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Last Updated: February 03, 2023

Lexile Measures and Content Levels Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to find Lexile Measure and Content Level information within your Gale resources.
Many Gale resources including Gale

In Context, Gale OneFile

and Gale Ebook collections contain

Lexile measures and content level icons

to guide you and your users to age appropriate

content, to Find lexile information,

navigate to an entry on your search results page.

Under the title, you will find a flag

with the lexile measure and an icon

showing the content level. Our content

levels are mapped to

lexiles and provide a more visual listing with levels

ranging from 1 to 5

You can use our filters to narrow down your results.

The content level filter allows you

to see the lexile measures mapped to our content


Many In Context resources also

contain documents at two lexile measures

to ensure users easily get to the content they

need. Select

the title with the leveled flag

to find content level to two different lexile


Using the reading levels option at the top

of the page,

you can easily toggle between different levels

to make sure your users are getting the content that

will be most beneficial to them.

For more information on leveled content

within your Gale resources, please

reach out to your gale customer success manager

at [email protected]

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