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Last Updated: January 06, 2021

Testing & Education Reference Center - Finding Career Advice

This tutorial will demonstrate how to find career advice using Gale's Testing & Education Reference Center.
Gale's Testing & Education Reference Center

provides advice and guidance to help

you find a direction for your career.

The career assessment simplifies the process

of choosing a career path.

You'll learn what job categories, industries

and specific occupations are most in line

with your values and interests,

as well as what subject areas and specific

occupations are best matched to you.

When you find a career you're interested in exploring,

click to view details, including common

job activities and required skills.

Your career matches are saved

so you can come back at any time to investigate

search job openings in a particular field,

complete career activities,

and learn more about key professional documents

and processes.

After exploring your career path,

you can access the Virtual Career Library

to complete in- depth modules that guide you

through the career seeking process, from

searching for jobs to preparing resumes

and cover letters to negotiating job conditions.

When you're ready to take the first steps toward your new career,

you can even create the perfect resume to put

your best foot forward.

Your progress is saved as a complete sections

within Testing & Education Reference Center

so you can continue working and take the next

step on your professional journey when it's

most convenient for you.
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