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Last Updated: November 09, 2023

Gale Business: Plan Builder- Create Your Account

Gale Business: Plan Builder provides you with a step

by step guided path to developing

a business plan.

To begin, select the orange get started button

in the middle of the page. If you have an

account sign in now, if you don't

select, get started and enter the required


after you enter your information, you will be

launched to your dashboard. Click through

the prompt to orient yourself.

A new company is defaulted to the for

profit model. If you are developing

a nonprofit, select nonprofit in the

your company section

to enter your company information, either

select the edit button in the top left

corner or select edit company

in the your company section.

Enter your company information. Some

basic information is required, but

this can be changed at any time as your company


select optional to enter more detailed

information, including identification numbers

and licenses.

You have the ability to create scenarios

that allow you to edit your business plan based

on different variables like funding storefront

locations and goods sold. Each

scenario will allow you to change aspects

of your business and build different plans

to create a scenario. Select the edit

button in the top left corner, select

the drop down button next to the company. You would

like to add a scenario to

select create scenario and name

it. You can toggle between scenarios using

the change company scenario button in the

top left corner

to learn more about scenarios and companies

scroll down on this companies and organizations

page for FAQs and helpful


You are now ready to start your business planning

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