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Last Updated: November 09, 2023

Gale Business: Plan Builder- Develop and Export Your Plan

The business plan section found within

the left tool bar on the Gale Business: Plan Builder

dashboard provides you with many

business plan formats to suit your needs.

Our suggested starting point is a lean

business plan which provides a concise

view of your company.

information you entered previously will populate

on this page including company name,

type and mission

to finish your lien business plan. You will enter

more in depth information in each

of the sections.

You do not need to complete each section, just

complete the ones that are appropriate for your business.

Please note even if you are not completing

a section of the business plan, you'll

still need to select done in that section.

When you are finished, select done with

lean business plan under the

business plans, drop down, you will find other

types of business plans including a full

plan and an executive summary.

The section also provides you with the opportunity

to upload a pitch deck or download

and view examples.

Once you have completed your business plan, return

to the dashboard, utilize the download

email section to choose what parts of your

business plan you would like to export.

Notice that you can choose certain sections

and change the file type as needed.
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