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Last Updated: September 29, 2022

Discover TexShare's New Gale Resources to Support Academic Institutions

Your new collection of Gale resources available through TexShare provides you with cross-curricular content to support all undergraduate and graduate students. In addition to the reputable and reliable content, Gale has integrated research tools to aid in organized discovery, including Google/Microsoft Integrations, LMS integration, Highlights and Notes and Citations. Gale has also developed a large support system to help you master the resources and get the word out to your faculty and staff, including Customer Success Managers and pre-developed written and recorded training materials. View this session, designed for academic leveled librarians, library support staff and faculty reviews the content, tools and support available to ensure your students achieve success.

Duration: 60 Minutes
welcome to your TexShare session, discover tech shares new gale resources to support academic institutions.

My name is Tammi Burke and i'm your Gale, trainer.

I will be guiding you through this session. We also have my fantastic colleague, Stacy Nibble.

She will also be helping monitor the session and answering questions in that. Q. And A.

So you have lots of support throughout this session for today's session.

The training will focus on a high-level overview of gale resources for academic libraries.

You'll have access to those resources from text share starting on October the first in this training we will also cover content tools and features available within the resources and the large gale support system that you have available to meet member libraries

today for the session. We have a fantastic guest Presenter that is here to share her, incredible knowledge, and Sarah Tarpley is here with us today.

She's the director of academic engagement here at Gale, and she will be sharing all of her knowledge and talking to you about these fantastic resources that you have available from texture. starting on October the first our

agenda for today we are going to start with there We go We're going to start with an overview of gale resources.

We'll be exploring the content the tools and the features available.

We will also have down The road. we're adding more training sessions, where we'll take deeper dives into that content and those tools and features.

This is an overview session, to get you acquainted with all the resources you have available, and then any questions that you have feel free to ask throughout the session.

But we'll also be answering those at the end of the session, sharing with you where you can go for training materials, and who you can contact for support.

You have your customer success managers at Gill, and they are your one-on-one support in all things scale.

And with that I am going to hand it over to Sarah.

Great, wonderful, Thank you, and and thank you all for taking time out of your busy fall schedules to join this webinar to learn more about the cal resources available to you all to support your academic institutions. i'm gonna hop right into

it today and provide an overview of the resources that are available to you.

I'll start out by first addressing the academic journals and periodical resources that are available to you from tech share.

You are going to gain access to academic one file, which is our largest aggregate academic journal aggregation.

As what was general. One file, which is our largest and general interest.

Periodical files. Additionally, you'll have other subjects specific and discipline specific access as well to resources such as educators.

Reference complete. our one file news. resource and in format academic O, which, if you're not familiar with that resource, you're not familiar with the name here.

This is basically a Spanish and Portuguese language, academic journal, and periodical file.

So a lot of great, rich content there, all told, you are going to gain access to over 16,000 full text titles through these journal and periodical resources.

Additionally, you will have access to what I like to call the research starter package.

You're going to have about I I believe it's 50 titles. that texture will be selecting available on your gale ebooks platform, which is also a wonderful place to start your research, or to have your student start your research, if you're not familiar

with Yale ebooks they it is a platform for trusted reference material that's useful when conducting background research on a topic that you're unfamiliar with, or that you just want to find out more information

about. So students often think about this as the alternative to Wikipedia and content on the ebook platform is especially useful when students are starting out an assignment.

The want to do some pre research or locate background detail on a topic before they dive into scholarly Peer reviewed articles for their research, which is, why I've paired these together today.

Another great reason why i've paired these together today the ebooks with the journals and the periodicals is that our ebooks actually interlink.

So the epoch content that you'll have available through texture, will actually interlink with one file content.

Journal, content to provide that context, and to guide critical assessment and evaluation of scholarly articles.

So great package of resources here. her line to that i'll spend a little bit more time on these 3 resources.

In particular, gale academic. One file is really the premier resource for Peer reviewed full text articles and academic research.

There is a ton of content in here i'm not gonna redo.

The statistics that are outlined here. But you are going to gain access to over 19,000 publications like that, and it features really low.

Embargo rates for active, full-text titles, and is updated daily.

So a very crucial piece of the research. environment here for you all, additionally, gale, General: one file, which has Scales largest repository of general interest.

Titles is now available, or will the October first available to you all providing access to You know all sorts of popular magazines and newspapers, reference sources and multimedia sources also updated daylight one

file news is going to provide or be your clearing house rather for regional, national, global, and local newspapers.

It's a wonderful resource for news information from around the Globe.

I should indicate that Rick Gale, academic, one vile.

It covers multiple areas of studies, including social sciences, political science, engineering, technology, health, sciences, literature, law, humanities, and much more. It is focused on providing peer-reviewed journals across a vast variety, of

subjects as well as broad coverage of Content from respected sources, such as the New York Times. The Times of London.

And within academic one fall you'll find familiar titles and publishers like Springer, The chronicle of higher Ed.

Oxford University Press is well as thousands of you up titles unique to gale of highly varied scope.

Our content. Selection for academic one bell is source from authoritative indexes like Eric and Finnall, and is evaluated using oldx cables cabbals, I should say and internal subject matter

experts, including impact factors, all of which allow you to research with confidence within a general one bile gale's general one, though you'll find full text articles from titles such as the New York Times.

The Economist as well, as other popular titles, such AsNational Geographic.

The New Yorker Vanity Fair, Bonapette, just to name a few also included within the resource are thousands of images, videos, podcasts, searchable radio and Tv broadcast transcripts, all of which sort of complement and add

additional context to the hundreds of thousands of articles that are available within.

Gale also provides a wide array of curriculum.

Aligned subject collections to support research among key disciplines, such as nursing and allied health, business, psychology, history, and more, the subject collections covid our contents from both academic.

One bell and general bone file, and often include unique material as well. in terms of literature.

We provide an array of award-winning literary resources, all of which are cross-sectional with our gale.

Literature ExperienceSo the items that you see highlighted here in blue these are all cross, searchable resources available to you all.

So under the Gale literature cross search, you can cross, Search the contents of the Literature Resource Center, Scribner Writer series, Twins, author, series, and Litfinder. Let find our features full text original works with novels, short stories

poetry, essays and plays, and we also have included a reader's advisory tool with books and authors making it a really complete package for academic Researchersgive you an idea of the components that comprise the gale

literature across Search the items that you're gaining from the tech share resources include literature, resource, owner, Scripture writer series, Twain's author series and lit eider However, your institution may also have individual

access to items like gale, Litter, Scale literature, criticisms, series, Dictionary of Literary Biography, or something about the author.

Those items individually purchased can also be cross search with the text share resources.

Provided by the State. So together they provide a complete picture of literature, getting a quick refresh on literature resource center for those of you who might not be familiar with the resource or who may not have minutes in a while what are research center will provide

literature, criticism, author biographies, reviews primary literary text, and so much more. it's a really robust, free source, covering authors and works from all over the world from all time periods it makes it a great resource to

support not only literature, but other disciplines as well, such as women and gender studies, philosophy and history. literature, research Center has over 2 million articles of many different types.

There are overviews of literary works or literature topics.

There's literary criticism and book reviews biographical articles, and all told.

There are more than 160,000 writers covered.

And you know there are some key titles that are included in the literature Resource Center as well, such as our Ruth Award-winning dictionary of Literary Biography, which is also one of the only

titles indexed in the Mla. reference titles, I should say indexing the Mla.

International bibliography, well of contemporary literary criticism in our award winning twentieth century.

Literary criticism. Gale literature. solutions provide access to a really diverse and inclusive selection of content. were 600 nationalities, and ethnicities are represented.

There are diverse coverage of authors, journalists, editors, traffic, novelist, cartoonists, screenwriters, historians, philosophers, political figures, and so many more. within.

There are deep coverage of most studied authors, as well as those out of the Western literary cannon and content and literature.

Resource center and is content included, is encompasses, multiple language as well, such as friends.

German, Portuguese, Spanish turkish amongst English language, content the literature resource on her homepage, as you're seeing here features authors, including diverse writers, such as Jumper Lahari Tony

Kate Bombara, Octavia, Butler, Andy, Thomas Tishi, Coates, Audrey, Lord, and so on, and so forth.

The the perfect search for the people search, and also the work.

Search held within literature Resource center will help you identify authors and works that meet criteria of interest, and and often those members of the literary community who are who are traditionally underrepresented in research

databases. The literature resource in our interface is designed to make it easy to find information about a person, a work, or a topic of interest.

Hope you enjoy the wealth of content on the diverse range of offer and figures in the literature resource center moving on to Whitfinder.

Let's find provides access to a wealth of literary works and secondary source.

Materials covering literature and authors throughout history, and again across the globe.

There are going to be more than a 150,000 full text poems, short stories, pizza plays, novels, work, summaries, photographs, etc.

In litfinder you'll have a range of of material.

You can find things like the sonnets of Shakespeare to the poetry of Ted Hughes.

You can find short stories by Carolyn Catherine Mansfield.

You can find up and coming writers like Elizabeth Weld.

You can find love poetry of the thirteenth century, you can find contemporary homes by African American women.

And then, of course, inaugural speeches if that's your thing of George Washington, all the way through Barack Obama and Donald Trump to essays on such subjects as arts, the science and religion as Well, the benefit of having literature

resource center and litfinder together is phenomenal.

So I am showing you a picture or an image of this.

The Cross search experience, titled Gale literature. And this is basically cross, searching, content from all the literary resources that you would have access to.

When you do a cross search like this? you i've done a search, as you can see here on 4 summers, which is a short story by Joyce Carol Oates.

When I do that, I am provided with some great pieces of literature criticism.

So I can dive into this literature criticism, and I can get into that and read through the full text to help made better sort of critically assess this content, Oftentimes within literary critiques passages of

the original works are referenced, and as a student, being able to have this clearing house of not only original works and literary criticism, work overviews, etc.

Available at your disposal in the Cross search experience. It makes it very easy for close text analysis.

So if you need to reread that particular passage or page within the short story, you certainly can navigate to the primary sources, and literature works in the Cross.

Search, experience and find often the primary work. In this case the original 4 summers, a short story published by Joyce Carol Oates.

And here I can see where that passage did displays within the context of the short story itself, so that I can kind of get a better assessment and understanding of what that literary critique was trying to explain in regards to scribner writers

online and Tween's Author: online these are great opportunities for students to start collecting background information to that really in-depth understanding and analysis or or trying to develop a focus for analysis. So these are great tools to use it

in biographical historical and cultural context, which is so important when you're doing biocritical analysis of or cultural analysis of an author's work.

So scribner's you have the complete set of Scribner's titles that we have published over 2,000, plus signed scholarly entries devoted to the lives and works of over 1,400

authors, including our British writers, American writers, European writers, world and genre writers.

And then, of course, the full treatment of all of the twins Author series, titles over 900 titles written by scholars also included in terms of the different series World British Short fiction, English authors, Us.

Authors and our Master Work series. and finally, I wanted to mention books and authors.

Which is our readers advisory tool this study here that you see screen captured on the screen.

Growing adult readers promoting leisure, reading, and academic libraries published by sellers at Virginia Commonwealth University eliminates the trend of academic libraries, linking into the promotion of leisure

reading across campus, which they have sort of proven out here in their in the article ultimately guides academic success by building comfort with research libraries and a stronger understanding of community across campus The books. and authors is the readers advisory tool

that you'll now have access to as part of the texture package, a great resource with unique functionality, like real-like search paths.

Book list recommendations from experts. it's a great way to support campus. read initiatives and to introduce the principles and importance of leisure.

Reading to your campus, moving on to the Health Science resources available to you all.

You are gaining a great amount of content to support. You know, clinical research, medical research, the Health Sciences, as a discipline.

There are a few of these items here, in in detail, but this is a large package of content. that I think you'll find great value in i'll point out just a couple of these resources here.

So Gale, one file, physical therapy and sports medicine will provide access to academic journals and magazines covering the fields of physical therapy, physical fitness and sports medicine and the database offers

a really wide spectrum of information, including proven treatment techniques, experimental research, and much more. in terms of like top titles.

You know, used in in this particular physical therapy and Sports Medicine collection.

You're gonna see titles like journal Sport Science and Medicine Cmaj, which is the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

The Journal of Exercise Physiology. journal of orthopedic surgery and research, you're gonna have all sorts of great peer reviewed content, being supplemented also with some relevant popular general interest

titles such as like runners world shape and men's fitness in this. And there's about 57% overlap with sport discus about a 32% overlap with and all and when you're talking about

something like physical therapy and sports medicine. Gale, one file, health and medicine this collection.

Here. it has about 32% overlap with sinol and nursing and allied health has about a 52% overlap with funnel as well.

So we'll regularly monitor signal as Well, as sport, disgust, and medline to help inform content selection for both health and nursing.

One file. Psychology provides researchers with access to authoritative periodical content.

Obviously supporting all fields of psychology, including abnormal biological, cognitive, comparative developmental personality, quantitative, social, and all areas of applied psychology.

So it's gonna provide full text content for titles cover than the like info bibliographic index.

And you know, obviously, anyone setting psychology, behavioral scientists will will find relevant information from

That are found in this comprehensive psychology collection.


I apologize for coffee. Yeah. one vile nursing and allied health. is.

Gale go to periodical collection for peer, reviewed, academic content focused on nursing, patient care and specialized care.

It contains over 16 million articles. It definitely includes full text titles indexed in finall and titles dedicated specifically to medical care and nursing.

It is a must have, really, for students pursuing that nursing focus.

Gale, Health and wellness offers access to thousands of full tax medical journals, reference works, and multimedia.

It is really an ideal experience for researchers, at all levels it's a comprehensive consumer health resource which provides authoritative information on a full range of health related issues from current disease and disorder information to in-depth coverage

of alternative medical practices. and the gale. Health and wellness.

Resource complies with on code, the on code standard for trustworthy health information.

So it is truly a reliable resource, that actually even care nodes and estimateual available in here as well. it's a wonderful resource to have in at your hand, and to invest in and to that you are science students are are

utilizing it for their research and for their study 'cause we have resources that i'll cover next include some of our business.

Resources. probably won't have time to go into every single one of these.

But i'll talk a little bit about some of them at a high level.

So this will include our business insights, Global product coming.

And around October the seventeenth thereabouts. the name of this product will change. It will be called gale business insight.

So just kind of shortening the name getting rid of the the global reference.

It'll still be global content-wise but it will also.

In part of the name change, it will also be receiving a new interface, and again that try it.

Now, for the new interface will likely appear inside of your existing business insights.

Global access around October the seventeenth and you'll be able to try out the new accessible experience.

It's a really fantastic experience, and i'll give you a preview of what that looks like as well for those of you.

Not familiar with business insights, global, and the type of information that it holds.

It is really, truly a clearinghouse for academic researchers who are following business trends, stocks, investments, market reports, economic status of countries.

And so much more. Speaking about Gale business entrepreneurship.

This is a great resource that can help fortify innovation initiatives tied to academic institutions, strategic plans supporting both business students interested in entrepreneurship.

But also approachable enough for non-business. Majors who have ideas for startup companies to utilize and sort of grow, manage, and maintain their businesses.

So it's a great resource for that front supporting innovation on campus legal forms.

I'll talk a little bit about this one legal forms is a really widely used service service clearing house for what I like to refer to as fillable State and Federal forms or Documents there is also some great content from law

digest, which helps kind of add context and value to how to best utilize the fillable forms and legal forms.

Works really well with Yale business, entrepreneurship to put provide the filable forms that one might need to start, manage and sell a Business Let's talk a little bit more about nick kick about of business insights

global When you think about some of the typical business, assignments or where business school assignments, if you're at a master's level, you know, they traditionally involve things like analyzing case studies, creating swat

analyses, strategic analyses for a company or developing an international business strategy for a company in terms of the content.

And students need to support these assignments. you can feel very confident that business insights global and the new business insights will provide the content that will cease those needs.

So if you're looking for content, or information about the history, development, and growth of company over the time over time, we provide a wealth of company, history, and chronologies, and that's proprietary publishing from our international directory

of company histories and our corporate chronologies titles.

We also offer content that helps students address a company's internal strengths and weaknesses. Swat analyses provided by a global market direct is a wonderful resource to help with that.

But also some of our proprietary material, like market share reporter and our company profiles that are linked with deep statistical data.

Try to help inform students of what company strength and weaknesses are. If you're trying to identify companies opportunities and threats.

Again. this lot of analyses definitely have that outline but there's also additional information like industry reports.

We have plunket research reports which are amazing that cover multiple industries.

We have industry, comparison, charts, and comparison charts for competitors as well.

So all of those help to express what the opportunity and threats are, as it relates to and analyzing a particular company for corporate level strategy.

There's a lot of great detail about subsidiary mergers, acquisitions and various press releases and news articles where students can kind of follow that corporate level strategy and for making recommendations and

interpreting and analyzing and analyzing your results.

The statistical data and output that you can take away from business insights.

Global are amazing. There is a financial tool that allows you to export balance sheets, cash, flow ratios, and not just for one single company.

But you can compare the same, you know same period, and reporting for different companies in a portfolio.

If you're looking to make and analyze make assumptions and analyze data from that perspective, and if you're looking for that international business angle you know, there is great content in here.

We have a lot of wonderful statistics from the World Bank, and that offer, you know, background of citizens for a country economic insight and country risk information as well.

So a lot of economic intelligence reports, and in addition to statistical data from the World Bank, that is all charitable and downloadable.

And exportable. So the wonderful thing about business inside global is that everything is woven together.

I know that kind of sounds strange navigate from everything seems to be hyperlink. So you can actually navigate from a company profile, which is what you're looking at now from Walmart.

You could actually link from Walmart to the industry for which Walmart is represented in, and find out industry, information, and then link to where those, where what countries, those industries are prevalent in to find country information and gain country

insights as such. And so you can then chart, and then you can go the expectations and then export this data in a really fun, interactive way.

So if you, looking to prepare a research, report you can include this material, these nice graphics, these nice images, to prove out your your conclusion or your analyses, when do we migrate over to the new experience again We'll

have the try it now, link available from within the legacy.

Business insights, global interface, so that you can play with it.

Starting out around October the seventeenth thereabouts. That's an approximate date, and then we'll do a hard cut over in December, when you know most academic institutions will be out on

holiday, so giving you enough time to prepare your materials, prepare your instructors and your faculty for the transition.

The new business and size experience will look like. So it has all the same great content that I just kind of explored with you all.

But is a little bit more accessible. I should say a lot more accessible to persons of all abilities.

So You'll have some of the great tools features and functionality of Gales unified platform experience at your disposal to manage this content.

But you'll have a seamless kind of toggle into the content.

You can again link from companies to industries 2 countries and you'll still have that same graphing experience all in a more modern interface, a more intuitive interface interface that really is more accessible to all so we're very excited about this

transition, and we really hope that you enjoy the migration over to the new experience.

There is some great content that is really unique, so I mentioned some of Gale's proprietary publishing early on.

But in addition to that, there are some really great things that are not available in other vendor databases that I wanted you to be aware of, so that you can check it out when you start to navigate into the business

Insights product get reports. These concert reports are so expensive.

If you were to go out and buy them just sort of one by one.

I mean you're talking 1,500 to $2,000. but get reports are going to be used in industry.

So as students metriculate from universities to the job market and they're doing market research, or something like that plunket Reports are a standard so great value to have those and to be introducing your students to the plunket

reports, but also things like that interactive capability, like the data analysis that you can do with the charts and with the financial data that you interactive content from Thompson Reuters.

The financial data, the income statement, the balance sheets, the cash, the ratios, all exportable into excel assignments to supplement that a lot of great great content available in here a lot of unique content assets

that I hope you enjoy and explore moving on to what i've kind of grouped together here self-study and instructional resources.

These are great resources for teaching and learning. There are a lot of wonderful resources that you have at your disposal. some of which sort of interoperable or cross search together. and we'll talk a little bit about that in a moment But I wanted

to just kind of mention. These these are the in context resources. and if you're not familiar with in context resources.

But I hope you are, because oppos opposing viewpoints is a very, very popular in context product that many universities have been using for many years in their English composition and debate classes and communications courses on campus amongst

other. So if you're not familiar with the in context resources, they do a great job of marrying our our periodical and journal, content with statistics, infographics, multimedia images and reference sources in a really

rich way to engage students and to kind of foster information.

Literacy and critical thinking. So we have a wide variety of these resources at your disposal.

College opposing viewpoints in context, biography, in context, environmental studies and in context science.

You also have a great product, not in the in Contacts family, but super interactive.

Hence the name Gale interactive science and i'll touch on some of these in greater details.

Oh, Gale, in context of posing viewpoints, this is a social issues resource.

I trust that many of you are familiar with with this one.

It is, it offers several viewpoint essays the great thing about our imposing opposing viewpoints in context is that we don't label the viewpoints as pro or con reason being is that cancer.

I don't know anyone that is pro cancer right there are lots of shades of grade. when you start to evaluate various social issues.

We choose the opportunity to allow students to engage with the material and the ancillary bits of content to put together their own frame of mind in their own stance of how they want to position A.

So, or what stance they want to take on a social issue.

I shall Say so. Proposing game points in context is a great resource to foster that information.

Literacy, the critical thinking skills that are so needed, any context college, for those of you not familiar with in context college.

It is a resource that is designed to align with Gen. Ed.

Requirements for many academic disciplines it's a great tool for those first years.

Students. and it has content from over 1,500 sources.

It provides, covers for courses and disciplines commonly studied in college like business, and each government, history, world cultures, religion, etc.

So this fits in really well, you've got your social issues there.

You've got a sort of a multidisciplinary resource and in context, college, and then last resource that i'll mention here is environmental studies which obviously hence the name focuses on sustainability, and

environmentally environmental issues as globally focused and as covers a lot of really interesting topics and concepts that are quite interdisciplinary.

And nature. All of our in context resources have managing editors and content is updated daily.

So oftentimes see tags for new and updated portal pages in these resources, sort of really alerting you to the the the promptness, the freshness of the content, and the issues being covered in many of these posting viewpoints

in context. you know great resource here from immigration to stem cells, texting, while driving anti-racism.

All sorts of different procon views are expressed in this you'll get thousands of viewpoint essays being expressed again.

None of them labeled prescriptively, pro and con.

We allow students to use their own critical thinking skills to kind of assess, the content and the information with the assets on the page.

The various types of information on the page, so so that you know, they can take in and consume multiple opinions and think independently and critically about issues.

You can also rely on gale and context environmental studies.

When you want students to understand environmental issues that affect people globally.

So this a resources a global perspective? since, after all, we we all share the planet Earth.

It has a lot of rich reference content in it so you'll.

You'll have titles like our encyclopedia of environmental health and human geography also supplemented by statistics and videos, websites, case, studies all sorts of things.

And we've got a great group of academic advisors from a wide variety of institutions that have helped us create.

This resource was formally named Greener. If any of you are familiar with the greener experience.

What's nice about this the galen context environmental studies is that does provide full text content.

I know green file is a heavily used environmental studies index but it's free it's posted on the web.

It's index, only content, unless you've got it hooked up to link resolvers and so on and so forth.

So environmental in context, environmental studies is going to be a great collaborative tool in concert with this, you know, open web access to the green file experience.

Talk a little bit now about gale interactive science, gale, Interactive science is a really powerful learning tool, and it will empower faculty.

You teach general science, topics like biology, chemistry, earth, and space science.

It uses, visual tools and interactive 3 D models and lessons it has about

Well since they had over 200 interactive activities and quizzes.

And we have added, You know we often add new models too. So we've added models for cells and ecosystems.

And you know these interactive interactive tools.

The 3 D models are paired with great authoritative reference content as well.

So when you know someone's navigating activity on Coronavirus, they can also have quick access to reference, content right within the resource which covers related terms like viruses and rna and antibodies like you in

Texas who have access to those interactive science and in context science. we'll see an interlinking technology within the 2 resources.

Providing a sort of document level, interlinking to different portal pages and articles in Miguel.

In context, science and that inner linking really helps students learn more deeply about important concepts.

And to gain, You know contextual knowledge so here's a view of how the interactive 3 d models look you can perform dissection.

You can pull little bits apart as i'm doing here everything is labeled

So all of the pieces of each of the 3 D models is labeled for you.

Each structure is labeled, you can rotate, you can zoom in. there is a quiz the end which is presented as a self-studied tool.

There is also some really great context to afford sort of that deeper understanding of topics and themes covered in the animations.

There's a contextual element and then this is the interlinking.

With the science in context resource to perform that really great, interoperable, robust, Except so, there are opportunities to link these 3 d animations in your learning management system.

Your course, syllabi as well, and many instructors are using these models in their lectures for prelab assignments or for our flipped classroom learning.


Another way to integrate the gale. Interactive resources into your classroom is to encourage the downloading of the desktop or ipad app.

So there is a desktop viewer for offline access.

So, assuming, you know, perhaps your students, Wi-fi connection might not be as strong when they are off campus the desktop viewer can help provide that animated experience in an offline environment.

And the ipad app is great great tablet experience.

If tablets are utilized in labs or something like that.

So there are great resources provided within. Wow! got through the overview of all the wonderful resources that you have available.

I am now going to navigate into demonstrations of some of our platform features and functionalities, and I think I am sharing.

If someone could just give me a thumbs up that you can see.

I just wanna ensure that I am providing the best experience here.

Perfect, excellent. There was all those zoom tools changed in webinar from yesterday to today.

So I just wanted to be certain. All right, Talk a little bit about our interface and some of the great things that are available to help you.

Your students, your faculty, and your instructors utilize our material and content.

Thing that I wanted to mention is that you will have a unified experience amongst all of the different products.

Families that I mentioned are covered earlier. So you do have This is academic.

One file. So this is the largest, largest academic journal aggregation available to you all.

And so you have this resource here. Here is a look of boot times timing out here here's a look at the in in context opposing viewpoints.

You can see that, you know, to wise branding, wise, etc.

Functionality wise. It looks pretty same, pretty similar from the homepage.

But there is one key difference within context products. Generally speaking, the in context, products always allow for obviously basic search and advance searching.

But you also have the capability to browse what we call issues or topics.

And so you'll generally see those outlined sort of down down below the fold a little bit here to actually engage with what we call portal pages.

And then here are those flags. you can see our managing editors have updated content.

Things are added new inflation hope that's a hot topic right things that are updated.

You'll see those things outlined here before you you can pop into any of these.

This is what a portal page looks like or a topic page looks like in the in context experience.

I'll just cover this in brief in the in context experience you generally start out a broad topic like inflation that has a dedicated topic.

Page You'll start out with an overview you'll find all of the rich information assets that are available on the topic.

Page, You'll see the quantity of results associated with each content type listed for you in this gray bar, and then down below, you can actually dive into any of these content types for further detail.

And then for this you will have down at the bottom any sort of related topics that you might want to dive off into.

So again I popped into inflation, and you could then get into other.

You know, topic pages about capitalism or consumerism, etc.

See, that is sort of like the general design of up what we call a portal page.

Now, if something does not have a portal page or topic page dedicated to it, doesn't mean that there's not content in the resource for that topic.

I'll do just a search on us socialist like 4 starlization.

There's no topic page dedicated for it but there certainly is content and information that will surround this topic and provide great insight into that topic.

Okay, And there's the homepage of the in context products, different treatment, because the in context products offer those topic pages that, like kind of provide that overview And then a general assessment of content assets to help evaluate

a topic an issue. in literature. they're gonna have a again basic search and band search.

Here is where I kind of showed you earlier different features and functionality built within right a way to browse featured authors is available to you here that's loading a little bit slow for me but you'll have you know sort of those

features. Authors represented here that you can kind of browse through, or scroll through great for idea, generation in terms of what author you want to kind of research or focus in on. And then you also have other key searches that are like a

pretty unique to literature, where you can do that person.

Search that I mentioned as well, which is where you could actually search for authors by gender or nationality or ethnicity.

Literary movements, genre theme, etc. So some key searches there and then, contrasting a little bit here, just wanna show you.

Although you know consistent frame here again with the ebooks, you will be receiving 50 titles in the texture package of ebooks, and so just wanted to show you the consistency in terms.

Of the navigation, and the look and the feel of even your ebooks.

It relates to the databases, and like in open, the one file experience and the in context, experience consistent in terms of navigation.

You can use their accessibility games to with this so we're wcags, 2 dot one compliant here, and so we've got some great accessible features here.

You can use your keyboard just to navigate using your tab key.

So if you need to navigate, as such if you are like incapable of perhaps utilizing a mouse mouse, you can still kind of navigate through, and that'll be consistent of across the all of our user experience so some

great accessibility gains and benefits there. Okay, so i'm gonna just kind of get started here and i'm gonna go over some of the great tools that we have available to you i'm going to go ahead and do a

search on human rights violations. And so when I I do my search here, so very similar to kind of what I showed you in in context, after, in and in contact.

When we did our search, we kind of like grouped our results under that topic.

Page in a gray bar when you're searching one file.

That same articulation occurs, but it's at the very top of the page here, where you can see your academic journals, magazines, books, news images, etc., all laid out before you to see the wealth of information you have

on a particular topic on the right hand side of your screen.

These are going to be your filter opportunities the way you can narrow down your search results.

What I love about this is that in other vendors resources, the the filter options often go down and down and down and down, right like you're continuously scrolling to figure out what your filter options are what I

love about our design here. it's actually proven out in user testing that you can actually, you know, you can actually get a glimpse at all of your filter options, right?

And we glass of the eye. So when you click in any of them, if you're interested in utilizing them, you certainly can.

You can kind of. they kind of open up, and then you can kind of make your selections.

You can close them up, you can look at your other options here.

So for a student or a user right that's particularly handy, to be able to see what all of your options are, and one fair swoop, and then decide, or to serve toggle between them all or many of them to apply any of

those filters. So you also have the ability to to limit, impose additional limits, like peer, reviewed content, or documents that contain images.

You can add all of those on anything. time you want to remove a filter, you have the capability to just kind of exit out, you know, clicking on the the blue tag X.

Here. you can click that out to remove those filters So i'm gonna go ahead. i'm just gonna pop into an article here and kind of talk a little bit about some of the document tools.

I think again, all of this functionality that i'm sharing with you right now in the one file product will be consistent amongst all of the other resources that you have in the texture package from gale.

So you're in context resources your literature resources your ebooks.

One thing I really love about our layout is we by default for acceptability reasons.

We've gone with a a larger font style upon Sarah Font as well, which is really nice makes it very readable. however.

If you are having a hard time reading things. I love the placement of these tools in the top left-hand corner.

These are, place right at the beginning or the start of the article here, and these are the tools that will help you manage your display.

The display of this document, or this particular article this is where you'll find the ability to translate the article into a different language, or to set the interface language, if you prefer a different interface, language, you can also decrease your font

size, although i'm not sure. I know anyone who does that i'm on the increased spawn size bandwagon here, so you can make increase.

So fluctuations you can fluctuate or play with the size of the text.

Here. and then you also have some great display options which are phenomenal. right?

So if it's easier for you to read an article with a different contrast background, you certainly can apply that background.

You can also change the font style we've got a few different options here, including open dyslexic and notos on. and then also to make this more accessible or readable, to some person you can change the line spacing

the letter, spacing the word, spacing whatever it is that you need.

And the fabulous thing about this is is once you've settled in on something that is more readable to you.

This is going to follow you through all of your search results.

So now, when I navigate to this, my selection has stayed.

It has remained. and so this is a wonderful time saver so that i'm not consistently toggling back and forth my accessible choices.

I'll go back to this china document there at any time if you want to revoke those and go back to your default settings.

You certainly can. there's a link here, those are session persistent.

So you know my my shading and my line, spacing, etc.

Will persist until I make a change to the back of the default setting or an law.

I simply closed out my browser and log out of the session.

I'm just going to hit back to default settings as I continue.

You also have the ability to read or use our text to speech.

And so you can actually turn this on, and it will begin to sort of programmatically read through the article.

And as human rights diplomacy. and you probably can't care that because i'm on my phone, but but but it's a reading through this particular article. and it's highlighting the terms there are all

sorts of great settings that you can play with, that you can turn the text highlighting on or off.

You can change the text of visibility, the the reading speed, automatic scrolling, and so on, and so forth. You can download the article, content in Mp.

3 audio format, which makes very portable for those of you on the go who might want to be listening to articles rather than reading them.

A great comprehension. assistive tools.

In that regard here. All right. So what about this article, too?

The other thing that I really love about our document display is how we put the key attributes about the bibliographic details around that surround the article. Who the author are Right front and center. Here the date.

It was published the Journal. It was published in the publisher itself, the type of document.

It is the length of the document, if there's a deali it's provided, etc.

So I can begin I can start to read i've got my parameters that I can read through this article.

It's a lovely piece here one of the great features that we also offer is we always provide the Html. text. And so what that offers is the opportunity for students to do highlighting, and note ticking this is

a great tool where you can do color coding, and you can save items here, you know.

So organize your research, you can consolidate things, and then you can push this. So if you want this full text article with your highlights, with your notes, with the citation information, you can push that out to one drive or i'm

sorry, Microsoft, one card, or to Google drive in one first loop so I can click on this link.

I'm probably already signed in on this browser to my Google drive experience. Okay, wonderful.

I was signed in in my browser my personal br.

This year I get noticed that it's been sent to Google drive, and then if I opened up Google drive I would have a folder called Academic one file, and then my highlights my notes.

They would all appear in addition to the full text of this article Hi! Sorry sorry to interrupt.

We just weren't seeing that pop up window But I think we're gonna see if you go in your tab.

I think we'll see that Okay, I think i'm just gonna move on to sake of time.

Anyway. So Okay, yeah, there was one about a advanced search. I thought you might want to get to while you're demoing.

Yeah, no problem at all. Thank you for the leading leading thing here.

So just telling following up here this explore panel is also very handy.

It's sort of like a more like this if you like this article.

Here are some similar ones. The related subjects to execute additional searches are here so wonderful to guide your research.

Opportunity, and then real basic things at the top. Citation tools and La Apa, Chicago and Harvard are out of the box.

You can also export to third-party, bibliographic citation tools.

Here, and then you also have this get link functionality, the get link.

Functionality is so important, for today you can incorporate links to articles and document search results into your learning management system into your course, syllabi with one fair swoop.

You're students can click on this link get back to the required reading that they need to, and you know, promote usage of the resources available to you from text share and generate usage on them.

So wonderful opportunity. there. you also have things like download print and email which I'm not gonna cover advanced search is also another availability to you.

The great thing about our advance search is that we contextualize it for those of you that are in charge with.

You know bibliographic instruction there, where you have engagements with your subject liaison, and you perhaps engage with courses and instructors to kind of teach about how to do research on a particular topic built right in so, that

if you are wondering what a keyword search is going to do It's our articulated the definition of the keyword search would be our ticket versus a subject search versus an entire document.

Search. You have all of those things sort of labeled out before you.

We also include our search tips right in proximity for the user.

So if you're not sure about proximity operators, and which ones work in the gale resources, you can leverage that content or the wild cards that are utilized, those appear here as well also can leverage all of our

metadata. we have great limitters like document types where you can get into really any single type of document that you'd like, and kind of find that material as well.

One last item that i'll cover which is pretty handy as well is the publication search, and this is a great way to kind of orient yourself to locating a specific publication.

So if I do a search on breastfeeding, and I want to see what breastfeeding journals we have available.

In this resource I certainly can get to some of that content.

So I go ahead and select something like international breastfeeding journal.

This is going to tell me what the index coverage is.

In addition to the full text coverage. So obviously we have a back file full text from 2,007 to present, and you can actually search within that publication from here.

Or you could create a journal alert. So if there is a particular journal or title like the New York Times Chronicle of Higher Ed, that you want to create a journal alert for you can very easily do that we have an

email alert or an Rss feed. The Rss feed is great for incorporating into lib guides and course guides the the wonderful stuff.

Is there great way to kind of browse various journals there?

All right. I am going to toggle back into the slides.

Just briefly here, and this will be recorded too, so I understand I'm running a little bit over it was quite the task to fit in so much information in a single presentation.

But definitely want you to encourage, encourage you to explore those tools that I covered in the analysis of the platform.

Demo, but I also wanted to mention that we do have some support items available to you.

If you are trying to understand how you're going to get all these great new texture resources into your A to Z list. we have an import file that we have created. If you go to Gale that libgguides com slash a to Z you will

find a text share, file, import file available to you. There are also instructions here that will tell you, or you could share with your webmaster about how to use this spring share texture, academic libraries, import file and how to leverage that

to populate your A to Z list. Additionally, if you need help customizing the access, you Urls, in the texture.

Academic libraries import file. We certainly are available, and at your disposal to help you customize those links. we we can cover that.

Our gale customer Success managers can help you assist or can help you assist.

With that we also have, great discovery, services, integration, support.

So Gale, content, and Dale resources are discoverable, and Eds were discoverable in Alma Primo.

Summon Ocl. c. etc. We have great materials available at support, dot gale, com technical.

We have guides to help you maximize the discovery of Gale.

Content in these resources, so feel free to reach out if you need discovery, services, information, and we also integrate.

Well with canvas and blackboard, and desire to learn or d twol.

We have deep integration into canvas, which is very popular. Lms.

Learning management system. you can access content, gale resources from a course page opens up in an eye frame within canvas, and we also have some deep integration where you can embed content into assignments within canvas product opens

up within canvas, and then instructors can add links or embed links to content in assignment.

We is really a great opportunity to increase usage. And finally,

We have a wide array of additional support materials available at support.

Dot gale, dot com slash tech there are access Urls.

So when you look at the import file for the a to Z list as an example, yeah, share after October the first, you'll be able to get your access Urls from this site, and you could actually replace the Urls that

are in the import file, which are generic and update that import file for the spring.

Share A to Z list if you need help. With that again, our Gale customer success managers can definitely assist you with that.

But your access Urls will be found at this particular Right and then just send their training materials and marketing materials and marketing materials also available to you. feel free to connect with us at any time Tanny burke is

a training consultant that represents texture, so she is available.

If you need help or assistance. getting established, getting these resources established, implemented, gaining your access, etc.

You can reach out to Gale that academic outreach at Cengage.Com.

We can also help you customize that import file for your a to Z list.

There's a training session survey available at this Link feel free to complete that if you'd like to provide feedback.

So at this time, i'm gonna open it up and see if we have any questions for those remaining on the line, or any unanswered Q.

And a that needs to be directed to be thank you all for attending, and we'll open it up for questions at this time.

Thanks, sir. I think you hit most of our questions but there was 2 recent ones that i'm not sure of the answer.

Does the link You arel customization support open Athens and azure.

Open Athens. Yes, yes, so your links would. your access.

Urls would incorporate the authentication protocol that you've chosen, and you know for azure as well.

I'm not as familiar with that one to be honest but I I I don't know We could definitely follow up with that individual. Yes, and that is familiar with that.

I I feel like a failure. Sorry, not sure about that.

I think that takes care of all the open questions we had.

We have. What about Eds? But you got to that and advanced search as well.

So think we're in good shape. I did get an answer about open Athens, and that is which you already answered.

We do support that in Gale admin, and at this point we do not support.

Is it azure as the other one? At this point

Just any other questions.

I think that was the last one Wonderful! Well, thank you all again.

We will be providing additional training opportunities for you all.

There is wonderful information at support, dot com, slash, texture, training, and we look forward to partnering with you.
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