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Last Updated: January 17, 2023

Gale Presents: Udemy - Access, Enroll, and Build Skills

This tutorial shows you how to access Gale Presents: Udemy, browse or search for courses of interest, and enroll in any of over 4,000 video courses to build new personal and professional skills.
When you want to build new skills in your personal

or professional life,

take the next step in your career,

or just try something new,

Check out over 4,000 video courses

taught by top-notch instructors in Gale Presents: Udemy.

After accessing Gale Presents: Udemy with your library card,

use your Google or Microsoft account to

sign in and keep track of your learning.

To find courses,

enter a search

or browse for topics of interest.

Simply click a course title to learn more.

You'll find a summary of what you'll learn,

course software and experience requirements,

an outline of lessons,

instructor biography,

student reviews

You can preview portions of the course

and enroll to access the full course and begin learning.

Click play to view videos and other

materials in order,

or use the Course content menu to jump

to lessons of interest.

You can also view a course overview, Q&A, and announcements,

or add bookmarks to easily access

portions of videos that you find helpful.

Courses have no time limit, and

as you work progress is saved.

You can stop at any time,

come back later,

and pick up right where you left off.

When you complete all coursework content,

you can access a certificate of completion

to demonstrate your learning.

Learn the skills you need whenever it's most

convenient for you with Gale Presents: Udemy.

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