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Last Updated: November 20, 2023

Gale In Context: Literature- Topic Pages

Gale In Context: Literature includes

curated topic pages about works,

authors and key ELA topics

to promote learning and engagement. Each

topic page type has been organized

for optimal student discovery on

a works topic page. Students will be greeted

with an overview and short video at the top

of the page

below. We include essential questions, author,

quick facts and related topics.

Scrolling down further provides access to

related content in organized buckets.

An author topic page includes an overview

and video at the top of the page as well followed

by a quote in author quick facts

related topics are also included

on an author page followed by the related

content organized into content buckets.

An ELA topic page provides an overview

at the top of the page and then immediately

includes the related content and organized

content buckets. Related topics

are found at the bottom of these topic pages.
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