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Last Updated: November 09, 2023

Gale Business: Plan Builder- Navigate the Platform

Gale Business: Plan Builder is designed

to walk you through each step of building a business

plan with an end goal of a full business

plan to share with potential investors and partners.

Your dashboard is a one stop shop in

which you will see all sections of the platform.

The guide me button listed under the dashboard

title will walk you through the entire platform.

Anytime you need help in the body of the

dashboard, you will find basic company information

that you have entered previously.

An option to be taken directly to the last

section you worked on and a panel

providing your business plan, download and email


in the toolbar at the top of the page. You will find

a set of tools to support your business plan


The first is an integrated resources option.

If your learning community has access to

Gale: Business Entrepreneurship,

Gale Business DemographicsNow or

Gale Legalforms, you will be able to access them

from this section.

We also include a learning library that provides

helpful articles for challenging business topics.

You may need support with

our entire platform can be translated using

the translate button, select the English

button to choose your language from a drop down of options.

The final button within the toolbar is your account

settings where you'll be able to edit your

account, develop a mental relationship

and find additional support. The toolbar

on the left side of the page provides you with the main

navigation through the business plan steps.

The process is broken into five sections,

entrepreneur profile, business ideation,

break, even analysis, business

plans and financial projections.

Each section will walk you through entering information

relevant to your business.
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