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Utilize the Resume Tool- Gale Presents: Peterson's Career Prep

Gale Presents: Peterson's Career Prep

includes a detailed resume builder to help

you create stand out resumes,

cover letters and personal websites.

To access the resume builder, be sure to

sign into your personal account on the home

page. Select explore career options

or scroll to the career tools section and

select online resume builder.

Once in the resume builder, select what you

would like to build a resume cover

letter or website.

When creating a new resume, you have three options.

You can upload an existing resume to edit

content and design on our platform.

Use example content which includes prewritten

and designed resumes for different fields and jobs

like marketing, dental assistant or entrepreneur

or start from scratch. The start

from scratch option allows you to select a premade

template to get started. Once you select

an option, you will be launched into an editor

that provides you with the tools needed to customize

your content,

select a template to speed up your process

and enter your information.

You can change the font and colors on any

page when you are ready to utilize

your resume, select the download button

in the top right of the page and you can download

either a PDF or a word version.
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