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Last Updated: January 30, 2024

Find Primary Sources Within Gale In Context Resources

Many of your Gale In Context resources

including Gale In Context: middle school,

high school, literature,

opposing viewpoints, global issues,

us history, and world history

contain primary source materials.

While you will discover primary sources on topic

pages and through basic searching, you

can also complete an advanced search to limit

your results to only primary sources.

Select advanced search under the basic

search bar. If you have a particular

subject in mind, enter it in the terms

section at the top of the page, scroll

down to the content type section and

select primary sources to

see all primary source content within

the resource. Leave out your search term

and run a blank search with primary sources

selected. Once you complete your search,

select the primary sources title to

see all relevant results.

Utilize the filters on the right side of

the page to your results. Further,

you may notice on certain entries, the

date of the entry does not match the date.

The primary source was created in

these cases. The correct date will be found

either in the title of the primary source

or the body of the work. Once you select

your primary source, you will have access to

tools to support learning including

translation, listen, highlights

and notes, send to drives,

download and citations.
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