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Last Modified: November 17, 2021

For TEL: Organize Your Library Resources with Gale Pages

Duration: Under 15 Minutes
Welcome to your training session for the Tennessee electronic library organize your library resources with Gale pages My name is Tammi Van Buren, and I'm your guild trainer and for this session.

If you have any questions or any comments please use the q amp a box I will be monitoring it throughout the session. My goal for this session today is I'm going to explain what a Gale page resource site is and how it could help organize your resources

for in your library, my goal today is also for you to all walk away with some best practices for Gale pages or Gale page resource site, and how to get started with some basic customization, so we are going to keep this at a little bit of a higher level,

but I do have folks at Gale, that are there for your one on one support with your Gale pages resource site that can help you take that deeper dive into customization but I will leave you with a lot of information used to just a little background when

I first started with Gale years and years ago, I actually started as a customer success manager and I used to train and teach and help customize Gale pages with customer individual customers all the time, and it has this studio is definitely changed since

I first started all those years ago, but the ideas behind it, and the best practices are still in play and I've just heard so many more new ways that it's being used to Gil Gil pages are being used.

It's always exciting to hear.

So our brief agenda, what is a Gale page resource site. And why would you use it so we're going to start with that. I am going to talk to you about Gil pages best practices, and then your login credentials now I know when Andrea sent out the information

for this session, she covered a lot in a follow up email about login credentials. I am going to give you the contact information, again if you don't know those Gale admin login credentials because you do need them before you can make any customizations,

and usually the folks that are doing that in your library. Are your administrators. So, if you are like oh I don't know what those are check with whoever the administrator is in your building that that works directly with Gale or the Tennessee electronic

library and they are the ones that probably have received them but I'm going to share with you where you can find where you can locate them at but again there, it's, it's one per customer.

So if there's five of you working in this skill page. It's still only one login, it just is completely dependent on who is in charge at your building of doing these types of things.

And then I will talk to you about customization options that you have in there's a place where we're going to go today called Gale pages studio, and then it's, it's a great place to build it's the only place to customize your site.

At the very end and during the session to please ask any questions that you may have. I will stay on the line at the end of the session if there's any additional questions, and then training materials, there's, there's a few to support Gale pages.

This session is going to be your best resource for that, but also you also have contact folk or folks at Gale that you can contact I'm going to provide you with their contact information.

So first let's start with what is a Gale page resource site. And why would you use it.

And these are some screenshots of my Gale page that I've done some customization to Gale pages, is a customizable website that provides simple access to all your digital resources to support online learning.

Now who's using Gale pages right so that's that's what it is, who's using it and why would you use it. Well, we've got a lot of different us different sites using Gale pages we have some public libraries we have community colleges and K 12 is probably

the folks that use it the most is that the K 12 level, and I'll explain why but we do see it used at an all different types of libraries, because what it does is it organizes your library holdings it provides a clear access point it's one link to take

you into all of this information. It helps your users find what they need faster and fewer clicks and you all know the fewer clicks you have, the more that your users are going to access the information.

So if you have a clear path, one link they click into and have all of this at their fingertips. They're going to use those resources because they can find them and then if you've taken it one step further and organized and customize this resource site,

then that is going to help your users out even more and I'm going to share some best practice some ideas of how you can, or why ways you can customize it throughout the session and then, particularly on this next slide.

So here's a screenshot of a high school Gale page and your Gale page resource sites are completely complimentary. So every single Gil Gil customer has access to a complimentary customizable Gale page.

It's a simple URL, can be linked anywhere and I've seen it in a variety of locations I'm always, I mean the innovation and your libraries just kind of blows me away, and that it can be linked anywhere some more popular Library website pages live guides

on Google or WIC sites we see that too, so you can post this link and you may have another area you'd like to post it in all these different areas and other place to is you can use this within your learning management system or your single sign on.

So Gale pages if you're using a learning management system such as Canvas for example, and I learned this from a librarian, that I was working with on a training session, and she really wanted to use she loved her Gil page should customize it a lot and

wanted it to live in Canvas. And she was able to she was able to add it right into a page on canvas and then share that page with all of her teachers, and there was no password needed students because they're already signing into Canvas that password

was removed, they can go right in and access their guild resources that way too. So, just an idea of how someone used it within their learning management system or behind your single sign on like Google or Microsoft or whatever Single Sign On class link

and you want to link it out, we have those that option, you just can take that URL and paste it wherever you'd like your users to access the resources.

You can add resources from other vendors so it's not limited to just Gale Gale pages is open to any vendor so it could be your one stop shop for all of your resources including all of the resources that you have from the Tennessee electronic library.

You can create sub pages, either for teachers to use or maybe you have programming going on in your library, or if there's subjects or projects that your students work on at your university that I see it used a lot that way to, you can do that within

Gale pages where you can create these sub pages or specific content areas is another example, you can embed your existing pages into Gale page. Now explain what I mean by that, or your guild page into other sites I kind of mentioned that already.

So if you are using any existing pages now having it I have examples that I can share with you during the session of folks that are doing that, so you can see what I mean by existing pages.

I've even seen catalogs added to Gale pages and you, they can live in still stay in the Gale page resource site access your catalog and they never leave the Gale page resource site so it's it's beautiful, they can access your catalog from your library

however you have them accessing it at your library or from your library website but they can also with your digital resources you can include your catalog there too.

So, double dipping right become the admin of your own Gale page so now with us, especially some of our libraries, there are a lot of libraries and I know in the state of Tennessee, where.

And this is k 12, I mean all libraries, where you are not in charge, you know you have a tech person that's in charge of your website. The beauty of Gale pages is it's one link.

If you can get your, your tech person to add it to your, your website or your library page or wherever you're working, it never changes that link always stays the same, but you can make as much as often customization as you want to your Gil page and it'll

and it'll never change that link, so it gives a little bit of that control. Back to you and it is a great way to reach those users that are accessing you know through your website, you can have this clear access point to all of your digital resources

that you have a Tennessee electronic library, maybe thinking, Okay, how do I find my Gale page link. Well, here's the, this is it's really simple everybody starts the same it's Gale pages.

com forward slash, and then your location ID, and I can put that let me add that real quick into the chat box. Now if you're not sure what your location ideas, you can look it up, even from what I'm giving you right now so if you're not sure what it is.

Here's the general link and then your location, it would go after the final session if you know what your location ideas.

Then you just type it in and that's your, that's your guild page.

Okay, and I'll talk more about that I want to show you because it can get confusing. So I do want to show you what I mean. And as to where you can go for your Gil admin credentials, you can reach out to Gale technical support and scale dot technical support

support at cengage. com I will add that to the chat too.

And they will email those over to you, like I said, the administrator in your building has access to that information. So if you're the administrator at your library you forgot your guild admin credentials your, you need those to login to customize your

guild page site, then contact our guild technical support team and they'll help you with that.

Okay, so let's dive in. I'm going to start with sharing some examples with you first, I'm going to start with my own page. Now, I can share these in this live session.

I can't provide you with individual links to everybody's Gale page that's, that is out there because they may be looking at their stats and if you all are clicking into them.

That could be a problem right because you do there is a way to measure your stats to and see what pages are being clicked on. But I don't care if you access mine.

So feel free I'll give you share my link and this is, like I said my own that I've customized I have a demo account that I use when I do a training on Gil pages.

If you are working with your customer success manager one on one, they may have a list of Gale pages that they are able to share that they have permissions from other other libraries are schools that they may be able to share with you but I will just

so you can see visually. And I do want to talk about parts of my guild page so that you know what I'm talking about when I go into studio, so I do have a couple I'll share with you, mine, I have a lot of these buttons at the top are pages.

So a lot of pages or tabs that I've created for different things my first one everybody lands on his resources, and you can pick and choose what resources you want on this landing page.

If you're an elementary building and you want elementary resources to be the first that they land on you can do that and then maybe you want, which is something I highly suggest another tab that has an A to Z list with all of your resources, because you

have teachers that are going to be accessing to, and you don't want to limit what they have access to so but if you're at your students. The first thing they see their elementary students and you want them to just see the resources that pertained to what

they're doing or what they're working with or at their level, you can do that.

We have a great ebooks page so if you have ebooks which you do from Tennessee electronic library, you'll automatically have both, you'll have it, even if you haven't done any customization you automatically have a resource site with all of your guild

resources and and ebooks page so we'll have those two pages, and that's all you'll have the first time you log on.

I'm going to click into ebook so you can see what that looks like.

And I have, I have quite a few okay it took a little bit for it to load, but it shows me all the covers of those titles and click into any of those ebooks and it's going to open up.

Gale ebooks for me.

And I can access the resource. When you click into it that at that point is when you'll be prompted to sign in with a password. So I do want to make you aware of that because that may come up, you might be wondering well when when will I be prompted for

that password. Once you click into any of the resources or ebooks, that's when you'll be hit with that password, you may want to create pages for individual or certain subject areas like you have your English department utilizes the resources all the

time or you are guiding them to access your resources all the time, then you might want to create an English tab at the top or page.

And that has all of the resources that they could use, and even ebooks so this one I flipped it, I put my literature ebook collection in the center, and then put my databases that support English or any English classes on the right hand side.

So I did it a little different. You could flip it back the other way and just put the books on in the box on the right hand side because this is essentially a box.

And then on your main page, put all of your, your resources, social studies, I honestly can't remember what I did here. Okay, so, social studies, is another format so what you're seeing on my Google page, I wouldn't suggest doing all these different formats.

For me it was a way to show all the different styles. And this is, you see that the, the subjects that were on that homepage, are no longer here instead I've got this stacked view.

So you've got those types of options, I'm not going to dive too deep into this because I don't want to lose you. And like I said, we can get into the weeds, but I do want to point out, you can add resources from other vendors, I just added Google Scholar,

and this it looks just like you know the icon is the same shape, and we have those icons in a library that you can select from an ad and resources from other vendors to.

Okay, so I'm not going to dive too deep into any of these other pages that I have access to I want to go over some terms on this page so that you understand what I'm talking about.

So when I talk about creating are adding a new page. These, that's what these tabs at the top of all of your resources live here.

This is the regular or. I haven't customized where generates all the subjects on the left hand side I haven't done any customization, this is what automatically comes with my Gale page.

So you have your subjects on the left, and then over on the right these are boxes and you can decide what you want in these boxes the coding and everything is done for you if you say you want a box that shows a Twitter feed.

We've done that on the backside for you You just have to select it and put in the information and I'm showing all the tweets from Gale schools here. Here's a box that's our quick links back so if you wanted to link out any training materials, or if you've

created a page maybe for a teacher, and they have documents that they want added to their page that students can access, you can do that here, contact information on any of my widgets.

I can add a box to add any of my widgets. So those are, that's what boxes look like on the right hand side. So what you need to remember is pages and boxes right now, the rest I'm going to share with you.

Okay, let me show you a couple examples and then we're going to go into studio and I'm going to show you some customization tools there.

Let me remember I put them in. I just added a bunch to

my folder I thought it was in my training folder.

Hold on. Give me one second sorry I didn't, I didn't have it open because what happens is, all their their.

If I open it and log into studio, it will get because I have like super admin credentials. I'll be able to log into all these school sites I'm going to share with you so I have to open them up separately so it gets a little bit confusing.


Here's an example. Now this library wanted their live guide first, so they're welcome page which they change to welcome has their live guide, then they changed resources to databases, you can do that you can change the title of that tab, and this is also

a different format there's three choices. This is the new one, I have the classic and then there's a K five one so you have three choices too, but you can see here they've linked out their live guide again in their header here, and then their ebooks are

available so very straightforward.

You also have, let me go, let me show you another one.

I should just move this folder up higher wrong one. That's why.

Okay, now this is that classic view but here, this district, created a Gale page and you can see all their different Junior High's Elementary. So here the elementary resources.


And you can see here's teaching books that net Britannica school, so they can access that information.

And this is the, the content or the resources available for their Elementary.

So they just linked those all together but you can see each individual page. All right, let me show you one more and then we're going to go into.

Go in and start doing some customization.

I did it again.


And we try to remember. Okay, now this one. I actually used to work with this customer all those years ago, oaks Christian. She has taken it to a whole nother level.

So she has been working on our Gale page for years and she's constantly making updates every time I come in here I see something different that she's done here at the top she's added her a flip stir.

And this is at you can add information into your header, there may be some HTML coding that's needed I'm not really sure I'm sure she worked with our customer success manager on this to get this exactly how she wanted, but then you can see below she has

her Library Catalog linked out some of her Gale resources but she also has resources from other vendors, and then she has multiple pages she has ebooks she has other libraries and she's linked out her public libraries here in the area.

Then she has a student information page a teacher information page a test center library news so she wants to link out her blog, I think.

Let me show you okay so when you add in a site or an a page. Let me show you I had shared that I if you wanted to add in and outside page, what it would look like is here you have that link now.

This took me to an outside of the Gale page but you can also have it where your users stay living in the Gale page where it just opens up right here. Within that Gil page.

So a lot of different options you have available when you're building yourself, I suggest starting small and getting the hang of it.

And then, and I'm going to share with you how you can do that so you want to do some slight customization at this point if you're not familiar with Gale pages and you're thinking well I just want my deal page, well you have that link, and just add in

your location ID to the end. And that's your guild page, and like I said everybody has one. They just haven't been customized yet.

So, this is my demo account. I've done some work in here already, how I access student or how I access to make changes is I can go into Gil pages studio.

And you can access to your Gale page, or if you're on the Gale support site. So I'll show you the two paths.

If I go into the support site.

And let me give you that link. This is a great way to connect with your customer success manager to.

Okay, I can go under Tools.

Gale pages.

And this is where I can log in with my location ID, or I can go log right into Gil pages to do, but I usually go into my Gale page and I'll select studio.

And then I have my username and password cookie down my computer, and I can just enter into my studio. So this is what the backside looks like, okay, I worked for Gil everybody at gilt pretty much loves technology.

One of the things I suggest is right away. Open a preview, because what you're going to do is if you make any changes here, you're going to want to quickly preview it and see what it looks like so I opened a preview in a new tab so that's one of my best

practices, is to be in studio and also have a preview open where I can quickly refresh it and check out my changes.

Now what I'm seeing here at the top, you've got this navigation on the right hand side. You also have a few boxes at the top where you have Site Settings resource library.

Here's my stats that I have and this is just from 2021 but you can go back further to look at how many times your pages has been clicked on or your products or your ebooks, so you get some stat information.

All of that is over here to plus more, so you have Site Settings pages boxes resource library. This is where all of your resources and any resources you want to add from other vendors are going to live your stats internal options, I think, only I can

see that but again I'm, I'm, I'm a have the super admin credentials. So you may not see that on your end, contact us. And then the exit the Contact Us, I would highly suggest if you have any questions about your guild pages studio, reach out to your customer

success managers that email address that and I will put that in here right now but I will give it to you at the end to, they're going to be your, your best support when it comes to Gale pages they are the experts.

So give them reach out to them. First, that is, I would suggest your first point of contact if you're looking for admin credentials, then absolutely Gale technical support will be who you want to contact for that.

But anything in studio any customization, go to your, your customer success managers they do such a fantastic job.

You'll get your answers right away. And, and like I said, They're, they're like me they still love to work, work and Gale pages and support our customers that way.

Okay, so what can I do, well, let's say, first thing I want to do. I just want to change the colors I want the colors to match my school I want, or my public library, what can I do, I can go right into Site Settings so I can click on site settings here

in this box or I still am so used to using this navigation on the right hand side because that's all that we used to have. That's where I go.

And here's where I can change my library name so maybe you're at a school but your library has a different name, you can do that. And you can see what location ID I'm using so everything that's loaded on this location ID, all of my resources that I have

access to so all of your resources from the Tennessee electronic library are loaded on a location ID specific to your location, and you're going to see it listed right here on the right hand side so that won't change that's going to stay the same.

I can change if I have a header link so the link is.

Where do I want folks to go if they click into my header is there somewhere else I want to direct them to if they click here. Where would I like them to be redirected to back to my library website, then you can do that and that's where you would put in

that header link you I'm not going to go too deep here but you can add a logo, you can change the banner on, there's another. I'll share with you at the end of a customer that did a, will you saw that with oaks Christian how she changed the banner there's

another one too. I want to share, where they've added in a banner banner information that's where your customer success managers can support you, but you can change that the header background color the title color, the body or background color of your

Gale page. All right here, these you can put in the code which is really simple. Or you can click into the color box and then select your color. I like to put in specific codes actually just google them.

And look, look for those codes online, and then put them in I use the hex codes there.

It's really easy. So that's your main that's that's just basic right now you have some different options you have themes. Now classic is where my resources have been the first the first Gale page I showed you was in new and if I selected it's going to

open up for me here. So make sure that you are seeing that Yep, okay.

You're going to see kind of a preview of it.

And these are old. These are screenshots looks like they're a little outdated to looking at the icons classic is what your automatic that's the first one you're going to see and then there's also k five.

Now the thing is with K five is the buttons at the top, sometimes push into the banner so be aware of that. Okay, so if you're you like this design, be aware of what you're putting up top because they do tend that's just a tip, they do tend to push into

that configuration. I'm not going to touch too much into this but you have some authentication choices account type information so this is again something you would want to cover with your customer success manager, you have some options in the footer

if there's any information if you want to add any links or any images you can do that here if you want to do any coding, you have some HTML options, and then the option to embed, so I had mentioned, if you want to embed your Gale page into maybe there's

a library website you're using, or you want to use the iframe code to embed this into Canvas, I'm trying to remember I think the library and may have use.

I don't know if she's the iframe code or she used the direct URL to add that page into Canvas and, and I have tried it in or not I have not had a chance to try it in school G or any other learning management systems, it was just the one and I was amazed

it just was real quick, but I have seen this used in lip guides to anywhere you can use an iframe code that works beautifully.

And this is what it's going to look like once I embed it. So you're still going to see all of that customization that you've done if you've done anything in the banner you're going to get that preview, or you can see the preview here of what you will

get. Anytime you make any changes so if I had made any changes to my site settings. I want to make sure I select Save Changes. So just always please remember Select Save Changes.

All right, let's take a look at pages.

Now I have quite a few pages, and they are all pinned to my Gale page. The beauty of creating a page is, I can let's say you create a page for a certain subject that maybe you have students that study the Holocaust every single year, but they don't study

it until winter semester or the, you know, start of your second semester after the winter holidays, they come back and that's when you're starting I mean I know in Tennessee This is when you're gearing up a lot of research, research projects are going

to be happening. In, after, after the holiday so why not have a page that you create with all those resources but it doesn't have to be up on your Gil page, all the time.

So I know some schools will do that, where they'll create this page and then they remove the pin so it's hidden still exists not deleted. And then when that time comes, they'll pin it to their guilt page just an idea, great idea for programming summer

reading, it's coming up and you want to link out some content here are some resources, why not utilize that that idea to have a page and pin it later.

just some different options that you have available.

I know, at the academic level. There's with research projects that are happening we have a trainer who was an academic library and and she had shared that same idea like she would have students that she created pages for, and they would only x only need

need to access it in the spring, early spring, and to get that content but she would have helpful tips and research tips and you know she used the boxes and stuff to create all kinds of cool things.

So let's look at these pages. I'm going to click add a page.

And this is where all everything's been done for you You just have to select what type of page. Is it your basic pages are going to be resources so anything with your databases, anything with your Tennessee electronic resources you want to add maybe you,

you have an, you're an elementary school and you have the first page you want is just for elementary students, you're going to want a resource page because that's exactly that it's going to be all of your databases, ebooks, or ebooks and it's going to

pull in your ebook content, you have a stems video page which is new.

You have the option to add in any HTML and we saw that in some of those that examples I was showing you anything that looks like it's, you know, adding in a live guide that type of information that you have that content editor with HTML option, I have

seen some awesome Gale page resource sites there's some very tech savvy people that can do some coding and have added in some great things so that you do have that option you can really take it as far as you want any direct links so I'm sorry this is

the direct link would be for the live guide archives on bound this really doesn't apply to your Tennessee electronic library resources but you may have some PDF, ebooks, any iframe code you want to add in sub collections of your ebooks that you've created

you can create a sub collection page. Quick Links, you do have Peterson's tests and career prep. So if you want to add in those hub links utilizing that resource, then you have that option here so that's another page that you can create, and then a table

of contents if you want, maybe you want that on your welcome page or something of that sort. So we're going to add in we're going to keep it simple, and we're going to add a new resource page, I can title it whatever I want.

I'm just going to put test.

I can choose my subject to put display so it's set to auto if I don't want any subjects to show up, that's an option or if I want to customize them now customize, literally, you have to put in the subject, and then select what databases you want to be

under that subject heading. So, if you add in resources from other vendors that you want on this page, they're always going to go under General and then you'll have to pick and choose.

So, At that time, if you're adding resources that from outside of Gale outside of Gale resources.

And you want them to go into history say there's a history resource that you want, then at that point you will have to customize and make sure that that resource from another vendor goes into that subject heading of history, but in the meantime as you

add resources from other vendors, they will, if you haven't set to auto they're all going to go under General to start okay and that's okay to start because then you can come back in here and and do some more customization.

So I'm going to click Add Page. And then it opens up and this is where I have some settings first this is kind of like our site settings we were in where I can change the name.

I thought I put test text.

There we go.

It's a resource page, I can change, even the alias so it's always going to be Gil pages. com forward slash This is my location ID, and I can change this to whatever I want.

And that's my link, it'll stay that link. I again here are.

Gosh, I really, I did it. what is my problem today test. There we go.

I can change the tab color to whatever color I want, I can choose to pin it's automatically going to default to pin it to the main menu that means that you're going to see it.

If I do select if I if I remove this check from the Yes, then it won't be pinned to my resource site you won't see it so if there's something you're working on and you don't want to pin it till you're ready, that might be an option you want to you want

to take that check mark or remove it and put it at a later point.

And again, cheaper, so you can see how you can make make a change here. One of the examples I shared with you. She had flip stir at the top. This is what she did at the top of your page you can add a blurb, you can add in any information here's an option

to do the HTML code or a link you saw that with the live guide or an image using these headers is is a great way to reach your audience to and give them some direction, so you can add in a blurb at the very top of your page, it'll show up below, all of

the little tabs, but before your resources.

Okay. And then you have more resource options and I'm not going to go too deep into this information.

This is again, I'm just giving you the basics to get started. Because I want to share with you how do I pick and choose my content, well I want to make sure I save changes because I did make all those typos.

Once I select content, everything will automatically be loaded. It's automatic that I have, I refresh my screen.

You're going to see test has every single resource, I have available, is going to be here. There's no boxes, this is what it is.

At this point is when I can pick and choose what resources, I want, maybe I want Botanica.

Okay and and I'm in my account so I have all of the Gale resources listed here, you're going to have your Tennessee, your Tennessee electronic library resources and then you may also have resources that you've purchased yourself.

They're all going to be listed in this library, and any that you've added from outside, outside of Gale, so Google Scholar, for example, I'll add that one in, because once I added into my library my resource library, it will, I'll be able to pin it to

any page I want. So, Once you do the little bit of work first you'll have those in there and you can add them into as many pages as you like.

That's the beauty of it. I can also move these around if I wanted to move this one up but I want to change the order back down whoops, not too far.

And then I remember I want to save the changes.

Now if I look at my page.

It's only going to have those resources I selected. Clicking easy, you select them they go here. Now page boxes.

I have some, you'll always have a quick search which is going to be power search, and you'll always have ebook search. If you have ebooks. So those are two boxes that I already have and if I know that I want them for sure.

On this this page I just made my test page, then I can select them and the boxes will exist then on the right hand side, all these other ones, I had to add in, and they're showing up on here because I happened to be on my page that I've done some customization

too. So you how do you do that so let's talk about pages, after I show you one more option, and I am going to add. Let me add my ebook search here. Save Changes.

I get that green message and it's been updated. I do also have an embed option if I just wanted to embed this test page somewhere. I can do that too so you don't have to embed the whole site you can just embed one page, which is a great idea, wait a minute,

this is showing me.

I take that back this is showing me my entire.

They must remove that that was a feature we used to have it must not been used very often, this embed code takes you to your entire sites so just know that that option is available and you can look like you can include the boxes or you don't have to include

the boxes. Okay, so let's let me know if there's any questions about the adding a page on it, like I said, you just select and then what you're going to see on the back side of that will and we picked a resource we kept it very simple.

It's already loaded for you all that customers they are all the backside coding information has been done for you.

Okay, and Andrea that's a, that's a good question, it should. So she did share that she believes the tell Gale pages will automatically default to your geo location, so no password should be required and i agree i knowing the team that not only designed

Gale pages.

But also, well you know the team really well Andrea, they that g authentication is already set up that way for Tennessee across the board. So your students if song is there in the state of Tennessee, it should not be prompted for a password thank you

for mentioning that.

Okay, let's talk about boxes because we are going to run out of time and I'll quickly go through this. You can see I have some of them automatically pinned every time I add a page, they're going to show up.

That's what the super box they're super box that has this checkmark, but add box. Same idea is add page, you have some choices. The ones that here have the banner the ones that are used the most Gale widgets, resources, ebooks, but you have quick links

which you saw in mind, if there's an RSS feed that you're following or an iframe code you want to add in Twitter, Facebook, guild training videos youtube so all these options are available you even have a text editor.

And then that contact information. So if I wanted to add a new widget page, I can click Add box I can select if it's a super box I want pinned to every page.

Once just like my resource pages that I that I built my test page, I can select my content. I also have those customization so if I wanted to add a blurb above it above above my box I can which I have done in the past, but I can choose my content now

this is a widget page so it's going to look for all of my widgets and widgets are already created for you.

I'm putting in elementary, let's do go literature High School. Save Changes.

refresh my page and they're going to populate over here on the right hand side.

And, oh, I didn't pin it, see if that happens, I save my changes but I did not.

Okay. Oh, sorry. So I created a page, I added the content you have to remember to pin it to the pages you want it on. So once you create that box, you have to choose, I want it on my test page.

So now it's pin there. Save Changes. That's the last step and that's always what I'm like, don't forget in here I forgot to refresh it. And there we go, there's my widgets now on the right hand side.

Okay, the last thing I am going to share with you is the resource library.

This one you may need a little bit of additional support with from your customer success manager, all my Gale resources are loaded here so I if I'm in guild products I'm just going to see Gale products more products are going to be any resources from

other vendors that I've added in. Well I can remove this one, this is an old one.

Okay, so Gale scholar Botanica I had added in. When I click Add product, this is what you're going to need.

You're going to need the resource name.

You're going to need your direct link to that, to that resource so if you are looking for your specific direct URLs that you have from the Tennessee electronic library on the website on the tell website, you can access information the link generator information

is there, and you can grab those links from any of the vendors, not just fail but all of your vendors that you have access to. There's directions on how to find that information if you're not familiar with it, it's all spelled out there for you and easy

for you to access that content, because you are going to want that direct link.

Because if they are geo authenticated. So, meaning that if you're in the state of Tennessee No one's going to be prompted for a password you're gonna want to make sure you use those links, you can select the icon and we have so many different ones and

they're all the same size as your Gale ones. So choose from the library, or if you want to add in your own design, you can do that, put in a description, I do suggest putting in a little description so that it matches all your other resources that are

already there, that have those descriptions already added from your guild resources.

Maybe one something to confirm with your customer success. Oh yes. Yeah.

The Andrea helped me understand what may be something that they want to confirm with their customer success managers to the, the geo authentication, or because I think you probably added that when I was on something else.

Description and then or the or the links maybe, and then you can select a subject if you want to, oh this okay so this is a new feature. Remember I said you, they all will land under General here they do, but if you want to put this new resource.

Maybe it's a history resource under history, you can select history, and that's where it will land you don't need to customize all those subject areas, which is really nice.

And then you can add that resource.

And then it's going to live in your library, and every time you go to add resources on to a page, you'll have these in that library.


And then,

subjects you can add a subject. This is a newer feature to subject name, and you can add that subject, and then the subjects will appear in alphabetical order.

With the Gale defined subject so there's a lot more you can do without having to go in and customize all right we're right on the cello Okay, perfect.

Yeah so Andrea clarified the tell jG authenticated links Thank you.

Okay, let's go back to the PowerPoint let me know if there are any questions again this is more of a higher level approach, I just wanted to get you started provide you with the link so that you can access your Gale page.

We do have Andrew I'll send this to you. We do have a session coming up on December 14 Gil's usage dashboard enhance usage reporting. If you haven't been in the guild dashboard.

It's or Gale usage dashboard. It's really awesome there's so many greats it's so visual I love working in there and looking at numbers and and looking at top search terms, I'm going to go over all of that with you next month on the 14th so hopefully you'll

join me again it's just a short little half hour session.

But I want to get you started. Those admin credentials that you're going to get for your guild page resource site, you'll use them for your usage dashboard too so if you're pulling if you're the one that's in charge or the administrator, you can pull

that usage report information and so we're going to go over that next month.

The support site does have some Gale page information, I'm just going to share just generally what's on the support site, and then I will share with you again, where you can go for additional support training materials and tutorials, you're going to find

on Gale pages, it really is one of those. It's, it's a lot of information as you can tell from this 45 minute session, it's a lot of information to cover, and it really is the most effective if you're getting that one on one support with your customer

success manager, but we do have some tools there. It's just more of a broad approach kind of exactly what you experienced with me, but maybe even a little less it's kind of that broad approach but if it's something you're sharing in your library maybe

you're in the session and you think you know what I want to take this back to my administrator I want to take this back to someone at my public library and show them the benefits of it.

Look at the support site we do have a document that will help you with that. And maybe help help your case a little bit, your talents from all of your tell training information that you have from Gale, like your webinars this webinar for example today

is going to live on the support site.

Under tell. So if you go to support, Gale calm forward slash tell you're going to find all the recorded webinars for Tennessee electronic library that are Gale webinars and also any of upcoming sessions will be posted there too, including the one I just,

just mentioned, printable tools posters resource guides tip sheets lesson plans scavenger hunts, you're going to find on the support site, and then electronic tools looking to promote your Tennessee electronic library resources, web banners social media

posts email templates for specific resources, you'll find that all there in the marketing material section.

Right. And my name is Tammi Van Buren I'm your guild training consultant. Customer Success managers you need support with your Gale page you're ready to get started, reach out to them, you can, as I mentioned, if you go to the support site and access

your account, there's a, an option to enter in your location ID. If you're not sure what that is we have a button there just below that you can select and you can find your location.

Once you log in your customer success manager will pop up and you can literally, send them an email from the support site or book a time on their calendar to meet with them, and they will call you at whatever time you specify and talk to you about your

guild page. So, and your specific Gil Gil success manager will come up there on the support site, you just want to send a quick email off. Use the email address I gave you, but it's Dale customer success at cengage.
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