updated? Um I don't

have an exact time frame laura but I can

get the exact timing

from my product manager. but

generally we do keep them as up to date as we possibly

can. can so when legislation cha changes

we um attempt to keep those,

keep those in line with that.

We are powered by us legal

so that is supporting this here as well. But Laurie

let me speak with my product manager and I'll give

you the exact um

recurrence. If it's monthly, daily

weekly I'll take a look and I'll send

you an email to let you know that answer.

Ok, so I don't see any other questions.

I'm going to go ahead and switch back here

because I do have some contact information for

you. So if you do think of questions after

we're done for the day or maybe you want to take

another look at gale legal forms with someone

at gale. Maybe you want to talk specifically about

a topic I didn't cover

you know maybe adoption. Maybe you want to dig

deeper into will planning and how this can help your patrons.

You have a customer success manager who

can help you out with that. If you haven't

spoken with your customer success manager previously,

just send an email to gale at customer success

at engage dot com and we're going to forward you to

the correct individual and they can help

you walk through the resource or maybe you want to talk

about usage or how you can promote this

resource. they're here to help you

with all of that good stuff so feel free to reach

out to them.

You also have access to a wonderful sales consultant.

So if you don't currently have Gil legal forms

but you want to discuss it. feel

free to reach out to them. If you haven't spoken with

them you can send an email to. So I'm sorry

you can utilize support Gil dot com

forward slash rep finder and

that will forward you to the correct individual.

And we also have quite a bit of

premade support and training materials

for you. So we have resource

guides, Webinars like this one shorter tutorials.

We also have premade

flyers and posters and

bookmarks and all that good stuff to help you get this.

information out to your patrons. And

that web page is just support dot gil dot com.

You'll be able to navigate through that. And

this resource, the support site is for

all of your Gale resources. So if you have more

than Gale legal forms, you're going to find

content for everything that you're going to need.

and I do have a training session survey for you

all to take if you have your phones you

can feel free to scan this QR code

to get that information. Otherwise it

is going to populate populate in your browser

as soon as you close out of this session today

so it's there and ready for you.

And I will ask just one more time before

we hop off of this session

today. Does anyone have any questions

that I didn't answer or does anyone want to take

a look back at any feature

within the resource?

Ok? I don't see anyone typing.

So we're going to go ahead and end this session for today.

I thank you all for being here and hopefully we'll

see you in future webinars have

a great day.

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