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Last Updated: July 07, 2017

Texas: Fight Fake News: Harnessing the Power of your Statewide Gale Resources

Are your users tired of fake news? Your library has a wealth of authoritative, current, balanced news and information sources in your statewide databases from Gale. In this session, we'll share best practices for bringing users into these resources, showing how transparent they are, and providing tips for ways your library can fight fake news with these great tools at your back! Recorded for TexShare and TexQuest
Duration: Under 15 Minutes
Welcome everybody to our

Fight Fake News: Harnessing the Power of

your statewide Gale resources

for Texas. I am Stacey Knibloe

the trainer who primarily works with TexShare

and I have my partner-in-crime with you

here today Tammi VanBuren who works

with those of you who will

take advantage of the tax question

resources. Welcome Tammi! Thank

you so

we are going to be going through some best

practices for pointing your users

to resources that

they can rely on and find authoritatively

We know we're kind of speaking to the choir here with our

our librarians

for you to be able to kind of take what we show you

today and turn that around for your user

so for all your students

your patrons everybody who uses the

library and we thought we'd approach this I

just coming at the

entire state of Texas and get us all together

here on the cob shelves to

kick off we thought we'd

share a little lost I'll look at

what it used to look like when we were finding fake

news back

a few years back but now of course

if we share something on Facebook it must

be true so but

we have course in the

Library business you know that that's not

the case so what we want to do

is put your resources

to work in Texas and

you have a

nice variety of resources from both text

TexShare and she knew text Quest and

text they're combining them there

We wanted

to take a look at just a couple today

from Gale that you can use to point

your users to for when they're looking for

you know divisive issues but also just

regular kind of hard science data

you've got resources to help back

that up there was that the tech specialist

resources on the left

and the TexShare content

over on the right and some

of you may have heard the exciting news

that TexShare

year is going to be adding a couple new resources

from Gail starting July one this is an

announced at TLA so

maybe the word has gotten around but we're

really thrilled that you're going to be able to access

Opposing Viewpoints In Context

the other public and academic Library

starting July one this

is the database Tammi's going to be showing you

and how you can put some best practices to use in the

library for getting users in there

really exciting

I miss been available for several

years now and just overall it

Gale it is one of our most popular resources

and certainly you'll

hear more from Tammy about what I can do for you they're

also going to be getting Chilton Library so for all

those folks who do their own

auto repairs and maintenance you're

going to be getting that in both text

and TexQuest so that's something

that's coming as well the

basis of course from Gail word publisher

we've been around for years and if you put our content

outline so what makes

these more authoritative than maybe

just going to Google and doing a search talk

a little bit about how they get put together and

what we do at Gale to make sure

these are places you want to send

your users so Gail

as I mentioned is a publisher so

we produce a lot of our own content we've

been doing it for over 65 years we have

many award winning titles. These are

respected Publications its

original content; it's curated content

you're not getting back a million articles

you're getting back a nice curated selection

of content we've chosen for the databases.

much more manageable

you're creating it all and in one

place and it's been curated and chosen because

it's authoritative we

work with partner Publishers to provide their

content as well so again, we

don't publish news content so we work

with sore to the Publishers in that Arena to

bring in their newspapers to bring in a

academic journals to bring him magazine

multimedia system

to put it all in one place in. And again

provide a safe place for research

and because we're in a

more global look at the

the contents when you're in our


So each database as we build

them the same way that we you know

put together our books we apply that same message

you our databases. Each database has subject

subject specialist who are choosing the

content it goes into the resource designing

how it works, working with

as as an excellent point out

working with Librarians teacher students

to find out what we need in these resources

not only contact

but tools and we're going to be showing you some

of those today. So there

are subject specialist

a whole team of them that are building each

of these databases that were going to look at that

time is dedicated to it and

for those of you in a K-12 setting

you may have seen this already but all

of our in contact databases are aligned

with State and National curriculum standards

So again going back to what

do our users need we're looking

at curriculum on what's being taught in the classroom

and how can we align to it so

all of our focus goes into

producing these authoritative resources



advantage of so we're going to show you some tricks for

doing that today so

that gives a little background we've

got a question in the chat from

Jennifer will just be sent out after your done why

don't you know for screenshot the absolutely I can provide

this to you, I'll put it up in Google Drive and

and share that with everybody so

that you can take advantage of these slides happy

to share this with you!

go ahead and move on that's going to turn things

over to TammiVanBuren, our K12

training specialist who

works with very often in Texas and

I live in Buffalo, New York and anytime we can get out of the cold

in the last year and he coming up

on you may have met me and

I'm looking forward to heading down

to Texas again starting

cash I think I'm looking

forward to that but I'm excited to talk to

you about Opposing Viewpoints In Context

this is one of my favorite databases.
I have to say I love all the In Context databases.

Being K12 it really is geared toward all markets,
but we do look at

those curriculum and state standards

and align this product

and our In Context products to those
standards as Stacey had mentioned.

So, with Opposing Viewpoints In Context
when you are talking about Fake News

this is a great product to turn to for all
markets. K12, your patrons at the public library
and at the academic level

we have all different levels within the product itself.

But it does cover the hottest social issues

you so you're going to find those topics

that are being discussed anything

from death penalty to immigration

to legalizing marijuana to cloning

so you're going to find the

It is a cross curricular product it

does support different classes

Science, Social Studies, Current Events, Civics classess

language arts, even history

you can make the connections between
what happened in US History and World History

to what is happening now. Unemployment is a great example

comparing the Great Depression to unemployment

So those types of items, too, you can use

this product for and then the

database itself it does give

the pro/con viewpoints but we

don't tell you this is Pro and this is Con

because want really want people to develop

their own opinion using

safe, vetted, authoritative content

and especially students. We want them to develop
those critical thinking skills. So, both sides are always
presented in this product.

You are going to find: reference articles, interactive maps,
images, infographics

multimedia so it's really quite

a fantastic product and I can't

wait to show it to you thanks

Stacy. Absolutely

and I think you're able to start

sharing your screen now we are going to have a live

demonstration of opposing viewpoints

or feel free again in the chat or in the Q and A let

us know if there's something you want Tammi to click on

or explain. Especially for

those of you who may be new to it from the

public and academic Library so give

you a little sneak peek

here. Thank you.

And Stacey, I lost all the Q and A when I changed screens, so if

anything comes in... I'll keep an eye on

it. Thank you. Ok, so we're jumping into the product.
A few things I want to show you, if you have worked with
Opposing Viewpoints before

all our In Context have received an

enhancement so they look a little bit different if

this is all new to you fantastic, you're
here right at the right time. First thing
I want to point out, I'm going to pick a
couple things and Stacey will also

show you some great tools to so

you're going to get both just in two different products

So, the platform itself can now be translated.
Up here at the very top it is defaulted to

but you can change it into 34

different languages I'm going to show

you what Spanish looks like and what it does, is it
actually changes the navigation tools. So, here you
can see Search has been changed and

all of the tools that the top along with

what we have below here

to. Our call to action buttons have

all been translated and then

when you are in an article all the

tools within that at that article level

and even after topic page level, which I'll cover

have all been translated to

so that's going to be found at the very top.
I'm going to go back to English.

And translates all those tools

for you are you can also sign

in with Google or Microsoft I have

done both just because I want to show you a

couple features using those tools
and those workflow tools

and what

if you are not you don't have to sign in as soon as

you log in, I'm just taking it really basic here.
If you decide you want to send information to
your Google Drive or OneDrive at that

time you'll be prompted to sign in, if you're

at the article level on when you want to save

a document so don't feel like you have to sign

a lot of K12 they like to do this as a best
practice and have their students sit down and
login right away.

As soon as I am signed into Google

I am already into classroom too.

So if you are a teacher and are using Google classroom

or librarian or media specialist you

log into one in you're in both, which is fantastic

so on the home page you're

going to find a lot of great subject

categories with topic pages

we have more than what

we have in the database is more than the Topic Pages

the information that we have on the Topic Pages

but what I love about the topic pages

is in the show you one

of our newest one is

that they are Collections

and they are curriculum aligned

we do look at the products at least once

a year and align them to national and state standards so

all the content within the product is

curriculum-aligned and where you can find under

curriculum standards you can find

information that is been hyperlinked

out right within the product I do want

to show you this this real quick so let's go

to Texas and

I'm just drilling down to exactly where

I want to go to social studies High School

and you can see as I keep going

I'm clicking right into the standard that I'm

interested in and here is the information

that's hyperlinked out so now if I
click on one of these hyperlinks, it will
open in a new tab and take me to that
content and this is what I have.

So if there is a topic available it'll be here at the top

and then all the different content that

is available for that state standard

and again that's under Curriculum Standards right

at the top. Okay, so

I want to share with you too and then I am
going to go right into a topic page and show you
some of those great tools and then hand it off to
Stacey to finish up and she is going to share with you

the next product, but what I wanted to share with you

was there are actually we

pulled the top five searches for TexQuest

and they happen to be Gun Control, Death

Penalty, Zoos and Aquariums, Abortion

and Social Media and I was interested

in the social media because what

we are going to talk about today is

I'm going to look for Fake News on

Social Media. So, if we're talking about Fake News

we do have a

topic page for that and this

one is focused on fake news on social media

and since there is a topic page associated

with that search result

it is highlighted or

bold. If you can see the difference there

when I click into it it takes

me to that topic page and

here we have what I love about our topic pages is
you have a great image and an essay overview.
A great place, especially

for K-12 to really get an

idea if this is something that they want to write

there to work on their project or do their research

paper on or collaborate

with other students also

for patrons and academic

level, a great starting point there's a lot of great

information just in this essay overview

but then from here you can go

to different parts of different content types within

this topic page all related

to the subject fake news on social media

so we have featured viewpoints, viewpoints and the
list goes on and if we have statistics available, you will find
them here and then there is you multi-media, images, video

audio. Another thing

that we just added is Related Topics

and it's moved it wasn't

a different area but I want to show you at the very bottom.
So, when I click on Related Topics, it's going to take

me to the bottom of the page and you can see

I am I did search for fake

news on social media but all the different areas

that your students or your patrons can

jump to our faculty members so

we've got quite a few different areas. Social Media, Twitter

Wikileaks I've had numerous

conversations with my own children about

what is real news

and what is fake news. We have websites

these are great websites to I've used a few of

them myself to really check

some of those facts and

then statistics too. So, you can see a lot of great content

and it's all here in this like

I had said authoritative content, vetted

safe environment for your students

and patrons to learn

so I want to jump in to show

you some of these features that can be used within

the database itself I did

mention Google Classroom, I want to point out

one of the things if you're kicking off

a unit or if you want to share information and

you are using Google Classroom it's really easy

to pull an entire topic

page right into your classroom and

this is at the larger level so

we could go into a content type like viewpoints

or all the way down to the article level and

pull it right into your Google Classroom

so you do have to have the classroom

setup first

I have theirs my civics class and

then I just chose one of my classes

and then from here I can

create an assignment, ask a question,
make an announcement if

I make an announcement which I think if you're

kicking off the unit is a great one to use all

I do is put in

my title I can choose

a topic if I want and then I post it

and then what we do is we offer the

option to view your Google Classroom so it's going to

open a new tab

here's my classroom and in a

hot second we're going to see...there it is

so now my students will

get an alert that I added something to my

classroom and from here they

can click into

go right to that topic page very

simple very quick a great

feature to share and use. So,

let's go back and I'm going to close those tabs out.
I want to share with you a few things that are unique to

Opposing Viewpoints In Context. The Featured Viewpoints
and Viewpoints

so the Viewpoint Essays and I'm going to go into


The Viewpoint Essays, you can see here are listed

on the right hand side, are a little different

than just our standard documents that you find

because what they have one

thing that we've done, we've pulled out and

highlighted this area that the article

commentary but we have these questions so

you're developing those critical thinking skills or maybe
patrons are like what do I need to think about, this might
help them read through this article and think

okay if you're some questions and I want to consider

So, great

tool, especially at that K-12 level. I love this, because
the students can read these questions and

find the answers below. Now

I'm going to show you in our tool box on the

right hand side real couple different things and

I'm going to show this article with

the highlights and notes before I do I want

to point out citation tools it's listed at the

top of my toolbox because it is the most popular

at the bottom of every

single article and document or image

that you have that you find within our products

you will always find

the citation and it's always the defaulted into

MLA 8th Edition now but

if you wanted to change

the format you have that option by just clicking

citation tool you could

change it to APA or Chicago, you can also

choose if you want to export it somewhere else

besides being downloaded

right onto your computer

so you can export it to EasyBib or NoodleTools
or right into your Google Drive or OneDrive.

what you can also do what you can send

this entire article into your Google drive

or in to OneDrive. Again

the article can be pulled into Google Classroom. So,
you can make it an assignment to read

this before tomorrow's class right

and then be ready to discuss or

you can ask questions to go along with it

in your Google Classroom. So,

different options that are available now I'm not
going to send it to

my Google Drive yet because I want to show you how to

use the highlights and notes feature.

Highlights and Notes you can imagine you're students are

reading or and I'm sorry I am K-12 so, I always
refer to students, it's a habit

am I'm

trying to work on, maybe your patrons

to but I'm going to since I hope I

have some TexQuest people on here and gear
this towards students. You can click and drag
on the question itself, highlight and then add

some notes

and then as you read below

if you find the answer

to question 1 let's say

it's this

you can highlight again click and drag and then

the Box pops up for highlight I'm

going to choose yellow

and then it did say explain

your answer so of course then

the students can add a little bit more context

in their, in their notes Okay

and then so on and so forth so if we

did number two and I just want to show you

just to show the different colors and

also I love this feature for

this product because it

is Pro/Con so, your students could

pick yellow for Pro and

maybe blue for Con, if they want or

however they choose to do that throughout

these articles because what will happen

is they

have a couple different options I

hope I chose blue

so now I've highlighted two different

areas now in my toolbox

it says Highlights and Notes there's four

I have the question and the answer

in both. Now

if I send this to my Google Drive what'll

happen is not only will the entire article

go into my Google Drive

but also the text

I've highlighted and the notes I've

taken and I'll show you that before

I do if I click on highlights and notes you

can see here I can I have

what I highlighted in yellow what I've highlighted in

blue I can access view

all highlights and notes and there's

also one other area to do that but if I wanted

to jump to this answer I can

click on Highlights and Notes in the toolbox and

this will take me to that portion of the article

now in my Google Drive

what it looks like is

the entire article is downloaded

now in to my Google Drive a nice folder is created

titled Opposing Viewpoints in Context

whenever I'm in this database all content

from Opposing Viewpoints will go right into this folder

and then from here I have

and you can see I'm in this quite a

bit so I believe it was this one

but you get the idea so we have

the text that is highlighted and

then at the very bottom of this article

there's my text and the notes I've

taken so it'll always be at the

very bottom of the article and it's now a workable document

I'm back into Opposing Viewpoints

In Context, I want to show you

too Highlights and Notes, a few

different ways that this can be used by

So, yes we put it in the article, we sent
the entire article to our Google Drive, but

what else can be done is I can view

those highlights and notes. I

can choose

to go into another section of the database this

way or I'm going to show you under

the more button it's also here now

it is session based so, when I click

on highlights and notes it's going to take me to

what I've just done, but I've also did a
little pre-work and

I was in a variety of articles

so this sectional continue to build out

so I was in a few different articles where

I was working and adding more content to

my highlighted article section and

these can be used as, I like to refer to them as, digital

notecards. If you're doing

research or if you're working with colleagues

or you want to share information on with

with your library maybe with your patrons

we all look for text

certain parts of text that really speak to us no matter what

we're reading right so this is a great

way to do that, just highlight that information and
save it for yourself and you can send it all at one
time into your Google Drive

or your OneDrive. You can print it, email it,

download it or you can put it right onto your computer

also the citation

since I was in multiple articles and this

is building out again so it's session based

if I were to not

go to the screen and do something

with my highlighted article send it to my Google

Drive or any of these other tools that I

have here and log off her

close out of this session, than this information

would be lost. So,

just keep that in mind, especially if you are working
with students

But the nice thing is, since I was in multiple articles,
if I click onto citations now,
hear are all the articles I was in

here's my bibliography. Now the students can export
this into their Google Drive and start their bibliography page
or works cited page. If they put it into their Google Drive or
OneDrive, it won't alphabetize

it for them so they do have to do just a little

bit of work and alphabetize it, but if they are using
Easy Bib or NoodleTools, it will alphabetize it for them.
I was from the days

it was a Holt Handbook and figure

out where that comma went and what needed to be

italicized and now it's all done for

them but then you can also change the format

just like we could at the article

level so a

great way to use this feature

within our product and then

if I go into my Google Drive what it looks

like if it turns into like I'd mention

it workable document

sorry I minimized my screen there. There we
go and it will show up under Opposing Viewpoints In
Context again. It is going to be just listed as Highlighted
Articles, so

they're going to have to determine

I mean they do have to do a little bit

of organization once they're in their Google Drive

but for anyone using Google

Drive or Microsoft this is not new information

so here it is, but

the nice thing is with our new enhancements

is the articles are

now hyperlinks so they can go directly to

that article from there Highlights and

Notes that they've taken

and the bibliography is at the bottom

and it becomes this workable document or those

digital note cards they can share it with their

teachers or instructors and then

they can comment back because it

is workable document and kind of determine where
there students are at and if they are on the right page

they can also, I'm back in the product

before they send it to their Google Drive

they could edit their notes too so

if you are working with

are talking about plagiarism they've highlighted

this text, they can put it into their own words

in real time and then they

can send it all to their Google drive at that time.
So, they can do a little bit of revision or editing
before they send it into their Google Drive.

Okay, any questions on anything I've

gone over so far? I just want to show you

one other item and then Stacey

how are we doing? We're doing okay on time?

Yep, and I don't have anything in the Q and A for you

Perfect. Okay.

So, let me show you

one of our other really popular features

which is Translate

now what happens if I go to translate

article which is here in the toolbox towards

the bottom I can translate

this into now we're up to

40 different languages

and what it'll do is not only will

it translate the text

it also translates

you see the little listen button here, the read

speaker. So, the text will be read

in I'm in Spanish so it'll

be read in Spanish to whomever is listening to it.
It can also be downloaded. So, it's a great tool
to have, not only that,but you can translate the

entire platform to Spanish

so here all the tools have been

translated and also my article

great way to reach our end users and

their students and patrons so

that again I'm going to go back to English
because my High School Spanish is lacking.

So, I have to translate the platform back first.
There we go, now

I can read

Alright, I am back to English, there we go.

Okay and then the only other

item I wanted to show you and I hope this

article I picked has it at the bottom, yes So, remember
we were on a Topic Page and there were Related
Resources or

articles at the bottom you're going to find

any articles that are related

are going to be here at the bottom to the

same article so you're going to find,

so, this is a great tool too and then something that's recently

been added

can you hang there for a minute

I wanted to mention something about the source citation there

so we were talking earlier about

Gale is a publisher we put out

our own stuff and and when you're in our databases

you'll find that quite a bit under the reference content

but one of the things I wanted to point out I

think that makes Opposing Viewpoints In Context unique

is that we don't just have our

editors right one essay and support

of an issue and then another one against

these are viewpoints remember I

mention the content is curated we went

out and found essays on the

topics or news articles or wherever it

may be from someone who knows what

they're talking about that's a little bit of what you

get me article commentary to you always know

where your opinions are coming from

and you'll notice the source citation for

those Viewpoint essays are a little

different from other products because we actually site
that original

publication and then our

version of it because we've annotated it we've added

those questions and commentary and so on

So, there actually a couple levels to

the citations here when you're in the Viewpoint Essays

so folks always

know where they're getting their information from and

that's important again, we're talking about fake news

and how to fight this is one of

the things we encourage our users, our

students to look for where are you getting

your information and with all the

citation tools it makes it really easy but

it's also very discoverable we're very

transparent with our content of Gale

and these Related Resources are

another way you know we're not coming into a

database and getting just one

side of an issue but we're also not

getting just one issue you

know if you look at something like Capital Punishment

certainly that can break down into a very

Pro/Con kind of opinion, but

you also get these areas of grey with

in it other discussions around it you know what

might be the most humane way to do it things

like that so you know

we talk about this being curated content in

the single database that you still get a really wide

look at an issue so

I think the source citation helps illustrate

that as well so I just I couldn't help but wanted to mention that.

And along those lines,

you actually made

me think of something when I, do

we have time for me to do one more quick search? Sure.

zoos and Aquariums I was

in this Topic Page recently and

I looked at Viewpoints and this is a great way

to show that Pro/Con here's

an article, a Viewpoint Essay that

has commentary

that stating that it's the Zoo

maybe some animals last hope

it's that you know, maybe it's a conservation, too.
Then here's another one from another

editor and they're talking about

how zoos are

no longer you know that the legacy of Zoos needs

to change we're back in the colonial times

so here's your Pro and Con for Zoos.
You are seeing

both sides right here right next to each

other which I thought was quite interesting. So, you're

going to find that throughout this product

and again we don't spell it out for our
patrons or our users.

We let them determine is this a pro or is this a con

on and that's another thing I just love about

about this product so that

critical thinking it inspires. Yes, those critical thinking
skills, we need it at all levels. Not just at the K-12, right.

Alright, that is everything I was going to cover. Are
you ready to take it back Stacey? You bet.

So, folks

I'm going to be talking with you about one of the other

resources in this one also comes to

both texts share and text

Quest libraries it's

science and contacts in this is one

of my favorite you know certainly

it applies and you know for our

K-12 students there are middle and high

school students but outside

of that as well certainly up into the first

few years of college and I'm

in the public libraries while I can get really valuable

to walk like all of our in contacts

database as you got out of lots of different types

of content in here like we were seeing an opposing

viewpoints in context there's reference

there's magazines there's academic journals

there's multimedia all these different pieces

there science experiments some of my favorite

Tools in that database all

in one place kind of brought together

again authoritative information

so when folks are thinking about

one of the things I did

like Tammi was to pull the


cream Cup Championship top

searches in science in context global

warming these vitamins

artificial intelligence so people

are after authoritative science

information and you

can contact you do get that critical

look at the at the issue and it can help

you make up your mind about something but

sometimes you also just want information if

you want to understand something better going

to be a good stop for Science and contact

still like we got

a similar look and feel hearing to the

homepage point you two different Topics in the

like one of the things you want

to share with you again in the sense of getting

your users using these resources instead

of you know it going out there on the

web and finding fake news content is

a way to drive them in so let's say

we know there's an interest in global warming

running let me just mention

that's something you can do that's one

of the things are new user dashboard at

Gail can do it can tell you what are the top

search is in your library and in your specific

databases so feel free to reach out

to us after and we can get

you working on that were actually going to share some support

information when I wrap up to so you'll know where to

go for that global

warming is

pointing astroportal Pages hydrologic

cycle ice ages and

so on so we can kind of find these related

topics to global warming


say we want to share this information with

our users we want to drive him right

to this portal

Tammy showed you the Gail Gail

the Google classrooms feature which is

really handy but

generally they want

to drive users into these databases you

can do that with our

bookmark tool whenever

you see that in the upper right hand corner

the banner it's going

to be available for you to get

a persistent URL or

Pearl so this URL

that it's giving me is always going to land

right here in science and contacts

on the global warming and climate change it's

a persistent URL or Pearl

not going to change it's always going

to work you don't want to use

the one up here in the address bar the

browser that's not persistent

it's not always going to bring you back to the same

place all those neat tools that Tammy

was showing you with highlights and notes in the like

those are good for yourself so

your session information is actually I

think that you are all the stuff in your browser and

that gets cleared out when you leave the database

so you want to use

the bookmark URL instead

because this isn't going to change and

it's going to drop you use theirs right where you want

them so that URL

again is persistent but it's also just

to URL you can put it wherever you would

normally put a URL so if you want to copy

and paste it to the library's website you

want a linkage on a Facebook poster

a Twitter poster online

syllabus and email wherever

you normally put a URL you just copy

it and you're good to go and let's

meet about it go ahead and give an example you

have created the niblo library side of his name

to library after myself

we got to get the facts page and I Library

something like that I

can create a link to takes

my user's right into science and contacts

or opposing viewpoints in context you're really

whatever and

it's going to land them right here and

the other great thing about it is that

bookmarks URL jumped over

authentication so your

users actually wouldn't have to put in a password

or library card number or anything they

get to this page

with just that you are out now

it doesn't really let him go too much farther than

that but

if you're linking in to say a single article

or one of these Pages you can get to all

of this content if you want out

then try to search on something else out then it's

going to stop you make sure your library

user but the URL

has kind of the Earth at bookmark URL has this

built-in wait for

you to get users right to the database with

one click

really really handy feature and

you'll see it all over the place I've got it here

on my portal page but

say I want to link to this overview

essay on global warming

from the uxcell infected weather

in natural disasters that

can Dive Right In with

that bookmark you are also wherever you see

that I can you can point the

users to it so we

can come from an article

standpoint from the topic pages

from other areas of the database it's pretty

much always available so

really handy feature you can also

I mentioned briefly before you could take that

you are relative Facebook or Twitter well

if you're working with a single article

we've actually got a little too old for you to do that

yourself good things share button

you find out a lot of websites it

just get you started with a post to Facebook Twitter

Pinterest almost 200 different

sites that you can post to

your social media options basically

they're so does the same thing it makes

you should the bookmark URL handy

way to drive users right

where you want them and

when you're working with a very group

especially in the public library one

of the things and actually really

at all levels I would think you you're going to want to show

me pop down into similar

magazine hunt content when

you're trying to decide specifically what you

want we can

chill one of the good things it's it's good

to be a warehouse are

are content levels in the databases

these icons and you can actually filter

to them over on the right as well these

are an indicator of the reading level

and the research

level of the article who is the audience

when you see or get a lot of

intermediate here when you see these are

the basics to be

more middle school and then Advanced

will be the more the red

triangle there will be more academic

or Scholars of course we see that for a lot of her

academic Journal Star for most all of

them as well depending

on who you want to point the content to

you can determine

the Audience

by using match content

level that we as

we were talking about

earlier you know Tammy

and I are jealous of the weather

in Texas for I'm sorry. I'm

having a little trouble with my keyboard

there severe

weather solar energy probably

shouldn't you take that more advantage of there in Texas

then I can in Buffalo and

I'm too it did it again

there we go okay sorry I want it I'm

having trouble with my keyboard it's not

in my mouth okay here we go to

text and this is a more traditional

result screen we don't really have a portal dedicated

to Texas and solar energy so I

think there is one for solar energy and we


you some good results here but one of the neat

things we've added any mention there was a relief

to the income tax products not long ago one

of the things we added to the database

was topic sign and

you may have seen this another Gail resource you

just been so well-received that we've added it

to him contacts to this is

our visual search to him and

what it shows you where the key terms

that are in your results basically

go to bed and

then gives a view of the

key terms that are used in them so

when we're talking about solar energy and

Texas what are we talkin about

solar power wind plays

into it renewable energy these are all

key term solar cell

solar panels house even

though we have an example

because it mentions J arguing and

I wouldn't in my grandpa and I were huge Dallas

fan but it's actually because he

was promoting solar energy a little

side note what really what

we're seeing here are the way all of these

topics kind of connect and

we can click

on any of these key terms and I'm going to point us

to the articles that those

results of

the things I like about it I think it really grabs

users or something to click on and

I specially like it when folks are looking for

information on articles

that's what you're getting here you're not

scrolling and scrolling through a

search result you're working with that search

results and over on

the right seeing the results that

match up

it's a really interesting way to come

at your topic and you

can start with it actually it'll come up when

you done a search like I did it again I'm just repeat

that and then highlight again where I found it over

on the right in the panels

that topic binder you can also

look for it though and start your search that

way if you go to Advanced Search we've also

put it there and

would have answered when she get there you got one

more click it sounds

hear the topic

finder and you can start

your search with it so let's say I want to research

invasive species


and you can start your search that way and

zero in so we find connections

with different topics we playing War key

terms I can use if I want to search on

those two really interactive

way of working with the content in the database in

its engaging it something another

way to dry users in the

listen and translate really expands the reach

of the database to reach more users that

way so lots of reasons

to come in and use these authoritative

resources at

science in context

let you get on with the rest of your

day here so we've already

drove in couple last

things I wanted to share with you so let's

be inspired by what other libraries

are doing with

fake news issues and

I've got a few links are all cooties in

my follow-up email but you

know libraries are doing their own professional development

Massachusetts library system offered a webinar

that really inspired are doing these

webinars that you can

tune into that got the recording there

are lots of guys out there for spotting

fake news I've got a few links here

and then some libraries you even doing their own program

in around at this is a write-up from one to

the library didn't New Hampshire so we're

going to share these links you can investigate those going

to versus viewpoints so you'll

see this in most of our in context databases


if you points is where all of

the Viewpoint essays go the feature

viewpoints are some ones that are editors

have hand selected to highlight

and there's always a balance but

one of the things one of the reasons I usually Point

featured people just want

feature of your points for is if they are

kind of looking for a pro-con argument

because it's usually only a few articles anywhere

from there before 2:10 it's

a lot easier to spot those that are in direct

opposition to one another and their

that's our little nod to maybe a pro-con list


just Hands Like Houses

teachers articles and again it's just have

a few to get you started

okay keep those questions

coming in going to let Tammy talk about

our support and how you can connect with us

can we go ahead thank you so

you have access to a customer

support site, It's

[00:44:49.800] If

you don't know your location I need is a little

area here to put in your location ID just

below you can look up your

location ID and you can find specific content

for your site that you're at

so and this is all for

are that

are that are in charge of of the of

your databases or whatever

gel products that you have an

answer is your postal support they are

there to help you in all things Gail they

will help you with usage reports or having

access issues or if you want you know your

newer customer and you want to go through customer

onboarding they can take you through the whole process talk

to you about the support site they can also help you

if you're interested we do offer

complimentary jail page resource site

they can help you learn how to customize that

resource site 2 for all your

deal products and more so they can

do a lot of different things for you and help

you out in many many different ways so

beef be sure to reach out to your tech

support so if you ever need any technical assistance

and you can also you can contact tech support or

you know if you're not really sure where to go with you?


all marketing work closely with your

sales rep to users

into these resources so be

sure to check it out and we

have one question I just thought I'd share with everybody

that came in the Q and A: Can

we share the recorded version of this webinar with their

teachers my brain to absolutely my

email follow-up is going to have a link to the recording

and then a week or

two will have a recording that has closed

captioning too so what will get that link

out when it's ready it takes a little time to get the closed

captioning done and I'll meet you

with my favorite feature so be

it back and forth between the two itself thanks

everybody so much for tuning a 20lb

gave you some good tools to fight fake news

we're going to stick around and keep the

webinar open in case there are questions but

if you're all set thanks for tuning and we

appreciate your time today and I

are really thankful you know that we had

such a great response to the session so thanks

everyone and have a great rest of the day but

I can't feel free to stick around if you got questions

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