Gale LegalForms - Downloading Forms

This tutorial shows you how to download legal forms.

Gale's Legal Forms Library

is an extensive collection of free forms,

including official state-specific, federal, business,

personal, real estate, and general forms covering hundreds

of legal subjects and issues.

You'll find two types of forms in Gale's Legal Library:

basic or standard forms and complex forms.

Basic or standard forms generally can be used

with only minor modifications and are sometimes referred to

as fill-in-the-blank forms.

Complex forms should be used only as a guide

and are best suited for attorneys.

Most of these forms are litigation type forms

or complex contracts which require major modifications

to fit a particular case based upon the facts of a case.

You'll also find a combination of state-specific forms,

which are forms that are only valid in a particular state,

and non-state-specific forms,

which are forms that are valid in almost all states.

From a results page, click on a form's title

to review the form details page.

On the form detail page,

you'll find the form's title, its category,

click on the form category

to see all forms in that category,

the name of the state in which the form is used

or the words United States for non-state-specific forms,

links for downloading the form,

and a description or brief statement

about how the form is used.

Law summaries may also be available for selected forms.

Law summaries describe statutory law

that relates to the form.

Next to the download link,

you'll see the formats available for download.

Click on the format you need.

Depending on how your computer is configured,

the form either will open or you will be prompted

to save or open the form.