TexQuest Gale Elementary Resources

This set of videos provides a tour of TexQuest elementary resources. You'll learn about National Geographic Kids.  After that, take a look at Gale In Context: Elementary and key tools within the resource. Finally, if you support advanced elementary students, explore Gale In Context: Middle School. Click play, and then use the playlist icon in the upper right hand corner of the video player to jump to videos of interest. To download a transcript of the entire playlist, please visit  https://assets.cengage.com/gale/docs/training/TexQuestGaleElementaryResourcesTranscript.docx.

Welcome! This training video is for

Gale's Elementary Resources, which are

part of TexQuest, a statewide digital

resource program providing high quality

resources, like those from Gale, to

Texas K through 12 public schools and

open enrollment charters.

After completing this module, you'll be able to

demonstrate basic features and functions

of Gale's Elementary Resources:

National Geographic Kids,

Gale in Context: Elementary,

(formerly Kids InfoBits)

and Gale In Context: Middle School.

TexQuest is supported by appropriations

from the Texas State Legislator,

a grant from the Institute of Museum

and Library Services, and member fees.

First, let's go over how to access the resources available.

Start by visiting texquest.net

You may also have access through your campus or district webpage.

from texquest.net. You can access

your TexQuest resources and find

training and support.

To get started, select your campus level:

(elementary, middle or high school)

or select a provider.

Today we'll be looking at Gale's Resources.

Select a resource and enter your

district name and password.

Contact TexQuest support for help with district

user names and passwords.

Now let's go over the Gale resources that are available.

With National Geographic Kids, students go on amazing

adventures in science, nature, culture,

archaeology and space.

This engaging resource contains

National Geographic Kids magazine going

back to 2009 as well as

hundreds of books, images and videos.

Gale In Context: Elementary is perfect for

elementary age learners.

It's a trustworthy, easy-to-use resource

with age-appropriate, curriculum-related


It features a modern, graphical interface

so kids can gain comfort searching for reliable

information about their favorite subjects:

animals, music, science, sports and

more. Gale In Context: Elementary

addresses the way that kids learn and research– and makes it fun!

Gale In Context: Middle School can be used to challenge elementary

students with more advanced research needs or

reading levels. It provides primary

source materials, multimedia, news

books, and even creative works and science

experiments, to support the entire curriculum.

Now that you know a bit about your Gale elementary

collection, our trainers will demonstrate these

resources and show you some of their top features.