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Last Updated: November 09, 2023

Gale Business: Plan Builder- Enter Financials

Gale Business: Plan Builder allows you to enter

detailed financial information for your business

while not required entering financials can

help you better visualize the feasibility of your

idea or allow you to see where your

established business needs attention.

The break even analysis section within the

toolbar on the left side of the dashboard allows

you to enter key pieces of information

to build a report showing when and

if your company will break, even if

your company never breaks even your business

model or idea may need to be edited.

The break even analysis resources button

provides articles and video tutorials

explaining how to work on key financial aspects

of your business.

The financial projections section allows

you to enter even more precise information

like debt and loans, equity,

inventory, staffing and taxes.

Oftentimes this section is best suited

for established businesses looking to build

a business plan after they are up and running.
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