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Find and Take Tests- Gale Presents: Peterson's Test Prep

Gale Presents: Peterson's Test Prep

includes practice tests for users

from high school to undergraduate and graduate

institutions as well as adult learning

and vocational training.

Before selecting any test be sure to sign

into your personal account.

Once you are signed in, there are a few ways

to access practice tests

at the top of the page. You can select prep

for an exam to see high school college

prep and grad school prep tests

or you can select prep for vocational

tests to see all vocational test options.

You can also scroll down on the home page to get

a clearer view of what materials are available

in the improve your test score section. You

will find foundational skills, high

school college prep, grad school prep

and international tests including us

citizenship. Underneath the improve

your test score section. You will find a vocational

test prep with links to every included

vocational category,

select your test or category of interest

to get started. Once you drill down to your

exact test, you will have access to

not only practice tests but also

supplemental materials like flash cards,

videos and ebooks

to take a test, select it and

then hit the blue start quiz button.

Quizzes are timed but allow you to spend as

much time as needed. Once all questions

are answered, select, submit quiz

to see your results

to retake your quiz exit and select

it again.

You have an unlimited number of attempts on

all tests.
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